Week 7 term 3 2011

Well we are all buzzing about the learning and motivation that has flowed on from our Ski experience last week. It is great to see this learning transferring into all other areas.

Students of the week
Junior Room :-
Week 5:- Chloe - Reading very well and developing great reading strategies
Week 6:- Sarah - Settled into school well. Neat work and working well with her reading.
Maths: - Alex - verbalizing strategies in multiplication and equal addition well. Click here to view his learning video

Senior Room
Week 5:- Ashleigh - Excellent vision and planning for learning. Reflective writing developing well.
Click here to view her Digi-ad. Did you see her article in the newspaper; along with Ashley, Hannah and Charlotte's writing.
Week 6:- Tom - Setting himself goals and striving to achieve these; excellent representation with Colyton and North Street Rugby, Explorer Ski lesson and skiing, writing reflection and maths problem solving.

Events for your Calendar and Community News
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We would like to welcome Sarah to our school as a brand new 5 year old. Sarah is the younger sister to David. We know Sarah will enjoy learning at Apiti school.
We would also like to welcome Cara Crothers, the Massey University College of Education Student, who will be with us for the next three weeks. We hope Cara enjoys her time with us.

How it works ... Glass!
Thank you Yvonne for driving the bus to Ben's Studio in Kimbolton last week!

Tuesday last week we went to visit Ben’s glass workshop in Kimbolton.

The first thing that Ben said after welcome, was the rules!
1) You must wear covered footwear
2) Do not touch unless told to

He showed us the glass cutter. It’s sort of like a pen with an oil in it.
The blade was tiny but it will cut thought 1cm of glass.

Chips and Frit are tiny bits of glass made from off cuts of glass.

This is how you make chips or frit.

1)Wrap big bits of glass in 3 newspapers
2)Use a hammer to smash the glass for 1-2 mins
3)Unwrap the glass
4)Sieve the glass into bowl
5 Repeat steps 2,3,4, with bits of glass that are left in the sieve until it all goes through.
6)Change the grade of sieve depending on the frit size you want

The next thing he showed us was different types of glass.
Different types don’t mix as well as others. The types that don’t mix glow round the edge when a light is shone through the glass.

I found the glass cutters were interesting as the blade is not like a wood blade with big teeth. It’s more of a flat blade.

After playtime it was time to sit down and watch Ben do some artistic work. Ben had not cleaned out the blow pipe from the last time he used it so he could not blow through it.
It did not take long to soften the glass in the glory hole.
The softened glass sort of worked like a glue to pick up the next piece.
With the softened piece of glass it went a bit floppy so he made it more of a cylinder shape then heated it up again. In half a minute he was making it into a balloon.
We had a fun and exciting experience. - By Ethan

We are currently training for the Oroua Tournament which is to be held next Friday (the 23rd) in Feilding. All students will be involved as there is a junior and senior competition. We require transport for the day. Please let Christine or Nicki know if you are able to help with this.
Students need to be prepared with PE gear every day.

BP Technology challenge
A team will be chosen represent us at this in 2 weeks time. See our Google calendar.

This was a really great day! The weather was great, the support from our parents was great and the effort from our students to learn on the slopes was excellent. From learning conversations on our return to school we know that students learnt alot; not just how to ski but about how we learn in a new environment! The abundance of snow certainly enhanced the Mt Ruapehu experience. Students are currently reflecting on their learning and these learning stories will be uploaded to their wikipages, for you to share, as they are completed. We are already setting goals for our next ski experience!! With the snow as it is, it would be great if the opportunity arose for students to put what they learnt in their lessons to practice again.
For the school, planning and organisation is always a huge commitment but the amazing learning certainly makes it all worthwhile. A special thank you to Mary on behalf of all the students and parents for all the guidance, patience, enthusiasm and help she gave all the children on the ski slopes.

Capital E Performance - Junior Room Students
This performance - 'HEAR to SEE' is happening tomorrow (Tuesday 13th Sept.) at the Regent on Broadway in Palmerston North. The show will start at 10.00a.m. but we need to be seated by 9.40, so we will leave Apiti School by 8.40. The school bus will run 1/4 of an hour earlier in the morning for all children so that the junior children will be ready to be picked up from school by 8.40.
After the show, we will have lunch at the Esplanade (weather permitting) and then visit 'Te Manawa' before arriving back at school in time for the afternoon bus run.
Thank you to those parents who have offered to take transport on this day.
I have allocated children to the following vehicles :-
CLARKE :- Derek.
DIGBY :- Tyler, Ben and Alex.
MAKOURA EXPLORER :- Brooke, David, Keanu, Hayley, Danni, Logan, Sasha, Ryan and Sarah.
VICKERS :- Pixel and Chloe.
Please let Mary know a.s.a.p if these arrangements change.
All Senior room students will remain at school for the day with Ben the very interesting 'Glass' Man.

School Bus
Just a reminder, that if your child/ren are not needing to catch the bus at any given time, to please ring Yvonne. If there is no answer, Yvonne would appreciate it if you would please leave a message on the answer machine.

Board of Trustees
The next B.O.T meeting, will be held on Monday the 26th of September in the staff room starting at 7.00p.m. All members of the community are welcome to attend.

Sports Report - Saturday 10th September
A very well organised 'World Cup' was held :-
All teams played 6 games. Logan and Ben's team Wellington, won 5. Logan scored lots of tries. Hayley, Tyler and Alex's team Ireland won 5 games and all three players scored 5 tries each.
Ashleigh's team Russia, made it to the finals and won the under 11 grade.
Tom's team England made it to the finals and won the Under 9 grade.
Huntah's team Ireland made it to the semi finals but lost their game.
Logan received the 'Player of the Year' and Ben the 'Most Improved Player' certificate for their Under 8 team, Wellington.
Alex received the 'Player of the Year' certificate for his ripper rugby team, Ireland.
Caleb's team Stags, won the Manawatu B grade competition for the 2011 season.
Caleb received the 'U12 Best Tackler' certificate.
Tom received the 'Best Tackler' certificate for his Under 9 team, Manawatu.
Huntah received the 'Best Tackler' and the 'Player of the Year' certificate for his Under 9 team, Auckland.
Netball Prize-giving :-
Brooke received the 'Most Improved Player' certificate in the Oroua team.
Charlotte received the 'Most Consistent Player' certificate in the Oroua team.
Well done to all our Apiti students for the wonderful awards and for the experience gained from playing a team sport, we are all proud of your achievements.

Regards Mary, Nicki, Mary B, Pat and Christine.