2017.02.20 Newsletters

Welcome to Week 3 of Term 1, 2017
Our students have settled into the new school year extremely well and are very busy with their Apiti Show exhibits.
2017 Term Dates : Term 1 : 7th Feb - 13th April. Term 2 : 1st May - 7th July.  
Term 3 : 24th July - 29th September. Term 4 : 16th October - 20th December.   

Our focus for 2017 ...is  Mahi tahi which with see everyone working together collaboratively to achieve learner-centred educational goals. With a focus on building positive relationships that will continue well after the learning goals have been achieved.
Calendar of Events
Every Monday : Technology for Y7/8 at Feilding Intermediate  
20th February : Auditor visited.. BOT meeting 7.00, all welcome.  
23rd February : All School work up at Domain.
24th February : Makino Pool Swimming Practise.
25th February : Apiti Show. ASSA
1st March : Vaccinations Y7/8.
3rd March : Oroua Swimming Sports at Makino Pool.
8th March : Student led Conferences
10th March : Oroua Triathlon at Apiti.  
14th - 16th March : Education Outside the Classroom Experience at Akitio.
13th April : Term 1 ends at 2.45.
14th April : Good Friday
1st May : Term 2 begins at 9.00am.
Please note: These dates are updated as required. Please visit our google calendar for the most up to date info.

If you have any queries about the bus please ring Mary.
Please contact  Pat 063282820 if there are any changes to the normal bus timetable.
A reminder that as the Year 7 and 8 students have technology on Mondays, the bus will run 10min earlier every Monday during Term 1 and Term 2.  

Board of Trustee Meeting
This is being held tonight (Monday the 20th), in the staff room starting at 7.00pm. All welcome. To view the agenda prior to the meeting, please click on the BOT tab down the side of the newsletter.

We will be swimming and training for the triathlon everyday, please bring appropriate clothing and equipment. If your child is unable to participate on any day or needs a bike, or you have a spare bike or helmet please contact the school. We will be training daily for this, therefore could all students please ensure they bring suitable gear, including well fitting bike helmet and covered shoes, for running and biking. Students are encouraged to bring their bikes to school for training. They should be parked in the bike shed on arrival at school and may be stored in the PE shed or junior room overnight if required. Remember it is the responsibility of the student to make sure these are put away each night. We would really appreciate hearing from anyone who would like to help with training eg spotting for safety, biking or running with the students, please let us know.
PLEASE bring googles everyday for swimming lessons each day.

We, Apiti School, are organising this Oroua group event for Friday the 10th March. We will need all hands on board for this event, so please note it on your calendar. It will be discussed further at the next ASSA meeting.

Training Day for Oroua Swimming Sports - 24th Feb
This will be held at the Makino Pool in Feilding this Friday the 24th of February.  We will need transport to and from this event please. All our school students - junior and senior, will need to attend this training session. This is to finalise events and to practise events that they will enter into in the Oroua Group of Schools Swimming Sports being held on Friday the 3rd of March.
Please let Christine, Mary or Louise know if you are able to help with transport before this Wednesday, so transport can be arranged. We will need to leave school at about 10.30, and will return in time for the bus, if the bus is required.

Oroua Group of Schools Swimming Sports - Friday 3rd March
This event is happening at the Makino Aquatic Centre in Feilding.  There is no postponement date, the weather would need to be really bad for the sports to be cancelled, so please come prepared.  This event is for the whole school, but the juniors will have a programme in the shallow pool.  Entry to the pool is free.  Children will require their togs, 2 towels, goggles, their lunch, a drink, warm clothes, a hat and sunscreen.  Kimbolton will sell food and drink. Students are required to wear their school uniform please.  Cup age groups :- Junior = 8 years and under. Intermediate = 9 and 10 year olds. Senior = 11 years and over.  Parents are asked to arrange transport for their own children on this day please, but if you have difficulty with this, please let Mary know. No bus will run at all on this day!
This is a great Oroua day and a chance to see your children’s swimming confidence and ability. There is no stand so parents will have to bring their own seating and shade.
The programme for the seniors should conclude at about 2.00 and juniors earlier. This is a good date to make all those other appointments e.g haircuts.

Juniors are tested on a Wed. Senior students will have a test each Thursday and we are pleased to report 10/12 students achieved 100% in their first test of the year. Which is an awesome start. We look forward to being able to report 12/12 score 100% next week.

Student of the Week Senior Class
Last week our senior student of the week was Sarah for outstanding attitude to work and great time management.

Student led conferences
Please put on your calendar 8th March for Student led conferences this is where the students set their goals with the teacher and their parents. Click on the link on the right hand side of this page to set your time, or ring the school Mon or Wed . Thanks

Today we started music with Jo Loveridge. The kids were all keen to learn ukulele or guitar. If you have any old guitars that the school could use, we would appreciate them very much.  

Oroua Schools Triathlon - Friday 10th March
We are organising this Oroua group event. We will need ALL hands on board for this event. Please talk to Louise, Mary or Maryann (Chairperson of ASSA)  if you have any questions. Everyone will be expected to help in some areas, either marshaling or selling food during the day.
Students are required to wear their school uniform for this event please, students will need to run in their green sports top - please talk to Pat if there are any problems with your child's uniform asap please.  
All members of the public are most welcome to come along to help or support our students.
Thank you to the Apiti Fire Brigade and Police for your help in the past and we look forward to your help again this year.  

Camp to Akitio - 14th-16th March our Education Outside the Classroom
We will need to organise some gear for this event, so please ask your friends and relations if they have any of the following we can use : rock shoes, wet-suits, snorkels and flippers which the students can share. We will be doing water sports eg kayaking, fishing, and rock and sandy shore studies. Outdoor Pursuits are instructing watersports and will supply life jackets for on the day they visit, however if your child has their own life jacket they can bring them. We are looking for parent helpers and especially those who can help us collect paua or crayfish!
Some parents have already indicated they are interested. Obviously all parents can not come, it is a time when students are developing leadership and independence. We would like you to consider the following when you are deciding whether to accompany us as a parent helper.
  • You will not become unavailable at the last minute.
  • You are able to transport other students.
  • You are prepared to take responsibility of a work group, as well as a sleeping group in a bunk room.
  • You understand the responsibility of caring for other students.
  • Your children understand you are going to be there for others, as a helper, not for them (it is important for students to develop independence by being on a school trip, without their parents).
  • Although there are “down” times (eg when students are fully involved in programmes) you are on duty throughout the time we are on camp. There maybe the odd opportunity to pursue your own interests, but please expect to be with the students and the programme as set out.  
  • Unfortunately our Outdoor Education Experiences are not suitable for pre-schoolers.
  • Please ensure you feel comfortable in supporting our children in the camp environment. Our school camp is annual and you may have more expertise and experience, in a particular area or location eg bush /water/ city areas.
The purpose of the camp is to enhance opportunities and learning experiences.
Whanau groups are led by the seniors. Seniors have an active role in planning all aspects of the EOTC.
We are lucky at our school to have such supportive parents. If you are considering being a parent helper, please decide who is most suited to this camp. Remember there will be many outdoor learning opportunities at our school.

There will be forms to fill out for consent, parent helpers, and expertise. Only new parents or parents who wish to update the medical forms will need to fill out medical forms, these are on file at school if you wish to check them, please do so on a Monday or Wednesday when Christine is available.

APITI SHOW SCHOOLWORK  click on this link which is on the school weebly   http://bit.ly/2l9DMuy
Apiti Show 25th February 2017.
Entries displayed by teachers on Thursday 24th  Feb
Mobile Students will collect and create a mobile using materials which symbolise our area.

Reading : Bently has completed yellow 1 and is now on yellow 2.
Spelling : 100% Junior room : Tayler, Renee, Bentley!  Senior room : Phinece, Johnny, Sarah, Ava P, Aimee, Cidnee, Josie.
Sumdog Maths : 22.01.17 to 20.02.17 - Fisher answered 632 questions with 99% accuracy! Ava P, Johnny, Cidnee and Josie also did well.
Story Writing : ‘I am playing with mum.  We played tag and went shopping and I played on my bike, and in the morning I was lucky because I got money.  -  Bentley.

Blanket Consent Forms
Thank you to all those parents who have returned their Blanket Consent forms for all EOTC activities held during 2017.  Those who still need to return these forms, please do so as soon as possible.  This form relates to all activities that students participate in outside the classroom i.e Triathlon, Oroua events etc. which are not over night or could contain risks.

Lost and Found
One larger and one small bunch of keys found along Kimbolton Road have been handed into the school office.  If these belong to you, please pop in and pick them up from the office during school hours.

ASSA - Barbeque
Thank you to all those parents and children who attended this Welcome back BBQ and those who contributed to the BBQ.  Thank you to Blair and Tim for cooking the meat.  
Thank you to Maryann for organising this very pleasant occasion.
A reminder that the show is on this Saturday, the 25th Feb and the Triathlon is on 10th March.
Everyone should have received the list of food items required for parents to supply for the show last week, but if anyone is still unsure of what is required of them, please get in touch with Maryann a.s.a.p.  Thank you.      
Happy Birthday to the following student who recently celebrated his birthday, we hope you had a great day!
     10th Feb - Jackson!                                                                      

Regards, Mary, Louise, Penny, Linda, Pat, Pam, Mary B, Jenni and Christine.