Apiti Show Learning Tasks

It is great to see the way so many students are managing their time and resources as they prepare for the Apiti Show this weekend. At the beginning of this week we will be putting together our mobiles. Students will need to bring all of their bits for this to school so that they can put them together.
The aim is that the mobile follows a theme. Anything used would make a great mobile. It may represent an aspect of life over time or an aspect of our past. Sometimes the simplest things are best; such as bits from in the home, workshop or car etc. They may also have been used for something in particular such as sewing, cleaning or building. These can be hung off anything and this is part of the mobile. eg fencing bits off an old totara baton. The completed mobile will be hung from the rafters at the Domain.
If you have any questions just ask Mary or Nicki.