Oroua Sports Club

Please note the change of date of this meeting.

Hi there
I have had too much time sitting in a car playing taxi and been thinking up crazy ideas.
I have come up an idea that I would love to share with other keen sports
parents/grandparents/passionate sport people within the Oroua country schools cluster region.
George and I are looking to start up a tennis club under the Oroua School banner as netball and
hockey have done, we are so lucky to have Damien Silk in the area getting qualified as a coach and
starting his own coaching business. I started looking into working through the paper work to form
a club when it dawned on me, do we do it all through the same club, that is form an Oroua Sports
Club that will service whatever sports the children are playing.
There are so many advantages of this,
- Increased chance of successful funding applications by legally/applying as a not for profit
charity – there is funding available for uniforms, equipment, coaching, and more you just
need to know how. As a school it is very difficult to get funding for out of school activities
this is an easy way to up grade equipment like a tennis net in Kimbolton, uniforms for
teams, travel to events etc
- Being able to have one committee means we aren’t stretched for people on individual
committees trying to essentially achieve the same thing, get kids involved in sport locally
and making it affordable
- Take the stress of getting enough players to form teams . . . . . . .
The individual sports would still require a key person or two to run their sport that wouldn’t
change (ie Netball – Loren and Kathryn would keep their roles and Steph in hockey).

Over the last month I have contacted Charlie Duncan the Hunterville Sports Club chairman to ask
questions and get some advice. He was great, so great that he has shared a lot of the hard ground
work needed to get a not- for-profit club started. I then spoke at the Oroua Principles meeting recently to explain and sell the idea to them, for this to work we need the school’s on board. They all
are supportive so, yay!!!

So, the next step would be to hold a meeting with the Oroua Cluster parents/community to talk about
it, answer questions and decide if we would like to see this club formed. I have pencilled in Tuesday
the 26th of March at 7pm, at Waituna West School.
If before then you have any questions just make contact and I will be happy to chat.
   -  Kind regards, Lis Giesen (0275393640)

26.02.2019 Notice

Apiti School Notice to Parents, 26/02/2019
School Closure
A reminder to all parents and students that the school will be closed tomorrow (Wednesday the 27th of February) due to our local power lines company – Powerco, needing to temporarily turn off our power to perform important maintenance work.
Interruption time is from 9.15am to 3.15pm.  The school cannot operate without power.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this closure, but this is entirely out of our control.   
School will reopen for instruction on Thursday the 28th of February at 9.00am.

EOTC Trip 13th – 15th March
Please find attached, information regarding this upcoming event to Wanganui.  Please read, fill in the appropriate sections and return to school on or before the 6th of March.
If you have any questions regarding this information, please don’t hesitate to contact either Mary or Darren.

Kind regards,
Mary, Darren and Christine.


Āpiti School and District Newsletter, 25.02.2019
Welcome to week 4 of term 1, 2019.
2019 Term Dates : Term 1 : 7th Feb -  13th April. Term 2 : 30th April - 6th July.
Term 3 : 23rd July - 28th Sept.  Term 4 : 15th Oct - 19th Dec.
The overall theme for this year is Kia Kaha - Stand tall and strong. Students will learn
strategies for managing self and developing resilience, taking responsibility for their actions.
Newsletter changes
To make things easier for everyone (hopefully), we are changing from the Apiti School
Weebly and Blog to a new goggle site for our newsletters.  
We hope it will be easier to view than on the old site although for those who need to,
there is a link on the new site to the old site.
Dates for your calendar
27th Feb :   The school will be closed for the day as there will be no power.
27th Feb :   Robert Pereira course at Kimbolton School
28th Feb :   Hearing Vision Screening.
1st March :  Oroua Triathlon at Āpiti.
6th March :  Bon Āpiti to start.
8th March :  Ōroua Schools Swimming Sports at the Makino.
13th- 15th March : Education Outside the classroom trip to Whanganui.
27th March : Our Schooling Futures meeting in PN 7-9
7th June     : Board of Trustee Elections.
Celebrating our successes
Junior Reading : Emily and Claire now on Orange 1 , Kadin now on Light blue,
Owen and Kealee now on Purple.
Sumdog Maths: Renee 747 questions at 81%, Josiah 659 questions at 75%, Luke 594
questions at 90%, Aimee 451 questions at 80%, Lucas 391 questions at 86%, Emily 380
questions at 78%.
Reading Eggs/Express : Kadin 6 lessons = Gold certificate!  Lucas 3 lessons =
Gold certificate! Claire 2 lessons = Gold certificate.  Emily - 3 lessons, Savannah - 2 lessons,
Isobella - 2 lessons, Connor, Abbey, Renee - 1 lesson.  
Results from the Apiti Show
Acrostic Poem - Age 11/12+ 1st = Summer, 2nd Sarah.  Age 9/10 1st = Savannah,
4th Aimee.  Age 7/8 1st = Owen, 2nd Saxon, 3rd Kadin, Josiah.  Age 5/6 1st = Rydah,
2nd Autumn, 3rd Edith, 4th Connor.
Sculpture - Age 11/12+ 1st = Sarah, 2nd Phinece.  Age 9/10 1st = Ava, 2nd= Lucas and
Aimee, 3rd Josie, 4th Abbey.  Age 7/8 1st = Owen, 2nd Isobella and Autumn, 3rd Kealee
and Eden. Age 5/6 1st = Edith, 2nd= Claire / Emily, 3rd Connor, 4th Rydah and Jake.
Crayon and Dye - Age 11/12+ 1st = Sarah.  Age 7/8 1st= Josiah and Kadin, 2nd Bently,
3rd= Renee and Owen, 4th Saxon. Age 5/6 1st= Renee, 2nd Autumn, 3rd= Connor,
4th Summer.
Bags - Age 11/12+ 1st = Sarah, 3rd Summer.  Age 9/10 1st = Ava, 3rd Aimee.  Age 7/8
1st = Abbey, 2nd Owen, 3rd Bently.  Age 5/6 1st = Claire, 2nd Eden, 3rd Rydah.
Total Points - Age 11/12+ Sarah - 38 points.  Age 9/10 Ava - 20 points.  Age 7/8
Owen - 34 points, Kadin 16 points, Josiah 14 points.  Age 5/6 Emily - 18 points,
Edith 16 points, Connor 10 points.  
Overall School Work Champion = Sarah! 2nd Owen, 3rd Ava.  Well done!!

Thank You
To all parents for supporting the school and the students by helping with the sculptures etc.
It was great to see so many parents and families at the show, it was indeed a great day!  
Thanks to Ruth and Pat for helping assemble the scarecrows and the shopping bags and
Ruth for transporting the scarecrows etc down to the domain. Thanks to Darren and Hayley
for all their help.
Thank you to Mary B and Eric Brew for judging the school work at the show, it is never an
easy task!
A huge thank you to Terry and Shirley Hawkins for the loan of their brand new chiller for the
show and for our upcoming triathlon this Friday.  We really appreciate the wonderful support
for our school.
Ōroua Triathlon Training
We are training for the Ōroua triathlon everyday. Please ensure students have all they need
eg running shoes for running and biking, shorts, named googles, bikes, togs and towels
everyday for training please.
We will also need all families to help on the day. This is the only Ōroua event we host so it’s
good to get it over early in the year. Please contact Toni or Nicole if you are unsure of what is
required from you on the day.
OROUA TRIATHLON - Friday 1st March - Apiti School
Schools assemble on the Āpiti School field at 9.45 a.m. for pre-race briefing and course
First race starts at 10.15 a.m.
Certificates will be presented at approximately 2 p.m.; home time 2.15 p.m.
The order of events will be run, bike, swim.  There will be a short run from the bike to the
pool and from the pool to the finish line.
In order to lessen congestion at the pool, the girls will start their run as the boys move into
run/bike transition.

The events and order of races will be:
  1. Individual events:
Boys individual followed by Girls individual for each year group
Races start with 11 Year old and 12+ year old boys and end with 5 and 6 years.
Next races: 5 and 6 year olds (boys followed by girls)
  1. Short break (Bikes put into position for team events)
  2. Team events:  11 and 12+ years, 7 and 8 year old Teams, 9 and10 year old Teams.
  3. Prize giving

Approximate Distances:
Run-1 lap = 500m        Bike-1 lap = 2 km  Swim-1 length = 13m
Yr 7 and 8 year olds-  (individual and team) run 1 ½  laps, bike 1 lap on road,
run to pool, swim 4 lengths, run to finish
9 and 10 year olds  - (Individual and team) run 1 ½  laps, bike 1 lap on road, run to
pool, swim 6 lengths, run to finish
11 and 12 + year olds - (Individual and team) run 2 ½ laps of field, bike 1 lengthened
lap (4km) on road, run to pool, swim 8 lengths, run to finish
5 and 6 year olds – (Individual only) run 1 lap, bike 1 lap of Bryce Road circuit, run to
pool, swim/run 2 laps of pool, run to finish
*    A manager is not required at the pool as we will be using lanes.
*    All teams members for the team events are to run from the pool to the finish together.
*    If numbers are low for team events, younger students can join an older team but older  
    students can not join younger teams.
*    If you have a child participating in a younger event due to ability, they will only be
    eligible for a participation award.  
  • Bikes must be put in the correct section in preparation for races.
  • These sections are labelled by year group and boy/girl.  Parents need to stay out of these
areas wherever possible.
  • Teachers will be at the bike start and finish to support students. Parents are to stay out of
this area please.
  • Bike helmets compulsory and must be strapped on. Covered shoes (no aqua shoes)
must be worn on the bike. School shirts must be worn on the bike.
  • Bikes must have brakes which work and saddles adjusted to the correct height.
  • The school pool is expected to be warm on the day so all 7 year olds - 12 years +  should
swim (not run). Flutter boards will be available for use. No dolphin diving.
  • The ramps on our tennis courts are out of bounds.
  • The Fire Brigade and police will be in attendance.
Parking – Parking will be clearly indicated as you drive into the Apiti Village - it will be behind
the tavern. Please park your vehicles and walk your bikes to the transition point to the right of
the school front gates.
This is imperative to the children’s safety. PLEASE ensure ALL parents are aware of this.
Spectators – There are excellent viewing points for supporters at the meeting point on the
school field, on the concrete outside each of the long sides of the pool and on the grass
opposite the hall on Makoura Road. It is requested that parents/spectators stay off the road
and use the tennis court entrance to the school when races are running, keep clear of
changeover points and the pool entry.
Food – There will be a range of lunch and snack food available on sale at the school. Tea
and coffee is also available for parents at a small cost.

OROUA SWIMMING SPORTS - Friday 8th March - Makino Aquatic Centre
Postponement date – Friday 15 March. The weather will need to be very bad for the sports to
be postponed, so please come prepared. This event is for the whole school, but the juniors
will have a programme in the shallow pool.  Children require their togs, 2 towels, named
goggles, their lunch, a drink, really warm clothes, a hat and sunscreen. Students are required
to wear their school uniform please.  Kimbolton will sell food and drink.  
There will be no school bus running at all on this day.  
Parents are asked to arrange transport for their own children to and from this event.  It is a
great Oroua day and a chance to see your child’s swimming confidence and ability.
There is no stand so parents will need to bring their own seating and shade. Could someone
please take the school gazebo down to the pool for the day.  Could you please let Mary know
as this would be very much appreciated.
The programme for the seniors should conclude at about 2.00 and junior at about 12.30, but
this time could vary, so if you are leaving the pool please return by 1.30.  
- Schools assemble at 9.30am. Programme begins at 9.45 am
- Entry to the pool is free
- No children are to use the pool shop during the day
- The trampolines and other pools are strictly out of bounds for all children including
- Championship cups and trophies will be given out after the last event
- There will be no lunch break - Kimbolton School will have food for sale.
- There will be short breaks while the lanes are removed and replaced
All students need to be at the pool by 9.30.  
Junior students are to assemble inside the Makino on the far side of the shallow pool on the
grass, Mrs Cuming will be waiting there.  The students will then be divided into 2 groups.
Group 1 will do water confidence while group 2 walks to the library. 11.00 will be morning tea
and then the groups will change - group 1 will walk to the library, group 2 will do water
confidence.  Water confidence will include walking/running races, ball push, flutterboard
races etc. These are fun activities aimed at enjoyment and are a chance to show parents
what they can do and what their confidence levels are.
Once their activities have finished at 12.30 (lunch time), students become the responsibility
of their parents and are welcome to stay or leave, but please let Mrs Cuming know if you are
Senior students will assemble in their school group outside the Makino on the grass at the
Apiti School site - Mr Hodder will be waiting there.
Students will have their event numbers written on their hands.  Can parents please make
sure your child is ready for their event.  All individual events will be held followed by the
relays. The winners of the cups will be announced and presented at the end of the days
programme at which point students will be dismissed for the day. The day should conclude
at about 2.00.  Those parents who choose not to stay for the swimming, please make sure
you return in time for pick up.
If you require more information regarding the above, please contact Mary or Darren.
Unfortunately, due to time restraints, we are unable to find time to travel down to the Makino
prior to the Oroua swimming sports for event trials, but if any parent is able to travel into the
Makino for their child to practice their stroke widths or lengths, it would be an advantage.
Blanket Consent Forms
A Blanket Consent form for all EOTC activities held during 2019 will be sent home for
parents to sign and fill in.  Please return these forms to school a.s.a.p. This form relates to
all activities that students participate in outside the classroom, i.e Triathlon, Oroua events etc
which are not over night or could contain risks.
Routine Hearing Vision Screening Visit
This will take place at school on Thursday the 28th of February for those new entrants who
have not had / completed their B4 School Check, all Year 7 students, distance vision only,
re-screening/follow-ups from the previous visit, children who have no previous screening
record. If any parent does not wish their child to be checked, please inform the school.  
Education Outside the classroom 13th-15th March
This year our EOTC is to Whanganui . We will be staying at Green Pastures Camp.
We will require parent helpers. Please contact the school, asap if you can provide
transport and help for this camp. We will need 4-5 parents. We will be staying in cabins and
all food will be provided except for morning and afternoon tea .
There is a private lake there (as seen on closing scenes of River Queen). Several activities
will be water based eg raft building, mud run, kayaking, canoeing and SUP paddle boards.
Wetsuits would be an advantage especially for those who feel the cold. We will also be going
to Kai Iwi beach to the amazing playground.  
Itinerary On 13th March we will be leaving school by 9am stopping at Ratana,
Then the seniors are going sailing at Lake Whiteroa with an instructor .
Students will need a good warm packed lunch in a plastic or paper disposable bag, please
not send a lunch box. They will need 2 towels, togs, clothes for 3 days, sleepwear. All items
will be listed on more information closer to camp.  
On behalf of the staff, Board of Trustees and students, we would like to offer our condolences
to Christine Lowe and family on the passing of their dad and grand-dad.  
A massive thanks to everyone for the awesome effort at the show - 100% participation from
our school community made for a very smooth running event and we thank all parents for
their amazing effort.  It went extremely well and the quality of food was fantastic! Containers
are in the school kitchen for you to pick up.
Next is the Oroua Schools triathlon at Apiti - we need volunteers for the day, on the shop and
the BBQ, so please contact Toni on 0212505873 a.s.a.p if you are able to help out.  We will
arrange cover so you can watch your children race. Please plan some baking to sell and
could you please let Toni know what you are able to bring! This is to be brought to school on
the day.  Thank you! - Toni
Happy Birthday to the following students who have recently or are about to celebrate their
birthday.  - 25th January - Katie!   29th January - Kealee! 6th February - Jake!  

28th February - Danielle!   3rd March - Claire! 4th March - Ava!