Swimming Transport

Swimming Lessons - 18/11/2011
Swimming continues this Friday the 18th of November. Please remember to be there before 10.00am as the first lesson starts at 10.00. You may leave straight from home. Parents please contact your child's driver to arrange for pick up and drop off time and place.
I have allocated children to the following vehicles :-
CLARKE :- Travis, Derek & Logan W.B.
CUMING :- Ashleigh, Hayley, Brooke & Johnny.
DIGBY :- Huntah, Tyler & Caleb.
FIELDER :- Ethan (back).
GILLESPIE :- Ethan, Charlotte & Lauren (down).
McCARROLL :- David & Sarah.
ROSS :- Chevelle & Keanu.
VICKERS :- Lacey, Pixel & Lacey.
CUMING :- Ashley, Logan, Sasha & Jack.
WILLS :- Hannah, Tom, Ben & Alex.
Please let Mary know if these arrangements change.

End of School Year.
Unfortunately, there has been a miscalculation regarding the number of half days the school is open for instruction this year. We had stated we would close on Monday the 19th of December but after reviewing this we will now finish school on Wednesday the 14th of December -hopefully this will not inconvenience you in any way.
However, we do have our final swimming lessons booked for Friday the 16th of December and as we are not able to change to another day as the Makino is fully booked, we would still like parents to take this opportunity and take your students down for their lessons which will also be a fun day as there will be money made available for them to spend at the cafeteria. The teachers will of-course be in attendance and will be available to help out with transport if needed. Please let us know if this is going to be a problem for you and if your children will require transport.
Our sincere apologies for informing you of the incorrect closure date.