Thoughts for our final week:- The staff would like to thank all those, who in so many different ways have made our year go smoothly. Your support, in the education of your students is most appreciated. In a small rural school, we call on the whole community to help educate the students living here, and we can not do that without your input. We have an amazing school, with motivated students, progressing and achieving to a high standard in our New Zealand Curriculum. We are recognised locally and nationally as a leading learning educational community. The Apiti staff and students have shared their learning pathways with their parents recently, when writing their reports and in interviews. They have also shared with the many visitors, who have come this year to see various aspects of our school, or have seen it online.
Nicki and I would like to personally thank the staff, parents and the BOT for their dedication to the students of Apiti School.

Coming up:
Tuesday - Final dance practice with Carly
We would like to thank Carly for her dance expertise. It has been hugely motivating for students. Please ensure all have their costumes and props this week for practices.

Tuesday - NZC
Mary and Nicki will be working with Nadia from the Ministry of Education. Focus:- New Zealand Curriculum / Future planning as we look at updating the Apiti School Charter.

Wednesday - Student Planned Celebration Day
Students have planned a celebration to end a great year of learning. This will begin at lunchtime on Wednesday. The plan is as follows:-
12.30 BBQ and shared student lunch (sausages from Manawatu District Council).
This will be followed by Christmas activities, water activities and cooperative games planned by the students.
We would appreciate it if students bought:-
  • a plate of food to share for lunch
  • towel / togs
  • Water gun (if you have one)
  • a change of clothes
  • a water bottle
  • sunscreen
Please have all school uniforms returned to school by Wednesday for Mrs Prince to re-organise for 2014.  If you feel your child needs a larger size in any of the uniform items e.g pants, top etc, please write a note and enclose it in the bag with the returned uniform.  Thank you.

Library Books
We would like all library books returned to school a.s.a.p please.  Once we have collated all books, children will be able to take out new books for holiday reading.

Thursday - Final Assembly - 1 pm start - Senior Room
Over the last 2 years we have planned intensive music, movement and dance learning opportunities for our students.  Assembly will be action packed as students are very keen to share some of their learning!
You are welcome to stay for a cup of tea at the conclusion of our assembly.

Looking ahead to 2014
Next year we are planning to review our reporting to parents as part of our on-going review process. We would appreciate it if you could reflect on your child's report in preparation for this. We are currently planning our first Student led Reporting Conference for the end of term 1. The goal of this will be to share progress and plan the next step for learning with your child. We are of course available to discuss your child's learning at any time throughout the year. An appointment is appreciated.

Apiti Show Theme - 'Inspirations' 
One of the learning tasks for the Apiti Show is:-
A photo and description of a special local area
There will be some students who will see an inspirational local spot or shot, and want to take a photo over the holidays. This is encouraged. Students must take the photo. These can also be used for the digi awards later in the year as a photo or photo essay which is a collection of 4-7 photos which tell a message. They will also be entered in a competition. The Apiti Show photo will be a single photo.

News from our Student Reporters:
On Sunday the 8th of December a group of us, from Apiti school, traveled to Mansfield Park to compete in a challenge called the ‘Agri kids farming challenge’. We had two teams in the competition. Huntah, Hannah and Charlotte made one team and Zahn, Tom and Nikki made the other. There were a lot of challenges like making a letter box and putting the bridle on a horse head. Also we had to identify organs and foot prints.  After a series of events we waited in suspense for our results ... to find out the three teams to go into the finals.
The three teams that made it were: 1. one of our teams - Awesome Apiti, 2. Kim Crushers and 3. Mighty Macs.
This was the finals and hearts were pumping. The team had to do an obstacle course. By the fourth challenge we were in the lead. Then we had to paint the mailbox that we made in the first round. We had trouble listening to the instructions and did it wrong so it took Awesome Apiti longer! We lost our lead. The most difficult challenge was apple bobbing. It was a challenging event. In that final challenge The Mighty Macs came 1st, Kim Crushers came 2nd and Awesome Apiti came 3rd. These were added with the initial scores to find the overall winning team.
Finally the overall scores came in.
1st Kim Crushers
2nd Awesome Apiti! - Nikki, Zahn and Tom
3rd Mighty macs
6th Apiti All blacks!
7th Stinky sheep ( Kim)
It was an awsome day overall. It was challenging but it was heaps of fun.
Everyone got a prize and to feel great about the challenge!
By Zahn, Hannah and Nikki

What a great day was had by all!  Thank you for your support! How amazing, that our students won 3 out of the 4 relays at the Oroua Athletic Sports!

At the athletics I got a 5 for everything except for quoits . At the high jump, and long jump I was first. I felt pleased and happy because I tried hard.I liked hearing the people cheering for me. 
I also got first in Ball Push.I threw the further est throw.Mum was clapping all the time.
I like the Sprints and I came first in every race .
Next year I hope to win in Quoits too.
By Sarah
8-9 year old relay.
Dylan, Joanne, Derek and James battled it out to see who were the fastest 8 and 9 year old students from the Oroua schools. Dylan shot off the mark at the speed of light, handed it to Joanne who passed it to Derek. He slapped it into James’s little hands and he finished like a miniature Usain Bolt. They all crossed the finish line with a first place comfortably won.
10-11 year old relay.
Charlotte, Zahn, Hannah and Huntah also fought for the title of the “Need for speed” champions. Charlotte was as nervous as a teenager about to graduate, but flew off the mark like an  F-
15 raptor. That let Zahn go wild to give Hannah the baton that could win it all. She locked her mind on getting to the last runner, Huntah, as soon as she could. As it was she thrashed it and slapped the baton into Huntahs hands to let him finish just like a bullet that came out of a 303!
12+ year old relay. 2nd place.
Huntah, Zahn, Hannah and Jaycee
Flying squad. 1st place.
James Sandbrooke, Zahn Fielder-Beaumont, Huntah Digby and Jaycee Shearer let the nitrus shoot them straight to first
place with big hugs all around. First of all James ignited the nitrus inside him and gave the baton to Zahn who let the inner “Bolt” loose. As Huntah got grip of the batton, he realised that there were three schools ahead; Kimbolton, Waituna and Kiwitea. So as he realised that, he found the inner Cheetah that had never been let out. As he let it out, his legs started to look like he wasn’t even touching the ground. The big finish was all up to Jaycee, the big mean sprinting machine. He saw the cheeky look on Kiwitea’s face and was determined to catch up. As it was the cheeky look didn’t last long as Jaycee bolted past. He then saw his arch nemesis, Jaimie, right on his tail. He realised at that moment if he didn’t go faster he would lose it all. With seconds to spare he bolted past. This was when we realised miniature “Usain Bolts” were born.
By Jaycee, Huntah and Dylan.

Visit from members of the Manawatu District Council
Hydro Rangers
Last Thursday a youth ambassador and a councillor, named Ben and Shane, visited.  They went into our glass house. They had one of our strawberries and we got to share our hydroponics. We shared our speech and they said that we had a good glass house.
We use the magic wand to see what the temperature is we use ‘a’ and ‘b’ to feed the plants.
By Derek and Joanne.
Expert Plantogators
We explained to Ben and Shane that we have a Green Finger Zone and vege gardens.
Dylan added about the vege gardens.
Huntah explained what we do with the cuttings and the Lemon woods and also the plants.
By Pixel.
Supa Small Blacks
We told them about the sports shed and how we got the new gear from Rangiwahia School.
We explained to them how we were going to improve.
I told them our goal this year to get the PE shed/ Sport shed sorted. - By Travis.
Community Creators
Last week we had Shane Casey (Councillor) and Ben Henderson (Youth ambassador) come to our school to see what we have been up to. My whanau group shared about our library.
I told them about how we got the ottoman and how ASSA gave us the money to pay for it.
Zahn told them our next step for the library was to get more new books.
Damian told them what all of our jobs were and David told them what books he likes and what he thinks other people might like as well. - By Lacey.  
Bush Experience
What a fantastic opportunity to explore and challenge ourselves in our local environment. It has also led to some inspirational writing. Thanks to all
Photo taken by Steve Bielski
parents who accompanied us!! It was great to have members of our community joining us also. We would like to especially thank Jock for his help with planning and knowledge. Thanks also to Councillor Steve Bielski, who helped cut the track. His knowledge is incredible and photos are fantastic.
Iron Gates
At Iron gates it looked like a stick was pushing to close it. Caleb J found a way across. Step by step we walked through the water to the other side. It was noisy as the rapids hit the rocks and splashes before it lands back in the river.
Round smooth good looking grey wacky. Beautiful white lines splash through the rocks. Water smoothly runs over them and floats away.
It was exciting to see the crack between the Iron gates! I wondered where it went to. I felt excited when I went across to have my photo taken. - By Derek
I ran down a big hill, and I ran so fast I did a roly poly and it hurt and I didn't cry. We went for a long walk to Heritage Lodge and it hurt our legs. We went over a bridge and it was made in 1980 in December, the army made it. It was high and it was scary and we all got a picture. -  By Chloe.

Oroua Group of Schools Athletics
This event was held on Friday the 6th of December at Timona Park in Feilding.  Thank you to all parents who transported and supported our students at this event.  Congratulations and well done to all our students who competed extremely well on the day - each and every one of you should be very proud of yourselves!
6 year old boys = Damian - 1st High Jump.
7 year old girls = Sarah - 1st 50 metre Sprints. 1st 75 metre Sprints. 1st High Jump. 1st Ball throw. 1st Long Jump. 1st long Distance. 2nd Quoits.
Lauren - 2nd 50m Sprints.  2nd 75m Sprints. 3rd High Jump. 
7 year old boys = James - 1st 50m Sprints.  1st 75m Sprints.  1st Long Distance.  1st Long Jump. 3rd High Jump. 3rd Ball Throw.
Johnny - 2nd Quoits. 2nd= Long Jump. 3rd 50m Sprints. 3rd 75m Sprints.  4th Long Distance.
8 year old girls = Bianca - 5th Long Distance.
8 year old boys = Tyler - 4th Shot Put.
9 year old girls = Joanne - 2nd Long Distance. 3rd 70m Sprint. 4= High Jump.
9 year old boys = Dylan - 1st= Long Jump. 2nd Long Distance. 5th 70m Sprint.
10 year old girls = Brooke - 2nd 100m Sprints. 3rd Long Jump. 3rd Hurdles. 3rd Shot Put. 3rd Long Distance. 4th Discus.
11 year old girls = Hannah - 2nd Discus. 2nd High Jump. 2nd Long Distance.  3rd Long Jump.
3rd= Hurdles.  
Charlotte - 2nd 100m Sprints. 5th High Jump. 5th Discus.
11 year old boys = Huntah 1st Long Jump. 1st Discus.  1st 100m Sprints.  1st Hurdles.  1st High Jump. 1st Long Distance. 2nd Shot Put.
Zahn - 3rd 100m Sprints. 3rd Long Distance.
12+ year old boys = Jaycee - 2nd Long Jump. 2nd 100m Sprints. 2nd High Jump. 3rd Hurdles.           3rd= Long Distance.  5th Shot Put.  Congratulations to Jamie
from Waituna West for winning the senior boys Championships and to Jaycee for being placed 3rd.
Relays = 8 & 9 year olds - 1st!  10 & 11 year olds - 1st!  12+ year olds - 2nd.  Flying Squad - 1st!
An excellent result!

School Pool
The staff, students, and Board would like to thank Jeff Dickins, the acting fire chief, for pumping out the stale water from our swimming pool and for cleaning the spouting out on the high junior room roof and thanks to Ben as well for helping Jeff with these tasks.
At a recent Board meeting, the board decided that the pool will not open until the 7th of February 2014.

Grant Received
We are delighted to report that an application to Phonak NZ for our 'Sustainable Action in Apiti' that Nicki spent many hours on, has been accepted, stating that they were very impressed with the application. Student art from Lamb and Calf Day supported the application. We have just received a cheque for $1015.00. Thank you Nicki for all the time and effort you put into making this a successful application.

End of School Year
School will close for the year this Friday the 20th of December at 3.00pm and re-open on Friday the 7th of February 2014 at 9.00am.

Happy Birthday to the following students who will celebrate their birthday during the holidays, we hope you have a great day.  -  13th January - Nikki!  24th January - Zahn!
As this is the last newsletter for 2013, we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy and safe holiday period.  See you all back here in 2014.