CONGRATULATIONS! to Hannah, Brooke and Johnny who are 3 of the 6 finalists in the BEST PRESENTER Award at the Manawatu Digi Awards.
We are very proud of all our finalists and have just heard about these!

Swimming - Friday 7th November
Swimming lessons are on again this Friday at the Makino Pool in Feilding.  Students attend school until 11.00 at which time we depart for swimming for the first lesson at 12.00.  We will return in time for the school bus run.  Students will need to take their togs, towels, lunch and a drink.
The next lesson is next Friday, the 14th of November.  Please email Christine regarding transport for your children.  Thank you to those parents who have offered to take transport this week.  I have allocated children to the following vehicles :-
BLACKMORE : Savannah.
CLARKE : Travis and Derek.
CUMING : Nikki, Grace, Phinece and Lauren (Jackson - home).
DIGBY : Huntah and Tyler.
FIELDER : Zahn, Jackson, Fisher and Lachlan.
GILLESPIE : Lauren (home).
KIRA : Caelan.
PRATT : Brooke and Johnny.
SANDBROOK : Dylan, James, Kirsten and Josie.
WILLS : Hannah, David and Sarah (in).
McCARROLL : David, Sarah, Fisher and Lachlan (home).
If these arrangements change, please contact Mary.