Welcome to week 4 of term 4, 2009.
The Apiti School staff, Board of Trustees and students would like to offer their sincere condolences to Mary, Anna, Matthew, Tom and all the Cuming families on the passing of Bevin - you are all in our thoughts. Bevin’s caring, willing to help in any situation, calm attitude and sense of humour will be greatly missed!!
Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday to the following students who have celebrated their birthday recently. We hope you had a great day!!
19th Sept – Cole. 24th Sept – Caleb J.
28th Sept – Emma. 1st Oct - Hannah.
6thOct Ben. 8th Oct – Keanu & Caleb K.
12th Oct - Ashleigh. 26th Oct – Ethan.

Event Dates for your Calendar
4th November – Swimming.
5th November – Board of Trustees meeting.
6th November – Junior Small Balls Day at Kiwitea for yr 0 – 3.
11th November – Swimming.
13th November – Assembly.
20th November – Swimming.
27th November – Athletics.
8th December – WAM Day. (Weber, Apiti & Mataroa)
15th December – Assembly.
16th December – School Holidays.

Celebrating our Learning at Apiti SchoolStudents of the Week:
–Junior Rm – Wk 1 – Hannah! for writing and researching really well.Wk 2 – Charlotte! For further developing to produce great work for Lamb & Calf Day.Wk 3 – Ben! For reading, using sounding out words really well.
Senior Rm – Wk 1 – Emma for her contribution to the home work challenge. Wk 2 – Anastaisia. Wk 3 – Sarah.These students have demonstrated excellent progress and attitude in the following Curriculum and Key Competency Areas:-Weekly Basic Facts Challenge - These students have all improved:- Karen, Caleb K, Jacob D, Caleb J, Oliver, Chevelle & Sarah. Handwriting – Chevelle. Karen. Jacob.Spelling – Rebecca. Caleb J.Maths – Chevelle.

Board of Trustee Meeting – 5th November.
The next Board of Trustee meeting will be this Thursday night the 5th of November, starting at 7.00p.m in the staff room. All members of the public are most welcome to attend. Please find the agenda attached.
Lamb and Calf Day
Someone was looking out for us on the day as the weather was just great. A huge thank you to the following who helped out in any way during the day and made the day a great success:-
Outdoor Judges :- Hamish Pike from Totally Vets, Rhonda Bennett, Jackie Burgess, John Cawood, Hamish Easton & Sandie Warren.
Indoor Judges :- Rhonda Bennett, Wendy Cawood, Devon Easton, Denise Field, Christine Lowe & Pam Strahan. Totally Vets for supplying the ribbons and rosettes. Duncan & Denise Neilson for judging the Native area. Pat Prince for writing out all the indoor certificates and along with Mary Burton & helpers for doing loads of dishes during the day. Richard Beard & Marcus Cowan for supplying and erecting the scrim (along with their helpers). Vaughan Dearlove for supplying and erecting the calf pen. Kate Bryant for helping the students with their paintings, plus those other parents who helped with the Lamb & Calf Day preparation. ASSA for supplying the great lunch for all our judges (they all commented on having such a great lunch). The Board members for running the BBQ. June & Bruce Winter for donating the wonderful morning tea scones. All those who helped by supplying a lamb or lambs to families to rear for the day. Fiona & Blair McCarroll for very kindly having their woolshed on standby. To all our wonderful parents for supplying such a great afternoon tea and for all the support given to the school for raising a lamb or a calf and of-course our great students and their lovely lambs and calves. It was wonderful to see every child in every family with either a lamb or a calf. This day creates a learning opportunity which encourages children to learn the responsibility of just how to care for a lamb or calf.
Results of the day : Native Area – Care & Attention - 1st = The Plant Experts (Caleb K, Jacob D, Sarah, Jacob M, Derek). 2nd = Bugzillions, 3rd = Nature Nerds.
Landscape Design – 1st = The Plant Experts, 2nd = Bush Action, 3rd = Bush Preservers.

Indoor Section – Junior – 1st = Charlotte with 32 points. 2nd = David 30 points.
3rd = Huntah 27 points. 4th = Jacob 23 points.
Intermediate – 1st = Caleb with 34 points. 2nd = Tom 33 points. 3rd = Ashleigh 23 points. 4th equal = Oliver & Cole 29 points.
Senior – 1st = Emma with 41 points. 2nd = Anastaisia 34 pts. 3rd = Rebecca 33 pts.
Outdoor Section – Senior Calves :- Leading – 1st = Rebecca, 2nd Karen, 3rd Caleb K, 4th Jacob. Care & Attention :- 1st = Caleb K, 2nd Karen, 3rd Jacob, 4th Rebecca. Walking without a Lead :- 1st = Ethan, 2nd Jacob, 3rd Caleb J, 4th Caleb K. Senior Calf Cup = Caleb K.
Senior Lambs :- Leading – 1st = Ashleigh, 2nd Emma, 3rd Cole, 4th Anastaisia.
Calling :- 1st = Ashleigh, 2nd Cole, 3rd Emma, 4th Anastaisia.
Rearing :- 1st = Emma, 2nd Oliver, 3rd Ashleigh, 4th Chevelle.
Senior Lamb Cup = Ashleigh.
Junior Lambs :- Leading – 1st = Huntah, 2nd Derek, 3rd Travis, 4th Logan.
Calling :- 1st – Hannah, 2nd Charlotte, 3rd Derek, 4th Travis.
Rearing :- 1st = Logan, 2nd Hannah, 3rd Keanu, 4th Ben.
Junior Lamb Cup = Hannah.
Congratulations and well done to you all!! We would suggest to those who received a rosette or a ribbon, to write the year on it for your own record.

Healthy Lunches
This week we will have healthy pizza’s for $1.50 a wedge. These will be available every Tuesday and Friday. There will be two choices available :- Hawaiian or mystery. Any donation of fillings would be great i.e. ham, pineapple, peppers or whatever your children like.

Whanau Group Action Project Reports
At the moment, our group is setting up our hydroponics unit, thanks to help from Sonya, Vaughan and Mr. John Sandford. Our hydroponic gullies are almost ready to plant. - Ashleigh (Hydroponics Experts).

It is quite a large Whanua group undertaking and will provide another excellent authentic learning opportunity. This focuses particularly on mathematics, reading, technology, observation skills, inquiry and problem solving, relating to others and participating and contributing. To watch its progress online, visit the Hydroponic Experts Blogspot.
Herbalists – Design and build a school Herb Garden.
Native Propagators – Design and build a Shade house to transfer developed seedlings to.
Recyclers – Set up a Worm farm for food waste and to gather fertiliser / Design a new system to recycle paper and cardboard.
Action for Health - Redesign our PE shed to make it more user friendly and organising school fitness.
All are extremely ambitious and valuable projects. There has been a lot of discussion and planning in Whanau Groups to work out the best plan and approach. These are valuable skills. The next step is to work together to put the plan into action.
Many groups will need adult support for digging, building etc. If you are able to help in any way, please ring Nicki.
Swimming Lessons
These continue this Wednesday the 4th November. Transport details were sent home last week. Please refer to the Parent notice 28/10/09. Please let Mary know if there are any changes. The next lesson will be Wednesday the 11th of November.
Junior Small Ball Day – 6th November (p.p. 13th November).
This event is happening this Friday the 6th of November at Kiwitea School for our Junior room students (Year 0 – 2). We need to be at Kiwitea School by 9.25 therefore we need to leave Apiti by 9.00 sharp. Once students have been put into groups, small ball games will start at 9.35, morning tea from 10.30 – 11.00, games from 11.00 – 12noon, lunch from 12.00 – 1.00p.m. At 1.00p.m cricket coaching by Milo Have-a-Go coaches for about ½ an hour and then students will return back to school at about 2 ish. Children will need to take a good packed lunch, a drink, sunhat, sunscreen and need to wear their sports uniform please. This is a great opportunity to learn co-operation, co-ordination, important socialisation skills, play by the rules and to develop the whole child. We will need transport to and from this event, so please fill in the attached transport slip and return it to school as soon as possible. Sausages will be available @ $1.50 each (not sure about drinks). Certificates will be issued at the end of the day (depending on time) for excellent participation, effort, helpfulness etc.

The first assembly of term 4 will be held on Friday the 13th of November starting at 2.30p.m. Everyone is most welcome.

Thank You
A huge thank you to Malcolm Jensen for coming to our rescue when we had no water recently – we appreciated you dropping what you were doing to help us out.
We would also like to thank Mike Wills and Richard Beard for digging the trench for our new power supply in the Glasshouse.

Athletics / Lunchtime Running
With the Oroua Group Athletics happening at the end of this month, our focus is on fitness and preparation. The senior room students and any junior room students that are keen, will be going for a run with Nicki every Tuesday and Thursday during lunchtime, starting at 12.30. Parents are most welcome to join in. We would like students to bring suitable clothes (not jeans) every day for running, fitness and athletic activities.

Library Books
Due to a malfunction in our library computer recently, we would like all students to please bring back all library books so they can be re-issued. Thank you.

ICT Team Leaders – 4th November
12 Lead members from our Feilding ICT Cluster, will spend the day visiting several schools in the Hawkes Bay. Our focus is to look at using computers to improve literacy skills for our students.

WAM Day – 8th December
This is a selected group of exemplary schools who meet to work with Mr. Brian Coles (our ‘Assess to Learn’ leading facilitator). We are developing ideas for the Ministry on the new N.Z school curriculum, assessment and reporting. We have developed our curriculum to suit our students.
In line with this, this Thursday we have been chosen to share our curriculum development at Massey with other schools who are beginning or refining their journey to develop their own school curriculum. This is something that our school is very proud of that we are at the leading edge of current education initiatives.

School Newsletter
We would still love to hear feedback about the presentation and delivery of our newsletter. If any one is not keen on receiving our newsletter through the website, please let us know as we will send home a paper copy, as we know that without Broadband, downloading the newsletter can take a considerable amount of time. However, we will have a lot more bells and whistles on our Blogspot in the future to make it fascinating reading / viewing.

Apiti School Young Achiever 2009
Karen is mature, independent, extremely capable and competently reaches her full potential. She is our student accountant and takes responsibility for planning and cooking our healthy lunches. She mixes easily with all, effortlessly helps others and actively encourages the younger members of our class. Karen’s current challenge is trick riding on horseback. - Nicki Fielder.
On Friday the 30th of October, I excepted an award for young achievers. Before that a man named Marcus Akuhata-Brown talked about his life and how he had tried from when he was a little boy and he got better and better. His passion is people and his message will move you.
Marcus Akuhata-Brown grew up on the East Coast of the North Island of New Zealand. His father is from Te Whanau o Tuwhakairiora of Te Araroa on the East Cape, also the tribes of Ngai Tahu and Kahungunu. His mother is a fifth generation New Zealander with European ancestry. An experienced educator and gifted communicator, Marcus has led a number of innovative programmes around the world. Marcus inspires people to see themselves and the world in new ways – to realise the potential of each person to do small things with great care and humanity. Marcus talked to us about having an experience of a life time. He said that during high school a man came to talk to his school about what he had done in his life how successful he was and Marcus thought it was great. He told us about a science experiment that he had heard of a few years ago. One day a scientist was testing an experiment. He got lots of fleas and put them in a box with a plastic lid on top. Now every time the fleas jumped they could only reach as high as the box would allow them to jump. So when that lid was taken off they still only jumped as high as the lid had been. Marcus talked about those fleas being us and the lids being our being afraid to do different things and when those lids were lifted it meant that we could go higher than before. He talked about his journey over the world. It was funny when he was talking about meeting Prince Charles because the room they were in was full of food and Marcus likes food so it was funny. When Prince Charles walked into the room every one stood up. Marcus didn’t want to because he hadn't finished his food. But he did and met Prince Charles and he was happy. Marcus is an amazing speaker and I’m sure every one in the audience was moved by his words about how a little bit can add up to a lot in future.
It was a fun night and I was very happy getting my award.
From Karen McCrae.

Agenda for the Apiti School Board of Trustees Monthly Meeting
DATE : Thursday 5th November 2009 @ 7pm.

Matters arising :-
1) Update on pump power account.
2) Sara & Wendy meet with Education Services.
3) Update on wasps nests.
4) We have had a lot of positive comments about lamb and calf day - well done to all of the staff.
5) Tree climbing.

Correspondence : Inward / Outward.

1) Principal - Mrs. Mary Cuming: – Report.
2) Self Review
3) Self Review - Policies to be reviewed :- Finance (NAG 4)
1) Finance Policy (NAG 4:2).
4) Personnel (NAG 3).
5) Finance (NAG 4).
6) Property (NAG 4).
7) Health and Safety (NAG 5).
8) Legislation (NAG 6).
Incommittee / Outcommittee.

Lamb and Calf Day stories, by Junior room children.

On lamb and calf day I brought my lamb Beaver. He is a boy. I called Beaver lots at home. Beaver ran around in the circle. He came to me when I called him. I got a blue rosette and a yellow one.
I made a pottery plate. I rolled a leaf on it. I made a vase. I drew my Grandad and a pig, a car and an aerial on it.
I made a green pig with play dough. Lamb and calf day was fun. I liked the cake with chocolate on top. We had cake for afternoon tea. By Derek.
I am rolling my pottery to make leaf plate and a vase. My vase is blue.
It has got 2 eyes and a smiley mouth on it. It has got sharp hair. I rolling a leaf on my plate and cut around it.
At lamb and calf day I made a table decoration. It had a candle and flowers. I made a spider with eight legs.
I made a farm. I made a hen out of play dough. My lamb is called Ben. My lamb drank milk. I fed my lamb. I led my lamb. I called my lamb. I made Ben look like a Pirate. I liked the drinking race. My lamb is a fast drinker. Lamb and calf Day is fun. By David.


It was lamb and calf day Wow I was so excited. Mum drove us to school and I got all of my work out. First I did my miniature scene. It was a strawberry farm and I got first prize for it. I did an octopus out of vegetables and then I did my pig. I made it with play dough and I gave it real pig scraps .
When Dad came to school he dropped the lambs off. Mine was Billy and Lauren's lambs was Buddy.
Billy came to me straight away but he didn’t lead very well. I just got one rosette for calling. I dressed him up in my swimming togs. He looked cute.
At the prize giving I got a surprise when I won the cup for most points inside. I didn’t know there was a cup for inside work. I can’t wait until I get the cup back with my name on it.
I’ll try very hard to win again next year. By Charlotte.


Mum and dad came to pet day with my lamb Billy. Billy was frightened of all the other Lambs, but when he was in the ring he was doing very well. Then we all started to walk into the ring with our lambs. I needed to push him a little going around the ring. I got my number it was number four. After we got our numbers we did our calling with our lambs and calves. Billy did really good in the calling.
After calling we did the drinking competition Billy won. Then we had finished doing all the lamb and calf day things. It was afternoon tea then. We had a play with our lambs. When the bell rung we all sat down for the prize giving.
I was so nervous because there was so many people. Then they said my name I had a big smile on my face. I didn't know what I was going to get and do you know what I got? I got a cup it was for my calling, and my leading, my drinking, and all the times I played with him and when I played with him. I am very lucky to have a good lamb like Billy. By Hannah.


On the way to school we dropped our lambs off at Wendy's. We raced to school . I first started with my miniature scene. It was about gardening, it had all kinds of vegetables. I thought it looked good and it won second. My vegetable animal was a cow, then I made my play dough man. It was a man fishing for fish.
My last thing was a table centrepiece. Finally I was finished .
When my lamb turned up I ran to my lamb and I stayed with my lamb. I brushed my lamb. My lamb was good at lamb and calf day. My lamb was good at leading my lamb was number 5 . When it was my turn to call Zac I called him loudly. He came to me but he tied me up. Then it was the feeding competition. Hayley and I won a tie, we were equal. Then it was prize giving. I came 4th and 1st for care and attention. After prize giving I collected my certificate for my painting. I came 1st for my painting and 2nd for my miniature scene.
I was happy. By Logan.

Thought for the Month : Determination is the key to the doorway of success.Well that’s it for this week folks, will catch you again in a fortnight.
Regards, Mary, Nicki, Mary B, Pat, and Christine.

ASSA - Lotto
Thank you to all who have supported us and brought a ticket. There are only 3 tickets left to sell, so be quick to get yours. This years Lotto started last Saturday night the 31st of October. Your previous number is now obsolete. If you haven’t paid for your ticket yet, please pay at the school office as soon as possible. Have fun and good luck! - Sonya Dearlove (ASSA Lotto co-ordinator).

Scholastic Book Orders – These are due back Friday the 13th of November. - J. Beard.

Athletics – After school athletics are starting this Tuesday the 3rd of November at 3.15p.m. Children will need appropriate clothes for athletics and afternoon tea. Parent helpers will be much appreciated. As the majority of people stay for the athletics, the bus will run at 4.15p.m. If it is wet, it will be cancelled and the bus will run as usual. If unsure, please check with the school. - J. Beard.

Community Notices
Apiti Tavern – Hi from the Tavern. It is good to feel the warmth of the sunshine at last. Our sincere condolences to Mary and Family on Oots passing. He will be greatly missed at the Tavern.We would like to apologise to the community for any inconvenience caused in the Tavern on the day of Oots funeral. We have since had meetings with some of the locals and listened to what they had to say, and have hopefully worked out ways to streamline the service in the future. We would like to thank everyone who helped on the day in any way.RSA Christmas Luncheon - This will be held at the Tavern on the 22nd of November. Please ring the Tavern to book in as soon as possible.Community Dinner - Friday night the 27th of November. This will be a gourmet BBQ. Weather permitting.We have had our fair share of rain, so this month is going to be warm and sunny all month!!! Yeah Right.
- June & Bruce.
125th Apiti & Districts Jubilee Meeting – The next meeting is to be held tonight, Monday the 2nd of November in the Apiti Tavern starting at 7.30p.m. Everyone is most welcome to attend. - C. Digby.
125th Apiti & Districts Jubilee Ploughing Event - The jubilee committee will hold several events leading up to the 125th jubilee in February 2011. The very first event is a horse ploughing & vintage tractor weekend being held on the 28th & 29th of November this year. It is to be held on Hilton & Christine Digby’s property at 1085 Oroua Valley Rd. The paddock is right next to the main Rd. The ploughing will start Saturday morning at 10a.m. through to 4p.m. and on the Sunday from 10a.m. to 2p.m. Admission will be $5.00 per adult, children under 15 free. A light BBQ lunch and refreshments will be available. Children’s activities onsite.
- Jubilee Committee.
The Secret Gardens of Kiwitea – Sunday the 8th of November. Gardens open at 10.30 – 4p.m. A unique opportunity to view 5 special properties in the Kiwitea district. Boutique stalls. Winery. Music. Cottage gardens. Formal gardens. Kiwitea’s St Agnes’ Church decorated by The Christmas Heirloom Co. Tickets $30.00, available from Steph on 3289002, The Fldg Information Centre or Precioso. This is a fundraiser for Kiwitea School & Kiwitea Community Playgroup. - Kiwitea School.
Ladies Night – The next Ladies Night will be on Wednesday the 18th of November. We will be travelling over to Rangiwahia to view Michael Bourke’s wild life, native trees and plantings. For all those interested in joining us, we will meet at the tavern at 6.15p.m. and share transport over there. Hopefully we will have a beautiful fine night. For more information, please contact Bev on 3284 824. - B. George.
ACC Meeting - Tuesday the 10th of November starting at 7.30p.m. in the Apiti Hall. All welcome. – Pat Prince.
Horse Riding Lessons – This summer, we are considering bringing one or two horses to the domain and giving lessons. The horses and lessons would be suitable for any age or level of rider and will cost $25.00 each. If anyone is interested, please phone Sandie on 3284 818. - S. Warren. Goodbye Winter Guyfawkes BBQ - Potluck PYO BBQ & fireworks – Saturday 14th November, 6.30 onwards, at the ‘car shed’ Warrens farm, Table Flat road. Please bring a contribution to the potluck meal, your own drinks and if you have any, fireworks would be great. Camping facilities available. For more info, ring Jim or Sandie on 3284 818. – J. & S. Warren.
Christmas Concert – December 6th at the Tavern at 6.30p.m. in conjunction with the Hub Church. A plate for supper would be appreciated. For more information, please contact Katherine Gillespie. - K. Gillespie.


Junior Small Ball Day – 6th November

I am able to transport my own child/ren, plus…………………….other children to the Small Ball day at Kiwitea School this Friday the 6th of November.