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0   9.02.2016

       Apiti Playcentre
       We hope everyone had a great break over the holidays and welcome back to 2016.
        We have some exciting activities and opportunities, also new equipment to discover this year so
        make sure you come down and join in the fun and don't forget to Bring Your Hats! Also a
        reminder to Slip slop slap and wrap. 
       Playcentre is open every Tuesday 9.15am - 12.45pm, all members of the public are welcome.
       Over the holiday's we have been making improvements to the grounds and I just want to say a big
      Thank-you for all the friends and families that helped out with the working bee to get the place in
       tip top shape, it looks great and thank you to Mike Wills and Malcolm Jensen for fixing our gates  and latches.
       This year is a big year with some of our kids off to school, Katie Field and Cooper Campbell.    
       From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you both all the best for your future and schooling years,        it's been a pleasure having you with us. 
       For more information Contact Hannah Blackmore on 02102611889.  

Apiti playcentre would like to extend an invitation to anyone in the community wanting to do a workplace first aid course. Dates not confirmed yet but will be sometime in July. Full course aprox $160.00 and refresher course aprox $100.00. To be eligible for the refresher course you must be able to supply a copy of a previous first aid certificate with an expiry date of no more than two months prior to the refresher. These are full or half day courses respectably and will be held at playcentre on a Saturday. For further info please contact Julie Campbell 3286952 or email j.symes@outlook.com   -  Julie Campbell, Apiti Playcentre.

Welcome to term two from Apiti Playcentre, our opening times are Tuesday 9.30am – 12.30pm and everyone is welcome.
A big thanks to all the friends and families that have helped out around Playcentre tidying up the grounds for the new bark to be put in, it looks GREAT!!
This term we are having a 'Brake' Road safety week, Playcentre will be having a visit from our local police officer Mark Dickins to inform the children about how we are to behave around the roads, side walks, and driveways and also to check that everyone who is supposed to be in a child safety seat is, until they are of the height of 148cm tall.
We will be having an informed walk around the Apiti Village and we thought this is a good chance to remind everyone that the speed limit is 70kms an hour through the village and that we are to slow down to 20kms when passing the school bus.
Parents, it would be great if you can talk to your children on a regular basis about road safety and the importance of wearing a seat belt, - all of our children are so precious and need to be reminded from time to time.
If anyone would like to join Playcentre on the walk we will be meeting at Playcentre Tuesday 12th from 9.30am.  -  Thanks From Apiti Playcentre.

Apiti playcentre wish to advise that their AGM will be held at 7pm on 29th October 2014. Anyone interested in attending this meeting, please RSVP apitiplaycentre@gmail.com
  -  Julie Campbell

Apiti Playcentre would like to invite new and existing families to join our fun, friendly sessions. Currently Tuesdays 9.30am-12.30 pm.

This month at Playcentre 
2nd Sept 2014

  • We made concrete with flour sand and water. The children then added shells, pumice and other things they could find to make their creations.
  • We made a volcano in the sandpit, sprinkled baking soda on top for snow, then put a cup in the top and added baking soda, colour and vinegar to make lava. 
  • Then we had a bug hunt. Helen and Cooper found an ants nest. After having a good look at the ants working, Lilly brought out her lunchbox and they broke up tiny little bits of bread to feed them. They plan to have a look again next Tuesday to see if the bread is still there. 

  • We also enjoyed reading books together 
  • Lilly brought in a birds nest to show everyone. She even has some pretend birds in it to show us. 

The New Zealand Playcentre Federation believes:
·         The whanau/family is the fundamental unit in the community and is to be valued, promoted and supported as the most important setting for the nurture and education of children
·         Children have the opportunity to reach their full potential when whanau/family understand their development and take part in their learning experiences
·         An early childhood education service, run co-operatively by member families, provides a positive early childhood education option relevant to the New Zealand setting
·         Parents, with appropriate training and support, can expand their skills and make a positive, professional contribution to high quality early childhood education services
·         High quality early childhood education experiences for our children, with the active involvement of whanau/parents, are an essential and valuable investment in the future of our children
Playcentre has three purposes:
·         Running Early Childhood Education Centres. It provides an early childhood education option for whanau/families through the operation of Playcentres which offer a safe and secure learning environment for children from birth to 6 years; which emphasise child initiated play and the importance of whanau/families as first and most important educators of their children; and which are run co-operatively by whanau/parents as an extension to the whanau/family setting.
Providing Adult Education to Parents. It provides a participatory programme of education for whanau/parents that emphasises self-help and personal development. It covers areas such as child development, play and learning, parenting skills, planning and delivering early childhood education programmes, group and facilitation skills and management skills. Courses are offered in a flexible manner that acknowledges family commitments and obligations, and includes both formal and informal education opportunities.
·         Educational Publications.It provides publications and resources primarily to enable Playcentre members to enhance their parenting skills and train towards gaining their early childhood care and education qualifications. In addition such resources are available for other individuals or organisations, particularly those involved in the field of early childhood education.
A typical Playcentre session will have children from birth to school age playing together with their parents and the other adults, engaged in a wide range of learning experiences. To ensure the quality of sessions there is a common commitment to:
·         learning through play
·         birth to school age
·         mixed ages sessions
·         family involvement
There are many sophisticated aspects that serve the single aim of the Playcentre organisation, which is for parents to cooperate together to provide a quality early childhood experience for their children.
The three simple rules in Playcentre are:
·         respect the play of others
·         respect property
·         respect the rights of others
Playcentre views children as people who are strong and capable, who learn through play and who are competent to make their own choices about how and where to play (Free choice play).
At Playcentre, children are in charge and it is an important aspect of the Playcentre philosophy that children experience a sense of personal power.
We believe that a long-term consequence of this philosophy is that children grow up as adults who can make their own decisions, direct their own lives and maintain positive relationships with others.
·         Are run by parents, and the responsibility for supervision may rest on the shoulders of one person (a supervisor), or a team of parents (team supervision), or all parents (group supervision) depending on the region.
·         Are run for half a day
·         The ratio of adults to children ranges from 1:5 to 1:3.
·         Each centre offers a wide range of basic play areas at every session.
·         Each session will have children from birth to school age playing together with their parents and the other adults.
·         Children choose where and how they play and the role of the adults is to support and extend the play, the ideas and the thinking.
Once children are settled and old enough, most Playcentres allow them to attend without their parents for one or more sessions a week.
Parents are the first and best educators of children, Playcentre seeks to support parents and whaanau as they and their children learn and grow together.
We at Apiti Playcentre would love you and your family to join us on session. Experience the relaxed atmosphere, fun activities and exciting learning opportunities.

Please feel free to contact our Information Officer for further details:
Julie Campbell 3284767 / 0272133838