Welcome to week 3 of term 3 2013.
We are only 2 weeks into the term and learning really is in full swing. It is great to see students planning their time and making the most of the huge opportunities that they have available to them!!

We are delighted to welcome Jaycee, a Year 8 student and his family to our school. Jaycee has settled fantastically into learning here and is excelling in the many learning experiences he is having at Apiti School.
We also had two visitors to our school last week. Zara and Zoe, from Germany, spent a couple of days with us; as did Clara, visiting with her family from Spain. It is great to share with and learn from others.

Celebrating our successes
Basic facts learning
Well done to these students who have beaten their personal record (speed and accuracy) - Jaycee, Zahn, Huntah, Hannah, Brooke, Nikki.

All students have just published their most recent maths learning and maths knowledge goals for the beginning of term 3. To share these with your child and see how you can help at home, please click on the maths link in their e-portfolios.

Congratulations to these students who have mastered the most concepts in Mathletics for the 1st half of 2013.
1st = Tyler
2nd = Hannah
3rd = Travis
4th = Charlotte
5th = Huntah
The top 3 students have been sent a certificate for outstanding achievement. This is a very beneficial learning site.

Board of Trustees Meeting
This meeting will be held tonight (Monday the 12th) starting at 7.00pm in the school staff room.  All members of the community are welcome to attend.  Please view the agenda by clicking on the BOT tab down the side of the newsletter.

Celebrating the achievements of our past students
Well done to Ethan who gained distinction in a recent ICAS science exam. This really is quite an achievement!!
We love to hear of the achievements and milestones of all Apiti students; past and present. It is one of the benefits of being in a rural community where everyone cares about your learning.

ASB Maths Challenge
We will be taking part in this nationwide challenge on the 21st and 22nd of August. It is free to Mathletics students. There are loads of prizes from ASB, including prizes for the best student, class and school in the country. Students are encouraged to participate as much as possible at home and at school.

Apiti Speeches / Assembly
Apiti Students would like to invite you to our Apiti Speech Assembly this Friday the 16th of August.
Time :12.45
Venue: School Library
We begin the afternoon by reading to a buddy to develop
our fluency and to read and listen to new books 
This will be followed by an afternoon tea to welcome our new families. We look forward to seeing you all here.
Reminder: The Oroua Speech Competition is the following Thursday (22nd August). We are aiming to take all senior students so they can hear Oroua's best!! We would love transport for this please.

In literacy we have been learning about the vocabulary and structure that best suits a persuasive argument.
We thought Brooke's letter had some great original arguments  ... and was particularly heart wrenching!
Dear Mum and Dad,
This morning I found a little kitten in the garden. It is VERY cute so I am writing to ask if I can keep it.
Obviously we don't have a cat. Of course, without a cat, you have a mouse problem. And you know how much we have a mouse problem!! 
Do you really think it is fair that Johnny has a dog? I could have a cat and that would be fair. 
Just think about that poor cat; out there all alone. It will starve to death.
It could live in the pantry. That's where all of the mice are!
I will feed it but not too much!!!
Would you like to live out in the cold all alone?
Love from 
"I wonder ... ?" - Science, Technology and Design

All senior students will this week be beginning their science / technology investigations.We are currently looking at what makes a 'good' investigation.  Some investigations may need support from home, depending on time and materials required. Thank you in advance for this. If you have any questions along the way, please get in touch with Nicki.
Junior Students are learning in Science and Technology using beans.

Hydro Rangers testing their Pinata Design
In a few weeks we will be making mosaiac tiles. If you have spare ice cream containers at home we would really appreciate them. - Nicki

Do you have a bit of time on a Wednesday or Thursday afternoon. We would love a couple of people to help supervise painting outside. Just let Nicki or Anwyl know if you are available.

Zero Waste - 21st August
Dog Safety Education - 29th August

Conservation Week
We will be celebrating conservation week on the 10th of September.  Our focus is to tie our plant propagating process at school with taking action in the community. So the trees we raise are used to help plant out on  local farms. We are negotiating with Horizons to join us on the day. We will be planting out at Hilton Digby's wetland development.  You are very welcome to join us!!

Community Creators Pinata Technology
Whanau Group Action Learning
Community Creators
We are planning to spruce up the library. First we have got to visit libraries around the Manawatu and get ideas. Then we have got to visit a carpet store and pick some nice colours for carpet mats. Finally we have got to get some couches and cushions to make it a comfortable place that people want to spend time in.
Hydro Rangers
In our veggie garden in the middle we are going to have 4 tyres and in them we are going to have raspberries, blackberries, cranberries and rhubarb. We are going to plant some tomatoes which Anneke is responsible for and the rest of us are going to grow cherry tomatoes, parsley, coriander and basil. We are going to sell our walnut crackle and maybe our pesto at the Feilding market in week 8.
Waste Busters
We have had a afternoons work with Hilton (which was very much appreciated) and have nearly completed our  new worm farm. We have followed a plan that had the right amount of space for our little worms! Hopefully now we can continue and start fresh with a new worm farm. We are hopefully going to start to plan the selling of the worm wee. We will TRY to keep you updated and to inform you when you can buy it!
Supa Small Blacks
We have just set the Table Tennis Table from the hall up at school. Thank you for the opportunity to use it!
We have bought a new net and some bats and balls. SSupa Small Blacks
 Rules for Table Tennis
  1.  Take care of the gear
  2. Tidy up when done
  3. Seniors use senior bats - wooden red/black
  4. juniors use junior bats -plastic  black
  5. Play rules fairly
  6. No eating on the table 
  7. No siting or lending on the table
Days -
Monday - senior singles 
Tuesday - junior singles
Wednesday - senior doubles
Thursday - junior doubles
 Friday - funday

The table is set up in the cooking room. Please talk to Travis if you would like to join us for a game.
Expert Plantagators
We have thought about making compost bins for our school to help our native areas. Hilton, Huntah's grand-dad, is making us some compost bins. We have figured out that we would like to have 3 bins and each one will be, 1x1 metres wide and 900 mm high.

We plan a Grand Opening of our action learning area as our final assembly of the term.

Ukulele / Guitar
It is great to see so many students keen to learn these instruments. As Jo E is unable to teach these in school time now, she has organised an alternative time with parents and students. Because it is after school, it is best to contact Jo directly re lessons and payment. 

Oroua Soccer Tournament
We are learning soccer skills with Sport Manawatu each Monday. For the next three weeks, P.E. and fitness will practice soccer fitness, skills and teamwork as we prepare for the Oroua competition which will be held on Monday the 2nd of September at Manfield in Feilding (please note the change of venue).
If you are able to help with coaching the senior team, please talk to Nicki. Your expertise would be appreciated.

Thank you so much Adam for mowing the school field! It looks good and it sure makes soccer practice a little easier which is really appreciated.

Our Ski trip dates will be confirmed at tonight's BOT meeting. There will be a newsletter update in the next couple of days regarding this.

Sports Report
Hannah and Brooke's team - Oroua played Colyton and won 9 - 2.  We had to keep our defence and mid court in position and work together.
Next week we have a challrnge ahead of us as we are playing North Street.
Charlotte and Huntah's team played Bulls. We won 4 - 2.  We worked together and passed the ball and called for it in space.
Huntah's team Highlanders played Bush and won 50 - 5. They are the team we played the previous weekend and we lost 22 - 17. It was a huge improvement. We used strategies because we knew how they played. I scored 2 tries and ran the whole field to get them. Yesterday I had rep training and we find out more about where and who we are playing this week.
At the recent Bulls rep tournament, Huntah's team (Fldg under 11's) won their age grade.  Huntah scored 4 tries!
Dylan's team Auckland, played the hardest team in our grade and won 75 - 35. It was try after try. The tackling wasn't as good this week so we are going to practice this. I set up a lot of the tries.
Tyler's team, Wanganui, played Waikato. It was a draw 12 all. Our tackles were good. 
James team Northland are still unbeaten.  James has been picked for the reps playing this Sunday.
Johnny's team East Coast played King Country who always beat us, but this time we won 7 - 4.

Sabbatical Update
Mary continues on her sabbatical and is now in Wimbolton in England.  She has visited several small rural schools in England most recently in 'Almmouth' in Northern England.  Mary has enjoyed the visits but has found that our NZ schools cater more for the whole of the childs learning whereas they seem to focus more on just parts of learning like phonics.  Most schools are now on their summer holidays for the next 6 weeks.
Mary will be heading off to Jakarta within the next couple of weeks where she will visit several schools as well as visiting a few academies which are equivalent to our private schools where she hopes to observe and bring back lots of cool art ideas.  We look forward to hearing more about her travels on her return.