Oroua Events

OROUA  SCHOOLS’  TRIATHLON - APITI SCHOOL Thursday 5th March 2015 (PP 13th March).
Schools assemble on the Apiti School field (outside classrooms) at 9.45 a.m. for pre-race briefing and course orientation.
First race starts at 10.15 a.m.
Certificates will be presented at approximately 2 p.m.; home time 2.15 p.m.

The order of events will be run, bike, swim.  There will be a short run from the bike to the pool and from the pool to the finish line.
In order to lessen congestion at the pool, the girls will start their run as the boys move into run/bike transition.

The events and order of races will be:
1.      Individual events:
Boys individual followed by Girls individual for each year group.
Start with Year 3 and ending with Year 8.  Year 1 and 2 individual; boys followed by girls
  1. Short break (Bikes put into position for team events).
  2. Team events:  Year 3 & 4 Teams, Year 5 & 6 Teams, Year 7 & 8 Teams.
  3. Prize giving
Approximate Distances:     
Run-1 lap = 500m        Bike-1 lap = 2 km         Swim-1 length = 13m
Yr 3 - 4 -  (individual & team) run 1 ½  laps, bike 1 lap on road, run to pool, swim 4 lengths,  run to finish.
Yr 5 - 6  - (Individual & team) run 1 ½  laps, bike 1 lap on road, run to pool, swim 6 lengths, run to finish.
Yr 7 - 8 - (Individual & team) run 2 ½ laps of field, bike 1 lengthened lap (4km) on road, run to pool, swim 8 lengths, run to finish.
Yr 1 - 2 – (Individual only) run 1/2 lap, bike 1 lap of Bryce Road circut, run to pool, swim/run 2 laps of pool, run to finish.
     A manager is not required at the pool as we will be using lanes.
All team members for the team events are to run from the pool to the finish together.
If numbers are low for team events younger students can join an older team but older students can not join younger teams.
If you have a child participating in a younger event due to ability, they will only be eligible for a participation award.
     Bikes must be put in the correct section in preparation for races. These sections are labelled by year group and boy/girl.
     Managers are optional at the bike start or finish.  This must be a fellow student only.
     Bike helmets compulsory and must be strapped on. Covered shoes must be worn on the bike. Bikes must have brakes which work and saddles adjusted to the correct height.
     The school pool is expected to be ward on the day, so all tear 3 – 8 students should swim (not run).  Flutter boards will be available.
     The ramps on our tennis courts are out of bounds.
     The Fire Brigade and police will be in attendance.
     Students will need to wear their school sports uniform please.  

Parking – Parking will be clearly indicated as you drive into the Apiti Village. Please park your vehicles and walk your bikes to the transition point to the right of the school front gates.
This is imperative to the children’s safety. PLEASE ensure ALL parents are aware of this.
Spectators – There are excellent viewing points for supporters at the meeting point on the school field, on the concrete outside each of the long sides of the pool and on the grass opposite the hall on Makoura Road.   
It is requested that parents/spectators stay off the road and use the tennis court entrance to the school when races are running, keep clear of changeover points and the pool entry.

Food – There will be a range of lunch and snack food available on sale at the school. Tea and coffee is also available for parents at a small cost.  
Hope to see you all here on the day.

There will be no bus run on Friday afternoon for Apiti School bus students.  

Oroua Swimming Sports - Monday 9th March
This event is happening next Monday the 9th of March at the Makino Aquatic Centre in Feilding.  
There is no postponement date, the weather would need to be really bad for the sports to be cancelled, so please come prepared.
This event is for the whole school, but the juniors will have a different programme.
The whole school is to meet inside the Makino pool complex by 9.30, seated behind the Apiti School sign.  Entry to the pool is free.
Children will require their togs, 2 towels, goggles, their lunch, a drink, warm clothes, a hat and sunscreen.
Students are required to wear their school uniform please. Could we ask parents to sit with the swimmers to make sure they are ready for their events - their event numbers will be written on their hand and programmes will be given out on the day.  Could we also ask two parents (or take turns) to help out with the time keeping please. Championship cups will be given out after the last event. There will be no lunch break, so children will need to eat when they have a good break between races, or as required.  Kimbolton School will have for sale, bread rolls, sausages in bread and cakes/slices/muffins, (unsure if drinks are available for purchase at this time). 
Teachers will be marshalling on this day.
Cup age groups :- Junior = 8 years and under. Intermediate = 9 and 10 year olds. Senior = 11 years and over.
Parents are asked to arrange transport for their own children on this day. It is a great Oroua day and a chance to see your children and their swimming confidence and ability. Thanks to those who have supported their children by taking them for extra training. If you have difficulty with transport, please contact the school as soon as possible. The school bus will not run at all on this day.
The programme for the seniors should conclude at about 2.00, so those who are not going to stay at the pool, please make sure you return to the pool in plenty of time to pick your children up.
No children are to use the pool shop during the day. The trampolines and other pools are strictly out of bounds.
Our students in the junior sports - Caelan, Josie, Kirsten, Savannah and Elliot are to meet sitting down with their bags and wearing their sports uniform on the grass at the shallow pool.
These students will be in 2 groups, one working with Sports Manawatu and the other group will be showing their water skills, then they will change over.
These events should be finished about 12.30 at which time students will be returned to their parents or if desired, the weather is good and a teacher is free to watch them, they may have free time in the small pool.
If you have any queries regarding any of the above, please don't hesitate to contact the school.