Great to see the summer is finally here and students out making the most of it, as we prepare for the swimming sports and triathlon.
We were very proud of the learning showcased at the Apiti Show, from Apiti and Cheltenham Schools. The Theme "Inspirations" motivated students to produce some very descriptive writing, for the local photo the students took. The abstract paintings, only using 2 primary colours showed creativity is alive and well in Apiti. The sculpture using BAR also required thoughtful planning and technology. I am sure you all had a good chance to see it while on display, they will also be displayed at School. We welcome you to view them or talk to the students about their learning, We would like especially to thank the judges Gayna Brown and Pam Strahan, not an easy job!

Quick Reference - Dates
Oroua and Apiti School Events for 2014—Term 1 
Date / Event / Venue
Mondays Term 1 and 2 Technicraft, Y7/8, Feilding Intermediate.
26th Feb - Swimming practice at Makino pool in Feilding.
3rd March - Oroua Group of School Swimming Sports - Makino Pool in Feilding.
14th March - Triathlon - at Apiti.
6 lessons in March and April - Cricket Coaching Northern  (at schools)
18th -20th March - Writing Moderation Sample (Tchrs) - Cheltenham
25th -27th March Education Outside the Classroom learning in Wellington
1st April 4 - 5.30 - Oroua Meeting re Writing Moderation (Tchrs) - Waituna West
7th Apr - Sam Strahan Cup Rippa Rugby Senior (Northern Oroua Schools).
9th Apr -  Junior Cup Rippa Rugby Junior (Northern Oroua Schools).
Remember always check the google calender for the latest dates.

Celebrating our Students' achievements
Excellent progress in maths:-Huntah, Brooke.
Improvement in descriptive writing:- Lacey, Nikki, David.

Physical Education
We are running around the field with buddies for fitness (interval training). 
We are also swimming everyday and practicing touch rugby. We need to make sure we always have sports gear for this. - Travis (Supa Small Black Reporter).

This Thursday, after school,  teachers will be meeting with the Feilding Police at Apiti, as part for our planning for the Oroua Triathlon. From 2-3 pm our students will work with the Police to learn more about safe cycling on the road. This is in preparation for our cycling training for the triathlon. We would like to encourage all students to bring their bikes for this on Thursday.
Cycling training at school will begin next Tuesday afternoon. If you are free to help with supervision please let Nicki know.

Apiti Show
We would like to thank all of the organisers of the Apiti Show and commend them on a fantastic event once again! A wonderful community event. It was great to have the opportunity to show case our learning and use our maths and literacy in a real context.
Student Results
Abstract Painting
Year 7/8  1st – Hannah.  2nd – Nikki.  3rd – Zahn.  4th – Huntah.
Year 5/6  1st – Henry (Chelty).  2nd – Cody (Chelty).  3rd = - Dylan, Derek. 4th – David.
Year 1-4  1st – Joshua.  2nd – Johnny.  3rd –Chloe.  4th – Sarah.
Inspirational Photo  
Year 7/8  1st – Zahn.  2nd – Zac (Chelty). 3rd -  Hannah.  4th - Huntah.
Year 5/6  1st – Bianca.  2nd – David.  3rd – Tyler.  4th – Jackson.
Year 1-4   1st – Sarah.  2nd – Emily (Chelty).  3rd – Damian.  4th= - Lauren, Jack (Chelty).
Year 7/8  1st – Zahn.  2nd – Huntah.  3rd – Hannah.  4th – Zac.
Year 5/6  1st – Anneke.  2nd – Brooke.  3rd= - Tyler, Dylan.  4th – David.
Year ¾  1st – Sarah.  2nd – James.  3rd – Chelsea (Chelty).  4th=– Chloe, Johnny.
Year 7/8  1st= - Zahn, Huntah.  2nd – Hannah.  3rd – Zac.  4th= - Nikki, Travis.
Year 5/6  1st - Tyler.  2nd – Dylan.  3rd= - Brooke, Pixel.  4th – David.  
Year 1-4  1st – David (Chelty).  2nd – Damian.  3rd – Franklin.  4th – Lauren.
- Well done to all students and congratulations to the Overall winners :-
1st: Zahn (12 points).
2nd: Hannah (11 points).
3rd= : Huntah / Sarah (9 points).
4th: Tyler (8 points).
Please read a couple of our reflections later in our newsletter.

Swimming Practice at the Makino - Wednesday 26th Feb
This Wednesday the whole school will travel into Feilding to the Makino pool to finalise lengths / widths for the Oroua School swimming sports.  We will need to leave school by 10.30 and will return in time for the bus.  Students will need to take their lunch, a drink, togs, 2 towels, goggles, a hat and sunscreen.  Thank you to those parents who have offered to take transport.  I have allocated students to the following vehicles:-
CLARKE : Travis Derek  .
CUMING : Jackson, Bianca, Damian Joshua.
FIELDER :- Zahn, Huntah, Anneke. James
GILLESPIE :- Lauren (down and back ), Kirsten, David & Sarah (just down).
McCARROLL : David; Sarah Kirsten
McKINNON : Nikki.
PRATT : Brooke, Johnny Hannah  (in only)
WILLS : Hannah Brooke Johnny (back only).
VICKERS : Lacey, Pixel, Chloe, Franklin.
SCHOOL : Dylan Tyler
If there are any changes to these arrangements, please let Mary know a.s.a.p please.

Oroua Swimming Sports - Monday 3rd March
This event is happening next Monday the 3rd of March at the Makino Aquatic Centre in Feilding.  
There is no postponement date, the weather would need to be really bad for the sports to be cancelled, so please come prepared.
This event is for the whole school, but the juniors will have a different programme.
The whole school is to meet inside the Makino pool complex by 9.30, seated behind the Apiti School sign.  Entry to the pool is free.
Children will require their togs, 2 towels, goggles, their lunch, a drink, warm clothes, a hat and sunscreen.
Students are required to wear their school uniform please. Could we ask parents to sit with the swimmers to make sure they are ready for their events - their event numbers will be written on their hand and programmes will be given out on the day.  Could we also ask two parents (or take turns) to help out with the time keeping please. Championship cups will be given out after the last event. There will be no lunch break, so children will need to eat when they have a good break between races, or as required.  Kimbolton School will have for sale, bread rolls, sausages in bread and cakes/slices/muffins, no drinks available. 
Teachers will be marshalling and organising junior swimming sports on this day.
Cup age groups :- Junior = 8 years and under. Intermediate = 9 and 10 year olds. Senior = 11 years and over.
Parents are asked to arrange transport for their own children on this day. It is a great Oroua day and a chance to see your children and their swimming confidence and ability. Thanks to those who have supported their children by taking them for extra training. If you have difficulty with transport, please contact the school as soon as possible. The school bus will not run at all on this day.
The programme for the seniors should conclude at about 2.00, so those who are not going to stay at the pool, please make sure you return to the pool in plenty of time to pick your children up.

No children are to use the pool shop during the day. The trampolines and other pools are strictly out of bounds.

The younger students (Junior room unless told otherwise) are to meet inside the Makino, sitting down near the trampoline but not on it. They will be in 2 groups : confident and developing confidence. At 10.00, the developing confidence swimmers will go with the teachers, Mrs Shannon from Kiwitea and Mrs Symonds from Waituna West will walk to the library. The confident swimmers will complete their swimming sports with Mrs Cuming and Mrs Early. Then the groups will change over. Confident swimmers to the library and developing confidence swimmers will have their swimming sports. There will also be sometime for playing on the Makino playground. These events for the juniors should be finished by 12.45 at which time students will be returned to their parents or if desired, the weather is good and a teacher is free to watch them, they may have free time in the shallow pool.

How you can help your child at home?
Research shows that discussing your child's learning with them and supporting them in their leaning journey hugely influences progress. We aim to provide opportunities where learning at school can be supported and discussed at home. When did you last ask your children what they are learning ... what they enjoy .. what they find more challenging and how they would like some support?
All students have a notebook (Junior) / Home School Journal (Intermediate) / Student diary (Senior) that should go between home and school daily. This is where they record current reading and planning for commitments.
Homework Expectations (Copied from the Homework page on our wiki)
Research shows that reading for pleasure and numeracy knowledge are beneficial homework activities. They compliment your learning in the classroom. At Apiti School we encourage 'thinking' and 'problem solving' as these are key skills required to be a confident, competent lifelong learner.

It is therefore important to:-
–1. Continue your reading for at least 20 minutes at home each night. This may be the same book that you read in our CAFE Daily 5 at school. Or it may be a book from another source such as the school or Feilding library or a book a friend has recommended. Make sure that it is a good fit book at your independent reading level. If you are unsure, check with Mrs Fielder.
Reading Eggs is great here also!!
–2. Discuss your weekly current events with your family.
–3. Learn your key numeracy knowledge / basic facts. Check your e-portfolio numeracy page to see what you need to learn and practice next at home. Mathletics is great here also!!
–4. Complete / publish any work not finished in class or timetabled for homework.

Ukulele / Guitar Lessons
These will begin next Tuesday. Students will have 15 minute lessons in school time. The time will vary so they do not always miss the same subject.
Cost: $30/term. We thank Jo for offering these lessons for our students once again.
Please give your name to Mary if your child is keen to learn.

The Ministry of Health offers all students in Year 7 a vaccination against diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough (BOOSTRIX/dTap).  These free injections are given at the school during school hours (they may also be given through your primary care provider).  The vaccinations are part of the National immunisation schedule.  Public Health nurses will be offering the vaccination at all schools within the MidCentral District Health Board area during 2014.  All parents of these students, will be provided with the relevant information and a consent form which will need to be completed and returned to the school as soon as possible please.  If you have any queries regarding this, you can contact the school public health nurse by ringing 350 4560.

Apiti Show Reflections
This year we had to write an inspiring descriptive free verse poem. Mine is called "Mystery Man?" My mystery man is extremely charming and is none other than Captain Jack Sparrow! Jack Sparrow inspires me to become a pirate, to be free and to sail the seven seas. He's my hero!! 
I think that it is the best work I have ever done because it is descriptive, inspiring and AWESOME!!
- By Anneke.
I am proud of my sculpture because it had good use of colours. I learnt how to paint straight. My sculpture was fun to make, because it was challenging to make it stay together.  - By Pixel.
I liked my painting because it was fun to do. It is a yellow sky and green dots in blue ovals. I used a big brush at the start and then a small brush. I am proud of my painting. -  By David.
Rangiwahia School Closing Ceremony
First we came and waited ... and then  we went down to the end of the path. Mrs Hancock and I had to reveal a stone which said "Site of Rangiwahia ... - 2014" They took a photo.
When someone wanted me to stand back there to take a photo, everyone started to take photos again!
Next we had a delicious cake that had the computer logo on it!!
At the end I had to shake a bell and everyone got champagne and cheered. - By Nikki. 

Library Development
We are currently looking at updating our popular book series in our library. If you have any series of books that your kids have loved to read but have grown out of, but are still in good condition, the school will be happy to receive them. Many thanks, Zahn - Reporter for the Community Creators.   

Thank You
We would like to thank Daniel, Malcolm and Hilton for their help with the pool concrete.
Mike for taking the recycling into town.  We appreciate your help very much.

Feilding Saturday Morning Rugby
Registration Days: Saturday 1st March 10am -1pm
Tuesday 4th March 5 - 7pm.    Thursday 6th March 5-7pm
FOB OROUA STAGS Clubrooms Johnston Park, FEILDING.
Registrations can also be completed online at: www.sportsground.co.nz/fsmr
We welcome Years 0-8, $40 per player, $60 per family (up to three children), $10 per extra child.
Any Registrations after 6th March will incur a $20 Late Fee.  Payment must be made with Registration. Eftpos available.  Any enquiries: Contact Andrew Reilly 027 551 7445.

Makino Aquatic Centre - Children’s Day
Celebrate Children’s Day at the Makino Aquatic Centre, Sunday 2 March—11am—3pm
Gold Coin Entry for ALL.  Bouncy Castle Inflatables.  Water slides Sausage Sizzle.  Candy Floss.
Any enquiries: Makino Aquatic Centre 3235312.

Hockey for Junior Students
Following on from last year’s great response from a couple of schools I am looking further at
trying to encourage a little more hockey at the junior level.
Having spoken with Hockey Manawatu they do have a great “Fun Sticks” program which they would love to bring out to your school.
At this point we are looking into whether it would be worth trying to set up either an early evening or a Saturday morning session where junior students can come and play hockey at the FAHS Feilding High school turf. We would run, coach and can provide some gear - great to have school teams, especially as there would be room for country schools involvement. We would be looking at only 6 aside with no goalies and primarily aimed at Year 2, 3 and 4 students - mixed.
We do not want to take away from schools who have teams that play in PN but would like to give younger students the opportunity to try hockey so that maybe we will get a few more students
entering high school with hockey skills and also that older primary students may be encouraged to form teams to play in PN. -  Raewyn Beattie, Sports Co-ordinator, FAHS Feilding High School.

Hi, ... My name is Jazz and i am going to be walking from Apiti to Feilding (43km) to raise awareness of gynaecological cancers. I have a goal to reach $1000 by the time i walk on April 12th.
I am writing to you to ask if you would be able to sponsor me either by simply sharing this event with friends and family, monetary, donation or that of goods useful to the event?  
I am a mother of 5 who has been through tests for a cancer i had never heard of, Ovarian cancer. I have been cleared as it was, in my case, a false alarm. Through all of this i have learnt that there is no fully conclusive non invasive test for this. This is not something picked up by a smear test. Sadly there are many more women out there that, like i myself was, are unaware of this.  You can find and follow my progress here:
Thank you for taking the time to read.