Week 5 Term 2 2011

Term Dates : Term 2 - 2nd May - 15th July. Term 3 - 1st August - 7th October. Term 4 - 25th October - 13/20 December.
Welcome to week 5 of term 2, 2011.

Events for your Calendar
Remember to click on the Calendar tab at the top of our newsletter to keep up to date with these. If you can not open the calendar let us know and we will help you.

Reminder - the date of the Oroua Cross Country has been changed to 8th July, as the Information Technology Feilding Cluster, Student Led Conference is on the 1st of July which most of the older students in the senior room will be involved in. This will be held in Feilding and we would once again appreciate your help with transport. This day is another great opportunity for our students to showcase their learning in IT and share it with others and teach them !
More learning IT opportunities for our students !
We are pleased to have Andrew Jamieson working with us today to learn many more IT skills, including animation, check out "the Hare and the Tortoise" by clicking on this link - http://brooke-apitischool.wikispaces.com/Literacy+and+Communication
Also, we worked on digital music creation. These will be part of our digi award entries..We look forward to the concert, several students are writing original music to be played on this night.
A.J is now working at Massey, but has worked with us through 9 years of information technology learning.. He has helped us remain at the cutting edge of IT in education, our e-portfolios are used widely as examples of great celebrations of learning, assessments and reflections.

Music - Please remember to practise and bring your glockenspiels for music on Wednesday and ukeleles each Tuesday.

We would like to welcome to our school Stanley (yr 7), Jack (yr 5) and Danni (yr 1). We are delighted to have you on board and hope you enjoy learning at Apiti School.

Hi my name is Stanley. I've got a brother Jack and a sister called Danni. My favorite sport is hockey, motor x and rugby. I have come from a town called Levin. Dad worked on a Farm. I moved to Apiti on the weekend. Dad is working for Kesty Manning. - By Stanley.
Hi, my name is Jack. I come from Poroutawhao School but I live in Levin. I have got one sister called Danni and one brother called Stanley. I moved here on the weekend. I am interested in sports like hockey, rugby, soccer, cross country, farming, motor bikes and V8 posters. - By Jack.
Students of the Week
Junior Rm - Wk 3 -
Alex! Great recounts with lots of description. Very quick Basic Facts with great test results. Now on to Green 3.

Wk 4 – Tyler! Now on to Orange 1. Very quick with Basic Facts. Great Basic Facts test results.
Reading Stars – Hayley on to Orange 1. David to Green 3. Keanu to Purple 1.
Senior Rm - Wk 3 - Ethan - Ethan is quietly and competently setting himself high standards and striving to achieve them. Excellent progress in writing, maths and reading in particular. Ethan steps up and accepts responsibility on many occasions. Wk 4 - Travis - Motivated reading and this is reflected in his progress. Excellent work in mathematics. Fantastic improvement in handwriting. Keep up the good work Travis!
Quality Work Table - Spelling - Travis Maths - Travis, Ben, Keanu Handwriting - Huntah, Travis
Appreciation Box - Logan x3, Travis x2, Brooke, Ben, Huntah x2, Chevelle, Mrs Fielder, Keanu x2, Caleb,

What's been happening ...
Music Tuition
On Wednesdays the whole school have music lessons with Mrs. Beard and Mrs. Pratt. We are learning some fun songs for our production; "The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig." Some of the songs are "We are Family..." and "Bad to the Bone" by George Thoroughgood - most of you will know that song. We are very lucky having these teachers because we all enjoy learning these fun songs. - By Hannah.
Teaching Wikis
A wiki space has all our school learning and work on it. Students from Apiti School buddied up with four Kiwitea students and we showed them how to use a wiki. We help a lot of people. Apiti is really helpful with wikis. - By Lacey.
Learning the Ukelele
1) Last week Kiwitea senior school students travelled to Apiti School. They were here to teach our senior students the Ukelele. They bought 14 ukuleles. They played "The whole world" and "In the Jungle." Next we partnered up and Kiwitea students showed us how to hold the ukuleles and press the strings down. These are called chords and we learnt Am, D and C. At the end we played Kookabarra and Mrs Fielder videoed us.- By Logan
2) On Tuesdays, Mrs. Eastwood gets the ukuleles ready for our practice. She shows us chords like C and F and C7. Mrs Eastwood explains how to put our fingers on the strings. Next she shows us how to strum up and down. Songs we have learnt are "Row row the Boat," the "Kookaburra" and "R2D2." I like singing with the ukulele. - By Travis.
New Ramps
We are happy with our new ramps. Everyone at school has had fun on them, even kids with out any thing to ride have been having a good time running up and down the ramps. There has been mostly the scooters that have been riding on the ramp. All of the skilled scooter riders have been going up the ramp 180ing and coming back down. There has been a few bike riders and they go up a ramp and then they turn around and go back down and then they jump off the side of the other ramp. These ramps have been really fun for us. - By Cole.
We hope everyone can leave the ramps where they are put, so they are not damaged further and we have to remove them for safety reasons. We were also very sad to find out the metal strips which were placed at the bottom the ramps was removed in the weekend. We would welcome the return of these, no questions asked. If we can not keep these ramps safe, we will have to reconsider their appropriateness. - Mrs C
Learning with AJ
Today at school we made music and animations. Some students bought some plastic animals and others have to make their own from plasticine. We made our music on ACID Music Studio 0.7. - By Chev.
Bon Apiti
A big thank you to the Beards, June and Wendy. Assa will be donating 100 sausages , so we will
not be needing any more sausages for a while thanks. - By Ethan.
Whanau Group Reports
Hydroponic Experts
The hydroponics are going well. We are going to plant new plants soon like winter plants. We have lots of lettuce. We have sold some basil and lettuce to June over at the tavern. Thanks for your support. By Ashleigh.
Plastics, cans, bottles, newspapers. Do you think we should have a recycling centre in Apiti? A councillor from the M.D.C will investigate the possibility. - By Chevelle.
Thank you to the Corbett Brothers for donating bags of potatoes for our Fundraising. They have been a real hit. We still have a few bags left. Just a reminder they are for sale for $7 a bag. - By Ethan.
Plant Experts
We received 5 trees from the 'paper for trees' scheme. Each time we recycle paper, we get trees for the shade house. The recyclers recycle paper and cardboard so the plant experts get the plants for the shade house. It is like a life cycle. - By Charlotte
Coming up ...
School Speech Competition / Assembly
Students are currently writing and practising their speeches and will share these at school assembly this Friday the 3rd of June starting at 1.00p.m. The best of our speakers will represent us at the Oroua Speech Competition being held next week. Hope to see you all here then.
Oroua Speech Competition
The Oroua Speech competition will be held on Thursday the 9th of June at the Oroua Rugby Clubrooms starting at 1.00pm. The two best speakers from each Oroua school will represent their school. The whole senior room will go along to support the Apiti speakers. - By Ashleigh.
Rhythm Interactive
This will be held on Monday the 13th of June at Kimbolton. Workshops will be held at Kimbolton School in the morning and then the show will be in the Kimbolton Hall in the afternoon. The whole school will travel to Kimbolton for this day. We will need transport please. We will leave Apiti at 9.00am and return in time for the bus. Parents are most welcome to come along to watch and help out or to drop students off and then return in time to pick students up. Please return the attached transport slip to school as soon as possible. The transport list will go home next week.
The Production is coming up on the 6th of July, so make sure your child/children know their part. The play is the three little wolves and the big bad pig. - By Tom.
Cross Country Training
On the 8th of July we have the Oroua Group of Schools Cross Country. We are training every day for fitness. We run around the school 3 times each day. Next week we will run up to Caleb K's farm, then sprint up to the highest hill in Apiti. Everyone's circuit times have improved and we are expecting to be fit for the day. - By Huntah.
Board of Trustees
The next Board of Trustees meeting will be held this Thursday the 2nd of June in the staff room starting at 7.00p.m. Please view the agenda on the blogspot or refer to the attached agenda on newsletter dated 16/05/2011. All members of the community are most welcome to attend.
After School Winter Club
After School Winter activities will take place every Tuesday from 3 – 4.30pm for school age children. Activities will include making sweets/lollies and crafty things. The cost is $5.00 per child or $10.00 per family which will be to cover the cost of materials. Please phone Deltina on 3284 529 or Wendy on 3284 525 if you require further information.
Sports Report - Saturday 21st May - Rugby
Hayley, Tyler and Alex's team Ireland - 12, played England - 11. Tyler scored 4 tries! Hayley and Alex 3 each.
Caleb's team Stags - 7, played Freyberg 27. The Stags were the first team to score points against Freyberg.
Ashleigh's team Crusaders - 41, played High School Old Boys - 10.
Tom's team Manawatu - 14, played Northland - 11. Tom scored 4 tries! and was awarded Player of the Day!
Huntah's team Auckland - 10, played Wairarapa Bush 2. Huntah scored 5 tries!!
Logan and Ben's team Wellington - 20, played Hawkes Bay - 12. Logan scored 7 tries!! and Ben 4 tries!
Brooke's team Oroua - 13, played Manchester St - 0 in game 1. Oroua - 5, Manchester St - 0 in game 2.
Hannah and Charlotte's team Oroua - 14, played Lytton St - 0. Hannah and Charlotte both shot goals.
Saturday 28th May - Rugby
Logan and Ben's team Wellington - 12, played France 14.
Hayley, Tyler and Alex's team Ireland - 17, played France 17. Alex scored 7 tries!! Hayley 2 and Tyler 3.
Huntah’s team Auckland – 8, played Tom’s team Manawatu – 10. Tom scored 4 tries! Huntah 3.
Ashleigh’s team Crusaders – 15, played Marist Green – 30.
Caleb’s team Stags – 5, played Bush – 40.
Brooke's team Oroua - 5, played Manchester St - 0 in game 1. Oroua - 7, Manchester St - 0 in game 2.
Grading Games
Hannah and Charlotte’s team Oroua – 14, played Mancehster St – 0 in 1st game.
Oroua – 8, played North St – 0 in 2nd game. Hannah and Charlotte scored 6 goals each!!
Regards, Mary, Nicki, Mary B, Pat and Christine.
Transport to Kimbolton – Rhythm Interactive
I am able to provide transport to Kimbolton on Monday the 13th of June for my children, plus………………other children.