Visit to Waituna West 
On Wednesday 3rd December we have been invited to Waituna West to see their school,  and their production "Bad Jelly the Witch" I spoke to some people at the Athletic Sports and they kindly offered transport, (Stimpsons 7 and McCarrolls 7 ). Nicki and Mary can take their cars, however if anyone else would like to take transport please let me know. We will leave Apiti at 11am and Waituna West are providing sausages for lunch at $1 each. You may take your togs for a swim as their pool is open.

It is all go for 11th Dec (pp 17th Dec). Jimmy Warren has kindly organised a great walk for us. It is suitable for all walkers and we welcome all members of the community to come with us. We will leave school at 9am or you can meet us at the end of Limestone road at the DOC car park. We are walking through private land until Coal Creek and from there we will be in DOC forest park . We will head up to Short track to check giant Rata,  Then back along Deer Ford track 35-40 mins to where it crosses Coal Creek. There is a great picnic spot for lunch. We'll head up the creek 30 mins to see the red boulder (very unusual in a greywacke area) and then head for home. We suggest all carry a small day pack, with a change of socks and don't forget your rainproof jacket. Everyone will need to be well prepared with suitable walking shoes, (for crossing small streams) jacket, warm weather gear, sunblock (can be shared) Please take plenty of high energy food and a small water bottle.
A walk in our local bush is a annual event at our school, at this time of year, where everyone can learn in and about their local environment  We will be watching the weather carefully and use the 17th our postponement date if required. Please let us know if you are planning on coming with us.