Āpiti School Newsletter 15.10.2018

Welcome to week 1 of term 4, 2018. Nice to see everyone back here ready for an exciting term 4.
Term 4 Dates : 15th Oct - 18th Dec.
The school is looking great thanks to our cleaner Christine Lowe and our caretaker David Stewart. We look forward to showcasing our school on 25th October which is Lamb and Calf Day. We hope you all have this date marked on your calendars.
Also a big thank you to Ruth Brocket who has updated our library and put it online in the holidays. Students all have a user barcode and books will be issued through the system only. We have an extensive library and encourage everyone to use it. We welcome pre-schoolers to also come and get a barcode and use our library.
We have student librarians as well as Ruth who is here daily, and Pat who can issue and return books. Please put any return books in the container provided and if you find any library books at home please return them for Ruth to process. We want our library to be the centre of our school and look forward to working with the Community Creators who are responsible for this area of the school under the leadership of Lucas.

We have had to farewell Johnny who is off to Huntley School. We wish him well for his time spent at Huntley and for his future schooling. Thank you to all those who attended the shared lunch for Johnny at the end of term 3.

Dates for your calendar

15th Oct : Start of Term 4 at 9.00am.
16th Oct : Circle time with Jennifer Gerrie RTLB in senior room Mondays although this week it is Tues
16th Oct : Rowena from Horizons is working with the school to update our Enviro plan - everyone welcome.
17th Oct : Ken Thompson to come to school for Whanau enterprise planning - Healthy Muffins .
25th Oct : Lamb and Calf Day.
26th Oct : Swimming lessons start.
29th Oct : Board of Trustee Meeting at 7.00pm. All welcome.
2nd, 9th, 23rd, 30th Nov : Swimming lessons.
16th Nov : Oroua Schools Athletics at Timona Park.

Please note: The above dates are updated as required. The school also keeps you updated with all community
news. Check this link http://bit.ly/2pvsJzf or the tab on the right hand side of the blogspot.  
Please email anything you would like to add to community notices to christinedigby@apiti.school.nz

Celebrating success
In the last month these students worked well online learning :-
Sumdog: Seniors: Luke 517 questions answered at 63%. Aimee 267 questions answered at 95%. Danielle 243 questions answered at 80%. Savannah 241 questions answered at 81%. Juniors: Bentley 883 questions answered at 85%. Kadin 620 questions answered at 90%. Emily 435 questions answered at 77%.
Reading Eggs: Lessons completed: Conner 8, Danielle 7, Aimee 5, Bentley 4, Claire 4. Quiz's completed; Katie 37, Renee 16, Josie 13, Abbey 12, Sarah 8, Summer 8. Comprehension tasks completed: Renee 7, Katie 6, Abbey 6.
Stepsweb: Juniors: Emily 9 Gold, 4 Silver and 90% overall. Claire 7 Gold, 5 Silver and 90% overall. Seniors: Danielle 4 Gold, 4 Silver and 89% overall.
Reading: Kealee and Owen are now on to Light Blue 1! Kadin now on Green 3!

LAMB and CALF DAY - Thursday 25th October - This is the link to Lamb and Calf Day on the Weebly.
or click on this link http://bit.ly/2naU7ly
Lamb and Calf Day provides a great opportunity for our school to showcase student learning and celebrate success. This open day is a meaningful opportunity to present work from many areas of the curriculum, in a variety of formats.
This day consists of three parts : Indoor section in the morning, Outdoor section in the afternoon and Whanau Group section.  

Students arrive at school, at the normal time, with required items for the indoor exhibits to be completed independently in the morning.

9.00   - 10.15 : Students complete Learning Tasks (Junior/Intermediate/Senior)
10.30 - 11.00 : Morning Tea.
11.00 - 12.00 : Judging of Indoor Individual Exhibits  
                     : Students complete Whanau Group Learning Tasks.
12.00 - 1.00   : Shared Lunch for Judges, families and visitors, organised by ASSA. (Parents please provide food for a shared lunch)
Whanau Group Enterprises.  
Calves / Lambs to arrive before 12.45.
1.00   : Judging of Lambs commences (Junior/Intermediate/Senior/Pre-school)
            Judging of Calves commences (Senior/Junior)

The indoor exhibits will be open for viewing after indoor judging is completed.
The Whanau Projects can be viewed at any time through-out the day.
This will be followed by Prize-giving and afternoon Tea.
We welcome families, friends, neighbours and all community members to our school for this day from 12 noon. The day will run wet or fine.  
  1. Inside Exhibits Inside exhibits which have been completed at school before Lamb and Calf Day are :-
1.  Make a book - Narrative writing - A Maori Story

2. Maths Board game 

3.  Bees wax wrap

4. Pottery  - A candle holder  

5. Candle  
Still to do this term ......

6. Expressive Art - crayon and dye  “ A inspired Art piece ” Whakairo

Use art techniques to create an original piece
The artwork will  
  • Be inspired by Maori Art eg koru, weaving, carving, paua
  • Show use of pattern, colour and colour mixing
  • Demonstrate awareness of shape, angle and form
  • Have good composition balanced layout
  • Show use of decorative techniques
  • A3 finished piece Mounted on to A2
7. Digital Photo - Animal suitable for Vet Club Calendar competition.   

This is not a compulsory section, but the points for it will be added to overall points for the cups.

Your digital photograph will:

Be original (taken by the student)

  • Artistically show the characteristics of the animal 
  • Can use effects eg sepia, black and white negative
  • Have good composition (Thirds rule; foreground; background; balance and order)
  • Show one or more of the elements (animal, line, colour, light)
  • Demonstrate awareness of /or macro
  • Be published on A3
B .  Whanau Group Judge - Rowena from Horizons
Healthy Muffins Enterprise each group will design, cook and market healthy muffins. This will be planned on Wed 17th October and cooked on International Chef’s Day 23rd Oct we are honoured to host Ken Thompson and another chef who will work with the groups to plan, cook and market their muffins. Students will be involved in planning, cooking, advertising packaging and selling their healthy muffins. Cost of ingredients, healthy options is part of overall judging.

C . Inside Exhibits on the day
The tasks below are decided and planned by students prior to Lamb and Calf Day
Inside exhibits to be completed on the morning of Lamb and Calf Day.
All materials should be brought to school on the morning of Lamb and Calf Day.  
Miniature Scene
The best Miniature Scene will:
  • Be in a container such as a meat,  roasting or slice tray
  • Use a range of materials as part of the display
  • A natural scene only using natural products , no plastic , metal, food toys etc  
  • Show effective use of the space
  • Have a title
Decorated gumboot
The best decorated gumboot will:
  • The gumboot is the base 
  • The gumboot is decorated or displayed in an interesting way
  • Can use / add to make the gumboot aesthetically pleasing e.g. use of height, shape, colour 
  • Child or adult gumboot
  • If painting this can be done at home
Decorated T-shirt - The T-shirt can be bought to school any time from now on, it may be of any size
The best decorated T-shirt will:
  • Bring a T-shirt to decorate
  • Bring a coat hanger to hang this up
  • Bring all decorations for your shirt. eg feathers, wool, fake flowers
  • Add from school fabric markers and other materials
  • Use recycled materials in an original and interesting way
Whanau Group …
  • Enterprise 
  • Action Project Area Plan 
  • Whanau blog
  • Foyer Display 
  • Vege box garden and herb tyre
Your Lamb / Calf
We would like to encourage all students to participate on this day by bringing along their lamb or calf.
Caring for living things is part of the NZ science curriculum and Key Competencies e.g. managing self
and participating and contributing.
We understand that there are occasions when a student may not be able to bring a lamb or calf.  To
enable everyone to participate, we can source lambs if needed let us know, we encourage the
sharing/offers of a borrowed lamb.  Judges will be made aware should this occur.
Lambs are judged on Leading, Calling, and Rearing.  Calves are judged on Leading, Walking without
a lead and Care and Attention.
Pre-school children are welcome to bring their lamb – their section will be after the school lambs.
They are also welcome to join us for the fun events. Pre-schoolers will receive a participation certificate.
Fun events will be held while points are being added up, for ‘best dressed lamb and calf’ and a ‘drinking
competition’ if you would like to bring 200mls for your lamb and 2 litres for your calf.
Please do not wash your lamb, just give it a light brush regularly.  You may wash your calf, but make
sure you do this on a warm day, rinse all soap out of its coat and rub it dry with a towel.  
Practice leading your pet every day so that it becomes used to walking beside you. Regularly
check that its collar isn't too tight and don't forget to take it off when your pet gets bigger.
If you would like more help and advice, please click on www.anexa.co.nz as a useful site for raising a
lamb and / or calf.
Please email the school as soon as possible indicating who is bringing a lamb or a calf and the
name of the animal.

Cups / Trophies
Could all of last year’s cup winners return your cups to school, all polished up, the first week of term 4
please. Engraving will be paid for by the school.

Shared Lunch / Afternoon Tea
ASSA organises the shared lunch for the day which may include meat, salad or vege dishes e.g quiche,
bacon and egg pies / sausage rolls etc.  We would like to invite all families, community members and
friends to join the judges for a shared lunch at 12.00, before the lamb and calf section starts.  Could all
school families also please bring along a plate for afternoon tea. We appreciate all families helping on
the day with planning, providing and cleaning up.

We are running a grocery raffle on the day, so could each family please provide about 3 non-perishable
items to contribute to this raffle.  These items can be dropped into the school office anytime as soon as
Term 4 starts please - thank you! Thank you to those parents who have already dropped items off for
this raffle. Tickets will be available through-out the day.
We look forward to seeing you all here on the day.
Swimming Lessons - Start - Friday 26th October!
We have swimming lessons booked in at the Feilding Makino Aquatic Centre in Feilding for 2 lessons per day on the following dates : Friday 26th October, Friday 2nd November, Friday 9th November, Friday 23rd November and Friday 30th November. Please mark these dates on your calendar. Swimming lessons are from 12.30 - 1.00 and then from 1.30 - 2.00pm. We will need to leave school at 11.00a.m. Students will attend school in the morning of these days. We would really appreciate it if you could email or ring Christine to let her know the dates you are able to help with transport as soon as possible please. We understand the commitment and appreciate everyone doing their bit to make this a success.
Students will need to take a good packed lunch, a drink, their togs and 2 towels.
The difference between a student's swimming ability from the first to final lesson each year, their confidence in the water and our improved placings at the Oroua Swimming Sports over the years, demonstrates the value of our annual swimming programme. It is a great time to focus on swimming as we head into the holidays ... a time when many students spend a lot of time in the water and around local rivers.
At the recent Board meeting, it was decided these lessons will be generously paid for by our Board of Trustees, thanks to the fundraising efforts by ASSA parents.

Bon Apiti
Healthy lunches will continue this term every Wednesday, cooked every week by Phinece, Sarah and Summer but with a different leader. This week they are cooking small bacon and egg pies and smoothies. These will be at a cost of $2.00 per item. There will be no healthy lunches next week (24th) but the following week will be Beef Snitzhel and rice and smoothies.

2018 Oroua Schools Consultation
Please find attached, an Oroua Schools Consultation form that we would appreciate you taking the time to fill out.

Thank You
A big thank you to Mrs Mary Burton who recently dropped off the schools used cartridge toners to Ricoh NZ in Palmerston North for recycling.

Junior Room Holiday Stories
In the holidays, I went to Nana's house. Me and Renee went to the bike park, it was fun. Nana fell off the bike. - By Emily.
In the holidays, me and Edith went to Grandmas, it was fun. We went shopping. - By Owen.
In the holidays, I went to my Dad's and I played PS3 and I played a car game. I fed my calf. My calf pulled on the bottle and it pulled me. I like my calf. - By Rydah.
In the holidays, my friend Caitlyn came. We played on the trampoline. I sprained my ankle. We played with our lambs. My lambs name is Crystal. She is so much fun. - By Claire.
In the holidays, I went to rugby in Masterton. It was the last game for Huntahs team. They lost. I got a swimming pool. Its up to my tummy. - By Kealee.
In the holidays, I went to see Grandpop. He is in the hospital. He got bitten at the airport and we got to see him. - By Autumn.
In the holidays, the red car ran out of petrol. - By Connor.
I went to a shop, we got a donut to eat. It was chocolate. - By Saxon.
In the holidays, Mum drove me to the Christmas market. I got a bug and an alien. I got McDonalds. I got a cheese burger. The alien looked funny. I got a mouse, the mouse came in a little box, the mouse was little too. The mouse is a pet. - By Bentley.
In the holidays, I went to the shop. I got a dinosaur fingerling. - By Jake.
I went swimming and I got a pizza. We went to the park. Lucas and I and Adin played on the swing. We saw a bird. Then we went back home and then we played on the XBox 360. - By Kadin.

Regards, Mary, Darren, Mary B, Linda, Pat, Ruth and Christine.

ASSA - Lamb and Calf Day
Just a reminder if all school families could please supply either a meat dish, a salad dish, potato dish, or an egg dish e.g quiche, bacon and egg pies / sausage rolls for the shared lunch on Lamb and Calf Day. Could all dishes please be at school well before 12 noon on the day. There will also be a free sausage sizzle for lunch. Please also make yourself available to help out in the staff room to heat, serve and / or clean up the lunch dishes. Thank you for your support on this day. Please ring Nicole if you need more information.
- Nicole (ASSA chairperson).

2018.09.26 Notice

Apiti School Notice, 26.09.2018

Shared Lunch / Assembly
Please remember the shared lunch to farewell Johnny tomorrow (Thursday the 27th of September),  at 12.30 in the junior room.  Could all families please provide a generous plate of yummy food to share with students and adults.  All parents and members of the community are welcome to join us. There is a fridge available in the cooking room if you need to drop the plate off during the morning.  Hope to see you then.

We also have an assembly tomorrow at 2.00pm in the senior room.  This assembly is an opportunity for our students to share their learning with you from over the past term.  See you then.

End of Term 3
A reminder that school finishes this Friday the 28th of September at 2.45 and re-opens on Monday the 15th of October at 9.00a.m.

Targa Motorsport Event - Wednesday the 28th November 2018
The organisers of this event have offered Apiti School an opportunity to raise good money with this event.  We have been asked if we are able to provide 5 - 6 Marshalls to undertake taping gates and to act as 'Marshalls' at intersections from 1.30 to 6.00pm on that afternoon.
Our fundraising committee ASSA, is keen to do this but need to have numbers before we reply to the Targa committee with a definite answer.
If any parent or community members would like to help us out, please text Nicole on 027 2709454 as soon as possible to let her know so she can reply to the Targa committee.  We would very much appreciate your help!  If you need to know any more info about this event, please contact Nicole.

Regards, Mary, Darren and Christine.

2018. 9 .17

Āpiti School Newsletter, 17.09.2018
Welcome to week 9 of term 3 with only 2 weeks of Term 3 left!! Great to see some spring weather finally!
2018 Term Dates : Term 3  23rd July - 28th Sept. Term 4 15th Oct - 18th Dec

Dates for your calendar

18th Sept : Whānau Enviro afternoon. Working bee! Your help is most welcome as we paint lines for playground games, oil the tables and generally clean up and plant vege boxes and herb tyre gardens. Any native seedlings/plants would be very welcome.
18th Sept : ASSA meeting at school 7.30. Please send a representative from every family.
19th Sept : Student led conferences - to book a time please click on the link on the right side of blog.
21st Sept : Anahera to visit from 1.30 - 3.30.
21st Sept : Ōroua Schools Disco at the Kiwitea Hall.
24th/25th Sept : ERO to visit. A mihi whakatau will be held at 11.30. All school parents are welcome and we would love to see all families represented.
24th Sept : Board of Trustee Meeting at 7.00pm. All welcome.
25th Sept : Badminton tournament in the Feilding Civic Centre for Year 5 upwards.
27th Sept : Shared lunch. Assembly at 2.00pm.
28th Sept : Life Education to visit the school.
28th Sept : End of Term 3 at 2.45.
15th Oct : Start of Term 4 at 9.00am.
25th Oct : Lamb and Calf Day.
Please note: The above dates are updated as required. The school also keeps you updated with all community
news. Check this link http://bit.ly/2pvsJzf or the tab on the right hand side of the blogspot.  
Please email anything you would like to add to community notices to christinedigby@apiti.school.nz

Assessment and Reporting
Each student has a google site and these celebrate learning. They are open for all to see so tell your friends and family. They include writing about events and photos and are a good record of learning. They replace our wikis. Links for each student are on the Weebly.
Each student also has google docs reporting which are shared with each family. Here you can see updated progress and achievement of your student overtime, what they have achieved and their next step on matrices. There is a Knowledge and Strategy maths matrix, a writing matrix and oral language as well as school reports, samples of work and a conference sheet.
If you have problems accessing these, please contact Mary or Darren or discuss this on student led conference day (19th Sept). We have set aside this day as the term is very busy, please make sure you take this opportunity. Research shows students achieve more at school with support from parents and whanua.

Celebrating our successes
Steps Web Results for the whole school -
Seniors: Savannah: 13 Gold, 2 Silver and overall 96%. Renee: 8 Gold, 2 Silver and overall 94%. Summer: 7 Gold, 6 Silver, 1 Bronze and overall 86%. Sarah: 5 Gold, 5 Silver, 4 Bronze and overall 81%.
Juniors: Saxon: 6 Gold, 5 Silver, 1 Bronze and overall 94%. Owen: 5 Gold, 1 Silver and overall 98%. Emily: 4 Gold, 7 Silver, 1 Bronze and overall 83%. Bentley: 3 Gold, 3 Silver, 1 Bronze and overall 88%.
The Senior Room has held a Maths competition over the last 3 weeks: 1st Phinece 2069, 2nd Johnny 1762, 3rd Katie 1421, 4th Sarah 970, 5th Renee 947.
Seniors (last 2 weeks): Aimee 791 questions answered at 86%, Renee 741 questions answered at 81%, Katie 687 questions answered at 88%, Sarah 647 questions answered at 85%, Luke 534 questions answered at 69%.
Juniors: Bentley 991 questions answered at 86%, Autumn questions answered 522 at 88%, Saxon 408 questions answered at 65%, Kadin 331 questions answered at 93%, Emily 268 questions answered at 77%.
From 20/08 to 23/09 : Kadin 1310 - Well done! Owen 290.
Maths Buddy
The Senior Room has been trialing Maths Buddy over the 2 weeks. The main benefit of this website is that it has Maths concept videos that are short - about 3-5 minutes. After the video the students complete a follow up activity to show their knowledge and if the concept has been grasped. This can hi-light any gaps or learning needs.
Reading eggs :
Certificates earned : Kealee = 1 x Gold, 2 x Silver. Owen = 1 x Gold. Bently F. = 1 x Silver.
In spelling, vocab and grammar accuracy = Savannah - 74% in 7 events. Abbey - 73 % in 12 events. Katie - 79% in 13 events. Aimee - 79% in 1 spelling event.
Saxon is now on Yellow 3. Bentley now on Gold 2. Owen now on Orange 2. Kadin now on Green 1. Rydah is now on Yellow 1. Emily and Claire are now on Blue 1. Jake now on Yellow 1. Connor on Magenta 2.
100% Spelling: Junior room : Week 7: Bentley, Owen, Kealee, Autumn, Kadin, Rydah, Emily, Claire.
Week 8: Saxon, Kealee, Emily. 

Oroua Netball
Congratulations to the Year 3 - 4 netball team who are the Oroua champions for 2018.  Apiti had Josie and Katie playing in this team - well done girls!!  

Bon Apiti
This week for Healthy lunches Sarah with help from June, will be cooking a chicken noodle dish and mixed berry smoothies. These will sell for $2.00 each.
Next week Summer and Johnny will be making home-made beef burgers and smoothies at $2.00 each.

Oroua Disco
This event is to take place this Friday the 21st of September in the Kiwitea Hall.
The Year 0 - 4 students Disco from 5.00 - 6.30pm.
The Year 5 - 8 students Disco from 7.00 - 8.30pm.
The theme is : Neon. Entry is $2.00 per child.
Apiti School will be selling the refreshments on the night.

ERO Visit
Next Monday, the 24th and Tuesday the 25th, we will be welcoming Rod and Jan from the Education Review Office to our school. A mihi whakatau will be held at 11.30a.m. All school parents are welcome to attend this event and we would love to see all families represented.

Oroua Schools Badminton Tournament - 25th September
This tournament is to take place on Tuesday the 25th of September in the Civic Centre in Feilding. We need to be ready to start the tournament at 9.30am and will finish at 12.00pm. Students will then return to school for their afternoon lessons.
This event is for all the Year 5 - 8 students. For our Year 0 - 4 students, it will be school as usual.
Students need to take sneakers, a towel and plenty to eat and drink.
We need transport to and from this tournament, so please ring the school if you are able to help.

Shared Lunch
On Thursday the 27th of September at 12.30, we will have a shared lunch to farewell Johnny who will be heading off to Huntley next term. All parents are most welcome to come along for this shared lunch to wish Johnny all the best.

On Thursday the 27th, we will have an Assembly for all students in the senior room starting at 2.00pm. All parents are most welcome.

Library Books
As our Library is now in the 'Clouds,' we would love to have help to check and catalog our Library books. Please ring Mary to arrange a suitable time if you are able to help.
However, to make this work well, we need to have all Apiti School library books back at school as soon as possible please. Thank you to those who have sent books back, but those who haven't returned their books as yet, please do so a.s.a.p. Thanks so much for your co-operation with this matter.

Yummy Stickers
Those of you who are collecting these little stickers and labels, please have your collection sheets at school on or before this Friday, the 21st of September.

Lunchtime and playtime games
If you are having a clean out, we are looking for games which encourage managing self, co-operation and participation. If you have anything you are not using which would be suitable for either inside on wet days or outside games, eg old bikes, skateboards, helmets, tennis or badminton rackets or nets, swing ball, ping pong or natural materials for building huts etc battens, pallets or posts, if you could, please drop off to school.
The students have been having fun and co-operating with the old tyres.

Lamb and Calf Day - 25th October
Students have all completed their beeswax candles thanks to Linda Penfold and beeswax wraps with Linda and Dave and Rebecca Stewart - thanks so much for your help. The pottery candlesticks are away getting fired. Most students have completed their maths games. All are creating or re-telling a Maori Story. All these will be on display on Lamb and Calf Day. This week the students will decide on the indoor exhibits. They will be posted on the Lamb and Calf Day link on the Weebly for those who like to have plenty of time to practise and collect their equipment for the day.
This year as its International Chefs day, we are lucky to have Ken Thompson in our area who has offered to cook healthy muffins with the students on the 23rd October. These will be designed and cooked by each Whanau group and will be for sale on Lamb and Calf Day.
We would like to encourage all students to participate on this day by bringing along their lamb or calf. Caring for living things is part of the NZ science curriculum and Key Competencies e.g managing self and participating and contributing.
Lambs are judged on Leading, Calling and Rearing. Calves are judged on Leading, Walking without a lead and Care and Attention.
Please do not wash your lamb, just give it a light brush regularly. You may wash your calf, but make sure you do this on a warm day, rinse all soap out of it's coat and rub it dry with a towel. Practice leading your pet every day so that it becomes used to walking beside you rather than you pulling it along.
If you would like more help and advice, please click on www.anexa.co.nz as a useful site for raising a lamb and or calf.
Trophies - Could all those who won trophies last year, please return them to school all polished up before Lamb and Calf day.
Grocery Raffle - We will run a grocery raffle on the day, so could each family please provide about 3 items to contribute to the raffle. These items can be dropped into the school office anytime from now on - THANK YOU! Tickets will be available for purchase through-out Lamb and Calf day.
Bon Apiti Cookbook Fundraiser
The Bon Apiti Cookbooks are selling for $25 each or 2 for $40 available from the school office. These would make great birthday or Christmas presents. They will be available on Lamb and Calf Day to view and to buy.
Junior Room Stories
Me and Katie have our lambs. Katie's lambs name is Boots and my lambs name is Crystal. We like them so much we like playing with them. Josie is getting her lamb, it is a white lamb. She is so happy that her lamb is coming home. - Claire.
Once upon a time, I was a Mermaid and I had a mermaid top. The top was yellow and green. I had a mermaid tail and it was blue and red. My hair was plated. It was fun swimming, I swam with the dolphins and the fish. It was exiting. - Kealee.
In the weekend, me and Edith put the lambs in the sandpit, one lamb was a bit naughty because it stepped in the mud. - Owen.
In the weekend, we took the dogs to the river.  I ran with the dogs.  My dog Lunar came first, Hunter came 2nd, I came last, it was fun.  I made a sand-castle and Lunar jumped on the sand-castle.  On Sunday, I got candy floss.  -  Bentley.
As this is the last newsletter of the term, we would like to wish you all a very happy and safe holiday break and look forward to seeing you all back here on Monday the 15th of October at 9.00am. 
Regards, Mary, Darren, Pat, Mary B, Linda, Ruth and Christine. 

ASSA Meeting - AGM with Nibbles and refreshments - Tuesday the 18th Sept at 7.30pm

Minutes of the last Meeting (to be circulated).  Chairperson’s Report.  Treasurer’s Report.  Election of Officers.
2019 – Dates to be aware of and lock in to the Calendar.
General Business. Close – Refreshments for all thanks to ASSA    -  Maryann Pratt.
The Apiti School Support Association is our fundraising group which means we do not have school fees or activity or camp fees. These activities are free to all students as the fundraising group does such a good job, thanks to support from everyone. Its a great group and a good way to meet new people to the school. Please send a representative from every family. Bring a neighbor and Car pool.