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We would like to welcome Jackson (a Year 4 student) and his family to our school.  We know Jackson will enjoy learning at our school. 
Also today, we have two pre-schoolers, Joshua and Kirsten having their pre-school visits. Both have their birthdays in the holidays. 

Quick Reference:
3rd - Staff First Aid Course (we have spare places available if you would like to join us).
6th - Oroua Athletics.
8th - Agri Kids Challenge.
9th - Oroua Leavers Dinner.
10th - Reports available - Student Led Reporting Conferences available (for those who would like to make a time to have reports presented by students).
11th - Brian Coles / Anna Stephenson working with teachers and BOT. 
11th - BOT meeting at 5.00pm. 
12th - Bush EOTC.
17th - Student planned celebration day.
19th - Final Assembly (all welcome to come and celebrate our year and student learning through Music and Dance). 
20th - Final day of school for the 2013.

7th Feb 2014 - 1st day of term 1 2014.

Every Monday - Dance and Movement with Carly  -  Carly has requested all students bring along costume ideas next Monday. These have been discussed with students today. Please ring Carly at anytime to discuss what the students' needs may be, on 3286 800 or 027 5225922.
Every Wednesday - Piano / Glockenspiel / Ukulele / School Music with Jo B (Not this Wednesday). 
Every Thursday  - Drums with Tasha.

Please view the google calendar for the most up to date information.

What's been happening:
Athletic Sports 
These had to be postponed last Friday and will now be on this Friday 6th Dec. All information is on the past blogspot or the Parent Notice 20.11.2013. Please remember we need each family to help the teachers run their event (ball push - junior, high jump - senior) at sometime during the day.    
End of year reports and Student Led Reporting Conferences
All students have spent learning time this term reflecting on and reporting on their progress and
We are learning to make improper fractions!
achievements throughout 2013. Just as valuable is the time they have spent planning their goals and focus for 2014. At Apiti school student own their learning and their progress accordingly. Many students have also shared their reports and discussed their learning with Brian Coles, our school appraiser. By the end of this week student reports will be uploaded to student e-portfolios. When they are uploaded email will be sent to parents for viewing. 
You are also invited to make a time for your child to present their report to you. The 10th of December has been set aside for this. Please ring or email Christine, Mary or Nicki if you would like to book a time. We are available throughout the day. 
Visiting Teachers 
Last Wednesday Fiona (principal) and Vanessa (teacher) from Mataroa School came to visit us. They were very impressed with what we are doing and took many teaching and learning ideas back with them. They were most impressed with the students, especially how they could verbalise their learning, where they are up to and their next step. 
Most years we aim to celebrate our year with a local bush experience. This year is no exception. Our bush walk has been planned for the 12th of December. We have planned to go to Heritage Lodge, with most going further on to the new track. These walks are planned to suit all levels and to investigate our local environment. We invite all members of our school and community to join us! The more the merrier! Please just let us know if you'd like to join us. We will leave school at 9am and return by 3pm. Everyone will need a large packed lunch and water, suitable walking shoes and a jacket in case the weather changes. We will postpone it to the 18th if the weather is unsuitable, and the phone tree will operate.  
Student Planned Celebration Day
Students will be planning a day to celebrate their achievements throughout the year and the completion of their reports, our Year Book and term four learning. It is timetabled for the 17th of December. More information to come!
End of Year Assembly - 19th Dec
This is a great opportunity to celebrate our learning through the arts, the amazing support we have had throughout the year and to farewell the students who will be leaving us. 
Where: Senior block
When: 1 pm

Green Finger Zone
Click here to read the article in the latest Horizons 'Seedlings' update about our school  'Green Finger Zone' opening... http://www.horizons.govt.nz/about-us/who-what-where/news/apiti-plant-house-grand-opening-day/

Dear Mayor Margaret and Councillor Short,
We sincerely thank you for coming to our amazing school. It was a honour to share our learning and Whanau group knowledge and area with you. 

The Hydro Rangers thank you for the idea of inviting the 'Rainbow Kindergarten' kids and teachers to come and see our gardens. It was very thoughtful of you. 
Did you like the funny shaped strawberries?
The Supa Small Blacks loved your idea of writing your name if you use something in the weekend.
Thank you for the book ideas for our library. We are hoping to read our picture books to the Rainbow Kindergarten children. We can practise reading them clearly and with expression! We hope you can come to our 'Library opening' when we have finished redesigning it!
Thank you for sharing your knowledge about the botanical names for plants. We are going to learn more about these next year.- Expert Plantagators.
The Waste Busters thank you for explaining to us how to put in a submission for a 'Recycling Centre'. We are looking forward to doing this for our community. 

It was sweet of you to say you really wanted to visit us.We were hoping you could come and you DID!! We know you are all very busy in your jobs and we appreciate it! 
We hope you enjoyed your time here and that you come back again soon. 
Yours sincerely, 
Anneke Waalwijk, on behalf of all of us at Apiti School.

Apiti School Enterprise at the Feilding Market
As a follow on from our Science learning. My Whanua group, the Hydrorangers, was going to sell walnut crackle at the Feilding market last term. But we were too busy and we ran out of time to do it well so we postponed it until term 4.
This term, with more time, we decided that all of the Whanau Groups should sell something at the market. So each Whanau Group planned an enterprise based on their action project; such as native planting, recycling / worms, creating community and sport.
This is the first time we have sold at the Feilding Market.
Before going to the market however, each whanau group had to discuss together things like labeling, pricing, posters and advertising and the best packaging. A lot of planning went into this project.

The following is what the groups sold:
Designing the labels for our worm wee.
Making Lemonrade
Huntah - Expert Plantagators – Native Plants.
Hannah – Waste Busters - Worm wee.
Zahn – Community Creators – Winter Pesto.
Charlotte – Hydro Rangers – Walnut Crackle.
Jaycee – Supa Small Blacks – Lemonade (Lemon syrup).

Preparing the Pesto
On arrival at the market we set up our table and bought in our boxes.  We each had a section to organize our goods on. Mrs Fielder organized the float. When selling our goods it was important that we had the right change to give them.
Before opening our stall, we decided that all of the Whanau group leaders would help each other out until every whanau group had sold their produce at the market. We were a team of leaders together. 
Pixel, Dylan, Lauren, Johnny and I sold each of our plants for $3.50.
The Community Creators were the first to sell out in only 30 minutes, the Hydro Rangers were sold out in about an hour and a half and the SSB’s in an hour and 45 minutes. We all know we had a great time.
Potting native plants for sale
From here we went to our swimming lessons.
Back at school we looked at our budget together. We worked out what we had sold, took out the float and took off our expenses to get our profit.  The profit we made was $155!
After coming back from the market we all agreed that it was a great idea and thought it would be an even better idea to do it again next year!
Once we had packed up we wandered over to the Feilding Information Centre. We said a big thank you to Casey and we gave her a complimentary plant. She told us that she would talk to the council. The ‘Keep Feilding Beautiful’ committee would find a special place to plant it in Feilding with a plaque beside it saying, “Donated by Apiti School.”
Walnut Crackle cooking
So we hope that in a few years when we go into Feilding we will see this plant!!
If anyone would like any native plants, at school we are selling plenty of Lemonwood, Totara, Five Fingers and Hebes for the same price of $3.50. If so please contact Huntah or Nicki Fielder at Apiti School.
We would like to thank Mrs Cuming, Mrs Fielder and Mrs Minnaar for all of their help to make this happen.
Thank you also to Fiona and Katherine for helping with cooking.
Cooperatively written by Jaycee, Zahn, Huntah, Hannah and Charlotte.

Hats and Sunscreen
Now that there is real heat in the sun, we feel that it is a good idea that all students wear a hat when outside and apply sunscreen regularly.  While we do have a supply of hats at school, students are most welcome to bring one from home - wide rimmed are recommended. 

Agri Kids Challenge
This weekend we have two teams entered in the Agri kids Challenge at the Manawatu Show. We wish them luck.

Sports News
Hockey - Year 3 & 4 Summer Hockey
Summer hockey is a fun way to give hockey a go. Games are short and practices minimal!
We have some keen little hockey players lined up for next year and it would be great to have the team sorted this year.  Games are in Palmerston North on Tuesdays between 4 and 5:30pm.  Cost is around $23 depending on how many are in the team.  If you have a child who is interested in giving hockey a go please give me a call
 - Katherine Gillespie, 027 296 5917, 06 3284 747, lh.kjgill@farmside.co.nz