Today Jock was announced the STA FIX Rural Good Sort! We have won $3000 for nominating him.
Jamie McKay rang the school to tell us. Mary was live on air on the Farming Show on Radio Sport !! 
Check out the book the students wrote about Jock.  http://apitischoolwiki.wikispaces.com/Cumulative%C2%A0Magazines

Cross Country
I know a number a people took great photos on the day. Students also would like to use these on the wiki. Could you please send photos to school or pop in with your memory card so we can put them into a folder for student use. Many thanks.
Suddenly I was scared because we were off to the cross country. We were late back from Australia, and I had to sleep in until 8am.
I quickly jumped out of bed I landed on the floor. We drove to the cross country at Waituna West. It was fun. I came 1st only just. We went through the creek. Then I went over the fence, then over rocks, they slowed me down. I was puffed after the cross country some people went the wrong way but I didn't. I had a mad face when I was running because I had the stitch.. Alex

Goal setting: This year for my training I feel I have become twice as fast as before when I wasn't training. Now I can run for long periods of time without stopping. Even when I'm really tired, I still keep on going. What I have been doing for training is sometimes running 1.3 kms up our really steep hill. I have been running 20 minutes non-stop at school and some days I run from our turn off to school which is 2 km.

For my goal on Friday; I aim to run as fast as I can and push myself to the limit. I hope to come in the top 5 or 6.

Cameo: As I crawl into my sweet soft bed, I think about how tomorrow it won't be so sweet and delightful. My feet will be clashing with the cold muddy ground. I will be soaked from all the drenched water in the stream. I will be as puffed as a dog that has been running non-stop all day. As I wake to mum turning the light on, still in a sleep mode, I literally roll out of bed and start screaming at mum. I eat my delicious porridge and get ready to leave.

Soon I'm at Waituna shaking like a baby's rattle. As the races come and go I feel worse and worse. Soon I find that dad is by my side saying hi. - Cole

Production - Junior Students
All junior room students, except Tyler, need black trousers/tights and a long sleeve top for the production. If you do not have these, please just let us know as these are common items and I'm sure someone will have one you can borrow. If you have extra that we could borrow for the show, we would really appreciate it if you sent them to school with your child. They will be returned on Thursday night or Friday.
Canterbury Trackpants
I thought some families may like to make the most of this fantastic offer. Great for kids, family members and presents. Please be sure that you are ordering the correct size as exchanges and returns are not possible. Maybe try on a friend's or check the size before ordering. Please give order and money to Nicki before Friday as this is the deadline and the offer can not be extended. We need a minimum of 10 for this to go ahead.
Choices: Children's sizes 6  - 16 / Adults XS - 3XL. Blue or Black. Prices as listed in advertisement.