2017.10.16 Newsletter

Welcome to Week 1 of Term 4, 2017.   
2017 Term Dates : Term 4: 16th October - 18th December.   
Our focus for 2017 … is Mahi tahi - everyone working together collaboratively.
This term we are working on Managing Self and making sure we are always being the best we can be at everything we do. As part of this we are working on our  projects for Lamb and Calf Day and Enviro Schools plans, goals in our Whanau groups. Read more about this by clicking on this link  http://bit.ly/2eyCKL3  

Calendar of Events
16th Oct : Term 4 Starts.
16th Oct : Sarah Cree Lockdown practice.
19th Oct : Lamb and Calf Day.
20th Oct : Swimming lessons begin at Makino Aquatic Centre for the whole school.
23rd Oct : Labour Day (school closed).
24th Nov : Oroua Schools Athletics (p.p date: 1st December).
5th Dec : Oroua Leavers Dinner.
18th Dec : Term 4 ends.
Please note: The above dates are updated as required. Please visit our google calendar for the most up to date info, which is on the right hand side of our blogspot.
The school also keeps you updated with all community news. Check this link http://bit.ly/2pvsJzf or the tab on the right hand side of the blogspot.  
Please email anything you would like to add to community notices to christinedigby@apiti.school.nz
Our school has once again been nationally recognised. This time we have won $250. Our Education Outside the Classroom writing will be published in the next Education Gazette. Each family will get a copy of this.
Congratulations to Fisher who is our Young Achiever for 2017.
Fisher has met many hurdles during his primary school years. He enjoys playing sports, he achieves academically to a high standard and has developed into a great young leader. We are proud of the progress you have made this year Fisher. Fabulous work Fisher!
Mathletics : Top student  last 4 weeks : Congratulations to Bentley P 200
Sumdog Maths : Top Students in the last 4 weeks are : Questions answered Ava 426, Saxon 280, Kealee 207, Bently F 195, Summer 134, Renee 131 and Autumn 122.  
Sumdog Reading : Top students in the last 4 weeks are : Aimee 115, Savannah 113.
Reading Eggs Certificates - Autumn: Bronze Certificate Zoo 2 and Silver certificate Zoo 3. Saxon : Zoo 1 Gold Certificate. Claire: Zoo 3 Gold Certificate Katie: Theme Park 3 Gold Certificate.  
Reading Express - In the last 4 weeks Medals awarded : Comprehension lessons completed: Josie Level 33, Savannah Level 26. Quizzes completed: Josie 8 and Savannah 2. Assessments completed Josie 3.
Junior Reading :  Bentley P now on Orange 1, Bently F on blue 3, Owen on Blue 2 (great holiday reading Owen), Kealee on Yellow 2, Autumn on Red 2 (great holiday reading).   
Spelling : Week 9 : 100% Junior Room : Renee, Bentley, Bently and Saxon.
100% Senior Room : Fisher, Phinece, Summer and Savannah.
Week 10 : 100% Junior Room : Katie, Bently, Bentley and Saxon.
100% Senior Room : Sarah, Johnny, Ava, Savannah and Josie.
Congratulations to Savannah, Renee, Bentley P and Saxon for 100% spelling all term!! Well done!
Certificates for good spelling all term to Fisher, Sarah, Josie, Bently F and Katie.

Lamb and Calf Day - Thursday 19th October. This is the link to Lamb and Calf Day on the Weebly   http://bit.ly/1LDJkTp
Lamb and Calf Day provides a great opportunity for our school to showcase student learning and celebrate success. This open day is a meaningful opportunity to present work from many areas of the curriculum, in a variety of formats.
This day consists of three parts : Indoor section in the morning, Outdoor section in the afternoon and Whanau Group section.  
Students arrive at school, at the normal time, with required items for the indoor exhibits to be completed independently in the morning.
9.00 - 10.15 :   Students bring materials from home to complete Learning Tasks (see below)
Whanau judging with Rowena.
10.30 - 11.00 :  Morning Tea.
11.00 - 12.00 : Judging of Indoor Individual Exhibits  
                       Students complete Whanau Group Learning Tasks.
12.00 - 1.00  :  Shared Lunch for Judges, families and visitors, organised by ASSA. (Parents please provide food for a shared lunch)
Calves / Lambs to arrive before 12.45.
1.00   :  Judging of Lambs commences (Junior/Intermediate/Senior/Pre-school)
            Judging of Calves commences (Senior/Junior)
The indoor exhibits will be open for viewing after indoor judging is completed.
The Whanau Projects can be viewed at any time through-out the day.
This will be followed by Prize-giving and afternoon Tea.
We welcome families, friends, neighbours and all community members to our school for this day from 12 noon. The day will run wet or fine.  
Context – Mahi Tahi
Inside exhibits which have been completed at school are :-
1.  Instructional writing - How to make my recycled timber project
2.  Maths tessellation pattern
3.  Upcycled garden made from boxes wooden pallets and wood
4.  Pottery  - A set
5.  Expressive Art - painting  “What Apiti Means to me ”
6.  Digital Photo - Animal
7.  Pepeha
The tasks below were decided and planned by students last term and will be completed on the morning of Lamb and Calf Day. All materials should be brought to school on the morning of Lamb and Calf Day.  
Miniature Scene
The best Miniature Scene will:
Be in a container such as a meat, roasting or slice tray
Use a range of materials as part of the display
Some scene your family could be involved in eg  farm, beach, sport, tree, Christmas.
Show effective use of the space
Have a title
Decorated gumboot
The best decorated gumboot will:
The gumboot is the base
The gumboot is decorated or displayed in an interesting way
Can use / add to make the gumboot aesthetically pleasing e.g. use of height, shape, colour , contrast
Decorated Hat
The best decorated hat will include:
Bring a hat to decorate
Bring all decorations for your hat. eg feathers, wool, fake flowers
Students can add items from school eg paint and other materials
Use recycled materials in an original and interesting way
Whanau Group
Action Project Area Plan
Whanau blog
Foyer Display
Vege garden tyres
Native Area
Your Lamb / Calf
We would like to encourage all students to participate on this day by bringing along their lamb or calf. Caring for living things is part of the NZ science curriculum and Key Competencies e.g. managing self and participating and contributing.
We understand that there are occasions when a student may not be able to bring a lamb or calf.  To enable everyone to participate, we can source lambs if needed let us know, we encourage the sharing/offers of a borrowed lamb.  Judges will be made aware should this occur.   
Lambs are judged on Leading, Calling, and Rearing.  Calves are judged on Leading, Walking without a lead and Care and Attention.
Pre-school children are welcome to bring their lamb – their section will be after the school lambs.  They are also welcome to join us for the fun events. Pre-schoolers will receive a participation certificate.
Fun events will be held while points are being added up, for ‘best dressed lamb and calf’ and a ‘drinking competition’ if you would like to bring 200mls for your lamb and 2 litres for your calf.
Please do not wash your lamb, just give it a light brush regularly.  You may wash your calf, but make sure you do this on a warm day, rinse all soap out of its coat and rub it dry with a towel.  Practice leading your pet every day so that it becomes used to walking beside you rather than you pulling it along, regularly check that its collar isn't too tight and don't forget to take it off when your pet gets bigger.
If you would like more help and advice, please click on www.anexa.co.nz as a useful site for raising a lamb and / or calf.
We will ask the students who are bringing a lamb or a calf or both and the name of the animal or animals.
Cups / Trophies
Could all of last year’s cup winners return your cups to school, all polished up, before Lamb and Calf Day please. Engraving will be paid for by the school.
Shared Lunch / Afternoon Tea
ASSA organises the shared lunch for the day which may include meat, salad or vege dishes e.g quiche, bacon and egg pies / sausage rolls etc.  We would like to invite all families, community members and friends to join the judges for a shared lunch at 12.00, before the lamb and calf section starts.  Could all school families please bring along a plate for afternoon tea.  We appreciate all families helping on the day with planning, providing and the cleaning up.
Grocery Raffle
We are running a grocery raffle on the day, so could each family please provide about 3 items to contribute to this raffle.  These items can be dropped into the school office anytime from now on - thank you!  Tickets will be available for purchase through-out the day.
We look forward to seeing you all here on the day.
Whanau Groups
Whanau Group work is judged on Lamb and Calf day, by Rowena from Horizons. These include vege tyres, native area, whanau blog spot, foyer/wall display. Check what is happening in your whanau group here  http://bit.ly/2ucOq8y

Swimming Lessons - Start - Friday 20th October
We have swimming lessons booked in at the Feilding Makino Aquatic Centre with 2 lessons per day on the following dates : Friday 20th and 27th October, Friday 3rd, 10th and 17th November.  We will leave school at 11.00am. Please mark these dates on your calendar. We would really appreciate it if you could email or ring Christine to let her know the dates you can help with transport as soon as possible. We understand the commitment and appreciate everyone doing their bit to make this a success.
The difference between a student’s swimming ability from the first to final lesson each year, their confidence in the water and our improved placings at the Oroua Swimming Sports over the years, demonstrates the value of our annual swimming programme. It is a great time to focus on swimming as we head into the holidays … a time when many students spend a lot of time in the water and around local rivers.

Turoa Ski Trip - Tuesday 19th September
Beep beep there's my alarm “aaahhh” I sighed. I had breakfast I packed all my stuff and was waiting at the door by 6 o’clock we had to walk to the school so that we could meet our ride and load our stuff into the ute before getting ready to roll. Off we went and luckily Fisher had his blue tooth speaker so we sang as loud as we could all the way to the mountain. Mrs I said thankfully at least it was only a couple of hours!
Our first stop at the mountain was rentals, a quick trip through there and I was away.
When we got to the mountain I was off with my skis to Alpine Meadows and it was so much fun. I went to the lesson, I thought to myself great another boring lesson but it was so much fun. The instructor was doing beatbox sounds on the chair lift to keep his lips warm and best of all to entertain us. We thought he was a crack up. On the Parklane chair lift I was eating cookies because I was bored and hungry (as it was very long).
Once we had arrived at our destination we set off down the mountain. I did a jump and I did it like 10 times. I failed the first time but I landed it the other 9 times. I felt great when I achieved it, I think I tried to land them even more after my first attempt as I had a slightly sore butt. When we got to the bottom of the mountain my face was as red as a tomato. And I looked really weird because I had sunglasses lines.
I ate some lunch and I was off again to ski.
At 1.00 I went to the sleds and Sarah, Johnny and I went right down alpine meadows.
On the magic carpet I was eating a cookie on the way up to alpine meadows and I was also eating M&M’s at one point.
I can't wait till next time, I’ll do a lot more jumps on skis or I might do snowboarding. - Phinece

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Ski Story - Summer.

On the 19th, I was picked up at six to go to Ruapehu, I got picked up by Mrs I, as well as Phinece, Johnny and Fisher. It was a 2 hour drive, short compared to some other drives I have been on which are six hours or over. When we arrived I had been examining the mountain, seeing the people up on the higher slopes who looked like dots.

We got out of the car and grabbed our bags, then started heading up through the car park to get ready for skiing. We arrived at the main area where the Rental Centre was and Medical Centre. We went into the rental building and wrote our  Height, Weight, Age, Name, School and stuff like that on a piece of paper so the staff know what sizes we are and if we don't hand in our gear they will know and give us a fine. We then put our boots / shoes in the shoes bin and went to get our Ski boots, I had red boots with black, and they were hard to get on and I was having some trouble getting my heel into the boots but I did it eventually with some help from one of the staff. When we got our gear we went out to put our bags on the tables and I then realised I forgot my ski pants and top so Mrs I and I went down to the car and got them, then headed back up.

When I was changed into my clothes I put my boots on and got my skis and poles then headed down to my lesson in Alpine Meadow with a few of the younger kids. We didn't have the carpet so we stepped up on snow and we all kept sliding backwards especially Josie and Abbey fell over with Renee and made the rest of us fall, we all tumbled to the ground landing on each other and on the snow or skis apart from the others who were at the top of the row so we all needed help getting up and surprisingly to me it didn't hurt because I landed on some skis. We all got help up and carried on with our lesson, when it was my turn I did quite well and every time I went I got a bit better. When we completed our lesson Josie and I went up to get a snack taking my poles and skis with me, once Josie and I ate. We headed back down to the slope and tried skiing down it, for our first try we did well but at the end we fell over in a group with Phinece, then we got up and headed to the magic carpet that we crashed next to. We lined up at the magic carpet but my card slipped out of my pocket but the nice lady next to the Ipad who controls the gate let me in and I didn't forget to say thank you. So Josie and I went on the magic carpet and got our ride up to the top and we kept skiing until we were tired, we fell over a lot but got up and didn't give up.

So we kept skiing and skiing together and a while later me and Josie went back up. We decided to go on the toboggan / Sled so Mrs Cuming’s gave me a card and we went down to the sleds. We told the 2 people in charge of it that we have our cards and we got on one of the sleds and waited for the others to go, finally when the person in front of us went it was Josie and mines turn. We stood up and slid the sled forward a little and sat back down, we waited a few seconds then we pushed off the snow and raced down the hill, we didn't know how to steer the sled so we crashed into the snow wall and then we stood up to push ourselves off again. And we were off again racing down the hill and over the bumps and suddenly we crashed… again but we did the something, went the down the end of the hill and got off. We got on the magic carpet to get our ride up.

Arriving at the top we got ready to jump off the magic carpet, we then got of successfully and ran up to the sleds putting the sled we used back then running back to the tables, tired but happy we traveled up the snow. We got up to the tables and I sat down to pull up my socks I did one foot then the other foot I pulled up my pants and found the card resting safely in the top of my boot, I was surprised and relieved because we saved five dollars right then and there so I told mrs comings and put the card in my pocket. A minute later I decided I wanted to buy something in the cafe so I went in and had a quick look with Josie and I didn't know what to buy or what to do because there were so many people in there. So Hailey came in, she wanted to buy something too so we went in and Hailey bought two Hot chocolates and then came with me into the other section, we had a look at the drinks I grabbed a Fanta then we went over to the food and I saw there was one more cup of hot chips so I grabbed it and headed into the line. Like 2 minutes later we went over to the first counter and I bought the Fanta and Hot chips. We then headed out to the tables, I ate my hot chips and got some help from Mrs Cuming because I couldn't open the Fanta bottle Yeah that's not a talent of mine and so she helped me and I had a little drink. Josie and I headed down to the ski field Alpine meadow. Me and Josie did some skiing, we raced down the hill past people and we fell over like maybe a million times that day. A little while later we raced down the hill again and got on the magic carpet and about 1 minute on the magic carpet Josie fell over and hurt her fingers but that's a story of Josies to tell not mine. Let's carry on then. So Josie hurt herself and so we headed up the hill and headed to the med centre to clean Josies finger and get her a plaster, we got to the med centre and Josie went into the care room and Hailey went with her so Claire and I sat down in the waiting room and waited for Josie to come out. When they came out we headed back to the tables and got changed and took our gear too the retail centre, we got our boots and placed our skis on the ground where the rest were, put our boots on the table with the buckles done up, we put our poles in their size and colour places where we got them from. We then headed back to the tables and made sure we had all our stuff, I had to help find some of the others who were still skiing and also I helped some of the juniors take off their boots and put their gear back. After a while everyone in Mrs I’s car and Mrs Cuming’s car gathered together and talked for a little then set off to the car park, we walked down to Mrs I’s car it took a while but eventually we reached the car and we threw our bags in the car and jumped in. So we drove out of the car park and went onto the road to go down / up the hill so we drove down and looked out the windows of the car looking at all the snow, we put on some music at some stage not so sure when but whatever. We listened to music while on our journey home and about mid way in our drive we stopped at Mcdonalds. Mrs Cuming and the Fields were there too, so we parked and then jumped out I walked across the the path and then to the building. So we went inside and ordered and stuff like that like you should know. We ordered and waited a couple minutes for our food and finally it came and I went to sit down at the table with just enough room for all of us but I don't think everyone came, and so we ate our food I had a burger and a oreo mcflurry and that's all I had because there was no frozen fanta, I did buy fanta but it's just not the same. A while later we arrived at Johnny's house, so we dropped him off and drove off to the next house which was Phinece and Fisher’s. And then I was the last one left so me and Mrs I drove down the road and stopped at my house, I got out of the car and grabbed my bag. I went inside and threw my bag in my bedroom exhausted and sore because of the ski boots. But the main thing was that I had a good day and it was worth getting up at 5 and getting ready , well I think it was anyways I had been away from 6:00 am to 6:30 pm what a long day.

I was good at skiing. I skied with no poles. I learnt how to. - Kealee
Board of Trustee
The next meeting is Monday the 13th of November at school, starting at 7.00pm.  All welcome.
We reviewed the Apiti School Curriculum and still welcome feedback. Please click on this link http://bit.ly/2smutOF
Bon Apiti - Fisher
Bon Apiti will start again within the next couple of weeks.
Labour Weekend
School will be closed on Monday the 23rd of October and will re-open on Tuesday the 24th of October at 9.00am.  Have a great long weekend.
We were chosen to host Kat Thompson from Ashhurst School who visited us at the end of last term to learn from our Enviro School.  We have also been asked by the rural reporter for NorthSouth Multi Media, primarily writing for Manawatu Farming Lifestyles and Taranaki Farming Lifestyle newspapers to do a feature on our Enviro School.

Thank You
Thank you to Rebecca and Dave for tidying up the area where the pallets had been while our students worked with them and for cleaning up the bus shed.
Thank you to Adam for mowing the school field - looks good!
Thank you to Hannah for cleaning the school carpets - they look really good!  
Thanks to our wonderful cleaner/caretaker, Chrissy Lowe,  the school looks amazing both inside and outside and we are very appreciative of all your work.
Happy Birthday to the following student, we hope you have a great day!  21st October - Johnny!
Regards, Mary, Louise, Linda, Pat, Pam, Mary B, Jenni, Cara and Christine.