Dates for your Calendar
4th August - Board of Trustees meeting at 7.00pm.
12th August - Oroua Hockey in P.N.
15th August - Apiti School speeches at 1.30pm.
21st August - Oroua Speech Competition at 1.00pm.
26th September - Term 3 ends.
13th October     - Term 4 begins.
Please remember to check the calendar on our School website for the most up to date information http://apitischool.weebly.com/

Celebrating Quality Work
Writing of essays - Zahn, Huntah, Hannah, Brooke, Dylan
Maths - Huntah, Derek, Brooke, Jackson.
Spelling vocab - Tyler.
Handwriting - Huntah, Hannah, Jackson, Dylan, James and Grace.
Maths - James 100% in 2mins - 72 questions! 75/100 in addition in 3 1/2 mins.  Well done James!
Reading - Now on Red 3 - Kirsten, Red 1 - Josie, Orange 2 - Lochy, Yellow 3 - Franklin.
Reading Comprehension - working well on comprehension strategies - Grace, Johnny, Sarah and Lauren.
Story Writing - In the weekend, I made a loom band snake, it was very, very, very hard but at least I did it. My sister made a loom band Octopus and if Grace made it white, it would be a ghost. - Lochie.
Sumdog - Huntah - 728 questions - 84%.  Derek - 513.  Hannah - 362. Lacey - 343  Tyler - 325. Congratulations Hannah with 97%.

Welcome to Max, the new addition to the Pratt family.

Board of Trustee Meeting
The next BOT meeting will be held tonight (Monday the 4th of August), starting at 7.00pm.  All members of the public are welcome.  Please view the Agenda on the BOT Tab down the side of the newsletter. 

School Speeches
Students are currently writing an informational speech about an inspirational person. It would be great if you could support your child with this. When written, all students will have a copy to take home and practise. These will be shared at our Apiti Speech Celebration next Friday afternoon (the 15th) beginning at 1.30.

Last term all students focussed on learning their basic facts - addition/subtraction and multiplication/division.
In order to accelerate progress this will continue throughout term 3. All students who are learning basic facts will have 20 minutes each day with Mary focussed on learning and practice. They will  learn them more quickly if they also practise at home. Students who are competent with all basic facts will join problem solving enrichment with Nicki. All students can use their Mathletic log in from home. Also Sumdog is very useful for basic fact practice, if students are accurate. Teachers get daily reports of progress and accuracy, and have spoken to some students who sacrifice accuracy for speed. Keep up the basic facts! There is also a new skill area on Sumdog about "Time", this is an area some students need to work on as well. There are reading and writing skills on Sumdog too. 

At Student Led Reporting Conferences at the end of term 2, a spelling homework programme was shared for some senior students (those who are learning the essential words for writing). This is one part of our wordwork programme. I am aware that some students are not prioritising this as part of their time doing homework. To encourage students to learn them at home all students will be tested each wee, which will begin next week. We would appreciate it if you help your children take responsibility for learning their essential words. If you would like another copy of the essential words please click on this link or ask Nicki. Thanks. Juniors are learning the essential lists and are tested every Wednesday. There are some students who have learnt their spelling and are ready every Wednesday, and then there are others who are not so well prepared! 

Oroua Hockey - Tuesday 12th August.
A notice was sent home about this last week. Following the hockey tournament we will have lunch and at 1.15 will visit the Palmerston North National Library. Here we will learn more about how a library works and how it can be used as a tool when researching. Students will have the opportunity to get out 'Good-fit' books for their reading trays and will be expected to find a book to help with their area of research for week 5 and 6 (an Artist).  We do need transport this day, so please let Mary or Nicki know a.s.a.p if you are able to help.  Students will need to wear their school uniform, take a good packed lunch, a drink and warm clothing.  A notice will go home next Monday re transport and timetable.

Zero Waste - 13th / 14th August
There will be three categories :  Is that Really Rubbish?  Reusing Unit Plan.  Water Unit Plan.  The students will be put into junior, middle and senior classes for these units.

Commonwealth Games at Cheltenham
Thank you to those parents who supported the students and helped out with transport to Cheltenham last Friday, the students had a great day!
Last week, on Friday, we went to Cheltenham School for a fun and sporty day celebrating the Commonwealth Games.
There were sports like shotput, gymnastics, discus and many more. I especially enjoyed the discus because I was throwing well and a great distance. We did a cooperative challenge like relays with apple bobbing, fence making, sack races and egg and spoon racing and wheel barrow races with people inside and eating dry weetbix. This was a very good idea as it was sporty and fun. We all enjoyed it.
It was a great day because everyone was nice to each other and cooperated. Cheltenham set it up very well.  Thank you for having us at your school.  -  By Travis.

Thank You!
A big thank you to Dave Holdaway who helped us out last Friday, your assistance was very much appreciated.
Thank you to Mavis who came and spoke to the students today and bought along postcards from Georges farther regarding the 1st World War, as today marks the 100 year anniversary of the beginning of World War 1.

Thank You Letters
We recently received several 'thank you' cards from Cheltenham School students who attended our production.  Some comments include :
Thank you for inviting us to your production, it was amazing.  My favorite part was seeing a boy dress up as a girl and my favorite story was Bad Jelly.  I liked playing tag on the playground at lunch time until it started getting really wet.  Then I played on the computer, it was fun, I had a great time.  -  Fletcher.
Thank you for inviting us to your production.  My favorite play was Bad Jelly the Witch because it was hilarious.  The most hilarious part was when the giant's pants fell down.  I also thought the poems were cool. I liked the war poem the most.  It was interesting about the sheep because I learnt some new names of sheep that I didn't know before.  - Jack.
Thank you so much for allowing us to come up to your school to see your production and play with your students.  It was super duper fun! - Zac.
Thank you for inviting us to come to your amazing play.  I liked the story Cinderella because it is my favorite movie and I also liked the ending song.  Thank you for letting us have lunch with you an play on your playground.  I made two new friends, Lauren and Sarah.  It was funny seeing 3 boys dress up as girls.  I really liked making new friends and hanging out with different kids.  -  Chelsea.    
Thank you for inviting us to your plays and poems.  My favorite play was Bad Jelly because Bad Jelly the Witch put the children into a sack and took them to her castle.  I thought it was a very, very funny play.  I thought it was funny when 2 boys dressed up as girls in Cinderella.  -  David.

Sports Report Saturday 26th July.  Reported by Huntah.
Zahn and Huntahs team, Highlanders – 55 played Marist – 19.  Zahn and Huntah both scored 1 try each.
Huntah played in the Manawatu U12 representative team on Sunday, Manawatu 15, Hutt Valley 21.
Dylan and James team Manawatu – 20 played Otago - 0.  Dylan scored 3 tries!! Way to go Dylan.
Dylan played in the Feilding representative team – 2 against Dannevirke – 3.
Tyler and Johnnys team, North Harbour – 8, played Bush – 9.
Zahn and Hannahs team Oroua – 12, played Bunnythorpe – 17.  Hannah shot 1 goal.
Brookes team – 2, played Kopane 4.  Brookes team played with one player down – the Goal Keeper, Brooke was Goal Defence so had to play both positions – Good sporting skills Brooke!
Hannahs team – 11, played FIS – 75.  Hannah got 4 goals.
Zahn and Tylers team – 0, played Marton 3.
Saturday 2nd August
Zahn and Huntahs team, Highlanders – 50, played Ashhurst – 29.  A great game! Huntah scored 1 try and was named Player of the Day!
Huntah played in the Manawatu Under 12 rep team – 17, on Sunday against Central Hawkes Bay Under 13's – 15.  Huntah was  named Player of the Day in that game as well. 
Zahn played for the Feilding Under 12 rep team  - O, on Sunday against Levin – 45.  
Tyler and Johnnys team, North Harbour - 4, played Manawatu - 13.  Tyler scored 1 try.
Dylan and James team, Manawatu - 13, played North Harbour - 4.  Dylan scored 3 tries!! James 1 try.
Johnny's team and my team were face to face on Saturday. When we began it was about 1 minute till we scored. Here comes Dylan the great almighty beast and he scores. Then here comes Philip their beast and he just scores. It's half time and then it's a line out and Mason passed the ball to me. I go through the gap in the line out and I'm away, but here comes North Harbor but I'm too fast. I score a great try from an easy line out. Then I pass the ball and Dan breaks through and scored the final try. We become the great unbeatable Manawatu. - By James
Netball - Zahn and Hannahs team, Oroua - 7, played Lytton St - 7.  Zahn was named Player of the Day.
Flipperball - Hannahs team - 3, played Waituna West 14.
Karate - Jackson learns Karate at Victoria Park.  He is a Blue Belt and is working towards his first black tape on his belt.