Week 11 Term 1 2011

Events for your Calendar
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Music - Please remember to practise and bring your recorders and glockenspiels for music on Wednesday.

Students of the Week
Junior Rm - Wk 9 - Pixel - great sounding out words in your reading and now in your writing, you are becoming more independent in completing your work in all areas of the curriculum especially maths.
Wk 10 - David - great story writing and completing your daily maths maintenance sheets.
Senior Rm - Wk 9 - Logan For stepping up with descriptive writing and motivated reading.
Reading Tyler and Alex

Wk 10 - Charlotte For giving 110% in everything she does, especially with time management and taking on new challenges.
Quality Work Table - Handwriting - Ethan, Tom and Ashleigh.
Key Competencies -
Appreciation Box -
Board of Trustees
At the recent Board meeting, the Complaints and Concerns Policy (NAGS: 3:2), was reviewed and adopted. Please feel free to call in to the office to view this policy at your leisure or if requested, a copy of this policy can be sent home.

What's been happening ...
Sam Strahan Rippa Rugby
Senior Cup
As we pulled into FMG stadium, I was shaking like crazy because I was really nervous and COLD!! As I hopped out of the car, I started to jump up and down because I could not believe that we were going to play Rippa Rugby in the rain. I looked around searching for my team mates. As I looked at the stands, I saw a bunch of Oroua rugby jerseys. I slowly made my way over to the stands. As soon as I sat down, Caleb caught up to me and sat down. Eventually it was time to start. First we played Halcombe B. I was in the starting team, along with Daniel, Grace, Luke, Connor, Kieren and Jasmien. We were winning 5 - 2 at half time, then after half time the scores doubled. Finally the whistle blew and we won the game 10 - 4. Our next game was against Hiwinui Heroes. The score was 3 - 1 at half time then we made it 7 - 4. I scored a try that game and so did Caleb. Then we played Glen Oroua Titins. We were winning every game we played. That made Doug really proud of our team. Then we had a lunch break. Finally the finals started. Luke passed to Kieren and because Kieren is so fast he sprinted for the try. At the end of the game I got the intercept and sprinted for the try line and just as I put the ball on the ground, the whistle went. We had won the cup again!! Doug was so proud of us that he took our team to Breakers and shouted us a bowl of chips and a hot chocolate to celebrate our win. Again, the Northern Oroua team won the Sam Strahan Cup!!
- By Ashleigh.
A great big thank you to Doug for coaching the victorious Northern Oroua Senior team.
Junior Cup
"OK Ash, ask Hannah to pass it to you and you run for that gap" I explained to Ashleigh. "O.K" Ashleigh replied back. PEEP, the whistle squealed. It felt like a millisecond before Hannah threw the ball to Ashleigh and suddenly Ashleigh sprinted towards the closing gap, so I followed her just in case......"RIP!" screamed a ginger headed boy and Ashleigh popped it to me and I passed it onto Brendan, then he ran a metre and threw it to Ashleigh and Ashleigh dived. Cheering hit my ears as I started running back. - By Tom.

Hannah, Huntah, Poppy, Josephine, Ashleigh, Tom Chevelle.
William, Harriet, Logan, Angus, Brendan.

A huge thank you to Jock for coaching our great little Northern Oroua Junior team. They did us proud; winning 4 games well and just losing to Ashhurst in the semi-finals - Well done!!


Triathlon Cameo Writing
Clap! Bang bang bang! was the sound of my feet interfering with the ground. I was right behind Tom when suddenly... Ahh! I yelled as I smacked my face into the ground. I picked myself up and raced to the gate. I was about 8 metres from my bike and I already had an adrenalin rush slithering through my veins. I was travelling at the speed of light, but there were still three kids in front of me. I kept on pumping it and taking my heart to the fullest. We drifted into the transition area and a kid pulled his brakes on too hard and slid out. I dumped my bike, took off my shoes and socks and my helmet and raced to the pool. I was over loaded with excitement. I jumped in and sped past a kid. Finn and Tom were still in front of me. I had done two laps and just when I was on my third, Tom hopped out and plunged to the finish line. Finn was on Tom's tail but Tom came first, Finn came second. I just hopped out of the pool and rushed to the finish. "Yeah!" I yelled. I came third! - By Cole.

My Cameo
I put my bike in the transition area and I walked over to the starting line. The man told us to wait. While I was waiting I did some stretches.
I took a deep breath and thought to myself, "I can do this."
"On Your Marks! Get set!"
BANG! I started sprinting. I turned the first corner in second place. "Am I going to stay in second," I thought myself. I zipped around the track like a race car.
I came to the transition area, put on my helmet and pushed my bike to the road. I hopped on and powered it to the police car. I slowly pulled on the brake and turned the corner then zoomed down the road like the Ducati Desmodici RR GP; the fastest motorbike in the world.
When I came to the entrance to the pool, I rushed to take my shirt off. I sprinted to the pool and fast foward walked around the pool. I jumped in and glided through the water like a fish.
I finished my laps in the pool and sprinted to the end of the race. I was so proud of myself. Over all I got 5th.

By Chevelle.

The results of the Oroua Schools Triathlon are as follows:-
Year 4 Individual Boys : 1st - Huntah. 7th - Ben Beard. 8th - Logan.
Year 4 Individual Girls : 4th - Charlotte. 6th - Hannah. 9th - Lacey. 10th - Brooke.
Year 5 Individual Boys : 1st - Tom. 3rd - Cole.
Year 6 Individual Boys : 3rd - Ethan. 5th - Chevelle.
Year 6 Individual Girls : 3rd - Ashleigh.
Year 8 Individual Boys : 3rd - Caleb.
Year 4 & 5 Teams : 2nd - Cole & Tom. 4th - Huntah, Charlotte & Hannah. 11th - Logan, Ben & Travis.
Year 6 & 7 Teams : 4th - Chevelle, Ethan & Ashleigh.

Trail Bike Ride

Many thanks to all those who helped make this day such a success.

A huge thank you to the farmers – Thomas and Pam Strahan, Andrew and Ester Knight, Lex and Shelly McKenzie, Rick and Rachel Pettigrew, Pat and Jo Hayes, Blair and Fiona McCarroll and Mike Malone

A huge thank you to our fantastic sponsors :- RD1. Waikato Milking Systems. Farmers Mutual Group. Rabobank. Kesty Manning Contracting. Feilding Tyres. Goldpine. Farmers Transport. Summit Quinphos.
Manawatu Transport Ltd. Farmlands Trading Society. Ruapehu Farm Supplies. The Hopkins Group.
Also of course a huge thank you to our parents and other community members who helped out on the day – Malcolm and Linda Jensen, Russell Knight, Hugh McIntyre, Christine Digby, Tony McIntyre, Paul and Wendy Macdonald and others.

Trail ride
I went to the trail ride and there were heaps of people. I took my motorbike and I also rode Learnas motorbike and I drifted around the corners. It was fun at the trail ride because we stayed there long and late. - By Tyler.

I went to the Trail ride. I saw the little kids ride their motorbike on the track. - By David.

Yesterday I went to the trail ride and me and Tyler smashed our heads together. We cried together, we ate together. - By Ben.

Me, Tom and Ashleigh helped Dad clean the track up by picking up the arrows. I saw a race and a girl was winning. I saw some boys going super fast. - By Alex.

I played with my crane and I got a bunny from the crane. It was my birthday. - by Chloe.

Closing times
As decided last year we will ask parents which closing time they prefer for their children in the winter terms. Term 2/3
There are 3 choices, please tell Wendy or Mary which you prefer and the decision will be made by the majority.
For all options the School start time will remain at 9.00 a.m. Morning tea time from 10.30 – 11.00.
Option 1 :- Everyday lunch time from 12.40 – 1.10. Home time at 2.30p.m.
Option 2 :- On Fridays only lunch time from 12.40 – 1.10. Home time at 2.30p.m.
Option 3 :- Lunchtime 12.30-1.30 Home time 3pm .
Remember the staff are always available to help you with after or before school care if required.
Our final assembly for the term will be this Friday at 2pm. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Potato Power
Since the Lavender is going out of season, the Corbetts have kindly donated potatoes, so we will be selling them and will go towards the students healthy lunches. Please contact us if you want a bag of potatoes only $8 a bag.
- by Ethan

As this is the last newsletter for term 1, we would like to wish you all a very happy and safe holiday and we will see you all back here on Monday the 2nd of May.
Regards, Mary, Nicki, Mary B, Pat and Christine.