Apiti Show

Apiti Show AGM 2017
Held on 18.10.2017 at Apiti Tavern, opening at 7.30pm
Present :- Helma Hughes, Lydia and Mike Cranston, Jordan Coppen, Hendrick Engellbrecht, Tom Hayes, Rose Piha, Ken Thompson, Andy George, Gabby Harvey, Kim Speedy, Shane Bird, Tim Field, Ruth Brocket, Pat Hayes, Gaylene and Russell Knight, Pat Prince, Mary and Anna Cuming.
Russell welcomed everyone to the Show meeting

Apologies: - Joy Drew and Apiti Play Centre
Minutes moved by Anna confirmed Pat Hayes passed.

Matters arising
Accountant slow getting accounts done, Anna proposed she will do 2018 accounts and get them audited by someone. Audited every 2 years as part of constitution.  Shane suggested apply to Pub Charity and suggested an auditor.

Chairpersons Report by Russell. Mary passed.

Once again the Show went off well. The improvements out back worked very well for the Judges and pen helpers and by next show they will be completed.

A big thank you must go to all the volunteers that have put in many hours in their respective areas and I hope this continues. Without your help this day will not operate so well.

In the last month we have had a full length shade/cover completed thanks to the driving force of Anna. The Council and Apiti Golf Club contributed most of the funding to this project and special thanks go to them.

The next Show in 2018 we will be hosting a Shearing test between New Zealand and Wales. Also in the year coming we hope to expand the Show a little and this we hope will come about with ideas and help from others.

Once again many thanks to all who help this day be the success it is and most of all our many Loyal Sponsors

Russell Knight

Treasurers Report by Anna. Tim passed. 

The 2017 financials were printed out and a copy was given to each member present. Committee approved 2017 financials.

There used to be 70 million sheep in NZ, with a thriving wool and shearing industry. However, the rural base and the farming industry has changed, and in fact continues to change, which won’t be news to any of you sitting here today. My point is that the show has struggled on, surviving year to year with the shearing sports keeping it propped up, yet the shearing sports relies on the goodwill and good faith of our local farmers,  and as you all know a lot of work goes into organising sheep, crutching crews, farmers and truckies.

As a committee we need to put plans in place to future proof it for the next generation by diversifying and expanding what we offer and most importantly to remain relevant to the changing rural landscape and local community. We need to develop a strategic plan for the next 1, 2, 5 and 10 years with KPIs, goals and a clear path forward for the show as a business.

A brief overview of the financials:

·       Income was down in 2017 by $1800, mainly due to $1600 less sponsorship
·       Expenses down slightly by $600 and an overall deficit of $760
·       Depreciation was constant and as this is not a ‘cash’ movement we actually ended the year with a small cash surplus
·       Term deposit with Rabodirect of $7500 rolls on the 30th of Nov 2017 (6mth term) and will make $85.11 interest – we need to decide whether to reinvest?
·       Outstanding bill of $350 to pay to the accountant – meeting 10am 24th Oct
·       Golf club – thank them for their contribution, I did ring Dennis and Ben Pratt to invite a representative but no one came
·       Council funding 2018? Budget?

General Business
·       Discussion about the cover – thanks to Chris Tapp, the Apiti Golf Club and the Manawatu District Council for their help and support with this project.
·       Search online for grants, Infinity, Lions Club, Shane Bird.  
·       Gabby – Horse ideas show jumping and games, discussion how we compete with other events held on the same day.
·       Shane suggested - Quarter mile race. Good to run it bareback?
·       Anna suggested - Maybe horse and cart, miniature pony’s event, People vs horses jump. Games then jumping. Different ideas.
·       Shane – runs Kimbolton Bull rides all around area. Cost $12,000 to run on the Rodeo circuit. The yards are his and they are portable. Or small local bull ride with portable yards cost $2000 local steer/bulls. Shane knows some guys who would come and ride/help set up. Need a vet and ambulance on site according to health and safety. Takes an hour for a local bull ride. Calves for kids, no ram riding due to rodeo rules. Hunterville is the day before in 2018 so next event could be 2019, need to advertise this year for 2019.
·       Bucking bull from promo king – Anna to email. Emailed 22/10/17 awaiting reply.
·       Hendrick from Apiti Tavern will apply to Council for bar licence, he’s happy to support the Show and work with council requirements.
·       Anna did invite people from local speed shear, but they could not attend.
·       Anna ran the Terrier race last year. Matt from Murrays has offered up a dinner for 2 for the owner of the winning terrier.
·       Helma will set up a lavender stall.
·       Ken suggested that the show needs to have some music.
·       Ken suggested a Tug of War – Teams invited. Junior/seniors knock out competition.
·       More stalls, Ken will do a fundraising stall to raise money for the hall.
·       Ken can arrange for judges of muffins and cakes.
·       Gaylene will go to the Cross Hills fair and ask if they would come to Apiti Show.
·       The Apiti Play centre run the food stalls.
·       The Apiti School runs the judges lunches.
·       Fire Brigade competition idea from Helma.
·       Victoria to bring the Funky Monkey Farm Yard to the show.
·       Guess the weight of the pig.
·       Gypsy fair – suggest someone contact them to arrange if they can come to the show
·       Travel agency to sponsor a trip as part of a radio promotion.
·       Gabby - A game like needle in haystack to win prize or coins in a sandpit.
·       Pat – guess the final winning time of the open shearing – this could be a radio competition.
·       Horse’s shepherds challenge.
·       Speed Bike Shearing.
·       Shane suggested – Giving away free pass through gate, family pass over the radio?
·       Rose - Free entry to novice shearing / wool handling as part of the prize.
·       The school will organise some games.
·       Russell – Shearing.
·       Rose - Wool handlers.
·       Gabby - Horses.
·       Tim – Sheep.
·       Mary – Schedule – Anna suggested this needs revamping!!
·       Pat Prince/Mayoral - Cross Hills ask people 18th Nov. Gaylene will give stall holders a flyer about Apiti Show.  
·       Shane Bird - Jan 27th Bull ride -  Can put Apiti Show sign up.
·       School - Hole in one or putting competition to save space.
·       Horses further back into paddock.
·       Tim - we need to source a new trucking company. Pat had some ideas Farmers Transport Stock Line? Errards? Alistair Smith? 3 trucks and trailers. Pat and Tim to investigate.
·       Sheep – Sam Brown through Andy George. To organise sheep. We prepare sheep and rely on goodwill for crutching and shearing at the end.
·       Can we find out entries before the day? How would we do this? As this would make it easier. Last year we were down on entries because World Cup timing. Good year for getting Discount if they book early? We rely on shearers to keep show going.
·       Russell – said Taihape had record entries last year. He could predict how many entries to Apiti.
·       Tim – needs to know how many sheep they need. 400 can be the difference in sheep numbers between a good and bad year of entries.
·       Rose – use Face book to see interest surcharge for late entry
·       Rose – suggested a High School shearing competition, this would need to be communicated to the schools.
·       Gabby talk to Marton Young Farmers and see if they want to be involved and how both parties can benefit.
·       Deadline for show is printed in shearing book in July so we need to be in early to let them know there will be late entry fees.
·       Pen Girls / Boys We need 8, either FHS?  Smedley? Or take a mate up? Tim will co-ordinate that with Russell. Jordan, James, Nathan, Casey and Max were pen boys in 2017, Jordan will talk to those boys.
·       Acknowledge Jock’s participation via a presentation to him or Donna at the show in 2018.
·       Show is a business, we need to treat it like one by creating an environment, eg horse sports, coin dig, and advertise as a family day.
·       Survey people on the day to find why they came and make it more relevant.
·       Shane – ideas for fundraising - Quiz night raised $8000 in Rangiwahia, Casino night, Auction, Fancy Dress etc.
·       Russell - Singlets for wool handlers/pen boys, sashes to be printed.
·       Barbeque venue to be decided – 9th Dec for committee and helpers. All welcome.
·       Email to be sent out with minutes and reminder about the next meeting/BBQ.

Other ideas for the show:
·       Free or subsidised buses from PN or Feilding
·       More advertising in PN
·       Radio competition
·       Bull riding – Shane Bird
·       Hendricks Bar – Craft beers/ music
·       Ruahine Port stall
·       Helmas Apiti Lavender Farm
·       Tractor backing
·       Sheep racing
·       Terrier Racing
·       Miniature ponies/carts
·       Feilding Arts and crafts stalls
·       Whitebait fritters
·       School kids making something they can sell at stalls
·       Artists – Painters
·       Timber furniture
·       Appeal to lifestylers
·       Face painting
·       Dog trialling
·       Food stalls i.e venison salami and speciality cheeses

Election of Officers

Chairperson – Mary Cuming nominated Russell Knight. Pat Hayes seconded. 
Vice Chairman – Anna Cuming nominated Tim Feild. Gaylene seconded.
Secretary – Tim Field nominated Gabby Harvey. Anna seconded.
Treasurer – Gaylene Knight nominated Anna Cuming. Tim seconded.

Russell thanked everyone for their attendance. 
Meeting closed 9.30pm.

Next meeting 9th Dec with Barbeque, venue to be announced, all welcome. 

Joy could you please send this email around the committee as I think it is important to keep everyone in the loop with our progress with the cover on the seating area. Thanks.

Just sending the invoice for the cover for the seating area through. Also find the funding application and quote from Chris Tapp attached FYI.

Russell, I will fill out and sign a cheque and send it to you to send or give to Chris Tapp, this invoice only just arrived today although he wanted it paid by the 20th(already been! He told me not to worry too much as no one pays on time! Not really my style but ok….)

Please check with me once you get it as the money from the council is not in the account yet, and due to the change in Chris’s quote and invoice I will have to write them another letter and I don’t want the cheque to bounce. He had quoted us $3,990.50 (GST incl.) and the invoice is for $2,599.00 due to the change in cover sizes. This is a difference of $1,391.50, so the councils funding will no doubt be reduced.

Russell if possible could you PLEASE, please sort the stainless steel caribeans out and send me an invoice because if they are more expensive then some of the council money can go towards funding them, however I will need this information sooner rather than later as I will be going back to the Council before the end of the week and Chris wanted to be paid by the 20th (already been) but I don’t think the funds in the account today will cover this payment (I can’t access online banking right now as I don’t have the access codes with me) unless we break the term deposit which I am extremely reluctant to do.

Also on a different note – are we still having a mid-winter/ Spring shout for the helpers Russell?

Anyone feel free to please call if you wish to discuss further,


Anna Cuming 

Apiti Show Meeting 

at Apiti Tavern 

Wednesday 8th March at 7.30 

APITI SHOW MEETING on 10th February 2016, held at the Russell &  Gaylene Knights.

Present: Donna, Jock, Barry, Shelly, Phoenix, Pat Prince, Russell, Gaylene, Joy, Mary, Anna, Pat Hayes.
Apologies: Shannon, Tim, Jason and Rosie.            
Moved Donna, 2nd Joy

Minutes read from the previous meeting.     
Moved Joy, 2nd Mary
Matters Arising:
·         Shelley’s sponsor have given the show $250.00
·         Welsh test is to go ahead, 2 shearers and a manager
·         A letter to be sent out re: lack of communication over the above mentioned test
·         No pen girls this year as they have a tournament and are unavailable, shearers will use their own pen boy

Financial Report:

Treasurers report for 12/1/2016 – 10/2/16 (meeting to meeting) Expenditure: No expenditure Income:Kendrick Sponsorship $Current balance as at 10/2/2016 = $6,668.98  

Moved Anna, 2nd Shelley

General Business:
·         Joy spoke with Scott Bailey and he has agreed to sponsor the show $400.00, Joy is awaiting confirmation email
·         Russell has the singlets and sashes at the printers.  Committee have requested extra singlets for sale as a fundraiser with ‘Apiti Shears’ printed on them, 10 of these will also have 2016 printed on them and they will sell for $25 each.
·         All the judges are sorted
·         Anna has advertised the show on various media outlets and has appeared in the Evening Standard.
·         Anna still hunting for drums.
·         We need Serotone for writing up the shearing schedule/contestant names etc, Joy to ask her brother inlaw who is a plumber.  Anna’s uncle has similar stuff which we can have.
·         Mary asked for lunch numbers and we have confirmed at least 75-85.
·         Tuma Mullins, Russell and Nooky Gordon to be the commentators for the show.
·         Anna has written a letter of thanks to the Golf Club thanking them for sponsorship but has not sent it yet as money has not gone into bank account.
·         Anna has requested horse events to be announced over loud speakers prior to each event.
·         Jock asked for prizegiving after lunch to be sped up.
·         First Aid Kit to be assembled by Gaylene and Anna
·         Rural Fuel dropping off product to Barry next week.
·         Anna went through the sponsor list to confirm who has approached who, committee members to chase up their delegated sponsors.
·         Working Bee at the grounds Saturday 13th Feb, 9am
·         Crutching show sheep Saturday 20th Feb, at Sam Browns, time to be confirmed, everyone to be notified when details finalised.

Meeting Closed 9.20pm

Next meeting to be confirmed.

APITI SHOW MEETING on 13th January 2016, held at the Russell & Gaylene Knights.

Present: Russell, Barry, Jock, Pat Prince, Mary Cuming, Gaylene, Shelly, Joy, Rosie, Tim and Phoenix.
Apologies: Pat Hayes, Anna & Shannon.            
Moved Joy, 2nd Phoenix

Minutes read from the previous meeting.     
Moved Joy, 2nd Mary
Matters Arising:
·         There are still two Apiti Show signs to go up.
·         Anna has some drums, but still needs more
·         Council donation has been accepted, we are having a sound system plus a man on the ground
·         Barry has 4-5 drums at home and Phoenix has some

Financial Report: Anna
Treasurers report for 27/11/2015 - 12/1/2016 (meeting to meeting)
$600.00 Accountants bill
$236.20 Signs
$20.00 Mayoral for newspaper ad
$35.40 Anna for paying the GST for the signs which wasn't included

Total expenditure = $891.60

$2.51 interest Nov
$2.58 interest Dec
$1000 Fundraiser at Donna and Jocks
(many thanks for the fundraiser and very prompt payment)

Total income = $1005.09

Current balance as at 12/1/2016 = $6,166.53 

Moved Joy, 2nd Gaylene

General Business:
·         Russell, Tim & Barry spoke about dagging the show sheep
·         Ribbons have been ordered
·         Singlets have arrived and Russell will organise these to be printed
·         No test this year at the Apiti Show
·         We went through the sponser list and an updated one will be sent out to everyone with who is contacting who and also the sponser letters, anyone with any other sponsor ideas please add these.
·         Discussion over pen girls ( not doing right job)
·         Fire Brigade to hose out the pavilion
·         Rubbish liners needed for rubbish bins
·         Lunches – asked that the price stay the same as last year. To use the pavilion for lunches.
·         Check that Anna has help to set up for horse sports.
·         Shannon to review toiletries.
·         Gaylene & Russell to organise gate keepers
·         Schedules handed out for distribution.

Meeting Closed 9.15pm

Next meeting will be Wednesday 10th Feb 2016, 7.30pm at Russell & Gaylene Knights.

APITI SHOW MEETING on November 27th 2015, held at the Apiti Pub.

Present: Russell, Barry, Donna, Jock, Anna, Pat Prince, Mary Cuming, Gaylene, Shelly, Joy
Apologies: Pat Hayes, Shannon.            1st Donna, 2nd by Mary

Minutes read from the previous meeting.     1st Mary, 2nd Anna
Matters Arising:
·        Russell thanked everyone for an excellent turn out for the fundraising shearing at Jock & Donnas.
·        Anna showed us the new signs for advertising.  Everyone agreed they were excellent.  They will be put up on the Cheltenham straight, between Feilding and Palmerston North, Mangaweka turn off and one at the Apiti turn off.
·        Donnas sign to go up at the Domain.
·        Anna also contacted Media Works about advertising the Apiti Show on the radio.  They came up with an idea to come up with a competition for announcers to promote the show e.g teddy bear shearing???  Will discuss anymore ideas at the next meeting.
·        Anna showed her schedule for the horse sports.  She will post/email to pony clubs.

Financial Report:
Accountant paid             $600.00
Signs                                 $236.20
Gaylene                           $   20.00
Anna                                 $   35.40
Bank Balance stands at $

1st Shelly, 2nd Mary

Funding from Manawatu District Council is $700.00 which will pay for the sound system from Fauldings and also a man on the day.  The next funding is 30th March and 30th June 016.

Incorporated society had taken the Apiti Show off its register for some reason but we are now re-instated and the financial report has been sent to them.

General Business:
·        Drums for the horse sports are still needed.  Anna has asked for a notice be put in the school newsletter.  Barry will ask a family member if they have any spare.
·        Show has 1200-1300 sheep to pick from for the shearing competition this year.
·        Mary to get schedule out before xmas.
·        Barry offered to frame the new signs before they go up.
·        Sponsorship letters needed; Anna will meet with Russell to insure everyone is on the list.  Letters will be mailed out and then followed up by a personal visit.
·        Joy printed off a map with details on how to get from Apiti to City Docters in Palmerston North just in case this is needed on the day.  She will print off three more and laminate them.
·        Lunches will be trailed next year in the main pavilion.

Meeting Closed 8.40pm

Next meeting will be Wednesday 13th January 2016, 7.30pm at the Apiti Pub.


APITI SHOW MEETING 7.30pm on November 27th 2015, at the Apiti Tavern.
Present: Russell Knight, Barry McIntyre, Donna Forbes, Jock Bielski, Anna Cuming, Pat Prince, Mary Cuming, Gaylene Knight, Shelly McKenzie, Joy Drew
Apologies: Pat Hayes, Shannon Knight.  Moved to accept apologies moved Donna, 2nd Mary agreed
Minutes read from the previous meeting and correct moved Mary, 2nd Anna agreed
Matters Arising:
·   Russell thanked everyone for an excellent turn out for the fundraising shearing at Jock & Donna’s.
·    Anna showed us the new signs for advertising.  Everyone agreed they were excellent.  They will be put up on the Cheltenham straight, between Feilding and Palmerston North, Mangaweka turn off and one at the Apiti turn off.
·         Donna’s sign to go up at the Domain.
·         Anna also contacted Media Works about advertising the Apiti Show on the radio.  They came up with an idea to come up with a competition for announcers to promote the show e.g teddy bear shearing???  Will discuss any more ideas at the next meeting.
·   Anna showed her schedule for the horse sports.  She will post/email to pony clubs.

Financial Report: presented by Anna
Accounts paid
Accountant                      $600.00
Signs                                 $236.20
Gaylene                           $   20.00 (still to be presented)
Anna                                 $   35.40 (still to be presented)
Bank Balance stands at $5216.84 on 27.11.2015.

Anna moved the adoption of her report sec Shelly

Funding from Manawatu District Council is $700.00 which will pay for the sound system from Fauldings and also a man on the day.  The next funding is 30th March and 30th June 2016.

Incorporated society had taken the Apiti Show off its register for some reason but we are now re-instated and the financial report has been sent to them.

General Business:
·         Drums for the horse sports are still needed.  Anna has asked for a notice be put in the school newsletter.  Barry will ask a family member if they have any spare.
·         Show has 1200-1300 sheep to pick from for the shearing competition this year.
·         Mary to get schedule out before Xmas, if she has all the details.
·         Barry offered to frame the new signs before they go up.
·         Sponsorship letters needed; Anna will meet with Russell to insure everyone is on the list.  Letters will be mailed out and then followed up by a personal visit.
·         Joy printed off a map with details on how to get from Apiti to City Doctors in Palmerston North just in case this is needed on the day.  She will print off three more and laminate them.
·         Judges lunches will be trialled next year in the main pavilion.

Next meeting : Wednesday 13th Jan 2016, 7.30pm at the Apiti Tavern.
Meeting Closed 8.40pm

Apiti Show AGM on 23.9.2015
At Apiti Tavern 7.30pm

Present : Russell and Gaylene Knight, Jock and Donna , Mary and Anna Cuming Pat Prince,  Pat Hayes,  Tim Field,  Joy Drew, Hannah Blackmore, Jason and Rosie Edwards.

Apologies from : Jess Sandbrook and Shelly McKenzie moved by Gaylene sec Pat. accepted
Minutes :  true and correct Russell sec Pat

Matters arising
·        Chainsaw man – pulled out
·        Financial date change to is end of June

Financial report attached
$600 accountant fee
Bank statement closing balance $5429
Russell – We are doing well financially problems early on and after redoing shearing stand. Last year we wrote several ideas to improve show and make it more financial.
Moved for treasurer sec Donna accepted

Chairman’s report  
Apiti Show had a successful shearing and woolhandling day with entries on a par with previous years. The horse Sports seem to be struggling a bit for numbers but I believe Anna has a new format in mind to try and attract more competitors. During the year we had one fundraiser at Donna & Jocks which was well supported by members. Pat Hayes had approx ½ of a days wages donated by Scott Bailey Shearing gang.  This was an outstanding contribution from his team.  Many thanks must go to Pat for organising this.  More thanks go to Pat for his crutching teams for their work leading up to the show.  Our new transport company worked quite well with only 1 or 2 minor hitches that held things up a little on the day.  All in all they are very keen to continue.  We have quite a few suggestions that might help next years show be a little better.  There was one thing mother nature had a hand in, lifting the roof off the press area.  Our insurance helped the rebuild of this which was a blessing in disguise.  We have our treasurer Shelly resigning and I would like to thank her for her services for the last 2 years.  In closing.. many thanks to the committee and all the helpers on the day with special mention to all our very Loyal Sponsors.  We all know that without all these people we would not be able to have such a successful day.
 Love from Russell  Knight.(efficiently typed by Donna )

Election of Officers called by Jock
Chairperson - Russell Knight nominated by Mary sec Donna accepted
Vice Secretary - Jock Bielski nominated by Pat Hayes sec Donna accepted
Treasurer - Anna nominated by Gaylene sec Donna  accepted
Secretary – Gaylene & Joy , nominated by Mary sec Donna accepted
Stock co-ordinator  -  Pat Hayes is developing Tim Field into this job nominated by Jock sec by Donna accepted  

General Business
·      Pat has done a lot for 22 years or so , he’s been in charge of :- sheep selection, crutching,  Many thanks from Russell and Show committee. He is available to help Tim.
·        Russell will organise sashes, singlets, shearing.
·     Anna re-advertising . Anna moved to get signs from Massey printery with date, entry price etc. Quotes for 4 signs to our design $217, there is a 5 day turn around
    Anna will put Show on radio. She will investigate free advertising Living Channel and Radio. Anna proposed to go ahead. Sec Donna accepted.
·        Sponsorship  -  all to look at sponsorship.
·       Playcentre - Food Hannah Blackmore moved to organise all food for the day. She will consult with Russell. Set up by 8.30 and go to 6pm . Accepted.
·        Numbers-  through the gate 180 competitors 500 through gate . $1200 takings on gate. 480.
·        Advertising AGM in newspaper. Account to be paid – Suggestion - Next year advertise online to save money. Accepted
·        Through grant money we could apply for money from School provided lunches and also Fauldings $500 . This has to be in by 30 Sept

Improvements from 2014 for 2015
·    Judges lunches in domain building. Move lunches to inside
·        More help for Anna
·        Tarp for wool handling on ground
·        Shade for judging length of board 
·        Shade for judging pens
·        ¾ door for shearers door walkway
·        Turn floro lights off  for photographers
·        Pen girls from Feilding High – need training
·        Massey young farmers keen to helping out
·        Extra shade for spectators
·        Parking ropes
·        Playcentre to organise fun events for kids over lunch
·      44 gal drums still needed by Anna for horse sports with one end cut out.
·        Hose out pavilion
·        Check electrical multi board 

Russell thanked everyone for attending. Next meeting date 26th Nov at Knights

25 Feb

Results of the Apiti Sports Shears on Saturday, February 25:
Open final (20 sheep):TIMEPOINTS
1.Rowland Smith (Ruawai)17m24s   66.9
2.David Fagan (Te Kuiti)17m23s   68.25
3.Dion King (Hastings)18m2s   69.65
4.Matt Smith (Ruawai)17m42s   71.55
5.David Buick (Pongaroa)18m38s   74.15
6.Noel Gardiner (Whanganui)19m2s   74.3
Open Plate (10 sheep):TIMEPOINTS
1.John Kirkpatrick (Napier)9m27s   39.25
2.Murray Henderson (Feilding)10m25s   42.15
3.Riki Chase (Taihape)9m35   43.15
4.Ian Kirkpatrick (Gis)9m28s   43.2
5.Adam Brausch (Danvrke)9m59s   44.75
6.Digger Balme (Te Kuiti)8m33s   63.85
Senior final (10 sheep):TIMEPOINTS
1.Tysson Hema (Waipukurau)11m48s   45.8
2.Jack Robinson (Northern Ireland)11m19s   49.25
3.Jack Fagan (Te Kuiti)11m37s  50.95
4.Shaun Matheson (Riverton)11m23s   54.85
5.Brett Roberts (Mataura)12m26s   55.3
6.Kerryn Devane (Australia)13m44s   62.8
Int final (6 sheep):TIMEPOINTS
1.Bryce Guy (Kaeo)7m51s   37.05
2.Michael Rolston (Levin)8m45s   37.583
3.Sarah Goss (Kimbolton)8m50s   38.5
4.Mario Taumata (Taumarunui)10m1s   42.883
5.Logan Burton (Taumarunui)9m18s   43.233
6.Cody Beck (Taumarunui)10m14s   43.367
Junior final (4 sheep):TIMEPOINTS
1.Paul Hodges (Geraldine)8m19s   33.7
2.Natalie Crisp (England)8m43s   33.9
3.Charlie Guy (Kaeo)8m13s   34.4
4.Catherine Mullooly (Matawai)8m32s   34.85
5.Ethan Pankhurst (Masterton)8m57s   36.85
6.Dylan McGruddy (Masterton)9m13s   38.9
Novice final (2 sheep):TIMEPOINTS
1.Jaycob Brunton (Levin)6m52s   30.1
2.Tegwyn Bradley (Woodville)7m13s   30.65
3.Neil Bryant (Levin)7m19s   31.45
4.Blake Clinch (Greytown)7m40s   34.5pts
5.Josh Harmon (Rodney)6m51s   35.05pts
6.Ricci Stevens (Napier)7m25s   39.75
1.Veronica (Ronnie) Goss (Kimbolton)47.6
2.Sheree Alabaster (Taihape)49.556
3.Keryn Herbert (Te Awamutu)59.044
4.Dallas Mihaere (Dannevirke)61.5
1.Maryann Baty (Gisborne)43.28
2.Kim Sowry (Pahiatua)53.03
3.Connor Puha (Kimbolton)59.462
4.Adrienne Samuels (Marton)60.97
1.Sarah Goss (Kimbolton)32.97
2.Samantha Gordon (Masterton)43.6
3.Rachel Goss (Kimbolton)59.2
4.Shelly King (Australia)79.706

Local spirit fires up show day

Last updated 11:00 21/02/2012
READY FOR ACTION: Russell Knight in the catching pens of the new woolshed.
Apiti and Districts have their 70th show this weekend. JILL GALLOWAY talks to supporters about the revamped show and how times in rural areas have changed.
A rural show is a time-honoured way to bring people together.
With a new shearing shed, Apiti's 70th show seems sure to be a hit, but support among rural residents for each other has sometimes waxed and waned.
After some difficult times, the spirit at Apiti and surrounding areas is now strong, residents say, and evidence will likely be in abundance on Saturday.
There should also be plenty of fun.
The 70th Apiti and Districts Show is at the Apiti Domain on Saturday, February 25.
One of the movers and shakers in the Apiti region, and a strong supporter of the show, Jock Bielski, says after the 2004 floods people in the area came together.
And it has been that way since.
But there have been huge changes over the years the show has been going.
There has been depopulation in rural areas, with dairying now a huge part of the Apiti area.
"Dairy farmers have to milk in the afternoon, we understand that. Us sheep and beef guys don't. The dairy farmers' workers are often transient. They have cars and go to town. They don't commit to the area," Bielski says.
And that makes fundraising tough.
Russell Knight, chairman of the 70th Apiti show, says it is different now to the way it used to be.
"It has changed, because once every farm had staff and their children went to school. Now sheep and beef farmers are older. That has a big impact over the whole country."
He says that in his younger days, when he was shearing fulltime, you would go to a big farm and there would be six or seven families there.
"Now there are probably only two or three. And heaps of shepherds ... and you don't see that now."
The show boasts things many older people remember doing as a kid – sack races, egg and spoon races and three-legged races. There are horse sports and jumps for all levels of riders.
And there is a new shearing shed. The main focus is the shearing and wool handling contest, which is part of the national circuit, and is a big thing for the Apiti and Districts Show.
Knight is a former shearing tutor. He lives at Apiti.
"The old shearing shed was unsafe, untidy and past its use-by date. It was small, not enough room for the judges – too tight."
The new shearing shed is a thing of beauty, he says.

"It is shearer and sheep friendly. And it has six stands. We used to have five in the area where now we have four. That's how tight it was."
They are proud of the way supporters all got together and built the new shearing shed.
One side is open, so spectators can watch the shearers and wool handlers in action.
"We have gone to six stands, because we get a good turnout of shearers, and we want to cater for not such a long day. It means people will be able to get away by 5 o'clock, rather than having to wait until six or half-past as they did before," Knight says.
The sheep must be dry for the shearers, with Pat Hayes in charge of getting around 1200 ready for the show.
"About 1200 because we don't know how many shearers will turn up. We'll probably need more sheep than that."
Apiti holds on to the February 25 slot because it fits between Taumarunui Shears and Pahiatua Shears. There is also speed shearing in the area at Cheltenham on Saturday night.
Apiti is part of the shearing and wool handling circuit that has points going towards finals later on in the season. The season ends at the New Zealand championships at Te Kuiti on March 31.
Depending on the level, shearers have different numbers of sheep to shear. From one, in the novice section, to 20 in the open final.
They shear 20 in the final of the Golden Shears at Masterton – the pinnacle of shearing competitions. This year it is the New Zealand and world contest. It will be held from February 29 till March 3.
"This year, because it is the world champs in Masterton, we'll probably have more shearers than we had in the past," Knight says. "The shearers are real athletes now. Lots of them will go down to the speed shearing after they have been at the Apiti and Districts show."
The new shearing shed at the Apiti Domain means the catching pens each now have room to hold 20 sheep in the Open final, he says.
Conditions have not always been easy.
"One year we had wind, and rain. We were told to cancel the show, but the show went ahead. The locals got behind it – the fire brigade came down with tarpaulins and we kept most of the people dry for most of the day."
Having a good attendance is a bit weather dependent. A fine weekend in late February can usually be relied on. Not so this year – and all the organisers have their fingers crossed.
About 400 people come to the show each year. And there are about 80 volunteers who help run activities and staff the gates.
"Apiti School puts on lunch for the volunteers. It is fundraising for the school and Playcentre," Bielski says.
Knight has been instrumental in keeping the show going and getting the new shearing shed, saying the old one was a health hazard for shearers and sheep.
It was originally portable and had only three stands, and it got more fragile.
Gone is the old shed, though the bones of the new one come from the old shed – it is hard to tell.
"Once the community could see the shed, they were committed more than ever to keeping the show going and fundraising. Russell [Knight] is the key, but now we have a team around him and the community has come around us," Bielski says.
Fiona Mancer says she wants her children to enjoy games many people remember from their younger years.
"I grew up in Rangiwahia and I have the fondest memories of sports days. I want my kids to do the three-legged race and egg and spoon. In the past we've had about 45 kids take part.
"They're the things that make a show day fun."
As well, she says they have the bouncy castle and face painting. Family friendly is the name of the game.
"There will be lots of things for the kids to keep busy all day, as well as watching the horses and the shearing."
There is also a contest between Apiti and Rangiwahia schools with school work that includes posters, bird-feeders and a poem.
The spirit of people in the districts is strong, says Bielski, though it's not always the case. "They have no reason to commit to issues. Yes, you have your ups and downs."
After the 2004 floods, they got walkie-talkies to keep in touch should another disaster strike, and a meeting brought people together.
The local tavern has just been bought, drawing people back to a central area.
"We've had 100-year winds, 100-year droughts, lots of 100-year events.
"And we have a strong Anzac Day commemoration. And it has all brought the spirit back."
70TH APITI AND DISTRICTS SHOW February 25 at the Apiti Domain
* Horse sports start at 9.30
* Shearing starts 8.30
* There will be raffles
* Closest-to-the-pin golf
* Kids' best decorated bike
* Arts and crafts stalls
* Fun races
* And the usual food and drinks.
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