Term Dates : 7th February - 5th April.
2nd Term : 23rd April - 6th July.
3rd Term : 16th July - 5th October.
4th Term : 15th October - 20th December.

Welcome back for term 1 2012.
We hope everyone enjoyed time with their families and friends and also enjoyed some summer weather.
We have lots of exciting learning planned for this term and right through-out 2012.

We have started the new school year with 27 students, 17 in the senior room, 10 in the junior room, with 3 new entrants starting within the next two terms.

We welcome the following students to Apiti School.
Tessa is a year 8 student.
Cole as a year 6 student - great to see Cole back with us.
Tehya as a brand new entrant. Tehya is a younger sister to Chevelle and Keanu.
Welcome aboard to Tessa, Cole and Tehya. We know you will all enjoy learning at Apiti School.
Unfortunately we have had to say farewell to Ashleigh, Ethan, Ashley, Logan and Sasha. We wish them all well at their new schools and for their future.
We also said farewell to our year 8 student Caleb who is now attending High School. We wish Caleb all the very best for his High School years and for his future in his chosen field.

Looking Forward....
We look forward to receiving the written ERO report, as the oral report was very positive.

We hope everyone enjoyed sharing their children’s learning through their reports and the information available on their record keeping pages. At Apiti School we usually have mid year conferences to discuss learning and set goals. This year we will provide the opportunity for a teacher, parents, and student conference, on the 14th of February. Please check the newsletter conference page to see available slots and come and see us, ring or email us to make a time. If you are not available on the 14th Feb just let us know so that we can arrange a suitable time. These will be for 15mins each student. It is designed as an opportunity to discuss learning goals, clarify learning and ensure communication that further enables us to work together to help your child reach his / her full potential.

The first Unit for the term is ‘Naturally Creative’.
The Apiti Show, provides an excellent opportunity to showcase the high levels of learning and achievement of our students. It also gives the students an authentic context for learning. As part of this unit we are focusing on creative writing, poetry and the use of quality descriptive language.
Through assessment we have identified a need in this area. The students will be creating a senses poem, based on the 5 senses :- look, hear, touch, smell and taste. This will be on an aspect of nature. The poem will be presented creatively.
Our focus in mathematics will be addition, subtraction and measurement. As part of this we will be making bird houses . These will be used around the school to encourage starlings, as they help keep the porina moth numbers down. This is part of our science, technology and education for sustainability learning areas. We would like all students to bring materials from home, as these are going to be made at school. We are sure you will have a lot of recycled materials suitable for this, it could include nail boxes, plastic drench containers, tin cans, old containers. We would appreciate spare wood, nails, and also the use of named tools eg tape measures, saws , hammers. The bird houses can be decorated with natural or recycled decorations., and should be able to be outside. All making will be done at school. If you are available to help on any afternoon please let us know, as extra parent supervision and help would be appreciated.
After reviewing our procedures re-parent help, this year we would like to trial this … All parent helpers to work with students other than their own, when helping at school. We hope that you can support us with this and give us feedback.
As part of our art programme we will all be sketching something in Nature from still life, this follows on from the sketching focus from last term in the senior room.
A poster “Celebrating our Environment" will further develop students use of language and graphic design and support our on going committement to sustainability.

We hope you can discuss options and ideas for all of these areas of learning. This work will be part of the school competition at the Apiti show. This is the 70th Show and we congratulate the area for continuing to run this event, which will be a great event this year with the extension completed on the extra shearing stands. Remember we have schedules available, if you haven’t received one. The Apiti Show is on the 25th February and it is a great community day. It is also one of our main fundraising days, especially as it is when we can get money from outside the area. ASSA provide the judges lunches on the day, and you will be asked to provide food for this. We run some fundraising activities like a Closest to the pin, golf competition and this year a nail driving competition. Please expect to help during the day to run these activities.

Senior room Students have a Home/School Journal to be used for homework, current learning and communication between home and school.
Because this journal is expected to travel between home and school, it is recommended that it be covered with a good book covering or be kept in a zip-lock plastic bag. This journal will be set up this week. Please ask your child to explain and share the journal with you.

This term we have Kurt available to take tennis each Wednesday from 11.30 -12.30 . He will coach students for $6 per lesson per pupil . Please contact the school if you would like your children to be involved in this great opportunity.

Technicraft for our Year 7 and 8 students is on Mondays starting 13th February. Students will need to take pens, a pencil, ruler, 1 1B5 . Please ensure long hair is tied back and wear covered in shoes. The bus leaves Kimbolton School at 9am so parents need to organise transport to and from Kimbolton.

Swimming and Sun Care
There will be swimming every day during class time while the weather is warm, so we need students to bring their togs and towel please as this is in preparation for the Oroua Group of Schools swimming sports. Students will always be able to hop out of the pool if they get cold, but those who do feel the cold may like to bring along wetsuits to swim in. There will also be a lunch time swim for those who would like one.
Students are also required to take responsibility for their own sun care while at school i.e sunhats which they bring from home and wearing sunscreen.

Thank You
It was a delight to return back to school this week having the grounds and rooms looking exceptionally tidy and clean.
Special thanks to Hilton for mowing the field and to Kesty for picking up the grass.
Thank you to Nicki, Pete, Amber and Zahn for dismantling the shelves making space for the server area.
Thank you to Richard for helping Deltina with the mower problems and thank you to anyone else who helped out in any way to make the holiday period run smoothly.

Not Needed
We have a Canon Fax machine and 2 printers not needed at school anymore. If interested, please pop in and have a look and if you would like to take one or more away, a small donation to the school would be appreciated.