Welcome to Week 1 of term 3 2018.

2018 Term Dates : Term 3  23rd July - 28th Sept. Term 4 15th Oct - 18th Dec

Our focus this year is Matatau -  to know, know well, be proficient, expert at, competent, fluent.
This term, the focus is oral - listening and speaking.

STEAM - We will also be continuing to learn through the NZ curriculum inquiry based learning STEAM - Science, Technology, Enviro, (usually Engineering) Art and Mathematics. This is most evident as we prepare for Lamb and Calf Day. Please view the inquiries the students are working on this term on the Lamb and Calf Day link.

Whanau groups will continue their action projects every Tuesday at 1.45. We welcome all the community on these dates to help students work on their vege gardens , tyres, native area, orchard, hot house etc.

Culturally Responsiveness - Starting this term we are working with the Oroua Schools and Anahera McGregor. More about this later. This is funded by the Ministry of Education.

Badminton - This term we are having badminton, aspects of this are still being confirmed, it will be taken by David Wasley at the hall on a Wednesday afternoon.There will be 5 sessions.
Calendar of Events
24th July : Students Boston, Johnny, Sarah and Summer start French lessons through VLN.
26th July : All Year 7's continue Programming with VLN and Phinece continues learning the Korean language.
6th Aug : BOT meeting at 7.00pm.
17th Aug : Apiti School Speech Competition.
23rd Aug : Oroua Speech Competition.
31st Aug : Ski Trip to Mt Ruapehu (with Kiwitea School).
28th Sept : End of Term 3 at 2.45.
14th Oct : Start of Term 4 at 9.00am.
25th Oct : Lamb and Calf Day.
Please note: The above dates are updated as required. The school also keeps you updated with all community
news. Check this link http://bit.ly/2pvsJzf or the tab on the right hand side of the blogspot.  
Please email anything you would like to add to community notices to christinedigby@apiti.school.nz

Mathletics - Last 4 weeks Claire 920, Saxon 400, Jake 260, Willow 160, Autumn 150, Kealee 120, Emily 100.
Stepsweb Last 4 weeks - Bentley 38 Gold, 16 Silver, 5 Bronze and 95% overall.  Katie 30 Gold, 13 Silver, 1 Bronze and 94% overall. Aimee 24 Gold, 8 Silver and 91% overall. Abbey 20 Gold, 5 Silver, 2 Bronze and 90% overall.
Reading Eggs and Reading Express Last 2 weeks since the last newsletter.
Saxon 1 silver. Rydah 1 bronze. Emily 1 silver.
Jake completed 6 lessons now on lesson 18. Saxon completed 4 lessons now at level 21. Renee completed 2 lessons now on level 103. Claire completed 2 lessons now on 46. Rydah completed 14 lessons to lesson 27. Emily completed 8 lessons to lesson 56. Kadin completed 4 lessons to lesson 44.
Quizzes completed : Saxon, Rydah and Emily all completed 1 quiz. Josie completed 2 lessons to 47, plus 2 quizzes. Katie completed 4 lessons to 37, plus 5 quizzes, read 1 book. Savannah completed 1 lesson, read 6 books. Abbey completed 4 events. Skaife completed 2 events. Meiah completed 1 event.
Books read 12 Savannah, 4 Lucas, 3 Aimee and 1 Skaife, Renee and Summer.
The Class Dojo winner for the Senior room for term two was Aimee! Well done! This was a close competition with Katie and Johnny only a couple of points away. 
The Term 1 Class Dojo winner was Summer! Terrific! Aimee and Sarah followed close behind. 
The Bon Apiti prize goes to Summer for Term 2. Awesome cooking and cleaning up ! This was extremely close and was only won by the inclusion of more fruit and vegetables, which increased her overall points. 
Katie and Renee won the overall 'work ethic' award!  
Junior Reading : Claire is now on Red 3.  Jake is now on Red 2. Bentley is now on Purple 2.
100% Spelling : Junior Room : Week 9 - Bentley, Saxon, Kadin, Autumn, Emaily, Claire, Rydah.
Senior Room : Week 9 - Johnny, Sarah, Boston, Josie, Lucas, Meiah, Abbey, Savannah, Katie, Bently.

Cross Country Results
5 year old Boys : 6th - Rydah
5 year old Girls : 5th - Claire. 6th - Emily. 8th - Autumn.
6 year old Boys : 7th - Owen.
6 year old Girls : 4th - Kealee.
7 year old Boys : 10th - Saxon. 11th - Kadin.
7 year old Girls : 3rd - Katie. 7th - Renee.
8 year old Boys : 12th - Bently.
8 year old Girls : 6th - Josie. 7th - Abbey.
9 year old Boys : 12th - Lucas.
9 year old Girls : 12th - Aimee. 13th - Savannah.
11 year old Boys : 3rd - Johnny.
11 year old Girls : 1st - Sarah.
Congratulations and well done to all those students who participated and completed the tough course at Waituna West School recently. Thank you to all those parents who transported and supported our students at this event.

Language Learning
At Apiti School we learn languages through Virtual Learning Network. If anyone can read or write French or Korean, we would love to hear from you as these students would like lots of practice as they start this new language. We are also continuing Te Reo and if anyone can help us we would love to hear from you.

The Apiti School Variety Show
We would like to thank those who helped us with the Apiti School Variety Show, especially Lindsay from Dewe Electrical who kindly loaned us the lights.
Also thank you to Tim, his helpers from Kesty and Julie Manning Contracting, for the delivery and the removal of the stage. Also to James and Lee for helping with the chairs from the hall to school and than back to the hall.

Bon Apiti - Healthy Lunches
Bon Apiti will continue every Wednesday. This Wednesday, those students that have been learning Spanish, will be cooking a Spanish themed shared lunch. The whole school will be seated and enjoy this shared lunch which is at no cost to students or staff alike. Students are still welcome to bring along other food for lunch as well. Donations of mince would be extremely appreciated for this Spanish lunch, as soon as possible. Thanks

Board of Trustee Meeting
The next Board meeting will be held on Monday the 6th of August in the staff room starting at 7.00pm. All members of the community are most welcome.

Apiti School Speech Competition - 17th August
All students will decide this week what their topic for this years speech competition will be. It will need to be an interesting persuasive topic. The junior students topic is "An Aspect of Safety." All Apiti School students will need to write and present a speech.
The 1st and 2nd place students of the Apiti competition, both year7/8 and Year 5/6, will then represent Apiti at the Oroua Speech competition being held on Thursday the 23rd of August. It would be great if parents could set aside a little time to talk with, listen to and help with your child's chosen topic.

Technicraft has now finished for the year, therefore the bus will run at the normal time every Monday morning from now on. Thank you for your co-operation over the past two terms starting out a little earlier every Monday.

Lamb and Calf Day
This event is planned for Tuesday the 25th of October (term 4). Please start planning for this event if you plan on having a lamb or a calf. and check the link on the Apiti Weebly.

Containers / Lost Property
Next time you are passing the school, please pop in and pick up your containers that are still in the cooking room left there from the Apiti Show and / or from the fantastic possum hunt.
Also please sort through the lost property which is located in the foyer of the main building.

Junior Room Holiday Stories
I went to my Nana's house and I helped my Nana do gardening. My Nana was happy. - Kadin.
In the holidays, I went to Paraparaumu. That's where Nana Jo and Poppa live and that's also where my cousin had his birthday. I also went to Kapiti. I had a great holiday. Me, Gran, Poppa and Nana had happy days. - Bentley.
I played with my cousins in the holidays. I had 1 sleep over too. - Saxon .
In the holidays Mum went to Auckland. We have five lambs on the farm already. I like school. - Owen.
In the holidays, I got a little Kitten and it is my own and the colours are brown and white. The mother cats colour is grey and white. I will love her for-ever. - Kealee.
In the holidays, I fell over on our drive way because I was running. - Autumn.
In the holidays, I went to the McDonalds playground. - Rydah.
In the holidays, it was Josie 's birthday and we went to the zoo for Josie's birthday. I liked the Zebra. - Claire.
In the holidays, I went to Castlepoint and the beach. We went to the Lighthouse too. It was cool. - Emily.
In the holidays, I got a Dinosaur fingerling. - Jake.
In the holidays, I played on the playground at school. - Willow.

Happy Birthday to the following student who celebrated a birthday during the holidays 15th July - Josie!
About to celebrate a birthday - 28th July - Lucas! We hope you had / have a great day!

2018.06.25 Newsletter

Apiti School and District Newsletter 25.06.2018
Welcome to Week 9 of term 2, 2018.
We would like to welcome Travis and his family David and Stephanie to Apiti. We know Travis will enjoy his time
at Apiti school.
Our focus this year is Matatau -  to know, know well, be proficient, expert at, competent and fluent.
This term, the focus is reading. Students focussing on individual reading for pleasure. Juniors are using the
library well, we have a great library. Please make sure library books are exchanged regularly.
2018 Term Dates : 30th April - 6th July.  23rd July - 28th Sept. 15th Oct - 18th Dec.
Calendar of Events
25th June  : Hearing and Vision Screening at 9.15.
27th June   : Senior - Student led Conferences - click on this link to book your time  http://bit.ly/2JxpJeI  
28th June  : Junior -  Student led Conferences - click on this link to book your time  http://bit.ly/2JxpJeI  
2nd July     : BOT meeting at 7.00pm.  All welcome.
3rd July     : School concert dress rehearsal at 11.00. (please note date change)
4th July      : School Concert @ 6.00pm.  
6th July      : Term 2 ends.
23rd July    : Term 3 begins at 9.00am.
Mondays - Technicraft continues this term for our Year 7’s.
Tuesdays - Whanau groups meet at 1.45 to develop and implement their plan. All welcome.
Wednesdays - Bon Apiti and Maryann will work with students on the Variety Show 1.30 onwards.
Year 7 students are working with Virtual Learning on Spanish and Computer programming.
Please note: The above dates are updated as required. The school also keeps you updated with all community
news. Check this link http://bit.ly/2pvsJzf or the tab on the right hand side of the blogspot.  
Please email anything you would like to add to community notices to christinedigby@apiti.school.nz


CONGRATULATIONS to these students for their successes over the last 2 weeks :-
Sumdog Maths - Katie 2079 (84%), Josie 895 (90%). Renee 846 (84%), Aimee 495 (88%), Bently 377 (59%).
Stepsweb - Seniors: Renee - Gold 33, Silver 7, overall 98%. Savannah - Gold 32, Silver 4, Bronze 2 overall 91%.
Ava - Gold 28, Silver 12, Bronze 4 overall 93%. Meiah - Gold 25, Silver 6, Bronze 2 overall 95%. Juniors: Owen -
Gold 43, Silver 15, Bronze 4 overall 96%. Bentley - Gold 24, Silver 8, Bronze 3 overall 95%. Emily - Gold 17,
Silver 7, Bronze 6 overall 87%. Kadin - Gold 15, Silver 10, overall 88%.
Reading Eggs Last 2 weeks since the last newsletter: Well done to all these students.
Kadin 1 gold certificates.
Reading lesson progress - Jake 12,  Rydah 13, Saxon 2 lessons to 17, Kadin 2 lessons to 40, Claire 44
Emily 3 lessons to 48, Owen 4 lessons to 74, Bentley 83.
Driving tests mastered Owen 5.
Books read : Owen 4 Emily 3  Kadin and Saxon 2 each.
Students should all be encouraged to use these programmes which are set at their own level to support their
Junior Reading:
Fantastic progress - Owen now on Orange 1 Autumn Blue 1 using great sounding out strategies.  Kealee is now
on Green 2. Jake now knows 14 sounds 14 names of letters and 13 words which start with that letter. Great
progress Jake.
Bentley is 7 he completed a 8 ½ -9 year old running record with 97% accuracy,67% retell and 75%
comprehension. Well done
Maths : Congratulations to Rydah who is now doing daily Maintenance sheets.
100% Spelling : Junior room : Week 7  Bentley, Saxon, Owen, Autumn, Emily Claire:.  Week 8 : Kealee, Owen,
Kadin, Emily Claire Rydah Saxon
Senior room : Week 7 : Ava, Sarah Savannah Josie Bently Renee Week 8 : Sarah, Josie, Abbey, Katie, Renee,
Johnny, Summer, Bently Savannah, Aimee Lucas ! Well done. There are some names we would like to see next

Cross Country
Congratulations to Sarah - 1st in the 11 year olds. 3rd Katie and Johnny. More results coming.

Congratulations and thank you to those who supported the students to prepare and run at the
Oroua Cross country. Not everyone can be awarded a certificate but those who trained hard, went to
Waituna West for the Oroua Cross country and gave of their best are all winners. These days many
students need to learn resilience, this comes from persevering and challenging. Students,parents and
staff are all very proud of you !!!   

Junior Stories -
Owen -  I ran in the Oroua Country. I ran 600 m but it was like 600 miles ! I came 7th in the 6 year old boys. It
was hard running up the stump. I got a big piece of lolly cake and my sister got a big bit too. There were lots of
marshmellows in the cake more marshmellows than cake.  Next year I will run faster.
Autumn - It was cool . I ran fast . I liked Dad cheering for me.  It made me go faster.
Kealee I came 4th . I was trying to come 1st but I didn't . But next year I hope I come 1st.  I liked the mud it was
cold and I slipped on the mud. Cross country is fun because you get fit and it is sometimes sunny.  I like Mum
and Dad came to watch me. I got a chocolate muffin.and it was yum.
Rydah  I went to cross country . It was noisy when the people were cheering  at me. I ran fast like a
Oroua Science Fair at Waituna West
We hope everyone saw the science fair exhibits at Waituna West. Well done to all the Apiti Students !  This was
a great celebration of learning in science.

Student led Conferences
Due to other commitments the junior and senior student interviews are now on different days, however if you can’t
find a suitable time please contact Darren and Mary to arrange one. We hope everyone will take this opportunity
to meet and discuss progress and goals for their student. Research shows that one of the most powerful impact
on student achievement and progress is collaboration between parents and school. At Apiti we have a proud
history of success in this this area, Parents are well informed and support the students and learning well.  Each
student has a reporting google folder which is accessible by parents. This clearly shows achievement level,
successes, goals and next step. Students also use these as an important part of their learning journey.
E-Portfolios - Each student has made their own google site. We have linked these on our Weebly on our
e-portfolio button.  Please check you can open these. Please make sure you have checked your wiki space and
copied over everything as these will be closed down this month. Each student’s individual google site will be a
place to celebrate success, by students adding published writing, text, photos, video also a place to store photos.
Whanau Groups
Thanks to those who have been coming and working with the students, Dave, Rob, Rebecca Toni and Nicole.
Remember everyone is welcome, as there is a lot of heavy work at the moment to complete to make our school
and community more sustainable. The seniors only will be working with adults until the end of term.  We
appreciate your help and support on Tuesdays 1.45 - 2.30. If anyone has small native trees which they do not want
or are growing in the wrong place, please drop them off to school to the Expert Plantagators - Summer.
If anyone has any exterior paint (any colour) that we could use for our enviro school projects e.g hopscotch pattern,
painting up the  potato boxes, murals etc, it would be very much appreciated. Also if anyone has any mulch or
manure we could have for our vegie gardens, native area etc that would be fantastic!  Many thanks.
The Apiti Variety Show  -  
Students should have their costumes this week and be able to practise with all props. We thanks Maryann for
her expertise in this area and we look forward to Maryann supporting us on Wednesday afternoons. She will
work with groups who need help with their item for the Variety Show,  however everyone needs to practise
practise and practise. At school and at home. We would appreciate parents helping students practise. If you
have any queries talk to your teacher or Maryann. Please make sure you have all of your music, instruments,
costumes and props to share with her on Wednesdays.

Bon Apiti - This Wednesday will be Shepherd’s Pie at $2.00 each with Boston and  Johnny in charge. Then the
following Wednesday will be Wedges for $2 each with Boston and Sarah in charge. Smoothies (berry or banana)
can be purchased for $2 every Wednesday as well. Please place the money in a sealed envelope with the order
written on the front.  Orders will be taken by 9am. We hope to use our garden for some supplies but also
appreciate the donation of ingredients. Anyone donating will receive a free lunch. All Bon Apiti lunches are
according to healthy products used, public appeal, cost versus money made, and of course clean-up, which is
judged by our cleaner. We look forward to announcing the Bon Apiti winner at the end of term.

Board of Trustees - The next Board meeting will be 2nd July starting at 7.00pm.  All welcome.

ASSA Hunt and Family Fun Day: Thanks so much for all the massive effort to make this event such a success!  A special mention to Rebecca for advertising, Nikita for her tireless work securing so many sponsors and prizes for the day … and the team of pluckers who have been dealing with the 445 possums entered (we had 300-odd last year!) Adam, Steve, Malcolm Jensen – and our amazing ladies who made such a delicious lunch for all – Toni, Nicole, and helpers – and Hannah with her awesome team who ran all the kids activities, and those helpers on the adult activities all day – and of course Tiff for dealing with all the money stuff - Thanks.  SO we can all relax now as that is the last of our fundraising events for the year … and thanks again for everyone who has done so much for the ASSA events this year – appreciated! J


Regards, Mary, Darren, Linda, Pat, Mary B, Jenni, Ruth and Christine.