Welcome to week 6 of term 1, 2014.

Quick Reference - Oroua and Apiti School Events for 2014 - Term 1
14th March          -  Oroua School Triathlon at Apiti (pp. 21st March).
25th - 27th March -  EOTC learning trip to Wellington.
7th April               -  Sam strahan Cup Rippa Rugby - senior.
9th April               -  Sam Strahan Cup Rippa Rugby - Junior.   
13th April             -  Apiti School Trail Bike Ride.

Celebrating our successes
Mathletics Silver Awards: Chloe, James.
Mathletics bronze Awards: Travis x 2, Huntah, Hannah, Lacey, Brooke.
Sumdog challenge completion: Huntah.

Oroua Swimming Sports
Congratulations to all swimmers and supporters, 2014 was the most successful for Apiti School ever and reflects the dedication of students and parents to training for events and also our yearly swimming programme in November. All the Apiti students who entered the championship races ended up on the podium!!  Special congratulations to Huntah who was the senior boys Champion and Zahn was runner up. Johnny was the Junior Boys Champion. Hannah was runner up senior girls and Brooke came 3rd in the Intermediate girls age group 
Swimming Results
Junior Girls - Lauren = 2nd Backstroke.
Junior Boys - Johnny = 1st Medley. 1st Freestyle. 1st Backstroke. 1st Breaststroke. = Junior Boys Champ!
Intermediate Girls - Brooke = 2nd Freestyle.  3rd Backstroke. 3rd Butterfly. = 3rd place girls champ!
Senior Boys - Huntah = 1st Medley. 1st Freestyle. 1st Butterfly. 1st Breaststroke. = Senior Boys Champ!
 - Zahn = 2nd Medley. 2nd Freestyle. 2nd Breaststroke. 2nd Butterfly. = 2nd place boys champ!
Senior Girls - Hannah = 1st Freestyle. 1st Butterfly. 2nd Backstroke. 3rd Breaststroke. = 2nd place girls Champ!
7 year old boys widths - James = 2nd Flutterboard.  2nd Dolphin dive.
7 year old girls widths  - Sarah = 1st Dolphin Dive. 1st Flutterboard on back.  1st Backstroke. 2nd Flutterboard.
 - Lauren = 2nd Dolphin dive. 3rd Flutterboard.
8 year old boys widths - Tyler = 1st Breaststroke. 1st Running Race. 2nd Freestyle. 3rd Medley. 3rd Backstroke.
9 year old boys widths - Dylan = 1st Butterfly.  1st Backstroke. 3rd Breaststroke.
 - Jackson = 3rd Flutterboard.

11 year old boys widths - Travis = 1st Freestyle.  
Relays - Flying Squad = 2nd (Zahn, Huntah, Hannah, Dylan, Brooke and Johnny.  
A fantastic result to all that entered!!

Penhey Memorial CupMonday March 17th
This will be held next Monday the 17th of March at 5.30 at the Makino Pool.  Those from Apiti School involved will be Hannah (Relay 1) and Huntah and Brooke (Relay 2).  

We will need lots of parents and community members to help run the inaugural Oroua Triathlon at Apiti. We need a couple of jobs around the school completed for the triathlon. The ramps need roping off as they are not safe, and one needs to be moved to the fence. Signs need to be put up eg finish sign on the goal posts, the course clearly marked out, parking signs put out/in. We will need someone to help with parking, as we do not want cars and trailers to clutter the course where the students are competing. 

We have our final practices on Tuesday and Wednesday. We need an extra 2 adults to help for safety on the road. If you can help with this please let Nicki know asap. Thanks.

Thanks to Nicki for all her planning so far.

Friday 14th March 2014 (PP 21st March )

Schools assemble on the Apiti School field (outside classrooms) at 9.45 a.m. for pre-race briefing and course orientation.
First race starts at 10.15 a.m.
Certificates will be presented at approximately 2 p.m.; home time 2.15 p.m.

The order of events will be run, bike, swim.  There will be a short run from the bike to the pool and from the pool to the finish line.
In order to lessen congestion at the pool, the girls will start their run as the boys move into run/bike transition.

The events and order of races will be:
  1. Individual events:
Boys individual followed by Girls individual for each year group.
Start with Year 3 and ending with Year 8.
Year 1 and 2 individual; boys followed by girls
  1. Short break (Bikes put into position for team events).
  2. Team events:  Year 3 & 4 Teams, Year 5 & 6 Teams, Year 7 & 8 Teams.
  3. Prize giving

Approximate Distances:     
Run-1 lap = 500m        Bike-1 lap = 2 km         Swim-1 length = 13m

Yr 3 - 4 -  (individual & team) run 1 ½  laps, bike 1 lap on road, run to pool, swim 4 lengths,  run to finish.
Yr 5 - 6  - (Individual & team) run 1 ½  laps, bike 1 lap on road, run to pool, swim 6 lengths, run to finish.
Yr 7 - 8 - (Individual & team) run 2 ½ laps of field, bike 2 laps on road, run to pool, swim 8 lengths, run to finish.
Yr 1 - 2 – (Individual only) run 1 lap, bike 2 laps of tennis court, run to pool, swim/run 2 laps of pool, run to finish.
*      Each individual must have a student manager to count laps in the pool.  The runner for a team is to count the laps in the team events.
*      If numbers are low for team events, younger students can join an older team but older students can not join younger teams.
*      Bikes must be put in the correct section in preparation for races. These sections are labelled by year group and boy/girl.
*      Bike helmets compulsory and must be strapped on. Covered shoes must be worn on the bike. Bikes must have brakes which work and saddles adjusted to the correct height.
*      It is requested that parents/spectators use the tennis court entrance to the school when races are running and keep clear of changeover points and pool.
*     The school pool will be heated and is expected to be warm on the day!!
*     The ramps on our tennis courts are out of bounds.
*     The Fire Brigade and police will be in attendance.
Students will need to wear their school sports uniform please.  

Parking – Parking will be clearly indicated as you drive into the Apiti Village. Please park your vehicles and walk your bikes to the transition point to the right of the school front gates.
This is imperative to the children’s safety. PLEASE ensure ALL parents are aware of this.

Food – There will be a range of lunch and snack food available on sale at the school. Tea and coffee is also available for parents at a small cost.  
Hope to see you all here on the day.

There will be no bus run on Friday afternoon for Apiti School bus students.   

Apiti School Trail Bike Ride - Sunday April 13th
Please mark this date on your calendar.  Please find a flyer attached.  We are hoping all parents involved know their jobs, if you are unsure ring Blair.  If any community members are keen to help out on the day, please let us know.            

Update on the pool heating
We have now installed the pool heater from Rangiwahia. We needed to up the power to the filter shed and this needed trenching. There have been a couple of hiccups but it looks like we are now on track to have warm water in the pool for the triathlon! Thanks to everyone for your patience. Don't forget your togs! A big thank you to Murray for helping us with the pool.

Camp Meeting
Thank you to those parents who attended the camp meeting last week.  Thank you too, to those parents who have returned their 'Parental consent and risk disclosure' forms for the camp, those who still need to return the forms, please do so a.s.a.p.  If any parent is needing more details, please ring Mary or Nicki.   

E.O.T.C Consent Forms
Thank you to those parents who have returned the 'Blanket Consent for EOTC' forms. There is still some families that are needing to return this form, please so do ASAP. I have attached another form for those families who still need to return them.  

Rugby Trials
Starting from Monday the 17th, there will be rugby trials for the Sam Strahan cup and the junior cup at Kimbolton School.  This will be once students arrive back at Kimbolton after Technicraft at about 1.10.

Stationery Accounts
These accounts have been sent home today with students.  Please pay at your earliest convenience.

So far, my team (Oroua Assasiains) have been  playing exceptionaly well after having won both games in the 2014 Feilding touch module.  This is heaps of fun, as a lot of other kids come together to have fun and learn to work as a team.  At the moment, my team is winning the B grade by only 1 point after winning against the Oroua Orangatangs 5 – 2 and the Colyton Magpies 5 – 0.  This was a huge confidence boost for our latest game against Feilding Intermediate D team.  This was the biggest game for us as they are 2nd in the grade.  It was a nail biting game as we just won 4 – 3.  Thanks again to our coach Adam– Huntah.  
Oroua 1 vs 2
It was 5 tries to Oroua 1 and 2 tries to Oroua 2
Next we played FIS Yellow.It was 3 all. It was a gret game because everyone was encouraging and cooperating with each other.
Last week we played Colyton. It was 2-4 to us. We cooperated even better and formed our line quicker and kept our defence going. I enjoyed this game because it was fun as we helped each other and were a great team.
This week we are playing Oroua 1 again. - By Travis (Oroua 2).
On our first game we played Halcolme boys. We are playing year 5 and 6 boys in our grade. In our team we have boys from Apiti, Kiwitea and Cheltenham. Our team is called the Oroua Crushers. 
We lost our first game but it was a pretty hard game. We tried really hard but it was a tough game. In our next newsletter I will update you on our other games. - By Tyler (Oroua Crushers).

Recently students at our school donated their hair to be used to make wigs for children with alepecia and cancer. They would like to encourage you to join them as it is a great cause.
They will need to put their hair in a pony tail then cut and make sure none falls on floor, bag up then post out. Hair must be clean, not wet, dry. Freedom also will pay money into a charity of your choice for donating. It is a great thing all around.  -  Freepost 130760, Freedom Wigs Limited, 62 Vogel street, Dunedin, 9016.

Visitors to the School 
Thank you so much for having me last week.  It was so inspiring to see the Enviroschools kaupapa in action and see and hear of all the great work at Apiti School.  I particularly enjoyed meeting all your wonderful students.  They are such a self-motivated, mature, genuine and caring bunch of young people.  I look forward to working with you all more this year.  -  Rowena Brown - Enviro Schools Facilitator

Kimbolton School Trail Bike Ride - 16th March
8.30am - Sign in.  9.45 - Briefing.  10.00 - Ride.  Cost = $30.00 Main track.  $15.00 Intermediate & kids track.  Helmets compulsory.  Boots recommended.  No passengers.  Delicious Food. Kids mini bike games after lunch.  Look out for it just past the Kimbolton village (signposted from the village).  Enquiries Ph: Scott Wilson - 3285 577.  Mike winder - 3285 855. or www.silverbullet.co.nz  -  Kimbolton School.

Show Meeting
Apiti Show meeting Wednesday 12th at Russell and Gaylene Knights place at 7.30pm.  We will be having a debrief regarding the show day we had in February.  Also discussing further fundraising ideas and ways to improve the big day for Apiti.  All ideas are welcome.

Girl Guide Biscuits
Anyone want Girl Guide bikkies?, $3.50 per packet – plain, choc or minis J Sara Wills.

Happy Birthday to the following student, we hope you had a great day! - 7th March - Tyler!