2017.06.12 Newsletter

Welcome to Week 7 of Term 2, 2017.
2017 Term Dates : Term 2 :1st May - 7th July. Term 3 : 24th July - 29th September. Term 4: 16th October - 20th December.   
Our focus for 2017 … is Mahi tahi which with see everyone working together collaboratively to achieve learner-centred educational goals. With a focus on building positive relationships that will continue well after the learning goals have been achieved.  Our unit for this term is understanding ourselves and history of where we have come from, hauora, and looking into the history of our area. Everyone will write their pepeha.
Our production this year is “Grease”. All students are working well on their role, as well as dances and songs.
Calendar of Events
13th June : Martin O’Grady Principal of Feilding High School to visit 11.45
15th June : Rod Webster from ERO to visit with Ben, Mary and Louise.
16th June : Cross Country at Waituna West (pp date : 23rd June).
16th June : Possum Hunt begins.
19th June : Board of Trustee Meeting. Health and Safety STA 3pm
20th June : Oroua Softball Tournament at Kimbolton Domain.
21st June : School concert. Students need to be ready for 6pm start. Dress Rehearsal at 11am.
22nd June : Feilding High School Open Day.
22nd June : Student led conferences  http://bit.ly/2kCtQxJ
25th June : Possum Hunt finishes - Fun Day at Makoura Lodge.
30th June : Ki O Rahi Tournament at Kimbolton Domain for all seniors (transport needed) pp 6th July.
7th July : Mid Winter Christmas get together.
7th July : Term 2 ends at 2.45pm.
24th July : Term 3 begins at 9.00a.m.
Technicraft continues for Term 2 but not for Terms 3/4.
Please note: These dates are updated as required. Please visit our google calendar for the most up to date info, which is on the right hand side of our blogspot.
The school also keeps you updated with all community news. Check this link http://bit.ly/2pvsJzf or the tab on the right hand side of the blogspot.  
Please email anything you would like to add to community notices to christinedigby@apiti.school.nz
We are delighted to welcome Boston, Skaife and Meiah and their family to our school.  We hope these students enjoy learning at our school.
Unfortunately we recently said farewell to Jackson.  We wish him and his family all the very best for the future.  
Writing - Great writing can be accessed through the weebly link http://apitischool.weebly.com/e-portfolios.html  
Maths : Great maths : Tyler and Johnny.
Mathletics : Top students the last fortnight : Boston 1140, Meiah 1140, Katie 1080, Aimee 930, Renee 790,
Savannah 730.
Sumdog Maths : Top Students last fortnight Summer 235, Sarah 176, Tyler 167,Johnny 141, Fisher 121, Phinece 111, Saxon 109.
Sumdog reading : Katie 96. In the Sumdog National Contest, Saxon is our Apiti School top performer, he is 886th in the country answering 109 questions at a speed of 8.3secs. Well done Saxon!
Reading : Bently is now on Blue 1.
Spelling : Week 6 : 100% Junior Room :- Bently F, Bentley P, Renee, Katie.
100% Senior Room :- Fisher, Tyler, Johnny, Boston, Sarah, Phinece, Summer, Ava, Aimee, Josie, Savannah.
Oroua Schools Cross Country - Friday 16th June
All students have been training well for this event. The Cross Country is on this Friday the 16th of June at Waituna West School. Students will need to wear their Apiti sports uniform please. Students are to arrive at Waituna West School at 10am ready to walk the course in their age groups with a guide before races commence, at 10.15.  The bus will not be running at all on this day, as parents are expected to take their children to this event. If you have any problems with transport, please ring the school so alternative arrangements can be made.  Students will need to take their lunch, a drink, suitable footwear for running in and as this is a Winter event please wear appropriate clothing and take a change of warm clothes.  Waituna West will have sausages/soup/slices/hot drinks/cold drinks for sale throughout the day.
The pp date is 23rd June.
Races will begin at 11.00am with the 7 year olds (Distance - 1.4km).        11.15am - 8 year old race (Distance - 1.4km).    
11.30 - 5 year old race (Distance - 600m).                 11.45 - 6 year old race (Distance - 600m).
12.00pm - 9 year old race (Distance - 2.2km).           12.15 - 10 year old race (Distance - 2.2km).       
12.30 - 11 year old race (Distance - 2.8km).               12.45 - 12+ year old race (Distance - 2.8km).
Races may be run through a bit quicker than advertised times if the weather is a bit unpredictable.  It would be great if all parents and students could remain at the event to support the older students in their race.
Please NOTE:
· Boys and Girls will run together but will be recorded separately.
· Certificates will be awarded after each race.
· Hopefully the course will be muddy and there will be some water to negotiate for the older children.  Please make sure you bring a change of footwear and clothes as you may get wet and dirty.
· Children run in the age group that they are on the day.
· The course is similar to last year. Parents are welcome to watch their children from positions on the course as long as they keep off the track and out of the way of competitors.
Could parents make yourselves available to act as a course supervisor at some part of the day please.
For directions to Waituna West School, please google it or ask Mary or Louise.  Look forward to seeing you there.
Oroua Softball Tournament - Tuesday 20th June
The students have been enjoying learning new softball skills from Poppa Dean.  There will be an Oroua softball competition on Tuesday the 20th of June at the Kimbolton Domain for all students. They will need to wear their school sports uniform on this day. We will need transport to and from this event please, so contact the school a.s.a.p if you are able to help out.  More information will be sent home as it comes to hand.
Ki O Rahi Tournament - Friday 30th June
This is planned for Friday the 30th of June at the Kimbolton Domain. All the senior room will play in 2 age groups. This competition is for other schools as well as Oroua Schools, we are putting a senior combined team in with Kiwitea. The pp day is 6th July. Again, we will need transport for this event please.
Bon Apiti - Fisher
Bon Apiti will continue this term every Thursday.  The bon Apiti lunches will be toasties at two dollars and students can have a choice of pineapple, cheese or spaghetti. Smoothies will sometimes be available on a Thursday.
Board of Trustee News - The next Board meeting will be held on Monday the 19th of June at 3.00pm with the STA (School Trustee Assoc), regarding the new Health and Safety regulations, this will then be followed by a regular Board meeting in the school staff room.  Everyone is most welcome to attend.  The agenda will be posted on the blog spot prior to the meeting.  Previous Board meeting minutes are able to be viewed on the blogspot by clicking on the BOT tab.
School  Inquiry - Each student has a different topic they are researching at school. It would be fabulous if you could discuss the topic with them and give them any information they could use in their inquiry. There are a range of topics from transport, farming, industry and schooling and what has been the effect on Apiti over time.
Concert 21st June
The dress Rehearsal will be at 11am on Wednesday the 21st of June. You are most welcome to attend especially if you have young children. There may also be a school in attendance. For the evening show, students need to be ready for the 6pm start to the Concert. A gold coin donation helps us cover the cost of supper, programme, hiring costumes and lights.


Health Consultation - Thanks to those who commented on the Health Consultation.  If you would still like to comment, please feel free to click on this link to view  http://bit.ly/2qtqNXD
Student led conferences -Reporting and goal setting
The date for conferences this term is Thursday the 22nd of June.  Please fill in the sheet on the right hand side of the blog or click on this link http://bit.ly/2kCtQxJ or ring the school Mon or Wed to make an appointment.  
Sports Reports - Saturday 03.06.17 - Rugby
Tylers team Feilding Yellows - 32, played Bush - 20.  Tyler scored 1 try.
Johnnys team Feilding Cheetahs - 7, played Kia Toa - nil.  
Sarah’s netball team Oroua Ferns played grading games, won 3, tied 1.  They are now in the top grade.
Saturday 10.06.17 - Fishers team played Palmerston North Boys High and lost by 5 points.
(Sunday) Fishers under 13 rep team played Plimmerton and lost.
Tylers team - 15, played Kia Toa - 24.
(Sunday) Johnnys under 11 rep team - 8, played Plimmerton - 0.  Johnny scored 1 try.
Sarah’s netball team Oroua Ferns - 8, played Manchester St 1 - 14.

Regards, Mary, Louise, Penny, Linda, Pat, Pam, Mary B, Jenni and Christine.