ASSA AGM - Tuesday 18th September at 7.30pm - please can everyone have a family representative there - thanks

Hi everyone – time for the Annual General Meeting …Agenda: 
Minute of the last Meeting (to be circulated)
Chairperson’s Report
Treasurer’s Report
Election of Officers
2019 – Dates to be aware of and lock in to the Calendar
General Business
Close – Refreshments for all thanks to ASSA 
  - Maryann Pratt

Next ASSA meeting - 12th June at 7.30pm. Please can everyone look at the sponsor list and hit up businesses they
deal with and add to list, AND please put your name on the adult activity roster ... EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE ON SOMETHING ON THE DAY PLEASE!!  Baking for bake sale is required ... Toni and Nicole will let everyone know more about this. Make sure you share links on Facebook and tell all your friends about the 24th fun day. - Maryann.

ASSA Meeting 15.5.2018
Present Toni Tibbits, Tiffany Angove,  Nikita Patterson, Hannah Blackmore,Rebecca Stewart, Nicole Philps, Chantell Digby, Hayley Field , Maryann Pratt, Mary Cuming.
Nicole resigned so we need a new secretary
Nominations / Rebecca accepted  
$W drive 8th 9th 10th March Looking for land access. They were on Grandbend farm
Where they are travelling to and from
Suggestions ? Steve Hirschberg Roger McIntyre Glen Cone
Made $1,300 gross  

Charities Return
Still to do. Tif and Maryann

Hunt Friday 15th start
Prizes Sponsors - Hannah and Nikita
Horizons $500,  Manning $300, Hopkins $400, Maskill Contracting $150
Apiti Golf Club has been emailed - re-sponsorship, hopefully we will get some money.
Hunting and Fishing have been emailed
McDonalds gazebo and vouchers and juice
Huntec - puffer jacket and product
Farmers Transport?
Rugby ball and certificate 2017 All Black squad can be raffled maybe on Trade Me Start it now. Announce winner under Police Supervision - Nikita to check rules.

What we need to know to lock down information for flyers
Logo etc on both websites on a slide show, move big ones to front.
Luke might help. He can film some of the hunt.
Please list
  • Prizes confirmed
  • Potential prizes

Deer hunters categories we make money on entry fee then they spend more  
Most points
Stag / non stag
4 fallow 2 red last year  Red and Fallow

Pluckers - Steve and Digs
Need them fresh for pluckers
Clean and dry
Preferred head shots
For Fundraising for fur.

Registration form
Add age of child
Encourage pre registration email address
Use ASSA email address
Folder goes in, form the sign what they picked up that day. Add text number
Preferred people drop off each day at school from 8.45 - 9.15 am from Sat 16th (Toni to 23rd inclusive) or ring Chonee 027 9439044 .
Are you happy for your photo to be used in advertising??

Numbers of possums 1st 2nd 3rd

Family Fun page is up …..
Lots of free activity everyone wins a prize
  • 3 legged
  • Haybale lolly scramble 11ish
  • Egg and spoon
  • Sack race
  • Target frisbee Fluffy toy possum
  • Bean bag toss
  • Barrel train Fonterra

  • Pin antlers on the deer
  • Facebook colouring in. Ages
  • Pin board
  • Info about stag calls, duck calls, Duck caller for prize

Games and fun events which Cost
  • Circus Carnival  - pays for itself Uncover as last year. $2 per throw  $5 x 3 throw $100
  • Balloon pop - pays for itself  $90
  • Obstacle course - Hannah $220
  • Golf - Hannah’s dad
  • Face painter - not a money maker

Meeting asked - Not pony rides and obstacle course this year. Train and face painter if possible

Hannah to sort roster for helpers

Adult Activities - Need help - Please add name to Roster
  • Archery -
  • Shooting -
  • Hole in one -  
  • Axe throwing -  
240 sausages
Need - Cups, Plates, spoons, milo, sugar, toilet paper, coffee, tea.
Gas bottles to fill
Onions - Nicole
Recipes Make on Saturday Stockpots - Maryann Rebecca Tif
6 crock pots Maryann, Toni, Chonee, Tif, Nicole, Rebecca  
broc and bacon  Ester
Vege - Tif
Pumpkin - Rebecca
Onion Chop - Toni, Nicole Saturday
Chilly bins
Chonee, Rebecca, Nicole, Maryann
Barbeque - David Stewart

Event opens at 10am
Lunch 11-1pm

Tickets : -
Tickets for those who have entered
Pay for napkin get a sausage
Pay for Cup get soup
Pay for plate write on steak or bacon sandwich
Different plates for each or pre-written on

3 Float
Bake sale - Cakes
Bring to school Fri or Saturday wrap label cost at school

Bread - toast 16 slices per loaf
Sandwich - 20 slices
$1 loaf
Gilmours - Maryann  to meet Toni and Nicole Tues, Thurs, Fri  
Steak and bacon already bought
Sausages from Playcentre 4kg bag

Results posted - Photo

Other Notes
Gazebo - Courtesy Ford = Hannah
Gazebo - Suzuki  Hannah
Gazebo - McCarrolls, Fields, School

Ring Kimbo for Set up time
Rubbish fadges - Blair
Clean up Sunday roster.

Mary to ask Carly about paper - eg Sam last year

Signs taken in by Rebecca to change date.
Boof Maryann to ask
Mary to email schools

ASSA meeting 6.3.2018

Thanks for those who came to the meeting last night – minutes to follow. 

To confirm what is happening:

16th – Friday night Claybird Shoot and BBQ at Pratt’s farm from 6pm till dark
Lance Angove to come and help with this – but pretty low key.  Disclaimer to sign (similar to Makoura Lodge one), area roped off and safety paramount.  BBQ burgers $5 – Maryann to sort this.  Maybe some drinks sold from Triathlon. $25/head for Claybird.  10 keen so far so might make $250 + … we have the clays, bullet so all profit.

Saturday 17th – Dinner at School junior Room (change from hall as numbers have dropped off – only 50 – 60 now) at 6pm.
Menu is steak, sausages, potato bake and salads
We will do salads now that numbers are low – so Coleslaw is Stewarts, Fields are on green salad and Pratts on rice salad.  Potato bake McCarrolls and Angoves (big meat dishes of this)
On board for the set up, prep of food and cooking – Tiff, Nikita, Hannah Blackmore(?), Hayley, Blair/Fiona.  Need to set up tables to sit and eat, serving table and dishes etc.  Please be there with enough time to have food cooked and served at 6pm please.
BBQ’s – Schools, Fields and Pratts
Need to bring the two fridges from kids changing room over to cooking room so we have adequate fridge space for food etc.
Need to sort out plates, knives and forks etc so you know you have enough … you will need to get these from Hall … I might have time this weekend to sort and make sure you have all you need at school ready to go.

Breakfast – serving at 8am please – menu is Bacon, eggs, toast and hash browns/cooked up potatoes. Tea and coffee etc too
Dave & Rebecca, Andrew Knight and Nicole on … anyone else free to help?
Bringing pots of cooked spuds for reheating – Nicole and Andrew
Toasters to be dropped off – Andrew, Nicole and McCarrolls

Thanks everyone – any questions please let me know

Maryann Pratt
Thanks for such an awesome turnout last night!  Below are the meeting minutes – if you have any amendments please let me know. 
SUPER IMPORTANT – PLEASE can you look at BOTH the attachments so you know what you are bringing and doing for these next two fundraisers.  There were some gaps so I have allocated people to areas – please let me know if you are unable to do your allocated spot ASAP or arrange with someone else to swap – thanks so much!
ASSA meeting
16.2.2018 at Apiti School
PRESENT : Julie and Kesty Manning, Jody Clarke and Steve King, Nikita Patterson, Tiff and Lance Angove, Rebecca and Dave Stewart, Ben and Maryann Pratt, Toni Tibbits, TIm and Hayley Field, Andrew Knight, Tim and Rachael Ridd, Fiona Stephenson and Blair McCarroll, Mary Cuming
APOLOGIES : Hannah and Doug, Nicole Philps, Andrew and Stacey, Chonee & Adam Digby, James & Mel

Apiti Show $800
Ice cream container of meat from each family plus a Salad / veg/ quiche / B & E pie per family  
Potatoes - Corbetts
Golf - Closest to pin Mary needs golf ball collectors, Mary will take money, supply prizes, set up. She has negotiated with Apiti Show committee a smaller space and it will run at a set time TBA
Playcentre made $900 running the BBQ but this is their last year doing so and this was offered to school for next year. We have been approached by the Hall committee to take over from playcentre instead of us and we have decided that this would be a good way to bring ALL the community together and have more people involved on the day so are happy to have the Hall Committee run this after this year - we wish them all the best with this in the coming years.
We will continue with the judges lunches and you will find attached the roster and food each family will be providing on the day.

Triathlon $700
To purchase for this year based on sales last year:
sausages 400
25 loaves of bread
Ice creams - 150 cones
Juicies - 150
Drinks (no coke)  20 doz
1 doz water
4 doz ginger beer

Muffins - baking 40 pieces wrapped - to be made by families for sale on the day by the tea and coffee in the staff room.

People are needed to help with marshalling

List of jobs and rosters are attached - please can we all be there early on the day to set up and stay for clean up.  

Possum Hunt $4607 last year
Commitments include Find Sponsors
Possum fur for the week $1700 fur
Activities $530
Entry fees $25 for adult - $10 for child
$500 Horizons $500 golf club
Need only dry possums
Bar ? At Makoura ?
Cake stall sold well.
Steve has a possum plucker
A few one off costs last year included making signs.
Jock has offered to do hole in one golf
We need to decide on 20th Feb meeting if this is going ahead and start to get on with organising of this.

16 / 17th / 18th March 4 wheel drive riders Manawatu on Hopkins Farms Charity event .
120 - 150 people
We have been offered the opportunity to provide a BBQ tea on the night of the 17th for $20 per head and a breakfast at $10 per head.  
Maryann has costed out at approx. cost $4.40 a head for the dinner
$20 barbie dinner steak
$22kgs $11.99 kg
$10 barbie breaky
(Cost $2.60)  a head to provide
10 bags of potatoes - potato bakes
Friday night idea - Clay bird shoot $25 at Pratts and maybe even hole in one/closest to the pin golf $5 to make more $$
$25 we have clay birds
$5 beef burger (cost $1.47 )

Ball / Dance
Book a band /disco eg Twisted
Look at Colyton WW Kiwitea balls
Get caterer
Get Lions club to liquor licence
Sell alcohol at reasonable rates
Sell tickets $40
Maybe check with other schools and see when they have theirs scheduled so we don’t clash

Casino night is worth looking into for other years
Quiz night - maybe another year?
Steer Raising
If you want to raise steers /
We have only have one out at the moment .
Buy weaners / or rear an animal
Coppens had weaners they were trying to get rid of last year
We need to boost this area up as we only have ONE steer out at the moment and we have two farms happy to have one each but none sourced as of yet

Next meeting 20th Feb  7.30pm

Maryann Pratt

Yummy Stickers – thanks to all your efforts!  The school has ordered a massive load of new balls and other exciting equipment for the children … keep up all the great efforts over the next year! J
If you want to print some more sheets and hand them to friend and family they can be found:

HI guys
Please can we have a catch up at 1pm on Sunday 18th and bring all the prizes etc you have collected and we will need to sort out and label everything ready to go for the next week.  And finish up all the activity, food and hunt side of things … thanks heaps!! J

-  Maryann  

ASSA Meeting - Tuesday 16th at 8pm School Staff room.  We have some things to go over and discuss RE: Hunt and Family Fun Day.  
Please can you rock along … shouldn’t be too long just need to confirm things and suss out promo stuff!
Cheers  -  Maryann.

Assa meeting 7/4/2017 Present: Maryann, Rebecca, Toni, Nikita, Hannah, Nicole. Apologies: Blair and Fiona, Tiff and Lance, Ben, Mary and Hayley Field Treasurer figures are run on a program called rural cash manager in which a subscription is paid for the usage of the program which lance Gillespie is generously going to pay for Assa to continue to use to keep a good look at the finances costing $75 per year. An annual return is required to be completed each year to keep the charity status at a cost. Triathlon: has been suggested that a more healthier option be used in terms of drinks and fruit kebabs. Possum hunt: Catering: Toni, Fiona, Nicole, Rebecca. Bread rolls instead of muffins still do sausages and steak sammies we have 7.5kg of sirloin steak will still do soups and consider hot chocolates/milos for the kids to go with the tea and coffee that is available. Toni is going to be ringing around to organize what soup and if people can contribute to a bake sale. Activities: Hannah, nikita Will consider bouncy castle/sticky wall consider possible sponsorship of the bouncy castle price To look into- balloon antlers Kids painting- whizzy machine Barrel train Pony ride face painting will do a half hourly – three-legged race, egg and spoon, peg in the hay, balloon pop Hannah to sort a schedule of some sort and organize roster of activities helpers for on the day Have McDonalds vouchers as some prizes for the kid’s games Have a bullseye dart contest to go along with the activities if multiple bullseye  winners have a standoff at the end.
Blair, Ben, Bruce. Marketing: 16th- 25th June #apitihunt #apitfamilyfunday For advertising gutting requirements and up to date info. consider advertising on up comings board talk to Anna Cumming about – check council bylaws - signs may need font 16cm Posters in hunting shops radio ads Sponsors – contacted so far: Horizons Apiti golf club McDonald’s Hunting and fishing Hopkins City Honda Rabo bank Julie and Kesty Manning Irish bar Oroua transport Farmlands To consider Dominoes - vouchers Carousel lollie shopDaytona Kids republic Laser tag Inflatable world Flip city Hells pizza Bin inn Lollipops Focal point Aces high paint ball.

ASSA EOTC meeting minutes 7th March.
Assa meeting 7.3.2017 – 7.30pm

Present Maryann, Mary, Hayley, Hannah, Nikita, Tiff, Blair, Toni, Nicole.
Apologies Ngatia, Stewarts, Lance Gillespie.
Mary addressed possible triathlon postponement notice at 7.30am with possible date of the Monday after camp.
Have sorted gazebos in case of showers.
To inquire if Brianna will be able to supervise children that have finished competing in the triathlon events to minimise mess in library.
Hannah to get her upright freezer for use on the day.
And to look into another 2 gazebos.
To look into using a fridge.
Education Outside the Classroom
Families to bring 1x container of baking or fruit for the camp
Mary said that have the minimum of adults for 23 children (Mary, Penny, Louise, Pat) But whoever wants to come on camp is more than welcome to whether it’s for the day or for the night or entire camp.
There are wetsuits and rock shoes available at Akitio
Children are allowed to bring their fishing gear spinners are preferred but can bring bait if they want.
There is a sleeping arrangement of 6 x 12 bunk bed rooms so lots of room if parents want to come along
Apiti show debrief

Was a miscommunication with the potatoes ended up with 2 big pots full
Require more people to help clean up/setup with clean up happening around 2pm
Food amount was alright for around 80 people meat went fast
To look into more sausages/bbq
Arrangement of food was good with salads on the table near the door then meat
Need more tables with covers (paper?) for judges to sit and eat next year
Lunches made $960
And Apiti won the school cup $100
Hole in one golf requires another adult can make at least $400
Food and drinks are sorted using Prestons for sausage fundraiser pack
People needed for marshals and shop/bbq
Blair - bbq
Ben - at Coopens
Toni - at Holdaways
Tim and Dave doing fire brigade
James on bikes
Have the set up similar to last years
Selling sausage, ice-creams, drinks
Juicies to look into fundraiser pack.
Gazebos and tables sorted
School has only one gas bottle to look into to see how much gas it has
Maryann to do float
Mary is sorted with ropes and signs
Pool being heated to 19’c
Using pub paddock for parking, Toni to house stock for the day
Steer program
Whether we look into buying calves raising to weaners then graze or buy already weaned  
Profit to be paid to Assa once stock reaches desired age of farmer that’s grazing approx. 18-24 months after being sold
Angoves will have one
Gus in Pohongina will take one
Maryann to go through her ask list
Nikita to wean a couple
Hopkins to ask about donating calves or a bus
Look into contract that Bernard has
Kimbolton has sponsorship for bus as well as being paid by Ministry, this could be an option.
Cheltenham school is now a satellite school from Otaki (primary and high school)
Possum hunt runs from 16th June till the 25th June with last day being at Makoura Lodge
Catering – Toni
Kids/onsite activities – Hannah
Hunt/animals weights/numbers – Blair
Prizes/sponsorship/marketing/promotion – Maryann
Last year got $2500 for the fur and $250 for the meat
Continue with Bruce and his plucker machine
Need to be clearer on how we require the shot to be as in one shot to the head.
Treasurer position
Lance Gillespie has resigned.
Nominated Tiff and Lance Angove to take this position over – Maryann Pratt
No other nominations received
Nomination accepted
Voted – all for – seconded Nicole Philps – CARRIED!
Thanks for Lance Gillespie given – welcome to Tiff & Lance – hand over and forms will happen over the coming weeks and bank forms completed
Meeting concluded – 8.55pm
Next meeting – TBA
_____________ _                                               ______________________                     ________________
Maryann Pratt                                                    Nicole Philps                                                Lance Gillespie           
Chairperson                                                      Secretary                                      Treasurer (absent –outgoing)


Firstly thanks so much for the massive effort put in to ensure the judges lunches went well on the weekend at the Apiti Show – much appreciated! J  A special thanks to Toni and Nicole who did the lion’s share of the work on the day … without them both we would not have managed… thanks!!

We are having a meeting about the School Camp and then onto an ASSA meeting – below is the agenda for the ASSA meeting … and we will get through this quite quickly:

(1)    Debrief on the Apiti Show Judges lunches – what went well, what didn’t, improvements for next year (even if you want to email these prior to the meeting so I can feedback suggestions)
(2)    Tri-Athlon BBQ and shop – we will run through what is happening on the day and who is rostered on BBQ and drinks / ice cream sales
(3)    New Treasurers – we need to minute the change of treasurer from Lance Gillespie over to Tiff and Lance Angove
(4)    Steer programme – a quick run through how this works and what is going on
(5)    Possum Hunt – sort out different parts of this event and who is doing what and get things up and running

Thanks so much – see you there and if you have anything else you want put on the agenda let me know


Maryann Pratt

Apiti School Possum  (Rabbit / Hare / Duck / Fish-River / Stoat / Turkey / Deer /Goat)
Hunt 10-19th June
Shoot / catch any nights from Friday 10 June through to Sunday 19th June.  Final count up, prize giving, lunch & Family Fun Day Makoura Lodge Sunday 19 June from 10am

1st Prize: $500 vouchers from Hunting and Fishing
2nd Prize: $300 donated by Kesty Manning Contracting Ltd
3rd Prize: $300 donated by Horizons Regional Council  
For Possum Hunt – Judged on numbers entered whole (i.e. meat & fur)
Deer - 1st Prize: $250 voucher donated by C:\Users\Maryann\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\IXW3NA26\city honda logo.jpg
HEAPS of other prizes for other animal categories and of course lots of spot prizes
Entry Fee: $25 per adult & $10 per child (under 13 years)
(This includes BBQ lunch on 19th)
DAILY collection of possums/rabbits/hares/goats IF registered (register via text, email or phone message) Text or phone before 7am for pick up each day – Head Shots please, no shotguns
Final count up at Makoura Lodge 11am Sunday 19th June.
(Possums will not be accepted if they have been frozen or shot more than 3 days prior to collection date.  Poisoned possums are ok but must be kept separate.  There will be no team tallies – INDIVIDUAL ONLY – by all means go & shoot with your mates but you must each have an individual tally.)
Even if you have not entered the ‘Hunt’ come along on the day and enter the other competitions:
 Duck Calling Stag Calling
$2 to enter per calling event – prizes for best calls!

C:\Users\Maryann\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\HMA5TXR9\axe[1].png AXE THROWING - $5 C:\Users\Maryann\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\OX24T3SL\golf[1].jpg HOLE-IN-ONE-GOLF $5
C:\Users\Maryann\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\EX4S2MRS\archery-23810-hd-wallpapers[1].gifARCHERY - $10 C:\Users\Maryann\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\LYVOZT2F\사격1[1].jpgCLAY BIRD SHOOTING - $30
Prizes for the best for each activity and the overall 4!
(If you have a chance let me know you are planning to do these activities so we have an idea of numbers on the day  - thanks - via Facebook Page or
Contact: Maryann Pratt 027 431 7221
Ben Pratt 027 235 6577

ASSA - Possum Hunt  10th - 19th June
What's happening next Week!!

Next Wednesday the 8th of June, there will be a 'bake-off' at school in the cooking room / staff room, starting at 7.00pm.  You will need to bring along with you muffin tins, mixers, cooling racks, scales, plus flavorings for the plain muffin mix please e.g choc chips, bananas, apples etc.

On Saturday the 11th of June, a meeting and wrapping/sorting out of prizes will take place from 3.00pm at the school.  Please bring along all prizes that you have been given for the possum hunt so they can be wrapped up.

If you are a school parent and have not been contacted about helping out with donations of food, please ring Chantell on 3284 806.  
Please remember that this is our major fundraising event of the year, so your support and help is very much needed and will be appreciated.
If any community members would like to help in any way, that would be wonderful - please let Chantell know.
  -  Chonee 
ASSA meeting


Present : Jess Sandbrook,  Pam  McKinnon, David Holdaway, Toni Stimpson, Nicole Philps, Hannah Blackmore,  Tim Field, Maryann and Ben Pratt, Blair McCarroll, Adam Digby and  Mary Cuming
Apologies : Wendy MacDonald , Nicki Fielder
Matters arising
Apiti School Trail Ride - 17th April
The track now has been planned to go from the Pratts and not from the Domain. Ben and Maryann have concerns re-starting trail ride from their farm and parking there. Under new laws there is huge responsibility on landowners.
After discussion re-new health and safety, parking, new liabilities for the farmer and on advice from others it was decided to cancel it for this year .
ASSA were not happy to run it this year under the new health and safety regulations .  We will look at other trail rides and liabilities and look at running it next year because it is such a great fundraiser. Thanks to everyone for their organisation so far.
Jess is ringing Orion, Farmlands Tony McIntyre
Maryann replying emails from last trail bike riders
Tim to contact the farmers and Fire Brigade
Gillespies to contacttheir list
Mary to make signs“cancelled and to cancel on silver bullet
Next year it was suggested we start planning 6months out eg Oct.
ANZAC weekend is good to have the trail ride.   
Other Fundraising ideas.
Heifer Scheme – Lance to organise – and send list
Jess will talk to Lance about this fundraiser.
Ask Hopkins to donate calves.
Last time Sara raised them
Tim offered to raise them
Ben is happy to have 1 or 2
Dave 1
Pam happy to take one (she’ll check if she’s got one)

Possum Hunt
It was decided this year to run a possum hunt as we have in the past.
Have collection dates.
Every shooter pays a fee $25  Kids $10
Possums, hares , deer, rabbits, turkeys, stoats 
We keep possum fur and sell
The price is about $100 a kilo  15/16
Date to hold final Count and lunch 18th June
Mary to approach Makoura Lodge for final count up and lunch
Jess to talk Sonya re-planning in previous years.
Ben to talk to Bruce about best way to make money.
Organise sponsors for prizes.
Blair : - Horizons Goldpine PG Writghtson
Hannah :-  ANZ bank
Maryann :- Hunting and Fishing -  Simon O’Connell
Jess :-  Farmlands
Sub Committee to meet Thurs 14th April at Pratts. All welcome  - Adam Maryann Mary


7.30 Camp Information meeting - appreciate forms back asap
8.00 ASSA

Present: Hannah, Adam, Tim, Lucy, Tiff, Lance, Jess, Nicole, Toni, Blair, Mary, Nicki
Apologies: Wendy, Shannon, Maryann

Aim of ASSA ... to fundraise to provide learning opportunities for all Apiti Students

Show profits approx $1100
Triathlon profits ... approx $700

Calf scheme discussed. This is a very low key way to fundraise if everyone pitches in.

Trail bike ride
  • Don’t have a complete track yet so need to look at shifting venue and whether it is possible.
  • Need a base e.g. woolshed
  • Will approach Pratt’s re using as a base and northern farmers (Coppen’s and Kesty) needed to link the track
  • Blair happy to use the northern end of his farm
  • Jess to investigate road crossing
  • Tim and Adam to investigate so we can make a call by this weekend
Last year we raised almost $10 000 and approx 350 riders
Looking at the feasibility of running a trail bike ride ... pros / cons

Other possibilities
  1. Opossum hunt. - This will be put into action if the Trail bike ride does not go ahead.
Over 9 days including 2 weekends. Ideal time is June / July
  1. Calf scheme.
Can approach Hopkins for sponsorship. Need somewhere to graze them.  Good to ring people you know and ask for support. Expensive to buy at the moment. Ideal = steers. Families with less land could rear as calves and then hand on to farmers with more land.
     3.   Golf tournament

AGM - date to be confirmed for end May / beginning June

8.45 Meeting closed

Minutes for ASSA Meeting 18/02/2016
Present: Mary Cuming, Wendy MacDonald, Chantell Digby, Lucy Holdaway, Nicole Philps, Lance Gillespie, Blair McCarroll, Hannah Blackmore, Tiffany Angove, Tim Field, Toni Tibbits and Jess Sandbrook (by phone).
Apologies: Maryann Pratt
Everyone was greeted by Mary and no-one could remember who was secretary so Toni offered to take notes.
The Apiti Show was first on the agenda.
The school is being paid $12 per person for the lunches for the judges etc, with an estimated number of 85. Jess said we need to plan for around 20 more or we will be short. Every school family needs to provide an icecream container of cold meat, and a salad, which needs to be delivered to the showgrounds pavilion by 11am.
Toni is to check all families know what they are bringing.
Wendy: pork and a pasta salad.
Lucy: corned beef and a broccoli salad.
Toni: bacon and egg pie and a green salad.
Nicole: corned beef and a rice salad.
Lance: bacon and egg pie and a rice salad.
Blair: 2 x chickens and a potato salad.
Tim: venison or sweet and sour pork and a pasta salad.
Chonee: beef and a rissoni salad.
Shannon: Corn beef and a chicken/potato salad (large).
Julie: Ham and a potato salad.
Anette: Corn beef and a green salad.
Fluteys: 2 x Corn beef, venison patties and a green salad. 
Also Toni will do a stocktake of items in cupboard at school and discuss with Jess what else is needed, ie bread, margarine, buns, coffee, tea, sauce, salt, pepper, milk, napkins, plates, cutlery etc.
We usually do a large pot of spuds so this needs to be sorted as well.
Any sausages left over from the Triathlon can be pre cooked and served up as well. Blair offered to take care of this.
20L containers of water will be delivered on the day as well, from Jess, Blair and 2 from Toni.
Helpers on the day:
Toni, Fiona, Jess, possibly also Nicole and Wendy
Mike Wills is helping with the golf.
Someone needs to check if a gazebo is needed for outside the pavilion, and where it is coming from. It is thought that Donna has planned something here. Also seating needs to be organised. The trestles from the hall are being permanently left at the Domain.
General: Jess needs to check the first aide kit, if it is not checked and updated by the public health nurse. A request was made to ensure there is bee sting medication for the triathlon.
Marshalls. Nicky has the list and will be in contact arranging this.
Food for sale:
Sausage sizzle with bread, butter, onions, sauce and mustard. Oil is also needed along with serviettes. Toni is stocktaking and getting back to Jess about this. Lance is organising the sausages, bread, chopping onions and the float. He is also checking the new BBQ matches the connections on the gas bottle, also that gas bottle is full.
Drinks- Cans, Chonee is sorting these. Water will also be available.
Iceblocks and icecreams: Chonee and Wendy will buy these.
The school gazebo is being used as well as the McCarrolls.
Helpers on the day: 10-2ish..?
Paul and Adam on BBQ
Blair, Jess, Chonee and Wendy
Extra standards and Tape: Digby’s and check supplies in dental clinic?
Trail Ride
A separate meeting is needed for this. 14th March 2016 was decided on. Date for trail ride: 17th April 2016.
There was discussion about the need to change the track. Tim will talk to Nipper and Adam.
Doug and Hannah are ok to look after the kids track but will need 2 other helpers, more pigtails and tape.

Meeting ended.

ASSA Meeting – 30.04.2015

Meeting opened at 7:15pm

Present –  Adam, Lucy, Mary, Tim, Toni, Jess, Sara, Maryann, Blair, Katherine
Apologies – Pam, Lance

Trail Bike Ride

Landowners – Adam is contacting all landowners to make sure all OK &; finding out any repairs that needs to be done. 
Discussed whether we need to run a bulldozer over the track soon so there are no ruts next year, decided this was too late to do now.
Maybe changing track next year – Adam, Blair & Tim to investigate where track could go (Sam Brown’s?)
Holdaway’s are not wanting us to use their place next year.
Discussed different starting venues – golf club, woolshed.

Set date earlier in the year (Feb/March) was suggested so damage could be fixed before winter set in.

** Oct we need to be making a decision about where & when & put this on Silver Bullet

No side by sides

On the Flyer        $35 for adults & $20 for kids (U12)
                            Pre-register/indication on Facebook page to get idea of numbers                                            Lunch is at a certain time 11:30 – 1:30                                                                                      Email address so we can market to them
                            No side-by-sides

Would prefer no camping

Setting up & Marking out track – Landowners need notice & clear times of when we are setting up track

Kids Track – Hannah Blackmore to organise this
                        Wants more standards & good tape to mark out track
                        Possibly have 2 tracks, one for littlies & one for bigger kids
                        4 to 5 people to help out

Gate Registrations – Need to put that this trail ride is organised in association with                                                  Orion (MOMCC) on disclaimer
                                 Print disclaimer on A4
Keep kids registration the same & just need to remember to mark on registration form
Non riders, we are to ask them about whether they are going to have lunch & if so pre pay $5.
Float a little more & more registration forms.
Need someone on road to direct traffic (not kids).
More clip boards on the go.
3 on far gate & 4 on near gate.

Safety/First Aid – St Johns will probably need to be here? Depends on whether Orion direct us to do so
-       Need better first aid kit if no St Johns
-       3 first aiders on at all times
-       Fire Brigade riding track

Track Safety Riders –          More 4 wheelers on the course,
                                            Suggested that safety riders only ride a certain area &                                                             keeping looping this part of the track.
                                            2 - 4 with 4 wheelers or utes at base to be able to                                                                     send out when we have an issue.
                                            Fire brigade if St John there they could actually ride                                                                 around the track doing safety/first aid.
                                            Need to make sure that we are getting name or number                                                           of the hurt person so we know that they got back.
                                            Map with zones & sections.

Lead Riders – lead riders need to actually lead not be too far ahead.  

Safety Briefing –       Speaker & microphone needed
                                 Add the fact that vehicles can only go out far gate at the end of                                                the day.

Catering –       Need to reimburse all extra food & supplies bought.
                        Pre-registering to get numbers.
                        Table outside.
                        Time-frame for lunch.
                        Get BBQ’s out of sight when finished.
                        Numbers on riders hand & then a line put through once they get their                                     lunch if we are tight with catering don’t worry about this if not the                                             numbers.
                        Contingency for food knowing what is in peoples freezers.
                        Soup was good (4x crockpots).
                        Muffin bake off was good.
                        More water needed.
                        Cater for our own kids.
                        Laminated signs for what you get for lunch, water here, soup here, 2 x                                   sausages each etc
                        Set up food at kids track e.g. fruit platters so they can eat there.
                        Bacon & Egg pies were good.
                        Keep at 20kgs onions.
                        Need 3 people on BBQs.

Signs – Need to get Horizons or other roading outfit next year for road signage & event certification approx. cost of $160, Tony does not want to be asked next year.
We were not aware that Tony had to get certification for the event signage each year so a big thank you to him.

Marshalling – Familiarise marshals with map
                      Make sure the person organising the marshal’s lunch knows who has                                     been & who is yet to come.

Fluro Vests – 20 more XL vests Katherine to order through RD1.

Sponsorship – Simon Kennedy to be asked for sponsorship as well.

Thank yous –   Annette McColl on BBQ all day, needs a thank you.
                         Maryann & Sara to do thank you cards (photos of school activities on                                     cards).
                        Letter to the editor.
                        Kids to do thank you cards for landowners.
                        Landowners – box of chocolates, meal voucher at the pub $30.
                        Jess to do cake for Fire Brigade & take to practise as a thank you.
                        Helpers to get chocolates.

BBQ at end  - non-alcoholic drinks as well.
                       Katherine to organise payment of pub tab.
Meeting closed 8:44pm

ASSA Meeting – 12.03.2015

Meeting opened at 7:45pm

Present –  Adam, Dave, Mary, Tim, Hannah, Toni, Lance, Mike W, Jess, Sara, Maryann, Malcolm, Blair, Kylie
Apologies – Pam

Apiti Show – invoice 75meals @ $12pp Lance to do this & get invoice to Shelly McKenzie.

Trail Bike Ride – Mike & Adam have talked to all landowners & they have agreed to let us go through their properties.
Permit & Insurance has been organised through Orion Club

Track is suitable for side by sides

Setting up & Marking out track - Mike & Adam to organise setting up track on Fri 24th April.  They will make contact with landowners prior to let them know this is happening.
Kids Track – Discussed setting up a better kids track possibly using some of Scrubby’s.  Mike, Adam & Sara to organise a crew to help organise kids track on Fri 24th.  Hannah & Pam to be in charge of supervising kids track on the day.  (will need a BBQ table & umbrella if hot)

Trestle tables, picnic tables & Gazebos down to domain on Fri 24th

Gate Registrations – Katherine (& Chony??) to organise this.  Be ready to start taking registrations at 8am.  Will need 10 helpers (Katherine, Toni, Maryann, Jess, Chony, maybe Linda?…)  Katherine & Sara to re-work the disclaimer.  Each registration will:
                        Pay entry fee
                        Fill in registration form
                        Be given the disclaimer with some explanation of what this covers
                        Have their number written on their hand with vivid
Will need to give those helping on the gate a rundown on what is required
Lance to organise Float & clipboards
Voucher list so those taking registrations know who has vouchers in case they forget to bring them. 
Can each person on the gate please bring bum bag for money.

Safety/First Aid - Jess to contact fire brigade.  Jess will set up for assessments & being able to treat minor injuries on site.
Sara to contact Orion to ask about safety side by side being available, if not then will ask John Goodall if he can have his 4 wheeler available to go out on course if an accident occurred.

Track Safety Riders – Orion’s will provide one, Mike & Adam to organise 7 - 10 others. 
All safety riders will be given a fluro vest, map & instruction sheet on what to do in an emergency (Sara to do emergency instructions, Mike Sandbrook to do map). (Adam, Mike, Malcolm, Blair, Dave, maybe Ben, Russell Knight….)
Lead riders for both main track & intermediate to be organised by Mike & Adam.

Welcome – Maryann

Safety Briefing – Orion will provide safety briefing for riders, Sara to do briefing for marshals & safety riders.

Catering – Fiona & Maryann to organise, catering for 300
(2x sausages, onions, bread, baking, soups? fruit (bananas were suggested instead of apples) tea, coffee, juice)
3x BBQ’s Lance can bring one
Will need 7 or 8 helpers for catering (Fiona, Maryann, Katherine, Toni, Lance….)
Will need to ask school families to supply baking

Marshal’s Lunches – Jess (may try to get relievers for marshal’s so they can come back to Domain for lunch & toilet??)

Signs – Sara & Mike to organise & put up @ Boff’s , Sara to ask Nicki about sign on Ridd’s.

Promotion – Jess to do Feilding Promotion & radio
Facebook please like Facebook page & post on it!!  Sara or Chony to post that track is suitable for side by sides.

Marshalling - Sara & Jess to organise (need approx. 12 marshals for 9 marshalling positions).  Will try to allow for marshal’s to be relieved or rotated?? (will ask Mary, Christine Digby, Daphne, John Spellman, Mike Sandbrook, Donna, Shelly McKenzie…)

Event Road Signs – Adam to ask Tony McIntyre to provide signage for main road.

Fluro Vests – need more & bigger sizes (Tim to ask Fire Brigade if we can borrow some of theirs)

Russell Knight – Mike has approached Russell Knight about using the domain, Jess & Mary to re visit this at show meeting.

Sponsorship – we are asking the following business to provide sponsorship in the form of money to help cover event costs or supplies (we do not need any product for spot prizes).   
Please let Lance know how you get on with sponsorship so he can compile a list that we can display on the back of the disclaimer form & also on a whiteboard at the domain.

RD1 (8x dazzle paint) - Lance
Rabo Bank (suasages & bread) - Lance
Bromleys - Lance
Hopkins – Sara
Honda ($500 for permit & insurance + usage of their gazebo) - Blair
Ravensdown - Dave
Farmlands (plates, serviettes, toiletpaper, cups, tomato sauce, coffee) - Sara
PGG Wrightsons - Blair
Goldpine – Mike
McDonalds (drink)
Rural Fuel - Blair
Feilding Tyres – Adam
Warehouse – chocolates as thank you’s for landowners & marshal’s

BBQ with food & drinks provided at Domain to thank Landowners & helpers

Vouchers to landowners & invite to BBQ - Sara

Gazebo – Gazebo purchased from FCO $298, $200 donated by Farmlands

Meeting closed 9:05pm

A big thank you to all the school families that helped out with the judges lunches for the Apiti Show.  Both your food contributions & help on the day are very much appreciated.  We should make a reasonable amount of money from this fundraiser (final figures yet to be confirmed) which we can put towards making Apiti School continue to be a great place for our kids!!”  Sara.

ASSA Meeting – 10.02.2015
Meeting opened following AGM at 7:45pm
Present – Chony Digby, Nicki Feilder, Pam McKinnon, Mary Cuming, Hayley Field, Hannah Blackmore, Katherine Gillespie, Fiona Stephenson, Jess Sandbrook, Sara Wills, Maryann Pratt (via speaker phone)
Apologies – Blair McCarroll, Lance Gillespie
EOTC /School Trip – a presentation of proposed school trip in March 2015 to Mistletoe Bay was given by Hannah Wills.
The suggestion was made that ASSA help fund this camp, discussion was had about how valuable these camps are for school & was agreed by all that ASSA would like to directly contribute to the funding of this camp, awaiting info from BOT on how much (approx. $2,000).
Welcome BBQ – discussed whether to do this as a separate function or combining it with another event.
Was decided that we would combine the shared lunch for Clarkes with a welcome for newbies. New families – to be buddied & make contact to invite to shared lunch & explain what happens within our school, ASSA &; fundraising (i.e. no school fees, no camp costs, all the fundraising work is done in the beginning of the year) Hannah/Fiona – Lucy, Chonee – Kylie , Sara – Toni, Jess – Annette
Apiti Show – ASSA to provide lunches, reduced budget (last year $14pp 85 people), feedback has been that show committee don’t want hassle of having to monitor who can have a lunch & who can’t & that it is too expensive for them. They just want basic food (cold meat, lettuce & pasta salads, spuds), we decided on no or very small amounts of sweets.
Options discussed: flat fee $1,000 or $14 per head, or $10 per head
Agreed that we should send a letter of engagement to Show Committee (Sara to do this):
 $12 pp
 Suggesting ticket system
 Requesting an indication of numbers
Jess to co-ordinate food (suggested 5x meats, 7x salads, aim to cater for 100)
Money raised from Golf to be banked into the kids account
Triathlon (5th March) – Nicki provided info sheet & outlined changes from last year
 Hannah & Fiona going to lend us gazebos
 Marshall on the day – Sara/Lance/Katherine
 Adam to please mow the field
 Hayley to ask Tim to be there for Fire Brigade
 Chony to organise supplies (sausages, bread, ice blocks, drinks, lollies, chocolate) & ; Pricing
 Blair, Fiona, Hannah (where she can),Hayley (where she can),Pam to help in shop & with BBQ
 Lance to organise float
Safety was discussed & the Fire Brigade will be there for First Aid in addition to all schools having their own First Aid Kits.
Sports uniform – Nicki presented the kids research into uniform options
CC Tracksuit option – shorts, trousers & jacket
 Hayley & Sara to apply for a grant (Pub Charity)
 Nicki & Hayley to get pricing/quotes
Trail Bike Ride – 22nd March
Sub Committee for trail bike ride to be formed, meeting Wed 18th 7pm
 Sara to email to remind of this meeting
 Sara to email Orion to organise insurance etc
Fungal Foray – 17th-23rd May, Catering for dinners for 6 nights @ Sixtus Lodge
Sun $25pp (12-15 people)
Mon – Fri $25 pp (22-25 people)
Wed night in Apiti Hall bigger function $28pp (30 people)
Serving dinner @ 6:30pm each night
 Hannah & Katherine to organise menu & rosters
 Meeting on this before holidays
Gazebo – Mary to ring Farmlands to see if they would sponsor a gazebo for ASSA, if they won’t then we giving the go ahead to purchase for $500 or less. Jess to get a quote to Mary.

Meeting closed 9:23pm

ASSA Meeting – 18.12.2014
Meeting opened following final assembly at 2.30pm
Welcome BBQ – this is to be further discussed
AGM – 10th February at 7pm – A representative from each family please. All to encourage those around them … carpool etc
Triathlon -5th March, 2015 (Note change of date)
Who is going to help with …
1.       Setting up beforehand
2.       Purchasing supplies
3.       Manning stall and marshalling on track
4.       Clean up
Plan at AGM … Food for stall / Shopping list
Nicki - Let Fire brigade / police know and ask for marshals for each end on main road + let Fonterra know
Katherine - Let contractors etc know
Apiti Show / Trail bike ride
Discuss at AGM
Sports Uniform
Students to put a proposal to ASSA re uniform shorts and tracksuit pants update at AGM
EOTC – School Camp
Discuss at AGM
Sixtus lodge – Fungal Foray
May 17th – 23rd
We agree to do this as a fundraiserKatherine - Will plan this further and give the Fungal Foray group options and discuss prices etc
Plan food options with June
Students to help plan, prepare, cook, serve, clean up etc  with parent as part of learning programmes
Try to have one person coordinating as a constant during the week (Or 2 sharing with a cross over)

Meeting closed 3.30pm

ASSA Meeting
Monday 15 April 2013
Present: Jo, Sara, Nicki, Lance, Blair, Adam
Apologies: Maryann, Mary, Vickers
1.      Adventure riders: Saturday 20 April @ 12noon. 50 riders  Ring Pat re hall if wet. Nicki will tally up salads Friday afternoon and let Jo know.
2.      Trail ride Sunday 21 April.
·         Blair has organised farmers. There has been a change of gates.
Pats wool shed- Jock
Makoura lodge- Vic
Cemetery- Mary C
Gate opposite Goodalls deer yards- Murray
Main Rd Chris D and Maryann
Beards woolshed- Maryann snr
·         Malcolm to lead ride- Richard, Ben and Mike to ride the track as safety riders
·         Wade Wilson will do safety brief
·         Maryann to do intro and thank sponsors
·         Adam to explain sign posting
·         Kids track- Beards pig tails
·         Main Track - Digbys pigtails
·         Richard and Ben to set up Beard-Strahans-Ridge on Friday
·         Blair to set up –Pats-McCarrols
·         Adam to set up start-Makoura & intermediate track
·         Adam to deliver pig tails and tape and arrow before Friday
·         Signage for Main Rd?????
·         Vivid numbers on right hand of riders as they register- talk on the day who gets what numbers
·         Richard and Ben on registration gate as well 8:30
·         Chonee will deliver lunches
·         Digbys to sort sheep and rubbish on the day.
·         Mike to put both signs in the bus shed after event
·         Maryann to get a list of free riders to Katherine to have on the gate
Next Meeting: AGM and debrief of trail ride Monday 20 May 7:30 School staff room. Wine, cheese and desert will be supplied. It would be great to see a representative from each family there.

ASSA  Meeting 18 March 2013
Present: Jo, Nicki, Adam, Blair, Sara, Lance, Mary
Apologies: Miles, Maryann, Jess, Merv and Yvonne
Corr In: Quotes for shirts
Corr Out: Trail ride flyer
1.     Apiti Show: Food was great- Check with jock who has eaten. More salads next year, BBQ again next year, $14.50 per person, Cold drinks if it is hot.
2.     Trail Ride:
·        Entry fee: Adults $30 Kids under 12 $15
·        Blair to ring farmers : Strahans, Buckmans, Beards, Hayes, Malone/Cuming, Knights, Pettigrews, Goodalls, Lex
·        Adam to organise Gordie/ Malcolm to lead.
·        Sara to intro and thank sponsors
·        Gate Jo to organise (Nicki/Pete, Katherine)
·        Kids Track- Jo and Sara (Mike to help set up??)
·        Lunch organisation: Wendy
·        Lunch on the day: Yvonne &??? Lance, Merv and spare kids on the BBQ. (Lance, School & Beards BBQ)
·        Jo to organise marshalls for roads.
·        Trail track set up: Gordie, Blair, Adam, Mike- Blair to organise
·        Adam to ring riders for the day: Mike, Richard, Adam, Tony, Hugh, Pat, Russell
·        Sara to organisePermit, insurance, marshall
·        Jo to organise fire brigade & Trevor
·        Lance organise Float for gate and lunches.
·        Sara and Mike Put up sign at Boofs
·        Nicki find another place for sign
·        Sara organise small flyers and get them to Adam to hand out at trail rides.
Bromley dairy and pump- Lance
RD1- Lance
Rabo- Lance
Ruapehu- Blair
FMG- Lance
Kesty- Jo
Hopkins- Sara
Farmworx- Richard
Farmers Trans- Blair
Altrum- Blair
City Honda- Blair
PIS- Maryann- Chocs again
Adam & Holland- Blair
·        Send out information note to families: Jo
·        Vouchers- Blair to organise list of free riders
·        Maryann to organise vouchers
·        Make a list for the gates so gate people know who has free entry
Next Meeting 15 April 2013 @ school staff room

ASSA Meeting 23 August 2012-08-27
Present: Jo, Sara, Maryann, Lance, Blair, Miles, Mary, Liz

Apologies: Kate

Financial: Attached

Trail Ride
Track was good- Marking out needs some work. Miles to help out next year. Blair thanked Miles for his pending help.
Food- Make sure there is more than enough out.

Date for next year:  21st April 2013

Sara to sort our flyer: Adults $30, Chn $15

First aide:  use fire brigade again re reimburse Lance for first aide.
Zipper tags on motorbikes for safety and proof of payment

Change gate entry: have a sign in tent/table. All riders need a zip tag on their bike as proof of payment. Check tags as they go through the gate. List of land owners for the sign in tent people and send them a tag.

Calf Scheme:

Pratts x2
Angovesx1- Lance to ring
Jo to ring these people and check on numbers and ages

Option 1

Lance to rear calves and charge the school rearing fees- Lance will let us know
Ring around people to farm on calves.
Brief: Weaned white faced steers, around 100kg, keep if possible for 2 years

Cowans- Sara
Monty Brown- Ben P
Rob Kirk, John Cawood- Miles
Mike, Strahans- Mary
Dickins, Dennis, Clarkes, Burtons- Beards
Miles is happy to rear own calf and farm it through for a year.
Does the school need a NAIT number????

Thankyous for the newsletter

Hopkins farming
Clarkes                       Mary could you put these in the next newsletter
R&J Beard
B&M Pratt
Oranga Trust

Option 2

Children rear calves at school

Casino Night- Casino Royal

Rangi has just done one they made around $4000 +
Maybe next March Great community get together
Maryann to cost out

Shirts- Ricoh to donate some shirts to the school- see what they are like.

ASSA Meeting 27-3-2012
Trail Bike ride organisation

Present: Blair, Lance, Jo, Mary, Sara, Maryann
Apologies:  Kate, Tania, Yvonne, Adam
Blair to intro, thank sponsors
Gate: source: float, ice cream containers, clipboards Be there 8:15-8:30am
Katherine- to find registration form
Tania  Wendy  Jo
Kids Track: Blair to organise people and tape
Jo   Yvonne   Tania   Wendy
Fiona to deliver lunches to people on gates- Thermos cups and ice cream containers
Lance- Bring BBQ
Merv- School BBQ
Tom/Ethan/Stan???- Beards BBQ
People on roads:
Pats Woolshed- Jock
Makoura Lodge- Liz
Cemetery- Mary C
1st gate past Goodalls- Ben P
Ridge Road- Maryann P
Main Road- Chris D, John Spellman
Beards woolshed- Richard
Trail Track set up:  Gordie   Blair   Adam
Riders on the day:
Gordie, Blair, Adam, Thomas, Ben, Pat, Russell?, Mike
* $400 for permit, insurance and marshal- Sara organising this. Blair to contact Honda to see if they will sponsor
* Jo to organise road people
* Lance to organise first aide- Jo talked to Kate this morning about Trevor . Kate rang Trevor and he is on stand by on the day. Jo rang Tom Coppen and asked if the fire brigade could do the first aiding on the day. He agreed to this and a couple of fire brigade people will be present on the day with Trevor there if needed. Sara is checking to see if this is OK with the permit. So at this stage no need to book the St Johns Truck.
* Sara to source the Kiwitea registration form
* Lance to organise float for the gate, money then needs to go to lunches in case some people want to buy lunch
  • Bromley dairy and pumps- $350 for first aide
  • RD1- Lance to contact
  • Rabo- Lance to contact
  • Ruapehu- 200 sausages
  • FMG- Lance to contact
  • Kesty- $100 Lance please invoice
  • Hopkins- Sara to contact-$200?
  • Feilding Tyres- Richard to contact $100?
  • Farmworx? Richard
  • Blanchies?
  • Goldpine- Lance to contact $120?
  • Farmer Transport $50
  • MTL- Blair to contact
  • Summit Quin- $200
  • Farmlands- Sara to contact
  • Forest Hills- Jo to email
  • Rural Fuel- Blair to contact
  • Wrightsons- Maryann- Urn
  • Power Farming- Blair to contact
Thank yous
-          Box of chocs for farmers- Maryann to organise PIS to sponsor??
-          Kids to do thank you cards
Next Meeting: Monday 23 April 7:30pm school staff room

ASSA Meeting
On Tuesday the 27th March there will be an ASSA meeting in the school staff room @ 7:30 to discuss the trail bike ride. Could 1 representative from each family please attend.  -  Jo Beard.

ASSA AGM Meeting
8 Dec 2011

Present: Jo, Liz, Chonee, Kate, Katherine, Deltina, Blair, Yvonne, Fiona, Sara, Mary

Apologies: Maryann, Merv, Lance

Minutes from previous meeting: Read and accepted Pass: Jo sec: Blair

Presidents report: verbal (send to Jo)

Treasurers report: Books audited/ charities commission done

Election of officers meeting handed over to Mary:
President: Fiona nominated Blair sec Chonee
Blair accepted

Secretary: Kate nominated Jo sec Mary
Sara nominated Deltina sec Fiona
Deltina accepted

Treasurer: Katherine nominated Lance Sec Blair
Katherine accepted on behalf of Lance

Meeting closed: 4:20pm

General Meeting

Present: As above

Minutes: read and accepted as true. Passed Jo sec Blair

Treasurers report: Attached


  1. Trail Bike ride- discussed amalgamating with Rangi 1 day here 1 day there Rangi not keen.
Sunday 15 April (middle w/end of the holidays)
Blair to ring Farmers ASAP

  1. Apiti Show: Saturday 25 Feb
Jock wants it the same as last year no BBQ as the judge’s lunches are staggered between 12-1.
Show Committee: Jo, Fiona, Katherine, Sara
Corbetts to donate potatoes

Blair to ring Russell - Gourmet BBQ start 5pm
-          Hangi
-          beer tent
-          Raffles- Scratchy tree
-          Nail drive
-          Horizontal Bungy beer Kate to ask friend. Mary to source bungy cord

Blair to ring Hugh- archery
                              -Jack and Jill
                             - axe throw
                             Horse shoe quoits

Jo to call a meeting of show committee early next term

24/1/11 Just talked to Jock tonight re show. He wants lunches to stay as they were last year- so no BBQ. If we can’t source enough meat he will donate. He OKed nail drive and golf but nothing else due to lack of space. We will be catering 60-75 Judges. He will get back to me when numbers are finalised. $15 per head.

  1. Cattle Scheme: Lance and Blair to run calf scheme
  2. Uniforms: Liz to source info about new sports uniforms to bring back to the next meeting shorts, shirts, pants

Meeting closed: 5:15pm