Apiti School Curriculum

Apiti School Curriculum and Assessment plan
Curriculum Area
Overall Learning Goal
Using authentic learning contexts to improve student achievement in
Literacy and Communication
·         Listening
·         Speaking
·         Reading
·         Writing
·         Presenting
·         Viewing
  • to enjoy listening, reading and learning using visual media and use it for pleasure and to find information.
  • to communicate ideas clearly with others through speaking, writing and presenting using a range of media.
·           Number
·           Other strands
  • to understand number and use a variety of strategies to solve problems.
Key Competencies
·         Managing self
·         Relating to others
·         Participating and Contributing
  • to act appropriately, set goals and strive for excellence.
  • to relate to and work with others in a positive way.
  • to develop the skills needed to participate positively in society
Learning and Thinking Skills
  • to learn strategies and use these to assist our learning.
  • to understand and participate in New Zealand’s cultural diversity.
  • to explain events in our world.
Communication and Information Technology
  • to develop the skills required for success in today’s ever changing technological world.
Education for sustainability
  • to make sustainable life choices.
Health and Physical Education
  • to make healthy life choices.
The Arts
  • to experience potential life interests.
Personal Interest
  • to encourage development of personal interests in life.