Welcome to week 4 of term 4, 2013.

We would like to celebrate learning :- 
Mathletics Summary - 28th Oct - 3rd Nov.
Huntah - 179.  Johnny - 77.  David - 58.  Lauren - 57.  Travis - 45.  Sarah - 28.  Chloe - 25.   
Maths Challenge - 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x = Well done to Chloe (Year 3) who scored 50/50 in 3 minutes!  James (Year 2) who scored 50/50 in 6 minutes! and Johnny (Year 2) who scored 44/50 in 4 minutes.

Young Achiever Awards
This year, these were proudly awarded to Huntah and Hannah. Well done to you both!
We have so many young achievers and we must congratulate every student who participates and contributes as a leader both within our school and beyond!
Hannah and Huntah, along with their families and the other Young Achievers from the Feilding District, attended the Award Ceremony on Friday night.
Huntah - The Manawatu District Young Achievers Awards Evening was held at the Feilding Civic Centre last Friday the 1st of November.  The reason for this event is to recognise those students who were a real stand-out in their school / community during the past year.  We received a certificate and listened to the guest speaker who made me think about who I am reflecting, and 'am I being the best that I can be.'
Hannah - Last Friday night, Huntah and I went to the Young Achiever ceremony.  We had allocated seats. We had to shimmy our way to our seats.  As I take a look around, I see the Mayor Margaret Kouvalis and the MP Mr Ian McKelvie.  The room started to fill up and the screen was sliding.  Peoples names came up, they walked up on stage, shook the Mayor and Mr McKelvies hand, had a photo taken and walked off. We finally lined up.  Then Huntah went up and I was waiting to go up, then my name was called out.  My heart was racing and pounding, my veins were tense.  I walked up and got my certificate, had a photo taken and left the stage.  I thought I was going to be really nervous, but it wasn't that bad!  

Supa Small Blacks News
Moa Marathon - Saturday 9th November at Timona Park.
Over the past 8 weeks, all our students have been running the equivalent of a marathon, with the final 3.2 km being run this Saturday at 2pm.  This is a school event coinciding with and leading into the 59th Feilding Marathon.  Students will have the opportunity to finish with marathon runners from all over NZ.  You will need to be at Timona Park by 1.45.  Students will need to wear their school uniform and running shoes please.  If your child needs a ride, please contact Nicki.

Running Tips - From Chris and Zac at Sport Manawatu
  1. Run on your toes
  2. Keep your arms at your side like a train - opposite arm and leg.
  3. Relax your facial muscles  - By James
Run Jump Throw
With the help of Cameron from Sport Manawatu, our students are currently learning athletics skills. Please ensure your child is prepared daily for this, with suitable clothing. Training at home also prepares students well for athletics day, and helps them with their fitness.

Swimming - On Friday we went to the pool for swimming lessons.  I thought that I would be swim fit but that went out the window two weeks ago at our first lesson.  So in this lesson, I found it easier and my coach said that I was crazy asking to do all the strokes again.  I think that we are all going to be great swimmers after our lessons.  -  Jaycee.

The Arts - Music, Dance and Movement
Term 4 extension in the Arts is as follows:
Monday - Dance and Movement with Carly - Students can opt into a variety of dance forms. (Paid for by school)
Wednesday - Music with Jo B - Piano / Guitar / Glockenspiel / recorder / Choir / School singing - Students are continuing in the programme they have opted into. (Paid for by school)
Thursday - Drums with Tasha - Students may choose this option - $10 per 1/2 hour lesson.  There are still more places open for drum lessons if your child is interested.
                 Ukulele / Guitar with Jo E - Students may choose this option - contact Jo E for details
Toe by Toe
Welcome to Shelly who will be helping us and the students by taking on the Toe by Toe programme for the rest of term 4.  Great to have you on board.

Digi Awards
These are being held at 6.30pm tonight at the Regent Theatre. The finalists are Zahn for his music video entitled "Life is for Real", James with his photo essay - 'growing a bean' and "The Coconut Girls" - Chloe, Sarah and Lauren for their music and dance movie - we congratulate them for being finalists as there were over 900 entries ! We vwish them all the best for tonight and hope you all enjoy the occasion.

Kids Can Cook Programme
Last Friday we were privileged to have Chris Fortune, from the 'Kids can cook' Programme, visit our school. Chris has spent the last year travelling the country with his family and running cooking programmes for schools and their local communities. The aim is to show just how easy it is to cook fresh food using home grown produce. He had heard about the great school we have and the amazing sustainable progammes we implement. He choose Apiti School as the place he would like to be filmed to show his 2013 journey. This footage will be used in a variety of ways, including on the 'Kids can cook' website, his sponsor AMP's awards documentary and other related documentaries.
Despite the weather, our students proved he had made a great choice. He was very impressed by their knowledge and enthusiasm, saying it was one of the best schools he had visited. Great thumbs up to everyone ... !
This is what Chris wrote on his website ...

Apiti School is cooking with .....

gas and a great garden......What a great school, what a fantastic rural community as we were warmly greeted into the school.  Great School gardens and one of the best thank yous from the students that we have received on all of our travels

Apiti School was in good tasting form as we gave it a go on the Kids Can Cook Kitchen, there was lots and lots of thumbs up, lots of whisking, mixing, cutting, flipping and cooking as we talked about French food from France, Italian food from Italy and of course what is it that we like to grow and eat in NZ.  The Kids are give it a go kids, they were not afraid of anything, even green snotty vegetables, well done to all ….a great day on the Kids Can Cook Kitchen.  Communities + Connected = Smart
To view all photos and info on Apiti School - Click Here

New World Miniature Shopping Items
Do you know anyone who is collecting the tiny shopping items currently given out by New World? We would love any you don't need to use as part of our Maths programmes! Please give to Nicki. Many thanks!!
Rangiwahia School Resources
Many thanks to the Gillespies, Pratts, Digby's and Anna for helping transport resources and large goods from Rangiwahia School to Apiti. We had a short time frame and your help was appreciated. There were a large number of families who offered to help and this really was appreciated. The students also did a great job helping out. What a great team! We have been gifted some great resources ... thank you Rangiwahia!
Our next job is to integrate them into our school systems ... a huge job as I'm sure you can imagine, and if anyone would like to help with this it would be appreciated. Thank you Pat for the extra hours you have put in to helping with this!
Lamb and Calf Day Results
Junior Lambs
Leading - 1st - Sarah with Billy.  2nd - James with Lambchops.  3rd - Johnny with Billy.  4th= - Damian and Franklin.
Calling - 1st - James.  2nd - Johnny.  3rd - Damian.  4th - Sarah.
Rearing - 1st - Sarah.  2nd - James.  3rd - Johnny.  4th - Damian.
Junior Lamb Reserve Champion = Sarah.
Junior Lamb Champion Cup = James!
Intermediate Lambs
Leading1st – Dylan with Jo.  2nd – Tyler with Sprinkles.  3rd – Bianca.
Calling1st – Tyler.  2nd – Bianca.  3rd – Dylan.
Rearing1st – Dylan.  2nd – Bianca.  3rd – Tyler.  4th – Pixel.
Intermediate Lamb Reserve Champion = Tyler.
Intermediate Lamb Champion Cup = Dylan!
Senior Lambs
Leading - 1st - Nikki with Pip.  2nd - Anneke with Charlie.  3rd - Brooke with Sam.  4th - Joanne.
Calling - 1st - Brooke.  2nd - Anneke.  3rd - Nikki.  4th - David with Isabel.
Rearing - 1st - Brooke.  2nd - Anneke.  3rd - Nikki.  4th= - David / Lacey.
Senior Lambs Reserve Champion = Anneke.
Senior Lambs Champion Cup = Brooke! 
Senior Calves
Leading1st – Hannah with Emma.  2nd – Travis with Steve.  3rd – Huntah with Ruby.  4th – Charlotte with Charlie.
Walking Without a Lead1st – Hannah.  2nd – Huntah.  3rd – Travis.  4th – Charlotte.
Care and Attention1st – Travis.  2nd – Hannah.  3rd – Huntah.  4th – Charlotte.
Senior Calf Reserve Champion = Travis.
Senior Calf Champion Cup = Hannah!
Junior Calf
Leading1st – Derek.
Walking Without a Lead1st – Derek.
Care and Attention1st – Derek.
Junior Calf Champion Cup = Derek!
Senior Indoor Section – Years 6, 7 & 8.
Photo Essay1st – Jaycee.  2nd – Hannah.  3rd – Charlotte.  4th – Travis.
Short Story1st – Zahn.   2nd – Jaycee.  3rd – Hannah.  4th – Nikki.
Published Story1st – Huntah.  2nd – Charlotte.  3rd – Hannah.  4th – Lacey.
Pottery1st – Huntah.  2nd – Hannah.  3rd – Nikki.  4th – Travis.
Mosaic Paver1st – Charlotte.  2nd – Lacey.  3rd – Zahn.  4th – Huntah.
Creative Photography1st – Zahn.  2nd – Huntah.  3rd – Charlotte.  4th – Lacey.
Nature Drawing1st Nikki.  2nd – Hannah.  3rd – Charlotte.  4th - Travis.
Decorated Gumboot1st – Huntah.  2nd – Zahn.  3rd – Nikki.  4th – Charlotte.
Miniature Scene1st – Hannah.  3rd – Travis.  4th= – Zahn & Huntah.
Vegetable/Fruit Sculpture1st – Zahn.  2nd – Charlotte.  3rd – Nikki.  4th – Hannah.
Senior Indoor Cup = Hannah with 28 points!
2nd= - Zahn, Huntah & Charlotte with 27 points.  3rd – Nikki with 20 points.
Intermediate Indoor Section – Years 4 & 5.
Photo Essay1st – Dylan.  2nd – Bianca.  3rd – Tyler.  4th – Derek.
Short Story1st – Derek.   2nd – Dylan.  3rd – David.  4th – Anneke.
Published Story1st – Bianca.  2nd – Dylan.  3rd – Brooke.  4th – Tyler.
Pottery1st – Dylan.  2nd – Brooke.  3rd – David.  4th – Derek.
Mosaic Paver1st – Bianca.  2nd – David.  3rd – Brooke.  4th – Joanne.
Creative Photography1st – Tyler.  2nd – Derek.  3rd – David. 
Nature Drawing1st = – Brooke / Joanne.  2nd – Anneke.  3rd – Dylan.  4th = - Derek / Pixel.
Decorated Gumboot1st – Tyler.  2nd – Brooke.  3rd – Pixel.  4th – David.
Miniature Scene1st – Tyler.  2nd – Brooke.  3rd – Dylan.  4th – David.
Vegetable/Fruit Sculpture1st – Brooke.  2nd – Dylan.  3rd – Bianca.  4th – Tyler.
Intermediate Indoor Cup = Brooke and Dylan with 31 points!
2nd – Tyler with 26 points.  3rd – Bianca with 22 points.  4th – David with 21 points.
Junior Indoor Section – Years 1, 2 & 3.   
Photo Essay1st – Sarah.  2nd –  James.  3rd – Damian.  4th – Johnny.
Short Story1st – James.  2nd – Lauren.  3rd – Johnny.  4th – Franklin.
Published Story1st= – Chloe / Johnny.  2nd – Franklin.  3rd – Damian.  4th – Sarah.
Pottery1st – James.  2nd – Chloe.  3rd – Johnny.  4th – Lauren.
Mosaic Paver1st – Chloe.  2nd – Lauren.  3rd – Damian.  4th – Sarah.
Creative Photography1st – Johnny.  2nd – Chloe.  3rd – Damian.  4th - Sarah. 
Nature Drawing1st - Damian2nd – James.  3rd – Chloe.  4th - Lauren.
Decorated Gumboot1st = – Lauren / Sarah.  2nd – Franklin.  3rd – Johnny.  4th – Damian.
Miniature Scene1st – Sarah.  2nd – Johnny.  3rd – James.  4th – Damian.
Vegetable/Fruit Sculpture - 1st - James.  2nd - Johnny.  3rd - Sarah.  4th - Damian.
Bugs - 1st - Johnny.  2nd - Chloe.  3rd - James.
Junior Indoor Cup = James with 36 points!
2nd - Johnny with 35 points.  3rd - Chloe with 30 points.  4th - Sarah with 26 points.
Whanau Groups
Action Project Area1st = All Groups!
Foyer Display & Science Investigation1st – Community Creators.  2nd = - Expert Plantagators / Hydro Rangers.  3rd = - Supa Small Blacks / Waste Busters.
Blogspot1st – Waste Busters.  2nd= - Hydro Rangers / Community Creators.  3rd = - Supa Small Blacks / Expert Plantagators.
Native Area Care & Attention1st= - Waste Busters / Hydro Rangers.  2nd – Supa Small Blacks. 
3rd= - Expert Plantagators / Community Creators.
Scarecrow 1st – Hydro Rangers.  2nd= - Expert Plantagators / Community Creators.  3rd – Waste Busters.
4th – Supa Small Blacks.
Native Area Knowledge1st = – Waste Busters / Community Creators.  2nd= - Supa Small Blacks / Expert Plantagators.  3rd – Hydro Rangers.
Kowhai Tree Care1st – Supa Small Blacks.  2nd= - Expert Plantagators / Community Creators. 
3rd – Waste Busters.  4th – Hydro Rangers.
1st Whanau Group = Community Creators with 30 points.
2nd – Waste Busters with 29 points.  3rd – Hydro Rangers with 28 points.  4th – Expert Plantagators with 27 points.  Supa small Blacks – 26 points.
Congratulations to all our students who worked extremely hard on the indoor section displays, for being very innovative and imaginative and to all students who put a-lot of effort into raising a lamb or a calf - a real commitment!  
We would like to say a huge thank you to all those who helped out in any way to make this day a successful day, especially to the Indoor Judges :- Rosie, June, Cynthia, Lucy, Sandi and Julie and the Outdoor Judges:- Donna, Jason, Kevin, Paul, David and Hamish (from Totally Vets).
To Totally Vets who so kindly donated all the Ribbons and Rosettes (as they do every year), this is very much appreciated! Anwyl who judged the Whanau Group displays - not an easy task.  Pat for writing out all the certificates.  June for supplying the yummy scones for the judges morning tea.  To all the parents who supplied the great pot luck lunch and the yummy afternoon tea and who helped out in the kitchen.  Blair and his helper for manning the BBQ.  Ben and Hilton for supplying the scrim and calf ring.  Adam for mowing the field - it looked great!  To all the parents for all the support given to the school for raising a lamb or a calf and of-course our great students and their lovely lambs and calves.  This day creates a learning opportunity which encourages children to learn the responsibility of just how to care for a lamb or calf.  This really is a community event and it was great to see so many parents, grandparents and community members here supporting the children.  Thank you to all parents who contributed to the great raffle. The well deserved winner of the raffle was Chonee.  
Working Bee
We are holding a working bee on the 14th November at 1pm. We would love to see at least one member of each family there, and any community members who would like to help out. If you are unable to help out on the 14th and would like to do a job on another day, please contact Mary or Ben. Thanks

Happy Birthday! to the following students, we hope you had / have a great day :-
2nd November - Franklin!   13th November - David!    16th November - Brooke!

Sports News
Hockey - Last Wednesday we played hockey in Palmerston North at the Hockey Turf.  My team is the Oroua Osprey's and we played the RSS Ravens.  We won 5 - 3 and I stopped a goal.  Our team was better at support this game.  -  Tyler.
Charlotte and Hannah's team is the Oroua Otters.  Our 1st game of the season, we played the RSS Ravens. We worked well together, but we could have done some calling.  The score was 3 - 0 to us!
In our 2nd game, we played A.O.K Purple Sticks.  They were quite hard - they had some big guys in their team and they worked well together, they won 3 - 0.  -  Charlotte.
Tennis - At tennis we practiced forehands, smooth motions, ready positions - back - swing - to over your shoulder.  We practised until we noticed everybody sitting on the other court.  We played a game using scoring as you scored a point you get one point and serve.  The winner is the first person to score 15 points. I played Tom and I won 15 - 11.  -  Zahn.
Cricket - My cricket team had a draw, I got 36 runs in my first bat.  In my 2nd bat I got 28 runs.  -  Dylan.