Apiti School and District Newsletter, 03.09.2018

Welcome to week 7 of Term 3 2018.  Only 4 weeks of term 3 left!!
2018 Term Dates : Term 3  23rd July - 28th Sept. Term 4 15th Oct - 18th Dec

Dates for your calendar

5th and 12th Sept : Badminton continues.
21st Sept : Oroua Schools Disco at the Cheltenham Hall.
24th/25th Sept : ERO to visit. A powhiri will be held at 11.00. All school parents are welcome and we would love to see all families represented.
24th Sept : Board of Trustee Meeting at 7.00pm. All welcome.
25th Sept : Badminton tournament in the Feilding Civic Centre for Year 5 upwards.
27th Sept : Shared lunch. Assembly at 2.00pm.
28th Sept : Life Education to visit the school.
28th Sept : End of Term 3 at 2.45.
15th Oct : Start of Term 4 at 9.00am.
25th Oct : Lamb and Calf Day.
Please note: The above dates are updated as required. The school also keeps you updated with all community
news. Check this link http://bit.ly/2pvsJzf or the tab on the right hand side of the blogspot.  
Please email anything you would like to add to community notices to christinedigby@apiti.school.nz
We are delighted to welcome Danielle, Luke and their family to our school. Danielle is a Year 6 student and Luke is a Year 4 student. We know these students will enjoy learning at Apiti School.
Celebrating our successes

Sarah and Johnny first equal in the Oroua Speech Competition!!! Congratulations!
Yes both Johnny and Sarah wowed the judges with their passionate speeches and were equal overall
We would like to thank Nicki for organising this event for the Oroua Schools.

Congratulations for all the success of our students who did not let the weather, which was misty and cold for most of the day, stop them. They were up early and got to the slopes in plenty of time for their lessons. They all showed determination to make the best of their lessons and persevered in tough conditions. They all developed skiing skills but more than that, accepted challenges and through resilience our students were all stars!
Thanks to the parents who took transport, without your support we would not be able to offer the students this great opportunity. Also thanks Nicki and Michael, Kiwitea parents and students for joining us on this day.
A huge thank you to the Apiti School Board of Trustees for paying for this most generous Mt Ruapehu ski experience for our students.
Could all borrowed ski gear please be returned to school a.s.a.p.

Steps Web
Seniors: Renee - 46 Gold, 14 Silver, 5 Bronze and 95% overall. Katie - 44 Gold, 19 Silver, 4 Bronze and 91% overall. Abbey - 37 Gold, 23 Silver, 4 Bronze and 91% overall. Josie - 34 Gold, 18 Silver, 5 and 95% overall. Aimee - 27 Gold, 7 Silver, 3 Bronze and 88% overall.
Juniors: Owen- 46 Gold, 24 Silver, 6 Bronze and 97% overall. Kadin - 12 Gold, 3 Silver and 79% overall. Autumn - 11 Gold, 8 Silver, 3 Bronze and 85% overall. Emily - 11 Gold, 3 Silver, 1 Bronze and 80% overall. Emily - 10 Gold, 9 Silver, 2 Bronze and 76% overall.
Seniors: Johnny: questions answered 2146 at 82%. Phinece: questions answered 2009 at 94%, Katie questions answered 1701 at 85%, Renee questions answered 921 at 86% and Aimee questions answered 873 at 82%.
Maths : Our students are making maths board
Juniors: Kadin: questions answered 798 at 93%, Emily: questions answered 773 at 91%, Bentley: questions answered 353 at 76% and Saxon: questions answered 235 at 67%.
Reading: Saxon is now on Yellow 2. Kadin now on Blue 3. Kealee is now on Orange 2. Autumn now on Blue 3 and knows all letters and sounds. Claire now on Yellow 3. Jake is on Red 3.
100% spelling: Junior room : Week 5 : Bentley, Saxon, Kadin, Owen, Kealee, Autumn, Claire, Rydah, Emily.
Week 6 : Bentley, Saxon, Kadin, Owen, Kealee, Autumn, Rydah, Claire, Emily.
Senior room : Week 6 : Phinece, Johnny, Josie, Lucas, Aimee, Ava, Savannah, Katie, Renee, Bently.
Healthy Lunches
Healthy lunches continue every Wednesday. This Wednesday we have Schnitzel / fried rice and smoothies prepared by Sarah and Johnny.
The following week will be wedges prepared by Phinece and Johnny.
A huge thank you to June for her valuable expertise, helping our students with these lunches.
Student Conferences
These will take place on Wednesday, the 19th of September. Please fill in the online time sheet or ring the school with the time that suits you.
Board of Trustee Meeting
The next BOT meeting will be held on Monday the 24th of September starting at 7.00p.m. All welcome.
2018 Swimming Lessons
Swimming lesson dates at the Feilding Aquatic Swimming Centre have been booked in for Friday the 26th October, 2nd, 9th, 23rd and 30th of November. Please mark these dates on your calendar
Lost Property
Could all students clothing that is worn to school, please be named as this makes it so much easier to find the rightful home for clothing items. We do have quite a few items of lost property at school now, so please feel free to call in to the school foyer at any time to sort through these.
School Grounds
The school grounds are looking great thanks to our very conscientious caretaker and also to those community members / parents who are helping the students in their Whanau groups with the vegie gardens etc.
Enviro Schools Visit
Rowena from Horizons will be visiting us tomorrow (Tuesday 4th) from 1.45 onwards to help plant up the growing unit. She will be bringing plants and potting mix with her but we would also love any small native trees or plants that we could pot up please would be great! We would love to have some willing parents help us on the day.
Also if anyone has any old paint we could use to paint games on our concrete, that would also be fabulous.
Return used Toner Cartridges
We have several used Photocopy Cartridge Toners we would love to have returned to Ricoh for recycling. If anyone is travelling to Palmerston North and are able to take these back to Ricoh NZ situated at 81 Lombard St, please let us know, as it would be very much appreciated!

Happy Birthday to the following students about to celebrate their birthday. We hope you have a great day!
11th September - Renee! Owen!