2014.09.22 Notice

Apiti School Notice, 22.09.2014

BasketballTuesday 23rd September
The Oroua Group of Schools  Basketball Festival is being held in Feilding tomorrow, Tuesday the 23rd of September for the Year 3 and up students (Years 1 & 2 students - it will be school as normal with Mrs Cuming).
We need to be in Feilding at the Civic Centre by 9.40 so we will leave Apiti School at 9.00am. Students may leave straight from home or arrange pick up from home or school. The tournament will finish by 2.15pm.  We will be home in time for the bus run.  Students will need to take their lunch, a drink, their togs, a towel and wear their school uniform including their polar fleece as it will be cold.  Please find the basketball draw attached.
The day will include visiting the Feilding Library and the Makino Pool (these activities will happen while the other groups are playing basketball).  While at the Feilding Library, our students will be working on their essays, which will be a great opportunity to do any research required.
Thank you to those parents who have offered to take transport.  I have allocated students to the following vehicles :-
CLARKE :- Travis & Derek.
DIGBY :- Huntah, Tyler and Dylan.
FIELDER :- Zahn, Hannah, Nikki & Jackson (In).
McCARROLL :- David, Sarah, Lauren and Grace (In).
PRATT :- Brooke, Johnny and James.
FIELDER :-  Nikki, Jackson, Grace and Lauren.
If these arrangements change, please let Mary or Nicki know immediately.  Remember to please let the bus driver know if your children are not travelling on the bus at anytime. 

Ski TripWednesday 24th September
Looking on the Turoa website, the weather is looking ok-ish for Wednesday, but we will know tomorrow if we will travel to the Mount or not on Wednesday.
A few reminders :  Please make sure that students have any medication that they may require in case of allergies or asthma.
Anyone is able to upgrade on the day, so if you feel this is a possibility, please make sure you have a little extra money with you.
Please make sure your children have a really good packed lunch for the day, including drink and high energy snacks.  There is food available up there, but it is very expensive. There is free water available on the mountain.
Time :- You will need to leave home at about 6.15am as we will meet at Ohakune at 7.45.  We will gather at the Information Centre / Public Rest room area on the left hand side as you drive into Ohakune.  We would like students to have a substantial morning tea in the park and then we will make our way up the mountain just before 8am.
We are unable to give you a drop back home time, as it will totally depend on the weather.  If the weather packs up we will be home sooner rather than later, but if it stays lovely, we will stay until 4pm when the mountain closes.  If your child travels with another driver, please contact that driver to make pick up and drop off arrangements.  Sometimes we need to eat on the way home, so please check with your child’s driver if any payment is necessary. 
It is suggested that everyone wears named gumboots from the car-park to the equipment hire place.
Please make sure that your children have good quality warm/wet weather gear (named and phone No.) available to put on.  Suggested equipment for the day :-           

Waterproof jacket and pants.  Warm layers of clothing to account for changeable conditions.
Warm, waterproof gloves or mittens.  Thick warm socks. Warm headwear (e.g beanie). Sturdy footwear.  Goggles and/or sunglasses with full UV protection.  Sunsreen for exposed skin and lips – minimum factor 15+, re-apply sunscreen regularly.     Plenty of energy snacks and fluids.   

This is a school day so we are expecting to see everyone up there unless other arrangements have been made.
If you have problems with any of the above, please contact Mary or Nicki.

I have allocated children to the following vehicles :-
CUMING :- Hannah B, Savannah, Jackson and Alex.
FIELD :- Josie.
FIELDER :-  Zahn.
GILLESPIE :- Charlotte, Lauren, Brooke and Johnny.
HAACK :- Grace, Lochy, Phillip and Nikki.
McCARROLL :- David, Sarah, Yvonne and Derek.
SANDBROOK :- Dylan, James and Kirsten.
WILLS :- Hannah, Huntah and Tyler.
If these arrangements change or you have made other arrangements, please let Mary know a.s.a.p. 

Regards, Mary and Nicki.