2017.05.08 Golf - TeManawa

Oroua Schools Golf Tournament – 9th of May
This event is happening tomorrow, Tuesday the 9th for our Year 5 - 8 students.  This will be held at the Feilding golf course, Aorangi Road in Feilding.  Students need to be at the golf course by 9.45 please.  Students are required to wear their school uniform and will need to take their lunch, a drink, a beanie/sunhat and sunscreen if required.
After the golf, students will visit the Feilding Library and will then return home, go to Robotics or to the pool.
Thank you to Fiona and Louise for offering transport to this event.
Transport is arranged as follows:-
Mrs. ILTON :- Tyler, Summer from Apiti, pick Jackson and Johnny up in town.
McCARROLL :- Sarah, Fisher and Phinece.
Louise will drop Fisher, Jackson, Tyler and Phinece to Robotics, Christine Digby will bring Fisher, Tyler and Phinece back to Apiti.
Pam will bring Summer back to Apiti.
Fiona / Maryann will bring Sarah and Johnny back to Apiti after swimming.

Te Manawa Visit – 10th of May
Last term we were planning a trip to Te Manawa but this was postponed until this Wednesday, the 10th of May. The visit to Te Manawa is for the Te Rangi Whenua and the Manawatu Journeys programmes and will involve the whole school.
We will need to leave school/home before 9.00 as we are expected at TeManawa to start the programmes at 10.00am, and will return in time for the school bus in the afternoon if necessary.  You may leave straight from home.  Te Manawa is at 326 Main Street in Palmerston North. 
Students are not required to wear their school uniform this day, but need take their lunch and a drink please.  Parents are most welcome to stay, but may also like to take the opportunity to catch up on a little bit of shopping while in Palmy, but please return back to Te Manawa in time to pick up your students.  Mary will give you a definite time for pick up when you drop off your passengers, but it should be between 1.30 and 2.00pm.
Parents of students travelling with another parent, please contact your child’s driver to arrange pick up and drop off times.
Thank you to all those who have offered to take transport.  I have allocated students to the following vehicles :-
ANGOVE : Renee and Johnny, (Johnny will stay in town afterwards). Sarah back to Kimbolton.
BLACKMORE : Savannah, Saxon and Bentley.
CUMING : Ava P, Bently, Cidnee and Fisher.
DIGBY : Tyler and Kealee.
FIELD : Josie, Katie and Aimee.
KNIGHT : Owen, Tayler and Ava F.
MANNING : Abbey and Jackson.
STEWART : Summer and Phinece (Genny home).
STRAHAN : Genny and Sarah (in).

If the above arrangements change, or you require more information, please contact Mary or Louise.

Regards, Mary and Louise.