Welcome to week 1 of term 3 2009 and it is nice to see everyone back here safe and well.
We would like to say a big welcome to Derek Clarke who started today as a brand new 5 year old and to Eden Mason who joined us towards the end of term 2 as a Year 5 student. We know Derek and Eden will enjoy learning at Apiti school.
School Roll
We have started the term with 27 students, 16 in the senior room, 11 in the junior room.

Entrance Alterations
During the school holidays, the long awaited upgrade to the main entrance of the main block was started. This area is now roped off to all staff, students and visitors for safety reasons. All visitors to the main block i.e, staffroom, office, library and senior room, will need to enter the building through the staffroom, library or senior room door at the back of the building. We hope this minor inconvenience will only be for a short period of time.
Term 3 Learning Overview
This term our integrated topic is 'Plants as Food'.
This is an integral part of our learning to become sustainable citizens. All students will be involved in an Action Project which will provide authentic opportunities for planning, reading, written language, using number knowledge, plan implementation and reflection. Each project provides a context for students to develop specific knowledge and further develop problem solving skills and the ability to manage themselves, relate to others and participate and contribute to a wider group.
Students will begin the term testing their project needs and will present them at the ‘Oroua’ Science fair.
Junior students will apply their learning about the senses through their Science Fair Investigations.
We will learn about plant composition and their integral part in our ecosystem and food chain.
For the next fortnight, our major homework priority will be sciencefair. Because of this, the senior homework challenge will be attached to the next newsletter. Homework reading, spelling and numeracy knowledge (including basic facts and Mathletics) is expected to continue as usual.
Board of Trustees News
The next meeting of the Apiti School Board of Trustees, is to be held on Thursday the 30th of July in the staff room starting at 7.00p.m. All members of the public are most welcome to attend. Please find the agenda attached.
Grease Production
Wow what a great production! We have had great feedback about the great acting, singing, dancing and costumes. Well done to all our students for the quality of their performance. It was wonderful to have full houses at all of the performances and we thank everyone who came to support the students and the school. The reflections completed by the students showed that this context provides an opportunity for a richer depth of learning in a range of curriculum and key areas of self development.
Current / Up and coming …
This event is to take place at Kiwitea Hall on Monday the 27th of July at 11.30 and will involve the whole school. We will need transport to and from this event, so please fill out the attached transport slip and return it to school so a transport slip can go home on Wednesday.
Science Fair
This is to take place on the 6th & 7th of August at the Kiwitea Hall. The teachers will set up on the 5th and the school will all travel down on the 6th to view the exhibits. We will need transport for this. A transport slip will follow.
Parent Interviews
Parent interviews are scheduled to take place from Monday the 10th to Thursday the 13th of August.
Thank You
A huge thank you to Russell and Taine & Ashleigh Knight for removing the stage from the senior room back to the domain - it was very much appreciated by staff and students.
Thank you to Chrissy for cleaning (where she could due to the building thats going on).
Thanks to Sonya for transplanting plants from and to other gardens, along with her other caretaking duties.
Thank you to Yvonne Clarke who came to our rescue with mop and towels and cleaned up a small flood we had in the staffroom. All the wonderful help and support we receive from the community helps make Apiti School a great place to be involved with.
First Aid Course
This course is scheduled to take place on Saturday the 15th of August starting at 9.00a.m and should conclude at about 5.00 in the afternoon. Thank you to those who have expressed their interest, anyone else interested, please let us know as soon as possible.
Egg Cartons
Could we please ask for more egg cartons to start the junior room fire. Just drop them off at school at your convenience as it would be very much appreciated.
Influenza A (H1N1) Swine Flu
The Ministry of Health reminds us to keep an eye on students and children with underlying health conditions, such as asthma. These children are particularly susceptible to the virus. It’s important to take early action with these children who show symptoms. Parents are asked to keep children at home until they’re fully recovered. Please don't hesitate to ring Mary if you are in doubt at all about keeping your child at home or not. Please continue your good personal hygiene regime (wash and dry hands frequently, cover coughs and sneezes, stay away from other people if you or they are sick, regularly clean flat surfaces).
Sports Results
Saturday 27th June
Rugby :- Ben & Logan’s team Ireland played Australia. Logan scored 1 try and Ben scored 2 tries.
Huntah’s team Canada - 11 played England - 9. Huntah scored 4 tries!
Netball :- Hannah & Charlottes team Mt Biggs - 3 played Manchester St - 0.
Saturday 4th of July
Rugby :- Huntahs team Canada - 12 played Ireland - 14. Huntah scored 3 tries.
Logan & Bens team played. Ben scored 1 try and Logan scored 7 tries!!!
Saturday 18th July
Rugby :- All Apiti School children who play Saturday morning rugby have been selected to play in rep teams, the first of which was played last Saturday at Wanganui. Huntah and Logans team drew 17 all. Huntah scored 3 tries and was named Player of the Match. Bens team won 17 - 1. Ben scored 1 try.
ASSA - The Apiti School fundraising committee invites you to a Human Health Evening at the Tavern on Monday August the 10th @ 7 pm. Ticket sales of $5.00 at the door. Dennis Nieuwkoop will talk and share on the following topics :
# Human Health & wellbeing
# Growing nutrient dense food
# Information transfer across all generations
# Alpha Lipid colostrums capsules and its benefits
Please come along and support this school and community event that will have something for everyone. Any further information contact Lance Gillespie 3284747 - L. Gillespie.
ASSA Calf Scheme
Please consider how your support for this scheme could fit in with your farming operation.
Options that may suit you are the following: 1) - Rear a calf and farm it through to sale.
2) – Rear a calf to weaning and forward this animal onto a beef farmer who then takes it through to sale. 3) – Beef farmer graze the animal to sell. 4) – Adopt a calf that will be reared and grazed by someone else. Talk to me about our options if you would like to be involved in this school fundraiser. Lance Gillespie 3284 747 or email lh.kjgill@farmside.co.nz. - L. Gillespie.

Grease’ at Apiti in 2009

At the end of June Apiti students and staff put on a hugely successful production. This year we chose Grease. Amazingly we suited all of the characters!For those who don’t know what Grease is … well where do I begin. It is about a guy who is ‘cool’ but has a hideous attitude and a new girl at school who is completely the opposite to him. They fall in love both feel they need to change to be together. She toughens up and he softens. It all works out for the best in the end.We performed three shows. One was to the other schools from the Oroua area. On Tuesday at one o’clock and again at 6 pm we put the show on for the community and parents of Apiti School Students. People stayed after for a supper of American hot dogs and Donuts.Overall we got great feedback and I think everyone enjoyed it. We felt proud of our achievements.

Reported by Emma Wills (Sandy) This article was published in the Feilding Herald

Regards, Mary, Nicki, Mary B, Pat & Christine.

Community Notices
Apiti Tavern -
Hi to you all. Its back to school again. Time for a break mothers-Yeah right! Vision Manawatu - There is a meeting at the Tavern at five thirty this Thursday night, with the team from Vision Manawatu. This meeting is to let them know what is available in the area and also to push for what the area needs. Everyone is encourage to come along and put to the team your views on the future of the area. There will be light refreshments for you. Daffodil fund raising - This year we are pulling out all the stops to raise more funds for Cancer. Dessert Night on the 25th of July is our first effort 7.30 pm at the Tavern. There is no charge to come and enjoy the Desserts, but a paper note donation will be appreciated. Prenzel will be having a display and tasting. Also a van full of Adult Toys will be there, with 10% of sales going towards cancer. Desserts will be there all night for you to enjoy. There will also be a couple of raffles. Males are more than welcome to come as well. Community Dinner - 31st of July we will be having a Cryptic Dinner again. We will have to limit numbers due to the format of the evening, so make sure you book in early for a fun filled night again. Birthday Parties - We are quite happy for you to host your childs Birthday party at the Tavern - saves all that mess at home!!!! there will be a charge of thirty dollars for the room. You are free to bring in all the food and heat it in our kitchen. Just let us know as soon as possible so that we can make sure that date is free. Pool club and Cameron Cup - We will have our first defence of the cup on Wednesday 29 July starting at 7.30pm. Team members will be rung to confirm their availability after our club night on Wednesday 22 July. As this night is a normal club night it would be good to see all Cameron cup players here to sharpen up their skills and familiarise yourselves with our rules of play ready for that important challenge. - Regards June and Bruce.
125th Jubilee 4th, 5th & 6th of February 2011.
Next meeting is Monday the 27th of July at the Apiti tavern starting at 7.30p.m. Everyone is most welcome. - Chris Digby.

Badminton - Badminton is going to start on Monday 27th July 7:30pm at the Apiti hall, (seniors only at the moment). Subs are still only $20.00 per person. - Tiffany Angove 328 4533
Scrapbooking - Scrapbooking this Tuesday night (21st) starting from 7.00 to 10.00p.m in the staffroom at a cost of $5.00. Please ring Sonya if you are interested in attending. - S. Dearlove.

Injured Cow - Special offer!
Receive 20 to 40 kgs of Workdog Bull Bar dog biscuits per cow! Free collection service ex your farm on our truck. You’ll receive your dog biscuits upon collection of your cow. Formulated for working dogs. Large convenient to feed dog biscuit. Valued at $85.00 per 40kg bag – RRP
The livestock is intended for pet food use so must be live upon collection. Amount received depends on size and condition of your cow. Offer available limited time only. Call toll free: 0508 DOGFOOD (364366) Boss NZ Ltd 123, Kawakawa Road, Feilding. - B. Bint

Agenda for the Apiti School B.O.T. Monthly Meeting.
DATE : Thursday 30th July 2009 @ 7pm.
Matters arising :-
1) Entrance upgrade.
Correspondence :
1) Principal - Mrs. Mary Cuming:– Principals Report.
2) Self Review. 3) Self Review - Policies to be reviewed :-
1) Behaviour Management Policy (NAG: 5:1).
2) Child Abuse Policy (NAG: 5:2)
4) Personnel (NAG 3).
5) Finance (NAG 4).
6) Property (NAG 4).
7) Health and Safety (NAG 5).
8) Legislation (NAG 6). ......................................................................................................................................................................

Fireshow - Monday 27th July

I am able / unable to transport my own children, plus ......................other children to Kiwitea.