08/07/2013 Newsletter

Welcome to week 10 of term 2, 2013 and the last week of the term.
Term Dates:-
Term 2 :  6th May - 12th July.  Term 3 : 29th July - 27th Sept.  Term 4 : 14th Oct - 20th Dec.

We would like to welcome Mrs Mary Burton (and Ross) back from their nice long holiday overseas.  Nice to see you back here safe and well.  Mrs Burton will be teaching in the junior room for this week while Mrs Minnaar is back in the senior room.  

Oroua Group of Schools Cross Country
 - Friday 28th June.
Once again, all our students proved just what great competitors and good sports-people they are, you did Apiti school and yourselves proud!  Well done to all students who participated and completed the very trying course, all the hard training leading up to this event paid off!! 
Thank you to all parents for the great support on the day and thank you to Waituna West for hosting the event - the weather was perfect!
Congratulations to the following students who finished in the top 10 placings :-
6 year old girls  - 1st Sarah!  3rd Lauren.
6 year old boys - 3rd Johnny.  7th Logan.
7 year old boys - 1st James!
8 year old boys - 7th Derek.  10th Tyler.
9 year old girls  - 3rd Brooke.
9 year old boys - 2nd Dylan.
10 year old girls - 3rd Hannah.  4th Charlotte.
11 year old boys - 2nd Huntah.  7th Cole.
All children completed the course they ran!!  Well done to you all!!

Oroua Group of Schools Tennis Tournament
Thank you to those parents who provided transport to and from Feilding for this event last Wednesday.
The students enjoyed the opportunity to play either singles or double matches.  

This Thursday, Natasha from Horizons will be bringing a Manawatu District Council rep out to visit our school to see how an Enviro-school runs.  The students will be sharing their work and projects. 

Assembly - Friday 12th July
Assembly will start at 1.30 in the senior room this Friday the 12th of July.  All parents, grandparents, friends are welcome to attend.  This will be followed by a shared afternoon tea.  Hope to see you here.
Shared Afternoon Tea - Friday 12th July
This Friday we are planning a shared afternoon tea to farewell Cole and Logan, starting at 2 ish after assembly.  Please bring finger food suitable to share for afternoon tea on this day, everyone is most welcome to join us. 

Bon Apiti
Healthy lunches will continue as they have over the past couple of months. The options include wedges, sausages on toast / bread with baked beans.

Apiti / Oroua Group of Schools Speech Competition
This speech competition will be held on Thursday the 22nd of August (week 4) in the Oroua clubrooms in Kimbolton.

Topic - An open persuasive argument about a topic of choice. 

Listening and speaking are essential for language development, for learning, for relating to others, and for living successfully in society.  Students should learn to express their own ideas, feelings, and thoughts clearly, and respond to others appropriately, in a range of formal and informal situations.
Students need structured, planned experiences in order to develop the listening and speaking skills that they will use in adult life.  They should understand the processes by which they acquire these skills, think critically about what they hear, and use oral language to gather, process, and present information.  
It is a great skill for life to develop. 
All students should be thinking about their persuasive speech now and your help with providing the opportunity for your children to further develop their arguments through discussion with you at home would be very helpful and beneficial. This helps them develop their argument, the evidence to justify their beliefs and the use of persuasive and emotive language.   It would be great if they could tackle something relevant to their lives.
These will be presented at a school assembly early term 3.  Students are encouraged to use props to support their argument.  The winners of the Apiti competition will go forward to the Oroua Speech competition.

Colgate Empty Carton Race
Thank you to everyone who contributed to this competition by bringing your cartons to school.  Our understanding was that we would be in a group of schools with a total number of students under 150, but  unfortunately we still had to have a total of 400+ cartons to even be considered for a prize, which we found to be well out of our league.  We told Colgate that that rule was not made clear at the beginning of the competition and that we were extremely disappointed with this promotion. 

Oroua Schools Soccer Tournament
This tournament will be held on Monday the 2nd of September at the Kimbolton Domain.  To prepare for this tournament we will be having soccer coaching every Monday starting on Monday the 29th of July (first day of term 3) and continuing every Monday for 6 weeks.  The coaching will be by Sport Manawatu coaches.  Students will need to come to school prepared for soccer practice e.g shorts, shoes.  All students will be involved as there is a senior and a junior competition - Years 0 - 3 and Years 4 - 8.  

Oroua Schools Science Expo
We are about to start planning for the Oroua Science expo which will happen in week 7 on Thursday the 12th of September at Kiwitea School.  All students have confirmed topics, as part of the ‘How does it Work ' unit. We expect them to investigate an area of interest especially focusing on how it works. This could include ideas such as diagrams, model making, innovations or improvements on a theme and flow charts may also be included.  More information closer to this event.

Board of Trustees Meeting
The next Board meeting will be held on Monday the 12th of August on the staff room stating at 7.00p.m.
All members of the public are welcome to attend.

Sports Reports - 29/06/2013Rugby
Huntahs team - Highlanders (Fldg under 11's) – 19, played the Blues - 17.  Huntah scored 1 try.
Tylers team - Wanganui (Fldg under 8's) - 25 played Auckland - 10.  Tyler scored 5 tries!! Way to go Tyler!
Dylan’s team - Auckland 5 played Wairarapa Bush - 9.
James team - North Harbour - 11 tries to 3 against Waikato, James scored one try, James’ team is undefeated so far this season!
Saturday 06/07/2013 - Rugby 
Huntahs team - Highlanders – 5, played Marist Green - 15. 
Tylers team - Wanganui - 4 played Northland - 6.  Tyler scored 1 try.
Dylan’s team - Auckland 13, played North Harbour - 2.
Hannah and Brooke's team, Oroua - 8, played Manchester St A's - 8.  Brooke was named Player of the Day!
Hockey - Friday 05/07/2013
Cole, Huntah and Charlotte's team, Oroua - 7, played South Makirikiri - 0.  Huntah scored 1 goal and Cole saved 1 goal. 
Last Wednesday we did the X Factor - Nikki.

We enjoy reporting on our students sports news and one of the best ways to receive this information is to email it to christinedigby@apiti.school.nz before mid-day every Monday.

Happy Birthday to the following student who will celebrate his birthday during the holidays, we  hope you have a great birthday!  20th July - Derek!

As this is the last newsletter for this term, we would like to wish you all a very happy and safe holiday and look forward to seeing you all back here on Monday the 29th of July.