2018.11.28 Notice

Apiti School Notice to Parents, 28.11.2018

Swimming Lessons – 30th November
Swimming lessons continue this Friday the 30th of November.  There will be one more swimming lesson held Wed 12th  ( please NOTE this has been changed from  the 7th of December.  On the 12th, we will leave Apiti between 9 and 9.30am, have a play on the playground, have a lesson and then students will be able to have an hour free play on the pool’s inflatables.  We are hoping to take the bus on this day, but we will still need help with transport, so please let Christine know if you are able to help with transport by Monday 10th final newsletter day. 
Thank you to those who have offered to take transport this week.  A reminder that we need to leave Apiti School at 11.00am.  
I have allocated students to the following vehicles:-
CLARKE : Danielle, Luke and Josiah
CUMING : Phinece, Emily, Summer (jnr) and Connor.  (Phinece, Summer, Summer and Josiah home).
DIGBY : Kealee and Autumn, Savannah and Saxon
FIELD : Josie, Katie, Claire. Summer (snr)  (down)
HODDER : Sarah, Abbey, Renee and Ava. (down).
KNIGHT : Owen and Edith
RIGGS : Lucas, Kadin, Aimee, Bently and Rydah.

PHILPS : Ava (home) 
ANGOVE : Renee and Emily (home).
MANNING : Abbey and Connor (home).
BLACKMORE : Savannah and Saxon (home) 

If any of the above arrangements change, please let Mary, Darren or Christine know a.s.a.p.

Bon Apiti
Next Wednesday healthy lunches will be stuffed potatoes with stir fry vegies at $2.00 per serving.  The following Wednesday will be the final healthy lunch by our Bon Apiti group for 2018 and that will be a Christmas surprise.