Welcome to Week 2 of Term 4, 2011 and a very busy term this will be!!
This term we have hit the ground running, with the digi awards presentation evening at the Regent Monday 31st October (we are very proud of winning 6 finalist places in this ! ) Lamb and Calf Day on Thursday 3rd November (don't miss this amazing event, it showcases our wide curriculum ! ) This term is only 8 weeks and once again we have a huge and varied number of learning experiences planned. Through our authentic contexts we deliver a curriculum which is personalised to students needs to develop them as creative, confident, connected, lifelong learners. This term we look forward to sharing this with the Education Review Officers when they visit our school on the week of the 21st of November.
Also this term is the Year 7/8 senior survival camp with Rangiwahia on the 8th and 9th of November. Other Oroua events include the Junior Small Ball Day at Kiwitea on 11th November. The Oroua Athletic Sports at Timona Park on Friday 2nd December (pp 9th Dec). The Year 8 Oroua Leavers Dinner is the 6th December at the Apiti Tavern. Our swimming programme (see the calender for dates) continues at Makino Pool. Thanks to the Board of Trustees and ASSA for continuing to subsidise the cost of this for parents. Also thanks to parents for transporting students to and from Feilding. Please make it easy, by using this day as your town day and offering transport early.
At Apiti we are proud to have an active group of parents, staff and a supportive wider community who fundraise, access grants and help at school, so we can continue to provide our wide learning opportunities. We have no school levy fee at Apiti and we don't charge parents for such things as education outside the classroom experiences, resources, up to date information technology. We appreciate those who just say "how can I help at school ?" We have a great community, with many and varied skills. There are those who help with the lamb and calf rings, lunches, trailride, judges, donate, transport, support students, as well as those who promote our school, or those just say "thanks".

Digi Award Finalists :-
Alex with 'Jack and the Beanstalk.' Animated video
Alex with 'Save our Native Bush.' Graphic Design 
Brooke with 'Snow Sticks.' Digital Photo 
Keanu with 'Shiny Crystals.' Digital photo
Lacey with 'Meandering Mat.' Digital photo
Ethan with 'Perfect New Zealand.' TV advertisements
Congratulations to our very deserving Apiti School winners.
These students all represented our school at the Manawatu Digi Awards on 31st October, we congratulate the winners and organisers of the event.  

We would like to welcome Johnny to Apiti School as a brand new 5 year old. Johnny is the younger brother to Brooke. We know Johnny will enjoy learning at Apiti School.

Students of the week
Junior Room :-
Week 1:- Sarah! For settling into school really well and writing fantastic stories and doing great maths work. Well done Sarah!

Senior Room

Week 1:- Hannah - Excellent focus in all learning areas but in particular independence, time management, numeracy, writing language features.

Quality Work Table!!! :- Literacy - Writing Stanley, Hannah Maths - Progress in Numeracy Knowledge
Number Sequence - Chevelle, Lacey, Fractions - Chevelle, Place Value - Ashley, Tom, Hannah

Events for your Calendar and Community News - Remember to click on the tabs at the top of our newsletter blog to keep up to date with these. They are updated regularly.

Lamb and Calf Day - Thursday the 3rd of November
It's great to hear once again that all our students will have a lamb or a calf on this day. This is part of our science curriculum and we value the opportunity for students to raise a calf or lamb. Unfortunately sometimes at the last minute something untoward may happen - ring us if you need help. Please check the wiki for what your child needs to bring and the students are well aware of their responsibilities (especially the seniors) and should not leave everything to the last minute.
All the information and criteria is on the wiki http://apitischoolwiki.wikispaces.com/
As usual we provide the judges with lunch, thanks to ASSA for organising this. There will be sausages available for the students for lunch. As part of How it Works Unit each whanau group will have sweet items for sale, although we expect these will sell fast. So remember to bring some cash for this.
Judging of all the students indoor displays will be carried out in the morning and the Lamb and Calf judging will be after lunch. Could all lambs and calves be at school well before 1.00 please. Tie them to the fence to settle down before their competition. The lamb and calf judging will commence at 1.00pm. When the outside judging is completed the classrooms will be opened to view the inside exhibits, unless the weather requires us to be inside earlier.
The pre-schoolers are welcome to join in this day with their own, or a borrowed animal, and their event will be in the ring straight after the school students. They will receive a certificate. While the judges are adding up the points there will be fun activities such as the best dressed lamb and calf and a drinking competition (lambs 200mls and calves 2 l ).
Prize giving will follow and then afternoon tea will be served. Could we ask parents to bring along a plate for afternoon tea please.
We are hoping for a fine day but will be running this event regardless of the weather, so please come prepared.
Please remember not to wash your lamb - a good light regular brushing is all that is needed. You may wash your calf, but make sure you do this on a warm day, rinse all soap out of its coat and rub it dry with a towel. Regularly check that its collar isn't too tight and don't forget to take it off when your Lamb or Calf gets bigger.
Lambs will be judged on Leading, Calling and Rearing. There will be junior, intermediate and senior sections for lambs and a junior and senior section for calves. Calves will be judged on Leading, Walking Without a Lead and Care and Attention.
The Scholastic Book Fair will be running during this week and are display in the main block foyer. Lamb and Calf Day is a great day for everyone to have a looks at the books and place orders in time for Christmas. Please remember that the school benefits in way of receiving free books from Scholastic from the amount of books sold. Thank you to Jo for her help with running this Book Fair.
At the end of the day children can take home the items made at school that morning such as the decorated gumboot, minature garden, novelty hat, vegetable / fruit sculpture.
However you may want to enter these into the kids competition section at the Manawatu Show happening in Feilding this weekend.
We welcome families, friends, neighbours and relations to the school for this day. Visitors are welcome to come along any time from 12.00 noon.
We look forward to seeing you all here for our big day.
If you have any queries regarding any of the above, please don't hesitate to contact Mary, Nicki or Christine.

Judges Lunches
Thanks for the great response I got for food for the judges lunches. Could it please be dropped off at the school staff room by 11am on Thursday. There will be sausages available free of charge for children and parents on the day. Thanks, Jo.

Whanau Group Enterprises
Hydroponic Experts

Plant Experts


Sport Stars


Swimming Lessons
These lessons are to commence this Friday the 4th of November at the Makino Aquatic Centre in Feilding. Please see our calendar for the dates of our swimming days. A reminder to please let us know what days you are available to take transport.

Congratulations to our well deserved Young Achievers for 2011
Caleb - Year 8
Leader of our Blue duck regeneration project, Healthy Foods Programme; ‘Bon Apiti’, Plant experts, and bush development, Caleb demonstrates excellent initiative and environmental awareness. Role model and leader in both Apiti and Oroua sport.
Ethan - Year 6
Lead in our annual production, presenting and teaching others using ICT, excellent musical strengths and commitment in all sport. An innovative creative thinker, Ethan has brought many whanau group enterprises to life.

Caleb and Ethan will join other high achievers from our area to receive their awards this Friday.

Board of Trustee Meeting
The next Board of Trustee meeting will be held on Monday the 14th of November starting at 7.00p.m. All members of the community are welcome to attend. Please click on the Board of Trustee tab to view the Agenda.

This year we are running lotto again. When you purchase a ticket you will get a number, for only $50. Then you are in the draw each and every week to win $25 each time your bonus number comes up. Numbers are drawn out of the hat at Lamb and Calf Day so get your orders in quickly. This is a great Christmas present for those hard to buy for Dads, relations and friends especially Grandparents. Your present lasts the whole year!! Its a great way for businesses you deal with to help us by sponsoring our school, so please take the opportunity and mention it to as many businesses as possible.

Ski Trip Accounts
These accounts were sent home towards the end of term 3. Thank you to those who have paid their account, prompt payment is very much appreciated. Those who still need to pay, please do so at your earliest convenience.

Bon Apiti
This term we will be making pizza and, being a summer term also have jucies available. Lunches are available each Tuesday and Thursday and cost $2.00 a slice.

Apiti Bush Weedbuster day
The bush block we are guardians of, continues to regenerate. This is accelerated in spring. We have planned the afternoon of 8th of December to introduce our new school members to our bush and ensure it is clear of weeds over the summer holidays. We will need parent support for each whanau group please.

Senior Survival Camp - Year 7 and 8
Senior students from Apiti and Rangiwahia are in full swing planning cooperatively for this. Details are being added by students to the Senior Camp Wiki. See the link for this at the top of our newsletter.

Interschool Country Kids Challenge
We have two teams entered in this at the Manawatu Show this weekend.
  • Tui Glen - Caleb / Stanley / Ashleigh
  • Ace Apiti Farmers - Ashley / Tom / Jack
Thanks to Sheree and Tania for offering to manage the teams.
They will complete a series of farming related challenges. The competition begins at 11a.m so if you are at the show, I am sure they would love your support! We wish them well!!

After school athletics club will be starting again next Thursday and will run from 3 to 4.15pm each Thursday until the Oroua Athletics Sports. Please let Jo (phone 3284805) know if your child would like to attend. We will also require parent helpers at each rotation.

Oroua Jersey Missing
There is still the No. 13 Oroua Rugby Jersey missing. Please have a look in your child's draw to see if it has been put away.