EOTC Update

At our Parent meeting it was noted that parents are best aware of the needs for their child/children for our upcoming EOTC experience. This year's camp is mainly town based. Swimming attire is required for our kayaking and Ocean Spa experiences. There are not any special requirements for this year's camp. All gear should be packed with your child so they know what they are taking. All named PLEASE!
We have uploaded a general list for anyone who would like guidance:-
Sleeping bag or sleeping sheet and blankets
Small roll up or inflatable mattress (optional for at Aquarium)
Small pillow (optional)
2 towels / Togs / Wetsuits (optional)
Toiletries eg small soap, toothpaste (can share) and brush
School hat (or hat with a neck flap) and sunscreen
Socks / Shoes / sandals whatever is most comfortable to walk in
Underclothes for 3 days
Light jacket
Warm fleece or jumper
A toy if needed for comfort at night
Torches maybe taken (if misused they’ll be confiscated)
Named plastic bag for washing
Named water bottle and large lunch in a plastic bag for Tuesday
An icecream container of baking / packet of biscuits (Parent helpers are welcome to buy seasonal fruit while on camp INSTEAD of baking)
Up to $10 spending money in a named plastic bag
Any medication should be bought in a sealable bag and given to Mary or Nicki
Note: If you have extra meat in your freezer (sausages, steak and meat patties) we would appreciate a donation toward our BBQ on Tuesday evening. A newsletter was sent home about this on Friday. Car lists were also included on this newsletter. We will be leaving at the normal school time - 9 am.
This is an updated transport list
The students have all decided on a menu. For dinner on the first night we have decided to have a BBQ. We were wondering if you could donate some meat if you have extra in your freezer. If so please bring some to school on Monday. The meat that we like we made a list of. These are some ideas:
Steak / Sausages / Meat patties
Thank you to those who offered to be parent helpers.
Maryann: Brooke, Huntah, Tyler and Ava.
Jo/Kate: Tom, Ben and Alex.
Mary: Hayley, Charlotte and Hannah
Fiona/Nicki: David, Keanu and Derek.
Sheree: Ashleigh, Caleb, Chevelle and Ethan
Wendy/Mike: Cole, Travis and Logan.
To prepare for EOTC please name all clothes.
Remember $10 spending money to be earnt by students which will be spent on souvenirs not food.
Ring Mary or Nicki if you have an queries.
Regards, Nicki & Mary