Welcome to week 5 of term 4.
12th November  -  Bush Learning Day.
Due to bad weather forecast this is now on Wednesday 19th November    
14th November  -  Swimming lessons.
20th November -   Junior Large Ball Day.
21st November  -  Swimming lessons.
28th November -   Oroua Group of Schools Athletics (p.p date - 5th December).
8th December   -   Year 8 Leavers Dinner.
15th December -   Board of Trustee meeting at 7.00pm.
19th December -   Assembly. Term 4 ends.

What's coming up and learning opportunities on the horizon ...
School lunches
These yummy lunches are available each Tuesday and Thursday.
$3.00 Potato wedges and sauce
$1.50 Fruit Juices
Orders are taken with payment on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
Thank you to all of our parents who have helped with transport thus far. As you can imagine, it is a bit of a logistical nightmare for those organising transport so we would appreciate it if you could let Christine know in advance the days you are able to help. Thanks to those that offered to help when plans change. Christine needs to have the transport lists for Friday swimming finalised on the Wednesday before. Many thanks for helping make this happen. The next swimming lesson is this Friday the 14th of November.
Meeting with the M.D.C
The Waste Busters Whanau Group and Rowena, our enviroschools educator, have a meeting with the Manawatu District Council this Friday, (the 14th) after swimming lessons, to discuss our recycling issues.
Bush Learning Day - Wednesday the 12th
This Wednesday we will be learning in our Apiti School Bush Learning Centre. For many students it will be their first experience discovering our bush, their responsibility to it and within it. Rowena from Horizons will be with us and has some great learning activities to share with us. To maximise learning we would like to have an adult allocated to each whanau group. If you are able to join us please tell, email or text Mary or Nicki.  If you are able to bring tools to help redefine tracks and weed bust that would be awesome!!! The bus will also be helping coordinate transport on the day. Students will need to take their lunch, a drink, warm clothing (including a beanie) and wet weather gear.  We are hoping to stay up there for the whole day but this will be weather dependent.  If the weather is not suitable to be in the bush, we will postpone this event until next Wednesday the 19th.
Junior Large Ball Day - Kiwitea School - Thursday 20th November
This event will take place at Kiwitea School for all Junior room students.  We will need to leave Apiti School at 9.00am and will return to Apiti School by 2.00pm.  Students will need to wear their school uniform and take their lunch, a drink, a sunhat and warm clothing. If you do not have a uniform please let us know. Transport is required, so if you are able to help out, please let Mary know a.s.a.p. Parents are most welcome to stay for the day, but if you leave, make sure you return to Kiwitea School by 1.30 please.  Sausages at $2.00 each, muffins at $1.00 each and drinks at $2.00 each will be available to purchase at lunch time.
Oroua Disco - Friday 21st November
Once again Oroua discos are a happening thing!! Kiwitea students are organising a disco on the 21st of November for Oroua students only!  We would like to encourage all of our students to get in and enjoy the evening. Let's carpool and to help each other out.  Years 1 - 5 ... 6 - 7.30pm. Years 6, 7 and 8 ... 7.30 - 9.30pm.  $3.00 entry, pay at the door.  Drinks & Snacks - $2.00 Cans. $2.00 Water bottles. $2.00 Chips (Salt & Vinegar, Ready salted, Chicken).
A reminder that George McConachy has been coaching our students through the Sport Manawatu programme in preparation for the Oroua Athletic sports happening on Friday the 29th of November. All students are training for athletics and need to bring sports gear daily. This includes shorts or tights not jeans. If you are available to help with athletics practice, please contact Mary or Nicki.
Ski Accounts
These accounts will hopefully be sent home within the next couple of weeks.
Keeping you up to date and celebrating our successes ...
School Website
We have adapted the school website to enable a portal to share and celebrate some of the great successes or our students.
We have added links to the digi finalists videos. These were showcased at our assembly at the end of term 3. Just click on the link below to watch any of them again and for updates on our successes throughout the year. They are well worth sharing with family and friends of the school.
Young Achievers Awards
We would like to congratulate Zahn, Apiti School's Young Achiever for 2014.  Zahn is a Young Achiever who is an Inspirational leader.  Zahn is a quiet leader who is well respected by all with amazing talents across the curriculum.  Zahn is the Community Creator Whanau Group leader, who are developing the library.  Zahn has a great passion for all sport and represented Feilding in Saturday morning rugby.  Zahn also won the Oroua Speech competition.  Zahn recently attended the Young Achiever Award evening at the Civic Centre in Feilding to receive his award from our mayor Margaret Kouvelis.  Apiti School is very proud of Zahn's achievements!
Celebrating Quality Work
Reading - Kirsten and Josie are now on Yellow 3, Savannah on Red 3!! Great reading.
Writing - Weekend recounts :-
10.11.2014                                                                                                                                                In the weekend we drove to Napier and we went to Rebel sport . I bought  new shoes and new shorts. It was cool going white water rafting. We swam in a whirlpool. I floated down stream, it was cold   -  Johnny
Sandy's fire-works are tonight but first I have to go through the day. First breakfast then get dressed and brush my teeth and play until its time to go to the A&P show. When we got there we went on a bouncy castle. I did flips, barrel rolls, dives and all sorts of other crazy stuff. Then Dylan and I played 'pen the sheep.' We got 48 seconds but the fastest time was 4 and a half seconds. Then we went to see our Nana. Then I went and shot a machine gun, I had heaps of fun. Then we went to the Fire-works. Its time for the fire-works, get in the car and lets go. At the fire-works the first thing I did was play with some rugby balls we brought. Then I met some other kids who played with us. Then we all drank a can of mountain dew and then I started running around crazy with Dylan and Derek. Then we played a hunting game. We had to catch poaches who were taking our deer. The game took about one hour and a half. Then Travis and I started a new game. It was really fun. Then it was pudding time and then there was a lolly scramble. Now the fire works were starting. We also had sparklers. 
-  James.
Feilding Touch Tournament
It is great to see our senior students so keen to join the Feilding Touch Tournament for term 4 and term 1, 2015. Games are each Thursday at 4.30 and 5pm.Nicki will let you know the weeks we have a bye.  This Friday, we are hoping to organise a training with Cheltenham School touch players at Cheltenham before we head on in to swimming.  Will let you know for sure on Wednesday.
Senior Camp

Last Wednesday our year 7 and 8 students joined Cheltenham students, braving the weather, to camp out at their Bartlets Ford survival camp. It was a great opportunity for our students to take learning to a new level; planning, communicating and collaborating, problem solving and putting learning into action from start to finish.

This year we had 2 teams entered in the Manawatu Show Agrikids
competition. Emphasis is on speed, accuracy and teamwork. It is a great event. Each of the 18 teams completed 9 challenges to gain a place in the final 5 for the playoff. Zahn, Huntah and Hannah's team were placed 6th. Well done to Tom Beard's team who earned a place in the final and got second overall.
Manawatu Show Talent Quest
Well done Hannah!!! Seizing the moment while waiting for the Agrikids competition to start, Hannah participated in the Manawatu Show Talent Quest. She earned a place in the finals and went on to get 4th in the 12-15 year age group. This was a fantastic achievement!!!
While I waited for the AgriKids to start, I wandered over to the Singing Contest.  I wasn't registered but I wanted to watch.  Mrs Fielder talked to the lady and the lady pushed me on to the stage.  I quickly picked up a ukulele.  I had no idea what I was going to sing, but I quickly thought of something.  But then I remembered I had just written a new song.  My legs were shaking so bad.  I began to sing.  When I had finished I walked down the stairs.  I can't believe I just did that I said to myself.  
Later that night, the phone rang.  The lady rang to tell me that I had got into the finals.  I was amazed because I wasn't even registered and I hadn't practiced my song.  I went back to the A and P show the next day and sang again.  My age group was 12 - 15 year olds and I have only just turned 12!  After I had sung again, it was prize giving and when the DJ said my name for 4th place, I was so surprised, I had come to the show not even knowing about it.  I walked on to the stage and was handed a bag full of prizes and a ribbon.  I went home so happy because I am very shy singing in front of people and I did it!!   -  Hannah.
Apiti School Renovations
These are in full swing and will certainly freshen up and modernise our learning spaces. Painting and building is almost completed and senior students have moved back into the senior room. Putting vertiface on our display walls is the last step in the process. This is timetabled for the 18th and 19th of November.
Even the day the painters inadvertently broke the senior room key in the junior room lock, learning continued as usual. We are lucky to have such great learning spaces ...
The Oroua Schools meeting
The Oroua Boards of Trustees all met in Cheltenham School on the 6th. There was a great turn out. Charles Quirk our Senior Adviser from the Ministry addressed us, sharing what is happening at the Ministry and the new "enable and support" model. Unfortunately as a cluster, we were unsuccessful in our application for funded digital technology professional development through the Ministry. Sue Cotter outlined the many opportunities of Trustee development available for schools and after each portfolio group met, the training for 2015 was planned. With changing educational times and the challenges which face small schools, it is great that the Oroua Schools are such a strong group of schools, who work together for the good of all students in the area.
Reading Seminar - Wednesday 12th November, 7 - 8.30pm at Paper Plus in Feilding.
You are invited to a free seminar.  Is your child struggling with reading, writing or spelling?  Do you believe they could do better?  Could it be Dyslexia?  You are invited to an evening of information and discussion.  Come along, have some of your questions answered.  Hear some literacy specialists give advice and hints to help at home.  Refreshments will be provided.  Liz Kane - Resource Teacher of Literacy.  Helen Dobson - Reading Recovery Teacher.  Kathryn Marsh - Book Specialist, Paper Plus.

Happy Birthday to the following students, we hope you have a great day!

  -  13th November - David!  16th November - Brooke!