Parent Notice 24.11.2010

Swimming Instruction

Swimming lessons continue for the last time this Friday the 26th of November at the Makino Aquatic Centre in Feilding.

You will need to leave home a little earlier this Friday as we plan to meet outside Manchester St School (in Manchester St) as we are visiting Manchester St School from 9.30 – 10.30 for their enviro students to share their sustainability learning with our students. We will then travel to the Makino in time for the first lesson.

You may leave straight from home. Parents with children catching a ride need to contact the driver to make arrangements for pick up and drop off. Those travelling in the Makoura Explorer will need to be at school by 8.45 for pick up – (please ring Carly on 3284 544). Please remember that students need their lunch, a drink, 2 named towels and their goggles. The bus will not run at all on this day.

I have allocated children to the following vehicles :-

BEARD :- Tom, Ben & Alex.

CLARKE :- Travis & Derek.

DEARLOVE :- Jacob, Caleb J & Cole.

GILLESPIE :- Ethan, Charlotte & Hannah.

KNIGHT :- Caleb & Ashleigh.

MAKOURA EXPLORER :- Ava, Emma, Anastaisia, Huntah, Tyler, Logan, David, Brooke & Hayley.

PRINCE :- Ethan.

ROSS :- Sam, Chevelle & Keanu.

VICKERS :- Lacey, Pixel & Chloe.

Please inform Mary or Nicki as soon as possible if these arrangements change.

Thursday 25th November

Manchester St Schools’ ‘Enviro Kids’ will be visiting us tomorrow morning (Thursday), for us to share our sustainability learning with them. Weather permitting, at 9.30 our senior room students will travel up to our bush block and then when they return to school our students will give them a tour of our school. Parents are most welcome to join us, but please let us know if you are going to come.

School Photos

The school photo album has arrived and is available in the main block hallway for you to browse through. Order forms are with the album for you to place your orders.

Year 8 Leavers dinner

Just a reminder that this dinner is next Tuesday the 30th of November for our Year 8 students and their parents.

Library Stocktake

On Tuesday the 7th of December, we will be carrying out a Library stocktake. We would appreciate it if everyone could search at home for any library books and return them to school before this date. Thank you.

Regards, Mary & Nicki.

A reminder that after school Athletics will be held next Monday the 29th. Therefore the bus will not run until 4.15 next Monday afternoon. J. Beard.