Term Dates : Term 1 : 7th February - 5th April.(Thursday)
Term 2 : 23rd April - 29th June.
Term 3 : 16th July - 28th September.
Term 4 : 15th October - 20th December.

Welcome to week 3 of term 1, 2012.

What's Happening:-

Quality Work Table!!!:- Handwriting - Tom, Huntah, Jack, Travis, Hannah, Charlotte, Keanu, Brooke. Spelling - Jack. Maths - Chevelle, Jack, Hannah, Charlotte, Logan, Pixel, Brooke. Writing - Travis.

We began the year with Cameo writing about a part of our holiday. It was great to see students focused straight away on their personal goals to improve their writing.
"Re re re re ..." "Mum. Dad. Wake up!" "Breakfast!" "Oh no. No bowls. Dad, where are all of the bowls?" "Hurry up dad." Gzzs. "Hi dad" "I will help you Travis." "Travis ..." "Yes mum." "Hop in the press." "Ok mum." "Oh ... a black cat. Oh I can see a black cat." We looked for it. "Follow the cat!! Fiona, catch it!! Damn Dean, catch it!!" We got the cat. "Hey, it's friendly. It's not a wild cat! It's a friendly cat." "We will call it Coke." Well ... I've got bad news ... Coke died. By Travis

We are now developing the quality of our writing through poetry. Our first published piece will be on display at the Apiti Show.

We would like to thank Tania and Fiona for their support in remedial reading programmes at school. Christine L and Fiona, along with Pat, have trained to help with Toe by Toe, an individualised reading programme and some of them also attended a phonics (decoding sounds) course. The teachers have also attended courses this month. It has been proven to be an effective programme to help students develop their phonics when reading. Liz Kane the RTlit is helping us this term to review our learning and teaching in this area.

Apiti Show
Many thanks to the parents and community members who responded with our request for help as we worked on Apiti Show learning tasks. We understand that your time is precious. Supervision and help with sketching, cutting and connecting bird house pieces was invaluable and allowed students to turn their plans, or adapted plans, into reality!
Special thanks to Jock, for his many hours of work.
Thanks also to Katherine for help with supervising swimming training.

A number of students now have ipods. Used properly these are a very valuable learning tool, and we encourage their use, as we believe in educating students with IT not blocking use, as the flow of IT into all our lives is unavoidable and we should embrace the mainly positive aspects. There are a number of great educational apps that can be downloaded and they provide access to great educational websites and tools including calculators and dictionaries, but higher level thinking tools too. They do get us thinking about a couple of possible issues ...
  • These are expensive tools and if you choose to let your children bring them to school, they are their responsibility, not ours.
  • It seems an appropriate time for you to discuss internet safety with your children as not all homes have a filter, like Watch dog which we have at school, to block inappropriate sites. Also what do they do if they get onto an inappropriate site or if someone asks for their details. There are a couple of sites which teach them appropriate internet behaviour. Supakids plus http://www.scplus.com/d/index.php is the site that teaches them appropriate behaviour and there are many safety lessons, and safe email chat groups on a variety of topics. Each student has a password for this site, it is fully monitored so we can see who and when it is being used.
  • There is a lot of information available now and this site http://www.hectorsworld.com/island/index.html is very child friendly and is used by the school and should be used from home.
  • It is a combined responsibility of home and school to educate students in this area. We have not allowed students to be on the internet while there is no adult in the classroom. We believe education is paramount. We will now allow some sites eg sunshine online http://www.sunshineonline.com.au/, which we have a 28day free trial now. Sites are on, and more will appear on the junior and senior link http://apitischoolwiki.wikispaces.com/Senior+Room on the wiki eg mathletics , study ladder, students have individual logins and passwords , and they know these. Any problems contact the school. Teachers set tasks appropriate to learning needs and monitor use. There are also listening to reading sites eg http://www.mightybook.com/story_books.html and http://storynory.com/. Research shows students who are read to and listen to stories as well as are read to up to high school age, end up with a higher education level.
  • Senior students have discussed appropriate use of ipods at school. We have agreed:
  1. Students may only use an ipod in school time to help with learning. Examples of this are literacy; listening to reading, mathletics, marking maths, research.
  2. Ear phones are only to be used when it suits the learning task; such as listening to reading in literacy.
  3. School is a place to learn to communicate with others so there is not to be any social messaging or face time while at school.
  4. Ipods must be put away when they are not being used for a specific purpose.
  5. If anyone uses their ipod inappropriately, their parents will be contacted and they will need to leave it at home for the next week. If there are any more issues, they will not have the privilege of using their ipod for learning at school for a term.
Swimming training
We have aimed to train in our school pool daily for the Oroua Swimming sports. We have been quite disappointed by the few children who have been prepared for swimming at school. Please send a note or let your teacher know if your child is not able to swim for any reason. We will continue to timetable swimming into our school day as it is part of the New Zealand Curriculum.
We understand that it is difficult however for the more capable swimmers. If you are in town and are able to give your children the opportunity to swim the distances they will race, without being interrupted by the end of the pool, I am sure they would appreciate it. With the summer we have had, and students not wanting to swim or getting cold quickly in the school pool, isn't it lucky we had swimming lessons and deep water experience at Makino in November!

Training at the Makino Pool this Thursday - 23rd.
A reminder that this training day at the Makino is in preparation for the Oroua Group of Schools Swimming Sports happening on Friday the 2nd of March. On Thursday, we will need to leave school at 11.15 so we can fit in a swim before and after lunch.
This will give our children the opportunity to swim the race widths / lengths that they have entered into, to practice their start and finish skills and to build water confidence - a very worthwhile day.
Students will need to take their togs, 2 towels, sun block, a good packed lunch and a drink.
Thank you to those who have offered to take transport, it is much appreciated. I have allocated students to the following vehicles :-
BETHWAITE :- Cole, Logan, David & Sarah.
CUMING :- Tyler, Huntah, Tessa & Danni.
FIELDER :- Alex, Ben, Tom . (back to Colyton)
GILLESPIE :- Charlotte, Hannah & Brooke.
MADDEN :- Ryan, Stanley, Jack & Johnny.
ROSS :- Chevelle, Keanu & Tehya.
VICKERS :- Lacey, Pixel, Chloe & Franklin.
WILSON-BRYANT :- Logan & Hayley.
If you need to change these arrangements, please let Mary know a.s.a.p.
A reminder that we will return back to Apiti in time for the school bus run at 3.00pm (if required). If organised with your teacher and driver, students may go straight home.

Healthy Lunches
These will start every Tuesday and Thursday from next week (Tuesday 28th). This term we will be making hamburgers and will sell for $2.00 each. We would really love donations of mince and / or cheese or any other fillings please. This would be very much appreciated.
The healthy lunch committee is Tessa, Stanley, Chevelle and Tom as they are the oldest students.

Oroua Events
The dates for these were planned at the Oroua teachers meeting last week. They are published for your convenience on our google calendar. If you would like help accessing the google calendar or would like a paper copy, please let Mary know.

The first Oroua event for 2012 is our Swimming Sports (2nd March), followed by the Oroua Triathlon (15th March) for senior students at Rangiwahia.

It is great to see so many families involved in the Manawatu Triathlon Association Try-a-Tri series each Monday. Information about this can be found on the following website. http://www.triclub.co.nz/

Oroua Group of Schools Swimming Sports - Friday 2nd March
This event takes place at the Makino Aquatic Centre in Feilding on Friday the 2nd of March, there is no postponement date, the weather would need to be really bad for the sports to be cancelled, so please come prepared.
This event is for the whole school, but the juniors will have a different programme.
The whole school is to meet inside the Makino pool complex by 9.30 seated hehind the Apiti School sign. Entry to the pool is free.
Children will require their togs, 2 towels, their lunch, a drink, warm clothes, a hat and sunscreen.
Students are required to wear their school uniform please. Could we ask parents to sit with the swimmers to make sure they are ready for their events - their event numbers will be written on their hand and programmes will be given out on the day. Could we also ask two parents (or take turns)to help out with the time keeping please. Championship cups will be given out after the last event. There will be no lunch break, so children will need to eat when they have a good break between races, or as required. Kimbolton School will have for sale, bread rolls for $3.00, sausages in bread for $2.00 and cakes/slices/muffins for $1.00.
Teachers will be marshalling on this day.
Parents are asked to arrange transport for their own children on this day. It is a great Oroua day and a chance to see your children and their swimming confidence and ability. Thanks to those who have supported their children by taking them for extra training. If you have difficulty with transport, please contact the school as soon as possible. The school bus will not run at all on this day.
The programme for the seniors should conclude at about 2.00, so those who are not going to stay at the pool, please make sure you return to the pool in plenty of time to pick your children up.

No children are to use the pool shop during the day. The trampolines and other pools are strictly out of bounds.
The younger students (Junior room unless told otherwise) are to meet inside the Makino, sitting down near the trampoline but not on it. At 10.00, Apiti, Kimbolton and Rangiwahia students will walk to the library. 11 - 11.30 - playtime at Makino park. 11.30 - change into togs. 11.45 - start swimming programme. These events should be finished by 12.45 at which time students will be returned to their parents or if desired, the weather is good and a teacher is free to watch them, they may have free time in the small pool.

Cup age groups :- Junior = 8 years and under. Intermediate = 9 and 10 year olds. Senior = 11 years and over.

Tennis lessons
The first tennis lesson when all students had a go was paid for by the school but then parents would need to pay if they want their children to learn tennis. Kurt is a well known coach and has a great manner with the students. At first he thought the lessons would be $6 per child, but as there are only 10 students taking up this great coaching opportunity he is going to have to charge $8 per lesson / per child. If you are available to come down at lunchtime to help run a tennis ladder we would love to see you, any day 12.45-1.30.
If tennis isn't your game, the students would appreciate help with training for the triathlon too, over lunchtime or in the afternoon. Let us know if you can help.

Education Outside The Classroom
At the recent Board meeting, the Board gave approval for our yearly whole school EOTC trip. This year we are planning to go to Wanganui. The dates for this years camp will be the 19th-21st March or the 20th - 23rd March. We have been waiting for the definite dates of the Art bus to the Oroua Group before we could confirm. As soon as we know, we will confirm with you!!
Students will begin planning for camp this Thursday. They will share this planning with you at an EOTC meeting at our first assembly on Friday the 9th of March. Could a representative from each family be at this meeting please or contact us.

Board of Trustees
Our current Trustees would like another parent or member of our community to join their team. This is an exciting opportunity for someone out there to become involved at grass roots level with the all important issues, decisions and challenges facing our board and teachers to teach your children in today's ever changing world.
If you are interested in joining the team, please talk to any of the board members who will gladly answer your questions.

Thank You
Thanks to Richard for attending to the Filter pump that had recently packed up - we appreciate your help.

Please note policies and procedures are on our blogspot :- http://www.apitischoolnewsletter.blogspot.co.nz/p/apiti-school-policies-and-procedures.html.
Check the google calender link http://www.apitischoolnewsletter.blogspot.co.nz/p/school-calendar.html for updated dates.
The BOT area will have the Charter and targets for 2012 soon as well as meeting minutes and agendas. http://www.apitischoolnewsletter.blogspot.co.nz/p/board-of-trustees.html
Remember there is a community tab where everyone can add information and events.
The Apiti Show schedule is up there also.

Apiti Show fundraising
We would like to thank the Apiti Show committee for allowing us to use this local event for fundraising. It is a great opportunity to get money from outside the area, and also provide fun events for people attending the show. Thanks to all those who support us.
Our main fundraiser is providing lunches for judges, time keepers and helpers. Could all food for the lunches please be at school by Friday at 3pm or at the Domain by 11am.
Sara, Mike, Blair and Adam will be running the golf, so please help them at some stage during the day. We are also running nail driving and Lucky spot in the sand trailer events. As well as 2 raffles, it would be great if you or your children could help with these. Thanks to those who have offered to serve the judges lunches Katherine, Yvonne and Christine D. Also thanks to June for helping us with food and plates.
At our school we do not have school fees, some schools charge up to $120 per student for school fees and then charge for every education outside the classroom learning activity, including cultural, music, sport and drama. We believe fundraising builds community spirit and everyone helps with their area of expertise. We are very lucky in this area to have some amazing cooks, organisers, marshals, gardeners, farmers, even people who can apply successfully for grants. Remember ASSA has to raise $8000 every year, as the operations grants paid to schools does not cover the costs of running the school. Many schools, especially local schools, have to raise more and still charge fees, which parents are not required by law to pay, and many do not. Fundraising is a fact of life in our society, and we are teaching the students here, about fundraising. Special thanks to those who have ability in this area.
Thank you for your offers of support for the trail bike ride, this has raised over $2000, in the past, and will be on 29th April. It is another school/community event we need support for please.
We are always interested in other fundraising ideas. Please tell the school or Blair who is Chairperson of ASSA if you have any ideas. Thanks!

Scholastic Book Club
Scholastic books are due back to school by Wednesday the 29th of February. Money and orders in a sealed named envelope please. - J. Beard.