15.11.2017 Notice

Swimming Lessons
The final swimming lessons are this Friday the 17th of November at the Feilding Aquatic Centre in Feilding.
We will leave Apiti School at 11.00a.m after the students have had morning tea.  Students will have ½ an hour or so of free swimming time before their lessons start at 12.30 - 1.00.  Students can then have lunch before their second lesson starts at 1.30 - 2.00.  Students will then be dismissed for the day and free to retun home. The bus will not run in the afternoon.
Students will need to take their togs, 2 towels, goggles, their lunch and a drink.
We have also booked a ‘fun day’ at the Makino on Friday the 15th of December.  Please mark this date on your calendar and please be aware that transport is needed, so unless I hear otherwise, I will assume parents are able to take their own children.
I have allocated children to the following vehicles :-
ANGOVE : Renee and Emily (home).
BLACKMORE : Savannah and Saxon.
CUMING : Fisher, Summer, Sarah and Johnny.
DIGBY : Kealee and Autumn.
FIELD : Josie, Katie and Claire.
FLEMING : Aimee, Bently and Rydah.
ILTON : Ava, Renee and Emily (down).
JOHNSON : Boston, Skaife, Meiah and Willow.
KNIGHT : Owen and Abbey.
PATTERSON : Bentley.
STRAHAN : Genny and Phinece, (Ava back).
If any of these arrangements change, please ring Mary a.s.a.p.  

Regards, Mary and Louise.