Āpiti School and District Newsletter 26.11.2018
Welcome to Week 7 of Term 4. 
Dates for your calendar

30th Nov : Swimming lessons.
Wednesdays - Lunchtime garden club, all welcome! Come and help our students in our school environment with vege boxes, herb tyres, we are looking for native seedlings to grow on, for our native area. Just drop them into school anytime.
28th Nov : Targa Car Rally - Makoura road closed from 2.00 - 6.30pm.
29th Nov : Apiti Show meeting at the Tavern starting at 7.00pm.
6-7th Dec : Oroua Year 7/8 Survival Leadership Camp at Bartlett's Ford.
12th Dec : One Swimming lesson then play on Inflatables TBC (hoping to take bus).
12th Dec : BOT final meeting of the year.
18th Dec : Final assembly for 2018 at 2.00pm in the senior room.
19th Dec : Term 4 ends at 2.45.
7th Feb 2019 : Term 1 for Apiti School starts at 9.00am.
11th Feb Technicraft for Year 7 and 8 starts.

Please note: The above dates are updated as required. The school also keeps you updated with all community
news. Check this link http://bit.ly/2pvsJzf or the tab on the right hand side of the blogspot.  
Please email anything you would like to add to community notices to christinedigby@apiti.school.nz

Sharing our successes
Sumdog: Senior: Josiah 929 questions at 70%, Katie 929 questions at 86%, Aimee 242 questions @ 82%, Danielle 187 questions at 66%. Luke 153 questions @ 54%. Juniors: Kadin 203 questions at 83%, Kealee 77 questions at 99% and Saxon 43 questions at 81%. 
Maths Buddy: Lesson passed: Aimee 11 lessons at 92%, Summer 10 lessons at 92%, Katie 8 lessons at 99% and Danielle 8 lessons at 80%, Savannah 6 lessons at 90% and Luke 6 lessons at 73%.   
Reading Eggs/Express: Katie 3 assessments, Completed Quiz: Katie 3, Luke, Josie, Abbey, Renee, Claire and Autumn 1. Lessons completed: Katie 2, Josie and Renee 1.    
Stepsweb: Claire 3 Gold, 1 Silver and 93% overall. Emily 3 Gold 2 Silver, 1 Bronze and 90% overall. Rydah 1 Gold, 3 Silver, 1 Bronze and 70% overall. 
Spelling: Week 5 - Junior room : Bentley, Autumn, Emily, Claire.
Week 6 : Bentley, Saxon, Kadin, Owen, Autumn, Emily, Claire.
Week 5 - Senior room : Phinece, Summer, Sarah, Lucas, Ava, Josie, Renee, Katie, Bently.
Week 6 : Phinece, Summer, Josie, Danielle, Ava, Lucas, Savannah, Renee, Katie.
Junior Room Reading : Summer has moved up to Red 2 and is writing great stories.  Emily and Claire are now on Green 2 and are both writing great stories.  Autumn is now on Orange 1 and is doing very neat printing.

Unfortunately, due to the wet weather, the bush walk to Heritage Lodge that was scheduled to happen tomorrow, has been postponed to a later date.  We will advise you when this will take place once the day is finalised.  Please contact us if you would like to come on this bush walk.

After reading research we are going to trial students playing first at lunchtime and then eating their lunch. 
Students also need named water bottles, as we encourage water rather than sugary drinks, please. We are also going to promote litterless lunches. This means students will be encouraged to have re-usable packets or plastic containers in their lunch box, as part of our move to become more environmentally friendly.   The beeswax wraps the students made for lamb and calf day can be also used for wrapping sandwiches or other food. We suggest these do not go in the dishwasher but are wiped or handwashed in warm water. 
Pat has kindly steamed the T Shirt designs but we suggest another steaming with an iron, and hopefully the fantastic designs the students made will last.  This needs to be done with a steam iron but do not touch the fabric paint with the iron as this will result in the paint melting.
The pottery candle holders have been rubbed with a sand stone by the students, but please check there are no scratchy bits left to scratch your furniture.   

Feilding High School Farm Visit
Thank you to all those parents who assisted with transport to the Feilding High School Robotic Dairy unit last Friday and to Pat our reliable bus driver for taking the bus.  Our students and parents found the visit very interesting.  
Thank you to the Young Farmers Club for financing this and making the visit possible. 

Swimming Lessons
Swimming lessons continue this Friday the 30th of November with 2 lessons per day.  Please let Mary, Darren or Christine know either by email, text or phone by Wednesday, if you are able to help with transport to these lessons.  
On Friday the 7th of December, we will have one final lesson at 12.30 and then students will be able to have free play on the inflatables and a treat paid for from the students 'Bon Apiti' account.  Again, please let us know a.s.a.p if you are able to help with transport, but we may be able to take the bus if need be again on this day. 

We encourage all students to be sunsmart, they need a named hat with a brim everyday, these can be left at school and their own sun block please, as some students suit different products. After reports and the end of year magazine is completed, each whanau group is planning an activity eg water day, obstacle races, dress up etc.

Oroua Schools Athletic Sports results
Thank you to all those parents who transported and supported our students at the Oroua Schools Athletic Sports held recently.  Well done to those students who attended and competed well, we were extremely proud of the effort and good sportsmanship our students displayed. This day is about training, trying your best and persevering and resilience and it was great to see our students supporting each other.
Excellent results are as follows : 
Junior Results : 5 year old Boys : High Jump - 1st= Jake. 2nd Connor.
Long Jump - 2nd Jake.  4th Connor.       Long Distance - 4th Connor.
Discus - 2nd Jake.         Shot Put - 3rd Jake.  4th Connor.
Sprints - 2nd Connor.   3rd Jake.
5 year old Girls : Long Distance - 4th Claire.      Long Jump - 4th Claire.
6 year old Boys : Shotput - 5th= Rydah.      Long Distance - 7th Rydah.
6 year old Girls : High Jump - 1st Kealee.      Sprints - 1st Kealee.       Discus - 1st Kealee.
Shotput - 1st Kealee.   3rd Emily.      Long Jump - 1st Kealee.   6th= Autumn.    
Long Distance - 2nd Kealee.  6th Emily.  
7 year old Boys : Shotput - 2nd Kadin.    Long Jump - 3rd Saxon.  7th= Bentley / Kadin.    
High Jump - 3rd Saxon.  4th Kadin.
7 year old Girls : Katie competing in the 8 year old girls :  800m Distance - 2nd Katie.  100m Sprints - 3rd Katie.  
= 4th overall!   
Senior Results : 
8 year old Girls : High Jump - 3rd= Renee.   Long Jump - 4th= Renee.    Shotput - 6th= Abbey. 
8 year old Boys : Shotput - 6th= Bently.
9 year old Boys : Shotput - 6th= Luke.
9 year old Girls : Shotput - 6th= Aimee, Josie, Savannah.
10 year old Girls : Shotput - 6th= Danielle.
12+ year old Girls : High Jump - 6th= Summer.

School Uniforms
Could all clean school sports uniforms be returned to school as soon as possible please.

Board of Trustee Meeting
The final Board meeting of the year, will be held on Wednesday the 12th of December in the school staff room starting at 7.00pm.  All welcome to come along.

School Photos
These were taken recently by Svendsen Photography.  Please order your photographs directly from Svendsen's, either on line at svendsenphotography@gmail.com, by phone on 3235357, or by calling at Ray's home at 38A Marlborough St in Feilding.  The folder can be viewed at school once it arrives at school which should be later this week.

Thank you
Thank you to Dave our competent caretaker for fixing our plumbing problems.   

11 and 12+ Year olds Immunisations
The Year 7 and 8 School based vaccination programme commences early 2019.  For Apiti School the Diphtheria Tetanus Acellular Pertussis (Boostrix) and HPV vaccinations will be offered at school, free and convenient early March.  Please be prepared when your child brings their vaccination consent form home.

Junior Room Stories
On Friday after swimming I went to my Nana's house.  We got sorted for tennis because we played some games.  -  By Emily.
In the weekend my Nana bought me some new socks.  They were my Little Pony socks and new shoes.  They are a size 10.  -  By Claire.
I am going to Saxon's house and Dad is coming and Lucas is coming.  We are going to go with Saxon and Doug to get a Christmas tree.  Then when I get home I am going to brush my teeth and go to bed.  -  By Kadin.
In the weekend, I got to go to Poppa's house.  I have 17 cousins and I know them all.  Some of them did not play pass the parcel.  I won, I got a beach ball and lollipops and lucky for all, a big play set.   -  By Kealee.
I went in a submarine to see the fish.   -  By Connor.
I went to my Dad's.  At my Dad's house, I played PS3.  Then we went to McDonalds and then we went to get pizza.  Then we went to KFC and then we went to the supermarket, then we went to my uncles.  We went to our house.  Then I helped mum do the vacuuming and doing the dishes.   - By Rydah.
I went to Mum's cousins to play, but my big cousin gave me lollies.   - By Summer (jnr).

Congratulations to Nikita, James and Bentley on the recent birth of Harlem.  We hope all is going well!!