Week 5 Term 3 2011

Welcome to week 5 of term 3, 2011.
Term 3 really is flying past. Students are in full swing with their learning in technology and it is a great opportunity to further develop our skills using ICT. What a great way to share our learning!

Students of the week
Junior Room :-
Week 1:- Pixel for getting on independently with maths, including sheets and language activities.
Week 2:- Alex Working well in all areas, especially in maths - making connections.
Week 3:- Hayley Using resourcefulness, willing to learn and explore learning opportunities.
Week 4:- Brooke and Ben Showing great leadership skills.
Reading :- Danni on to Red 3. David Blue 3. Pixel and Chloe Green 3. Alex Light Blue 1. Hayley and Tyler Light Blue 2. Keanu Purple.
Senior Room
Week 1:- Jack - Working excellently both independently and as part of a group. Excellent support in whanau group.
Week 2:- Huntah - Excellent collaboration and managing himself as a leader of the Sport Stars.
Week 3:- Charlotte - Great responsibility for learning both at school and when we had snow.
Week 4:- Caleb - Using understanding to help others e.g. reading about how things work.

Events for your Calendar and Community News
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Ski trip
We are busy planning the ski trip while there is such good snow for the 7th Sept pp 14th Sept.
It will be along the same lines as previous years, and as you know it is far cheaper to go with the school group than to go as a family, but the costs have gone up so please check carefully . We appreciate payment straight after the day, as the school organises a credit application. There is an opportunity to upgrade on the day. Part payments are also welcome before or after the day.
The best place is the website. Here is the link http://www.mtruapehu.com/winter/school-groups/ Check out the web cams!!
As we are hoping to go on 7th Sept please email me ASAP your plans, so we have booked numbers but need to update these, so please send final details.
As you know we will not go if the weather is at all doubtful. It's just not worth it. Sorry
sometimes it's short notice but that's the nature of snow activities.
We feel it's better to travel up twice than to stay up there; cost and fitness wise. We missed out last year so 2 separate days might be an option this year, but it's up to parents.
Please send names for Discover Ski / Discover Snowboard (which includes gear), including ability levels for those we don't know.
Please also include whether you require a full mountain pass or up to different levels eg beginner mountain pass. Remember you can upgrade on the day, but its easier to book what you need now and less hassle for Mary.We also need height, weight and shoe size, we will do that at school for students.If we send it all in before the day our gear is ready and waiting for us.Remember we have some gear at school which you are welcome to and it's always a good idea to borrow, NAME everything esp gloves! and wear named gumboots from the carpark to the gear hire centre.
If you have not been before you will be amazed how quickly the students pick it up and can ski/snowboard after the first lesson. Please make sure your children have a really good large packed lunch for the day, including drink and high energy snacks. There is food available up there, but it is very expensive. There is free water available on the mountain. Also, please make sure they have any medication that they may require in case of allergies or asthma.We value giving our community this opportunity as it is an authentic opportunity for our students to learn many skills, not only how to ski and snowboard but how to face challenges and self manage ... another bonus of attending a small school!

Please pop in and discuss your needs if you are unsure what to book.
Please make your own transport arrangements, and let us know, but if you have difficulty with this, please get in touch with Mary or Nicki as soon as possible.

Learning through Technology
Your children are currently working on a number of learning tasks in this area
  • Creative Digital Photograph
  • Scientific Investigation - How it Works - This will be showcased as a Movie or powerpoint to educate others. It may be supported with a hands on experiment or model. These will be shared at the Oroua Science Expo on the 29th of September.
  • Points from persuasive speeches (Term 2) are being used to create an "In a perfect world ...") advertisement. Persuasion using visual language.
  • Environmental Sustainability Graphic design
  • Music creation and song writing (This is an extension from our poetry writing and music focus in term 2)
    Although the focus is on information technology and communication, this really is integrated learning, with students further developing in all areas of our curriculum.
Glass Technology for Senior Room Students Our Glass Programme dates have all been put back a week. Ben will be visiting at 9am tomorrow to introduce this amazing medium. The following 2 Tuesdays (Dates are on calendar) we will be visiting his studio in Kimbolton. We require transport for this. Could you let us know when you can help please.

Artistic Apiti
The Feilding Art Society have invited us, along with Kate and Mageo, to set up a display celebrating some of Apiti's talent at the Art Society in Feilding. We will focus on pottery and painting. Many of the jugs your children created for lamb and calf day were fantastic. If you would be happy for your child's pottery or art work to be displayed please bring it into school this week. We will be taking our display pieces to Feilding on Friday
.Interschool Rugby / NetballThank you to those parents who helped out with transport to training and to Colyton last week, your help was very much appreciated.
Game on … An exciting game of netball

On Thursday the 25th, at 12

o'clock, we drove down to Colyton to play a game of netball. We got onto the court and went into our positions.

We waited nervously till the moment came when the whistle blew. The whistle finally blew and we were running all over the court. I was GS and Charlotte was WD. We had to stick to our players like glue and we would come apart then come together again. Our players jumped like rabbits as they tried to get the intercepts. We were neck to neck. Then Colyton gained and were three goals ahead of us and we had one more quarter to go. We had to get four ahead if we wanted to win.
We had to step up our game. The shield was waiting to come home again. We were feeling scared we were going to lose. So in the fourth quarter we were calling names to get the ball. The ball flew though our hands down to our goal. Boom boom boom as the goals kept going in. Three minutes until the game finished. 3...2...1! The whistle blew.
We joined our team and started screaming. The sound of relief and winning was flowing through our ears. We all shook hands and went and supported the rugby people. They won too but it was just a friendly game.
We really enjoyed playing Colyton. They are a really good team!! By Hannah and Charlotte

Rugby with Colyton
On Thursday the 25th of August, 2011 a selected group of Apiti, Kimbolton and Rangiwahia kids all joined together to make a combined team to play tackle rugby!!
The venue for the tackle rugby game was Coyton school. We had to leave at 12:00 noon to be there at 12:30. Mrs. Fielder said that we would have lunch with Colyton School as it was a great opportunity to meet new friends!
Colyton only had 6 players so we gave them some of our players! Luke, George and Connor were the front row with Caleb and Ashleigh, the locks. Bailey at halfback, Daniel at 1s t5, Tom at 2nd 5, Kieran at center and Jack at wing. This made a ten a side team. We played a friendly game of rugby; whereas the netball was playing for the shield.
As the whistle blew, Luke offloaded to the backs and we scored the fist try!! At half time Northern Oroua were ahead. While we were having a drink we watched some netball. Then we were straight into it. I caught the ball but "Smash"!! Huntah and I smacked heads ... “Ow," I thought to myself as I picked myself off the ground. A ruck formed across the paddock. As I noticed it, I saw the ball and sprinted over and ripped the ball from where it lay . “Smack” as the ball hit the ground as the last try was scored.
After a great game, Northern Oroua had won with netball also winning 9-8. Northern Oroua had kept the shield! Cheers filled the air!
By Ashleigh & Ashley
Next week (a date still to be confirmed) we will head to North Street School to play against their senior representative teams. Training will be held this Thursday (thanks Megan for your offer of transport) and the following Monday at Kimbolton school. If you are able to take transport for any of these please let us know.
Student Teacher
Cara Crothers, Massey University College of Education Student, will join Nicki to teach in the Senior room for three weeks from the 12th of September. We look forward to welcoming her on board and sharing our teaching and learning at Apiti School with her.

Attendance Matters
The Ministry of Education has recently published and distributed to all schools a booklet entitled "Attendance Matters" which are new guidelines for schools for implementing an effective attendance management plan. These guidelines outline processes for unjustified absence from school.
Our school usually marks attendance on paper, but we will soon be doing it electronically.
This booklet was presented and discussed at the recent Board of Trustee meeting and a copy is available from school if you would like to read it.
Lamb and Calf Day
This event will happen on Thursday the 3rd of November. Please mark this date on your calendar. We would like to encourage all students to participate on this day by bringing along a lamb or a calf. We suggest that lambs and calves are born on or between the 1/07/11 and the 3/10/11. We welcome families, friends, neighbours and relations to the school for this day. An entry form will sent home at a later date.
We have bags of potatoes for sale, selling to you for $7.00 a bag. These have been kindly donated to us by the Corbett Brothers from Cheltenham - a huge thank you to them and thanks to Jock for picking them up for us.
Sports Report - Saturday 27th August
Caleb's team, Stags - 86, played Bulls - 14. Caleb scored 1 try.
Ashleigh's team, Crusaders - 5, played Highlanders - 5.
Tom's team, Manawatu - 18, played Waikato - 7. Tom scored 7 tries!!!
Huntah's team, Auckland - 4, played Northland - 9. Huntah scored 1 try.
Hannah and Charlotte's team, Oroua - 5, played St. Josephs - 11. Hannah shot 1 goal.
Our next Oroua sport is soccer with the interschool competition at the end of this term. We will begin practice this week so all senior students need to be prepared with PE clothes. If you are able to help with team training please contact Nicki or Huntah.
That's it for this newsletter folks, you will hear from again in a fortnight ,however there maybe updates on this blog site between fortnightly newsletters. Remember to check the calender, the community news tab and the BOT tab for reports, minutes and agendas.
Regards, Mary, Nicki, Mary B, Pat, Jo and Chris.