Welcome to week 7 of term 3, 2014.  Hope all calving and lambing is going as well as it can - this amazing weather makes it all the more pleasant to be out in.

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Dates to remember
2nd September - ICT with Nic Lush
4th September - Mary and Nicki at Manawatu Principals Meeting - Teacher Effectiveness
8th September - ICT with Andrew Jamieson
11th September - Oroua Principals meeting
15th September -  Diane Leggett (Director of Centre for Educational Development) meets with staff am / BOT subcommitte pm / BOT Meeting at 7.00
17th September -  Ski Trip.  
19th - 21st - Blue light Camp
23rd September – Basketball Fun Festival Day. 
24th September -  pp Ski Trip.
26th September - Term 3 ends.  
13th October      -   Term 4 begins.
23rd October  - Lamb and Calf Day
Please remember to check the calendar on our School website for the most up to date information http://apitischool.weebly.com/

Celebrating our Successes
Oroua Speech Competition
Congratulations to our Apiti representatives at the recent Oroua Speech Competition.
It was great to see such a high standard from all speakers. Well done to Zahn: 1st place and Hannah: 2nd place.
This is the first time we have enjoyed the trophy at Apiti School for 16 years!! Thanks to our focus on oral language this year. 

On Friday, the 22nd of August, we had the annual Oroua Speech Competition at the Oroua Clubrooms.
The Oroua group consists of Apiti, Kimbolton, Waituna West, Cheltenham and Kiwitea schools. Each school put in their two best speakers. There were eight speakers overall.
The speeches had to be an informative speech and there were a wide range of topics ranging from inspirational people to global issues.
We would like to thank our judges; John Maxwell and Susan Shannon. Parents, community members, teachers and senior students who watched and listened with interest.
After a long and anxious wait the results came back: Zahn 1st (Apiti School), Hannah 2nd (Apiti School), and David 3rd (Waituna West School).
- Reported by Zahn.

More Learning Celebrations ! 
Junior Room Reading levels : Well done to Savannah who is now on Red 1, Josie on Red 3, Kirsten on Yellow 2 and Lochy on Light Blue.
Maths : Johnny has shown amazing place value knowledge in recent testing - more / less 10's to 1000!
Working really well on Sumdog Maths this month : James, Grace, Savannah, Hannah, Huntah, Tyler and Zahn.
Congratulations to Brooke and Kirsten for all the extra time they have spent on Mathletics at school and at home.  All this extra time spent on maths skills is a great help for their learning!! 
Working well on Sumdog Reading this month : Tyler, Dylan, Derek and Huntah.
We are currently focusing on basic multiplication and division facts.  Congratulations to James who is up to the 7 x tables, Tyler the 6 x tables and Johnny the 4 x tables - keep up the good work.
There is a strong competition happening between Grace, Sarah, Lauren and Lochy to see who learns their 5 x tables first and the fastest!!    

It is extremely rewarding to see the level students are striving to attain with their digital media presentations (movie, documentary, animation) this year. All students are blue screening their speeches to upload to their e-portfolios. Huntah is developing leadership in this area.
Students are also using Youtube to reflect on reading. Travis is our leader in this area. Nikki is showing excellent leadership uploading using our iPad.
Click here to view Brooke's video of the school song

Parents would have received a notice last week regarding this upcoming event.  Thank you to those who have returned their Activity Requirement sheet, everyone else needs to a.s.a.p please.  If there are any community members wanting to come with the school, please ring the school for the Mt Ruapehu Ski information sheet so we can include you in the booking.
Dates : We have decided to cancel the ski trip scheduled for the 19th of September due to the BlueLight Camp happening that weekend.  The proposed dates are now, Wednesday the 17th of September or Wednesday the 24th of September.  As we have mentioned, the weather is a major factor, so we will check the forecast carefully the days before, as well as the morning of the trip as we will not go if the weather is at all doubtful - it's just not worth it!

BlueLight CampFriday 19th September
Travis and Zahn have been selected to attend the Blue light camp in Auckland. This is a weekend experience that was started last year by the Feilding Police. We hope that it will be available annually for one or two year seven and eight students.

Essay Writing

The senior room writing focus has been essay writing. Our writing focus this year will culminate in all students writing of an essay which will be judged for lamb and calf day. Students have been encouraged to choose someone inspirational to them and if possible a family member from their past as this is a great way to connect with family heritage. Many students have chosen a family member who has served with the armed forces as these can also be entered in a separate competition. Students are expected to research, ask family members questions and gather as much information at home as possible as this will make essay writing easier.

Potatoes for Sale
A reminder that we still have potatoes for sale for $6.00 a bag.  Please contact Travis / the school to purchase a bag/s.

Pet Lamb for a Good Home
Rachel Pettigrew has kindly offered 3 pet lambs. These have already been fed on colostrum and are feeding well. They are free to a good home.  Please contact Mary if you are interested.

Sports Report – by Huntah. Friday 22nd - Sunday the 24th of August
Friday Hockey - Zahn and Tylers team, Oroua – 3, played Hunterville – 6.
Rugby – Zahn and Huntah’s team, Feilding Highlanders – 65, played Freyberg – 5 in the grand final – our team won the under 12 competition – Yay!!  Thank you to our coaches Adam, Pencil, Johnny and Lee.  Huntah scored 3 tries.   
Tyler and Johnnys team, North Harbour – 1, played the Red team – 17. 
Dylan and James team, Manawatu – 8, played Waiarapa Bush – 5.  Dylan scored 2 tries. 
Netball – Zahn and Hannah’s team, Bunnythorpe – 11, played Kopane – 19.  Hannah scored 3 goals.
Brookes team, Oroua – 9, played Manchester – 7.
Sunday Rugby
Huntah's Under 12 Manawatu rep team -  109, played Huntly Boys - 5.
Dylans, Tylers, James and Johnnys Feilding rep team – 5, played Te Kawa – 5. 
Friday 29th - Sunday 31st August
Flipperball - Hannah's team, Oroua - 5, played Colyton - 17.  Hannah scored 2 goals.
Hockey - Zahn and Tyler's team, Oroua - 1, played South Makuri A - 4.
Netball - Zahn and Hannah's team, Bunnythorpe - 26, played NSS Yellow - 8.  Hannah was awarded Player of the Day!!
Brooke's team, Oroua - 2, played Kopane - 5.
Rugby - Dylan and James team, Manawatu - 6, played Tyler and Johnny's team, North Harbour - 4.
Manawatu Reps : Huntah's team Manawatu Under 12's - 31, played Taranaki Under 13's - 43.  Huntah scored 1 try.  

As quick as a flash all in a dash I'm off to rugby to win the final of the rugby season. We start as we run up to gather the ball. I get the ball and get it out to Dan for a try. It's all in a knot and at half time at  4-1 to us. Suddenly we start the second half and Tommy scores a try. The score was 5-2. It is now a ruck I grab the ball and run down the sideline and then stop, run between two other players then I jump over Marshall and the other person just falls off me. [I did it, just like Jonah Lomu the legendary rugby player] I run straight and dive and score the try. Now it is the last minute and now it's over time, I pass it to Adam and told him to just run straight and he scores to finish of the great game at 7-3.Wooohoo.  - By James.

Happy Birthday to the following student who celebrated her birthday recently.  We hope you had a great day  -  30th August - Sarah!